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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Christmas Gift

I know I know.. this is wee bit late to post now.. but since I have others more priority posts, therefore this was left till now.. Since we didn’t open these gift till Boxing Day, therefore did not post it when I received it.  Maybe only this year I can wait till Boxing Day, once Princess grow up, I don’t think she can wait till Boxing Day to open gift anymore!

10 months old (17 Dec to 16 Jan)2 I wish to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who given the above to us.  But you can see.. most of the stuff are Princess

Hop over to Princess blog to see how she ‘open’ her gifts!


  1. Wow...so many gifts. Breanna is so lucky. ;-)

  2. wah lau eh...the white dress is gorgoues! Must let her wear for birthday. Add with a crown and wand become a real PRINCESS loh!

  3. wow, so many gifts, i like the H kitty bag

  4. Hello Cynthia... first time dropping by. Some bloggers introduce your blog to me. LOL... your baby girl sure got alot of pressie, huh? I'm sure she loves them to bits...

    Hugs from Aunt Cleffy to Breanna! :-D

    ps: Why you dun allow open id... sobsob...hard to comment. :(


  5. wah... i hope i can back to future... hehehe


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