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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Everyone go Ga Ga

Mum was in Thailand last week from Friday to Sunday.. So, I called up my buddies informing her I ‘fong kam’ for 1 day, and ask if they are free to meet up…

Then, I received a call from one of them, asking me to go to the restaurant.  Even I have passed this place so many many times, I didn’t have the ‘initiative’ to enter as it’s ‘dark’ from the outside.  But nevertheless, since already invited, just go la..

After I went there on Friday night, Saturday night pulak, I brought my brother to this same place to eat.. and his first reaction?  “say till so nice, how come nobody wan” “cheh, you sure bo?”  I was like.. you wait and see la…

Now, let me show you the surrounding pictures..

DSCN6065 DSCN6066 See, I told you it’s very ‘lomantic’ here geh… greens all over, open air.. cooling… dimly light…

Then, we ordered our food…since it’s only me and my brother, we each had 1 course..

DSCN6072 Mix Fruit Juice  (RM4.90)

DSCN6076 Sang Mein (RM7.00)

DSCN6075 Speciality Chicken Chop (with cheese, honey and black pepper) (RM11.90)

Must say the coleslaw is very nice!! (anytime better than KFC)

And now you know why we go Ga Ga? Coz the name of the restaurant!!  It’s known as Ga Ga Corner!

DSCN6067I highly recommend if you want to have some cozy corner to have dinner, with a few friends, and chat and chat the way out of it… it’s a sure go place… 


  1. Dear Cynthia, where is this place located? Sound good, look good, sure good!

  2. i tot ah Go-Go ..haha.. Ga-Ga pulak.. ...next time take us for ah Go-Go.. long time never swing to those gogo songs..hahaha.. dont know whether still can do that or not without plastering salonpas!~

  3. Located at Stadium Bukit Jalil? Ai ya, far away from Ipoh la, if I were to go KL also, won't go near there wo.

  4. sis, sis, where is this place i oso wan to go with Renee too...

  5. It was soooo near to me...I pass by there everyday for 4 times...never know inside is so 'lomantic' and served good food, I thought it was just a regular malay restaurant or mamak...must go one day...thanks for sharing.


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