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Friday, March 26, 2010

Meeting with the VVVVVIP

I have been putting this for at least 2 days in my FB, before I meet this VVVVIP.. and I was even getting more excited on the day it come..

Someone ask me if I am meeting the PM or MCA people thats make me so nervous, kan cheong and anxious.. but I reply saying NO.. this person I am meeting, to me is way more important meeting those ‘drama’ politicians.. what so big deal meeting one of them, I have ever take the same flight, eat with them, and they are just the same with 2 eyes, 1 nose and 1 mouth..

So, on the day comes… one of the member in the ‘gang’ did not turn up due to some unforseen circumstances, and the some of them meet this VVVVVIP in the afternoon for lunch.. So, this make me the special one that I can have a personal meeting with this VVVVVIP!

I cabut from work sharp at 4pm, and went home picking up Princess, and off we went to the agreed place.. While on my way there, I SMS this VVVVVIP that I am already on the way, and pray hard that the traffic allows me to reach the destination smooth and fast.. and YES, the traffic was perfect on that day, it took me only about 20 mins to arrive..

When I was about to reach the destination, I asked this VVVVVIP where the exact meeting point, and it was at Baskin Robin, and I just mentioned that anyone with Pink, will be entitled to a double scoop with the price of single scoop.  So, this VVVVIP says, someone was wearing pink that day and they got the offer.

I arrived, went to the wrong Baskin Robin.. but eventually, I met this VVVVVIP.. and you may now know who is the person..

DSCN6177YES, I met with Claire, and her 2 other precious, Aaron & Fernie!!  Fernie fall in love with Princess immediately, and she stole a kiss from Princess.. check out Claire’s blog for further pictures..

OK, I know I am kinda late, and Claire has been back to Ipoh for 2 weeks.. but I got work excuse.. hahaha.. more over, this is to also make the one absent ‘jealous’ about me.. muahaha..

We have a good chat that evening, and Claire even bought me ice cream.. on such a hot day, it’s a good treat!!  :D

On top of that, Claire also brought me the heoh peah from Ipoh (all into my family tummy before I took the photo) and I tell you, it’s a very nice and famous heoh peah from Ipoh!!

Thanks Claire for spending some time with me and Princess.. and the next time we in Ipoh, will sure call you again ha… 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My first full time pay cheque (after a year)

Wow, I can still remember the day when I got my first full time pay 15 years ago right after my SPM.  The day came and I was happily taking the RM600 pay cheque and cash it for my spending.

Today, the feeling of what happen 15 years ago appear again.  I was issued a pay cheque today (and YES, my boss pays me even less than a month working).  This was the first pay cheque after a year staying at home not earning a full time job!

Beside the pay, I finally continue to contribute towards my KWSP after a year of non contribution.  And today, as I wanted to record my KWSP account number, I called the respective office and was being asked where was my previous employment, and they actually noted that I don’t have one since a year ago!

I just deposited the cheque and it will be cleared on Wednesday.. and by weekend, I be in Teluk Intan for holiday! muahaha… Anyone game for Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun? or a little treat in KL? *Eugene, Claire and STP.. I am hinting*

Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat

What do you think of the word No Sweat?

To me, it’s like a X and Y Generation language, coz I always heard my cousin mentioning ‘sweat’ whenever a problem occurs.. and I will hear someone then tell him, no sweat! no sweat!

So, “sweating” seems to be a big deal man.. and I really don’t know how these youngsters are going to go through this with ‘no sweat’.  However, they sweat and no sweat in short time, a minute they ‘sweat’ but after a while they say ‘no sweat’ la.

As for me, I think my biggest sweat is that if you ask me to make a video to submit for the Project Alpha Season 3 audition.  I think for this, I will surely recommend submerryn as she has better creativity than me, and I am sure she can do it… and after she does that, I will surely click the button ‘I like” to support her!  So, Merryn, Go for it!

How I wish if this ‘sweat’ can just use the Adidas Action 3 FRESH Anti Perspirant Spray, which carries the following benefits:-

1)  24hrs of protection against perspiration

2)  New Dry Max system technology for extra-wetness absorption

3)  Cooling fragrance that leaves you with that just showered feeling when the heat is on

4)  Special anti-whitening material to minimise white marks on skin and clothes

5)  0% alcohol – PH Respect – Dermo-tested

Then I am sure I will be NO SWEAT in any circumstances!

imageProject Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions

<NN> Proclaim my LOVE to the world


I want to proclaimed my LOVE to the WORLD.. So, why I love the world..

I have Princess.. and my family!!

I have my friends and buddies!!

  I have my baking utensils!!

I have a job!!

