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Saturday, February 27, 2010

2nd Day of CNY

This day as the previous year, should be a ‘fan ngoi kar’ day where the wife will return to the parents.  As my maternal parents were no longer here, and the Ipoh house is sold by my uncle, this year we didn’t have anywhere to go.  My mum invited her eldest brother’s family to our house on the 2nd day instead.

My eldest uncle family is really a huge crowd, he has 5 sons and 2 daughters, and 4 of them are married.  With this numbers of children, my house has almost filled with 10 kids and 10 adults.  Fuyoh, really really lots of noise and crowded..

Of course, my mum will be all excited too with her brother’s visiting, and she prepared another round of feast…

DSCN5904 Nyonya Assam Prawn

DSCN5893 Bak Cham Kai

DSCN5894 Fried Siew Yuk

DSCN5895 Acar

DSCN5896 Fish Roe

DSCN5897 Rendang Chicken

 DSCN5899 Spring Roll and Lobak

Does all this above explains to you why is my size this way? muahhahaa… I savour all these good food all these years.. but think coming year, will have to start practising my yoga again.. muahaha… :D

Friday, February 26, 2010

1st day of Chinese New Year

We have a tradition during the 1st day of CNY in my family, where we will do the usual prayer with vegetarian, and be a vegetarian for the day.  We will also visit a temple in Seremban where both my grandparents ‘san chu pai’ were placed there for offerings. 

This year has no difference, the only difference was that we left KL later than the past years.. it’s getting later and later as years gone by, and hopefully my grandparents were not too eager waiting for us like the previous years.. So, after having the prayers, and having the morning ‘tong sui’ at home, we left for Seremban at about 8am.

After arriving in Seremban, and did some prayers offering, we will proceed to help ourselves to the vegetarian breakfast served by the temple.  It’s FREE! and we will take turns to eat and occupy 1 table.  We even helped ourselves in refilling the food.. muahaha..

The vegetarian spread is very delicious, and it comprises the followings:-

DSC01000 Lo Hon Chai

DSC00994 Fried Mee

DSC00995 Curry.. (best)

DSC00996 Peanuts with Tai Tao Choy

DSC00997 Sweet Sour Long Beans and Cha Choy

After the makan makan, we usually do some photo session, but this year due to the over heated weather, I just managed to snap 2 photos with Princess..

DSC01003We adjourned to my 1st uncle house after temple, and then to my 4th uncle for lunch… We left my uncles’ at about 5 plus, and got home to meet someone dearie call ‘chow gong’

Of course, later that night, me and Princess went to Seremban again to visit a friend and had steamboat there till about 1am before we were back to KL again..

Hence, this was the 1st day of CNY.. :D

For the first time………….

BEWARE:  This post is going to be super cranky and depressing… so, please read with own risk…

I doubted my decision on bringing Princess to this world..

I doubted my decision to breastfeed her exclusively…

I doubted my ability to bring her up on my own..

I doubted and doubted..

I had a happy gathering dinner with my friends and buddies today, however it ended not as pleasant as I wished being the main cause by my little Princess.

And the story goes…

We were about to end our dinner, and it’s past Princess sleeping routine, and therefore she got cranky and very demanding.  To add on it, the weather and humidity were also causing her feeling uncomfortable.

Princess was waving goodbye to everyone when I packed my stuff, and we left the dinner place earlier.  I was just in the car trying to sooth her, and let her latched on so she could sleep.  Unfortunately, while she slept, I tried to unlatch her but she refuse, she kept wanting to stuck her face near me..

So, I put her back into her car seat, and gave her the pacifier, but this little girl is getting smarter everyday, and she spit her pacifier out, and screaming on top of her lungs.  I drover around the restaurant area, trying to let her sleep but still fail.

I didn’t want to leave the restaurant yet, as I have not paid my fair share to the dinner bill, and was trying to see if anyone from the gang came out so I could pay him /  her. 

