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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Have you got yours?

I was opening the mail box today, and you know what I found?






DSCN5755 An envelope come with a smiley sticker! and I already able to guess from who! Can you?

Pictures4A nice CNY card send by mail!!! 

I have to make the wording BIG, as I hardly have anymore CNY cards being received by mail.. Now, it’s either SMS, Facebook, Tweet.. but never any CNY cards..Agree with me?  How many of you got CNY cards this year?

Thanks my sweetie!!!  YOU are the BEST!!



P/s:  actually I have a number of posts schedule to be posted in these few days consecutively… but I think this is very important, so I potong jalan, and posted this first!!


  1. Good..... i wont send any CNY card, but i will wish you Kong Hee Fatt Choy on CNY itself, ok or not?

  2. Aiks...I stopped sending CNY cards jor :p. Am one of those guilty ones who use text and email :p

    Kong Hei fatt Choy to you and Breanna

  3. I love receiving actual cards too especially from hubby.lol
    I called them my love letters.
    You are so right, Cynthia,
    we have lost that loving feeling....


  4. I get CNY cards from my insurance agent lor but not friends lah. Merryn is so thoughtful and sweet. :)

  5. I haven't got mine! I think I forgot to mail them to ME :) lol.. :P

  6. I seldom rec'd CNY cards nowadays...Merryn is such a sweet friend.

  7. This mummy is so thoughtful :-) I'm so "unthoughtful" and lazy la... I think the last time I sent cards was my wedding cards, some 10 years ago! Haha

  8. Sweetie also sent to me..gosh, i forgot to thank her too!!


    send yearly, K? hahahaa.. sorry la, this year cannot give angpow, MIL said.. true ah

  9. Claire... yeah, this year you cannot give angpow...but you can give money that's not wrapped in red paper. Ahahahaha...

    @Cynderella... I oso just received mine... *grinZ*

  10. Merryn is such a thoughtful one..I'm sure a simple card did means a lot..

    Last time we really received lots of CNY card by mail that enough to decorate the house...

    I still get 1 this year by my good friend..


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