I have a place to stay and sleep!!

I have food to eat!!

I have clothes to wear (inside out)!!

I have a car to move around!!

I have a laptop to write this blog post!!

I have some ‘bad people’ that discourage me and make me stronger!!

I have YOU, who come by my blog to ready what I rant!!

Another thing I love is the Sloggi!!  I have been using this since many many years ago.  It gives me the gentle touch on my body, without having needs to do lots of adjustment!  My first sloggi was bought when I was the age of 15 and it’s the made of this  fabric known as core spun cotton Lycra®.

Lycra® means fine combed cotton is wrapped around every single Lycra® thread.  and it’s has many wearer benefits:

* Superb two way stretch for a fantastic fit

* The comfort and kindness of cotton next to the skin

* Easy to care for - the Lycra® is protected by the cotton so maintains the shape of the briefs even after constant washing, ensuring a long Sloggi life!

Throughout the years, Sloogi has many many other types of products, and do you know in 1986, Sloggi even has the men’s range? 

Now, Sloggi even has the Love World Love Sloggi range, which earlier I had thought of the ‘recycle’ undergarments, but NO NO! this range is made using the 90% Polyester (yarn material is produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles) and 10% Elastane.

I can now save the world even with undergarments!!!  HURRAY!!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Mummy’s Mummy’s Birthday

This year my mum’s birthday we celebrated it with something different.  We had Thai food this time, and I finally remembered to bring my camera out.

I read about smallkucing’s experience in this Thai Restaurant, I left a comment that I will let her know what Thai food is if I got a chance.. muahaha.. so, smallkucing, please stay tune..

The followings were what we ordered..

DSCN6156 Tom Yam Soup

DSCN6160 Pork Neck BBQ

DSCN6159 Thai Steam Fish

DSCN6158 Paku-Pakis Belacan

DSCN6157 Combo Set (fish cake, pandan chicken, prawn cake and mango salad)

I missed out the Fried Squid, and this whole meal for 4 of us cost RM130.00 which to me it’s really really worth it coz we can even ta pao some of the food back coz it’s big serving.

Back home, we had a simple cake cutting ceremony for mummy with my home-bake butter cake which my mum’s favourite.  Simple cake without any icing, as I bake this only in the afternoon.

DSCN6153 DSCN6168 The cake was supposed to be a marble cake, but my marble effect did not turn out well.. the cake is awesome, coz it’s gone on the 2nd day morning.. muahaha.. I added some chocolate chips and almond to it.

No photo of mummy’s mummy, as it strictly told not to do so… mummy’s mummy is shy la.. :p

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Enter the 3rd week of my full time working life, and I miss my favourite surfing spot.

Nothing bids having a comfort zone, where we can have all we want in order to make us comfortable, while we go around blog hopping, and writing for our own blogs.

I hardly had time now sitting in the comfy place, having a fan directly on me, a sofa seat which is just suits my height, a coffee table where I place my laptop, and of course a 32” LCD in front of me showing my favourite TV shows.

Let me show you what I mean..

DSCN6180 My Comfy Zone..

what do you think?

One disadvantage of this is that I am using WiFi sharing with my brother, and therefore some ‘slow connection’ will be experienced if my brother is having his good time on his online games.

Sometimes, I wish I could have a connection all my own, and no one would disturb my connectivity.  What do you think of this?

image Stylo-mylo right?

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Moon Palace, The Mines

Last Sunday, my uncle came to ask us to go for brunch.  He told us that there is a very nice restaurant in the Mines Shopping Centre, and so we went there about 11-dish.

Located on the 5th floor in The Mines, the restaurant is quite cosy have substantial numbers of waiter / waitress to serve the customers.  Upon arrival, we were given the list of ‘dim sum’ available, and we picked the followings:-

DSCN6130 DSCN6129  DSCN6124 DSCN6123 DSCN6122 DSCN6121 DSCN6120 DSCN6119 DSCN6118 DSCN6117 DSCN6116 DSCN6115 The various dim sums that we ordered that day.. and I can only conclude that this is a very nice restaurant.  We end up paying about RM70+ coz we ordered extra portions of egg tarts!  That’s a must to order…

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Since I started work…

I have not been able to update my blog so frequent like previous, and I have not touch my laptop for at least 3 to 4 days, letting it sitting idle on the dining table.

BUT.. I managed to blog hop (might not have time to leave comment) at least.. so, my dear friends, I am still with you, please forgive me if I didn’t leave any comment as time may not permit).  Nevertheless, I still visit your blog(s)…

I have spend less time with Princess, and now on weekends, I am hoping for some dates with friends, and I will take this excuse to go out jalan jalan.. I need some ‘motivation’ to bring Princess out.. hehe…

I enjoy my work so far, and have been able to clean up most of the back log and try very much to clear as much as possible.  As the only admin person in the office, I need to take care of all the tiny little bits in the office too.