So, while waiting in the car, I let her latch on again, and she fell asleep!!  I just keep on waiting, and someone came knocking on my windows telling me that everyone left already.. but I did not managed to ask this friend of mine on the bills… :(

Anyway, since everyone left, I unlatch Princess again, and wanted to put her back to her seat, so I could drive home.. This is when the worst happen..

She screamed from the top of her lungs and clinging on and I could not even put her safety belt, and she won’t stop crying even I carry her.  But I can’t keep letting her latching on as I think the best is still got home, and give her the max so she could sleep through the night.

So, I let her cry… and keep crying.. and what I did?  I drove home with one hand, and the other one trying to grab her to avoid her falling.  She was screaming at the side of my ear, on my shoulder, climbing up and down… ALL BECAUSE SHE WANTED HER MILK AND SLEEP!

Finally, I gave up.. I stop at the side, sit her on my lap, and release my safety belt, and let her latch on while I drive home fast the F1 style.  It’s just good that I am almost near to my house, and I am confidently knowing I could to it without hassle since it’s not many turnings that I need to do in order for me to get home.

And true enough, she fell asleep latching on to me till I got home, and even now, when I am doing this post, she was sweetly in her la la land!!! 

But this little experience do left me wonders… and doubted for the first time if my decisions made are right…

I actually risked both myself and Princess life by driving with 1 hand, no safety belt and child seat.. of course, not forgetting to mentioned the F1 speed! 

But if you asked, why didn’t I just stop and let her latched.. COZ IF I do that, I don’t know what time I will be able to get home, and whether Princess will still continue to make noise if she woke up.

I really don’t know and I am bit lost.. Although this is not the first time Princess had outings way after her sleep time, but mostly she will be nice and sweet in her seat trying to sleep on the journey, or I will have someone with me, so to take over the wheels and I just nurse her till I am home..

But tonight.. It’s whole lot of a difference.. and I foresee this kind of situation will happen again and again.. so, I am alone, do I risk our lives like that, or should I just sleep on the street together with her?

After blurting out.. at least I felt better.. the very very least..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reunion Lunch

I have only just started to blog about my CNY celebration.. I have been very busy as usual… and I started working on a time schedule of 11.30am to 4pm (sometimes cabut at 3pm) since Monday.. muahhaa…

Now, let’s move back to the past, and here presenting to you my family reunion lunch.  This year was the first ever year we had reunion lunch.. The tradition change from eating at home, to having to eat at the restaurant 5 years ago since the departure of my beloved daddy, and this year, we ‘teochew music’ “ki ki ku ki ki” hence we did a lunch reunion with my eldest uncle’s family.. mind you, we used to have a 3 table reunion dinners over the years.. :p

Nevertheless, the food served were still sumptuous.. contributed by everyone in the family during the lunch..

DSCN5885 Steam Fish.. teochew style

DSCN5852 siew yuk with suan cai (leek)

DSCN5853 Acar (my mum’s la sao dish)

DSCN5855 Best ever Char Siew (from my SIL)

DSCN5856 Little nga ku with siew yuk and sai kan

DSCN5866 Spring Roll (from my eldest aunt)

DSCN5867 Lobak (another mum’s la sao dish)

DSCN5868 Roast Duck ($$ contributed by my cousin)

DSCN5869 Bak Cham Kai

DSCN5870 Broccoli with Pearl Abalone

DSCN5873 Pig Stomach and Intestines Soup

DSCN5874 Rendang Chicken (by eldest aunt)

I must credit the chopping of the chicken and duck to my eldest cousin, whom he did up both the chicken and duck..

DSCN5864 DSCN5862

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The kiasu mummy in action again… for the Moo Moo Kow Baby Cloth Diaper


I came across numerous times of this Baby CD giveaway contest, but never once I got it.. :( and this time, I am doing it again, when I saw it in this online shop… *happy happy* got chance again..

imageAnd I wanted this CD to try out comparing on those Princess is using, and also since this moo moo kow will match my little moo moo kow at home as Princess was born in the year of OX… and maybe this is her birthday month, and she gets lucky to own one of this.. :D

CD CD come to me… ong mali mali ONG!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


The 6th day of CNY, and I am back to KL after a run around for 5 days… and of course, I have got lots and lots of fun over the CNY!! 

