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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Brother’s Farewell

My Brother left for New Zealand on the 28th December 2009, and on the 26th December 2009, we had a farewell gathering with my other cousins, at my aunt’s.

We had steamboat spread prepared by my aunt, and my brother did his speciality of sushi for us.

The food was really a lot, and we had a good time together…

Pictures Part of the sushi ingredient, there were also unagi, crabstick mayo and others..

Pictures1 The sushi… some were not able to be captured, as while my brother do the sushi, we ate them! :p

DSCN5912Part of the steamboat spread… 

DSCN5914The couple that is now in NZ enjoying themselves… see my brother all sweat over while preparing for the sushi… muahaha.. 

DSCN59132 pots of soups for the steamboat

The day after we have quite a bit of leftover especially the crabstick mayo, and I bake this…

DSCN5918 DSCN5917 And I am super happy with the outcome of this buns!!!  NICE NICE!!  :D


  1. Cool...once ur bro settle down already..u n princess can pay him a visit...

  2. So your bro is in NZ now,all the best to him and the rest of the family...........

    next time if you go there,let me know, may be i can tumpang also ,hahahahah.

    hey take care now

  3. Wah...can see your bro was very sweaty. Sushi got extra salty or not :p. Just joking la

  4. cynthia, i also wan to tumpang like eugene... :p
    and the food was fabulous.. i m sure he knows how to cook very well too.. the genes run in the family?

  5. New Zealand is such a beautiful place. Your brother is probably working there, great prospects!
    I have former classmates who opened restaurants there quite successfully.
    Wish your brother and family all the best .

  6. The buns look professional wo..

  7. dang, those buns look so good!! dunwan to share recipe issit...? ;p

  8. Can I have satu biji of roti? It looks so nice and tasty!


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