I read my emails, FB updates and blogs while working as well, and all thanks that my boss allows me to do as long as I got my work done and he don’t mind it (coz he is also playing that too) muahaha..

I have a few posts that I wanted to post, and will do that once the weekend is here…Stay tune ya.. :D

I Just Love Good Smelling People

I was recently at a huge crowd sales with little Princess, and my mum.  I was walking and walking, shopping and shopping..

AND, suddenly…. I smell something… in a not so good air ventilated room plus crowded place.. with immediate action, I did this…


I got a photo of this coz I really got no extra hands to capture my reaction at that moment.. so, thanks to Google..

OH MY GOD… It’s a really awful body odour person that just walked passed me, I nearly drop Princess on the floor by having my both hands on my nose.  muahaha.. I am sorry to have such a big reaction, but it’s really unbearable especially in a crowded place like this!!  My mood to continue shopping also gone, and I SMS my mum to meet me outside the mall after she has done with hers..

According to Wikipedia, Body Odour is the smell of bacteria growing on the body. These bacteria multiply rapidly in the presence of sweat, but sweat itself is almost completely odorless to humans. READ MORE HERE..

I think everyone will love to have good smelling people around us, including you and me.  I wish I could just walked up to this person and introduce to this person the Adidas action 3 deodorant anti-transpirant. 


Just one silly question, will you date with someone who has heavy body odour but handsome, tall and charming? I don’t think I will, as I really can’t stand it.. I prefer to have someone that smell nice even he can be not as good looking.. :D

On the side note, Project Alpha Season 2 will be starting on the 19 April 2010 and this season will feature the following bloggers..

1)  blogger/journalist Niki Cheong’s exclusive interview with one of Asia's most influential blogger, Xiaxue!

2)  Klubbkidd in Kuching covering Akademi Fantasia auditions

3) Ninie Ahmad defying gravity while she stands on her head in yoga class (I sure want to catch this since I practise yoga too)!

4) Azwan Ali with some of the hottest celebrities in Malaysia.

5) KYspeaks and Shaolintiger photographed Jojo and Cheeserland posing with exotic snakes in Tambun.

Stay Tune Everyone..

image Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chap Goh Meh

Back to some CNY activities..

On the last day of the Tiger Year 2010 CNY, we ransack the fridge, and wanted to clear up some stuff as after this day, we won’t be savouring too much of food anymore.  A 2 weeks food makan makan sessions may be too much for our stomach to keep.. muaaha…

So, on this day, we decided to just have a small makan makan session, with steamboats (seems like this is the best way to have everyone eat and chat at the same time).

DSCN6040 Home Made Yong Tau Fu

DSCN6042 DSCN6041 The steamboat spread…

muahaha.. that’s all folks.. we got to get back on the usual food and diet.. else, you see a double size me.. :P

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Very First Blog’s Tag & Contest

On a Sunday like this, it will be good to have something to do right.. and I came across FoongPC’s tag and contest from Claire, and since I got nothing much to do, I just do one la.. :D

1. Najib vs Mahathir - Mahathir
2. Facebook vs Twitter - Facebook
3. Lady Gaga vs Beyonce - Beyonce
4. PJ vs KL - KL
5. iPhone vs Nexus One - iPhone
6. Blackberry vs HTC - Blackberry
7. Firefox vs Google Chrome - Firefox
8. Nikon vs Canon DSLR – Nikon DSLR
9. sex vs sleep - sex
10. eating vs sex - sex
11. call vs sms - sms
12. sunny vs rainy - rainy
13. werewolves vs vampires - warewolves
14. healthy & poor vs sick & rich – healthy & poor
15. cakes vs doughnuts - cakes
16. school days vs working days – school days
17. dog vs cat - dog
18. single vs married - single
19. Malaysia vs Singapore - Singapore
20. China vs USA - USA
21. Paula Abdul vs Kara DioGuardi – Paula Abdul
22. OldTown vs Papparich - Papparich
23. Fitness First vs Celebrity Fitness – Celebrity Fitness
24. driver vs passenger - passenger
25. beautiful & dumb vs brainy & fat – brainy & fat
26. handsome & egoistic vs ugly & rich – ugly & rich
27. insurance agent vs direct selling agent – insurance agent
28. horror movies vs comedies - comedies
29. working for yourself vs working for others – working for others
30. Avatar vs Lord Of The Rings - Avatar
31. bus vs taxi - bus
32. Haagen Dazs vs Baskin Robbins – Haagen Dazs
33. flu vs diarrhea - flu
34. blue vs pink - blue
35. chicken vs duck - chicken
36. dawn vs dusk - dawn
37. Tiger Woods vs Nicole David – Nicole David
38. Gmail vs Yahoo email - Gmail
39. book smarts vs street smarts – street smarts
40. foongpc's travel posts vs ghost story posts – foongpc’s travel posts

41.  Starbucks vs Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Starbucks

And Foongpc will actually draw 3 lucky winners too.. :D

So, is this something attractive for you to do? 