I be posting some posts related to food, the preparation, the outcome and so forth… and of course, in my Princess blog, she will have the birthday posts coming up once I am able to sit down and keep posting.

Even back in KL, I am still busy with the home visiting, and also relatives and friends visiting our house.  Busy with all the cooking and entertaining… :D

So, till then, I shall be back soon…

Stay Tune.. how is your CNY then?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today.. mark a year since the arrival of my little Princess

Today.. mark a year since I experience my labour pain in hospital

Today.. mark a year I entered into motherhood

Today.. it’s the 4th day of Chinese New Year

Today.. is the birthday of my little Princess!!

I have been a mother for a year, and thus far, the following changes you can see in me..

1)  I am no longer ‘single’ travelling alone.. I always have my baby with me (except for work)

2)  I am not following the latest songs which I used to.. now only singing Nursery Rhymes

3)  I don’t stay out late any more… as when my baby make noise, I will leave

4)  I don’t go out frequent.. I prefer to stay home with my girl

5)  I have not step foot into any cinema, karaoke, or clubs

6)  I have been working from home since

7)  I am going to start a new schedule soon

8)  I talk more of motherhood than anything else

9)  My priority is my baby.. no one else come first than her

10)  To date me, you got to date my baby too!

I have no regrets at anytime that I make the decision to give birth to this little Princess of mine.  Never a single seconds that I lash out that I am regret (no matter how hard or how bad her tantrums be)

I thank GOD for giving me this child (I had a miracle survivor story for this baby) and she is a healthy always baby..



Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Sunshine Award

image Don’t you think this lovely Sunflower is nice?  I was awarded by this beautiful lady, of which she is like my idol for her being so strong and lovely for her 2 daughters.  and she is no other than, SHAKIRA!!!

I am never good in my writing skill, and won’t be able to have very colourful words for her, but she being a friend whom I got to know through blogging world, indeed gives me a good support when I am at times needed one!  Thanks SHAKIRA for the early ‘ang pow’ since this year, I don’t think I will be eligible anymore to receive it.. will have to channel to Princess..

And since it’s the lovely festive season, I shall pass this lovely award with the following rules..

1) Put the logo on your blog above or below your post. 

2)Pass the award to 12 blogger. 

3)Link the nominees within your post. 

4)Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blogs. 

5)Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

And the award will be for…

a)   Merryn 

b)   Mummy Moon 

c)   Mummy Gwen 

d)   Wenn

e)   Claire

f)   CH Voon

g)   Joanne 

h)   Vicky Low

i)   Broccoli Ginger

j)   Fen Fen

k)  Slavemom

l)    Chloerouyi

I hope this award can be pass on… and the list goes with the 12 recent commenters in my blog..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

C2 - Refreshingly 100% Natural Green Tea

Red, Blue and Yellow… don’t you think this are colours for the CNY?  I received 3 cartons of the C2- Cool and Clean last Monday from Judy (coz the delivery man didn’t do his job proper), and first thing I did was to snap the 3 cartons..

DSCN5841Even the cartons are just so into the CNY feel….

I personally like Green Tea very much, and trying this new drink gives me a new change… this drinks come in 3 flavours, i.e. Lemon, Apple and Forest Fruits.  It’s a nice refreshing drink for such a hot weather during the CNY, especially when the drinks are chilled nicely in the fridge.

DSCN5843 The drinks come in handy as it’s not too much to be consume for individual.  It come in a convenient 350ml reseal-able PET bottle that you can ‘sip & seal” and “drink on the go”.  We usually has got leftovers by our visitors, if we served them the can drinks, with this, they can carry it with them…

I got a model to ‘pose’ for me while he enjoys the drink..

DSCN5846My brother is also another Green Tea lover, and when he try this, he went ‘nice, nice’ coz to me, he is a fussy drinker and he don’t simply wack any drinks given to him.

For information, this C2 is 100% brewed from pure and natural green tea leaves, gently to retain the antioxidants normally lost in other extraction processes. These powerful antioxidants, called ‘Catechins’ help fight the effects of stress by reducing cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system.

You can also get this drink from

1. 7-11
2. Mydin
3. Giant
4. Jusco
5. Other shops near you.

And I am wishing everyone here… Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!!

GONG XI FA CAI!!  恭喜发财!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Surprise birthday and a lunch

Last Tuesday, 2nd February 2010 was the birthday of my buddy, Cecilia.  We have been working together for 3 years, and we both go through the high and low. 

Even it’s only a 3 years working relationship, we have spent quality time together, from working to after work activities, from the beginning of my pregnancy to the birth of Princess, she has always been my side.

Now that I no longer working in the same company, the heaviest to leave, was to leave her standing alone working with the rest of the team members.

Last Monday, a day before her birthday, and when I was just back from Teluk Intan, I called a few friends, and we surprised her with a small celebration in my house.

Later, on Tuesday, we met another good friend for lunch at Pavilion.  We decided to go to Ding Tai Fung, a Taiwanese restaurant located on the 6th floor.  The food served was quite good, and it’s sufficiently eaten by the 3 or us..

DSCN5826 (2)The restaurantDSCN5833 (2)Zha Cheong Mee 

DSCN5832 (2)Wan Tan Noodle 

DSCN5831 (2)Prawn Fried Rice 

DSCN5830 (2)Har Kao 

DSCN5829 (2)Drunken Chicken (Cold dish) 

DSCN5828 (2)Their signature dish… Xiao Long Pao (Yummy) 

DSCN5827 (2)   The kid meal set for Princess after she ‘din’ the waiter kor kor..

Overall, it’s a belated post, and I want to wish my dear buddy, Cecilia a belated birthday.. :D

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teluk Intan trip

Every year before the Chinese New Year, my mum will jio us to go Teluk Intan.  Previous years, it will be a trip to get the golden cake (nien gao) which my aunt home made.  Every year, the minute I stepped into her house, I will have one of those in my hand, and scooping it with a spoon.  It’s so soft, that I can just eat that way.. and of course, the house will be filled with lots of aroma.

This year, my aunt did not do this anymore, but we still go back as she will be celebration CNY with her children in Singapore, therefore my mum would want to meet her before she leaves (that’s how close ties are my mum and her sisters).

One thing for sure when we balik kampung, we will go with empty car and come back with full loads.. Let me share with you what we bought this trip…

  DSCN5816 (2) The Famous Chee Cheong Fun

DSCN5815 (2) Tapioca Root

DSCN5814 (2)

Dried Beancurd Skin (For wrapping Lobak in CNY)

 DSCN5813 (2) DSCN5812 (2)

Variety of Heong Peah, and others

DSCN5811 (2)

Kopitiam Coffee Powder

DSCN5810 (2) DSCN5809 (2)

Pineapples (this whole lot is only RM10)

DSCN5808 (2) Mint Leaves (good for cough / dry throat if cook with rock sugar)

DSCN5807 (2)


DSCN5806 (2) Banana (RM19 for all of these)

This were all consider ‘little’ as we used to have more ‘sapu-ing’.  This time round we just didn’t spend lot of time there as we only have a night there.  We left KL at 4pm on 31st Jan, and leave Teluk Intan about the same time the next day.

On top all this stuff my mum sapu, we had dinner there and I tell you, eating in TI is such a enjoyment, coz the food is fresh, and CHEAP!!

DSCN5803 Steam fish tail

DSCN5805 Claypot Taufu

DSCN5804 Choy Sum

We had 4 of us eating that night, and the bill come to RM45.00 and everyone went back home with a big smile on the face!

Cynful Pleasure Bakery


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