The “no go school” driver

After a few days started working, I am the only admin person in the company, therefore all the sup sup sui sui stuff in the office belongs to me.. and basically I am the yat keok tack!

So, remember I was blogging on my working days?  Yes, I am fully enjoying it coz I have the flexibility and able to earn a living at the same time.

One afternoon, I was out to collect a cheque from a customer, and after that went straight to the bank to catch the deposit time before the bank collect the cheques.  I parked my car at the designated parking space, and went to the bank doing the necessary.

And when I am out from the bank, I noticed I was ‘kiap’ with 2 cars which have double parked!!  One car owner was kind that he tried to reverse the car, however he himself was blocked by another no go school driver.

So, I told this uncle nevermind, he can go ahead to do his banking matters, and I will honked this driver out.. and I waited in the car for more than 15 minutes after honking and honking…

And this Malay guy came out from the bank, open his car door, step on his accelerator, reverse his car and waiting to get into my space!! He didn’t even apologise or wave to me!!!  And after I got out from the parking, he parked and run back to the bank!!

I understand that the place is packed with banks, and the parking spaces are not sufficient to cater for all the cars, but please la, if you are going to be long in the bank don’t double park.  In this area, most people are doing banking matter, and it take less than 5 minutes to have another car out from the parking area.

You don’t have to block other people convenience.  It was a day that my little Princess is not with me!! 

So uneducated driver, and being inconsiderate!!  and now let me present you the che kai plate number…

DSC01050 There is always the law of double parking.. YOU HAVE ANOTHER DRIVER IN THE CAR!!! 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 1

I have not really come to know about this Project Alpha from Nuffnang till I started working in my current company. I have been hearing so much about this Project Alpha, and I always thought it is a ‘project’ until someone told me, ‘go read Nuffnang website and the Project Alpha site la’

Ok, I better be good to go into some readings before it’s too late if I want to continue working in this company or else very malu not knowing what people are talking about.

And… I found out that Project Alpha is not a project, it’s a online is Malaysia’s first TV show about real-life bloggers. You know or not?

BTW, it’s now already into the 2nd season which will commence on the 19th April 2010. For last year, it was started on the 18 September 2009!

image and the bloggers featured last year were…

imageI myself is reviewing the Season 1, so that I won’t be another dumb dumb for the Season 2 which will be coming soon, and for all of you that wanted to catch it, you can still watch it on HERE. I am enjoying every bits of it.

What the best so far that I have watched? of course not leaving out the advice and tips by these high traffic bloggers, and this are good tips for an amateur like me in the blog sphere.

Come my dear friends, come let’s watch this show together, and we can then ‘promote’ our blogs like them as well… I can’t wait further…

image Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First few days of full time working

It’s the 3rd day of work, and I have a good start actually.  The first day, I arrived office at about 10am, unfortunately I don’t have the keys and the door still lock.  So I just jalan jalan and hang around till about 11am for my other colleague to arrive.. and Proudly walked into the office and start work.. and back home at 1pm for lunch plus feeding Princess… end work at 5pm..

2nd day, upon arrival to office at 10.30am, boss asked to go jalan jalan with him… muahaha… we went to a client’s office to collect some stuff, then to IKEA to look out for some props to be used for a client and have lunch and my office keys duplicated.. of course, not forgetting to buy 3 packets of the IKEA’s curry puffs… end work at 4pm..

3rd day, arrived office at 10am, then went to another client for cheque collection, and was out of office from 12pm to 3.30pm (in between, there was another incident which I will blog separately).  I went Jusco to buy some stuff to be given to the client, and also bak kwa from Thin Heong in Maluri before heading to Kepong.. end work at 4pm..

Tomorrow, I have declared that it will be a ‘kurung’ day which I won’t be going out and wanted to clear up some stuff in the office before the weekend come again.. muahaha..

So, anyone out there reading this envy my new full time job with this kind of timing?

But on the other hand, my little Princess is showing some ‘unfriendly’ remark, when she refuse to let me carry her beside feeding her.. I think she have the thinking that I left her too long at home..

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