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Thursday, April 29, 2010


This hot mummy organised a contest in conjunction for Mother’s Day and being a mother, I sure love to participate, moreover the winner will get vouchers or gift.. *kiasu*

I never know what motherhood to me if I am not a mother, and for that, I appreciate my mum more.. and for me MOTHERHOOD  means..

an iMportant role that includes

lots of lOvely moment between mother and child

some sTrange feeling

fill with Happy moment

an Exciting experience

in between some neRvous issues

caring for a Healthy child

keeping a jOlly memory

some wOrrying matters

Deeply in love with the child

And being a single mother, the above maybe doubled up.. so, GOD, please let me WIN.. muahaha…

and, what’s yours? 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Perut Ikan – the Authentic Nyonya Dish

My grandma is a Nyonya, and her cooking were superb!!  Till today, I can’t find any comparable (not even close) of those dishes that my grandma used to cook.  I remembered the way she cooked, was very very tedious.  Beside the taste, the presentation, the beauty of the food was a MUST to her.  Even we cook on our own, we will not be able to ‘compare’ the way she cook!

I have a bottle of perut ikan aka fish stomach (which my mum has cleaned and store in a bottle with lots of salt) and with my home grown daun kaluk, lengkuas, mint leaves, daun kaffir, and daun kalsom, mum decided to cook this dish.

She went to the market early morning, and bought the rest of the stuff and give instruction on how to cook the dish to me!!  That’s how busy my mum is nowadays, and she will just ‘give instruction’!

So, I took over and cooked this dish…First the ingredient…

100_1881 Green Chilis, daun kaffir, onions

100_1889 Cincaluk

100_1887 Long Beans

100_1886 Pineapple

100_1885 Prawn Paste

100_1884 Blended Chilli Paste with shallots, lemongrass, chili padi, dried chili, belacan, lengkuas

100_1883 Daun Kadok

100_1882 Daun Kalsom

AND NOW, let’s present the ‘main cast’


The Perut Ikan

100_1913The end product

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

While I am being a girl (yet a woman), I traveled alot.. I have been to a few countries, and some even locally. I have been to the beaches, jungles, dams and others.. As I love traveling, I don't mind the distance, the hassle and the price. I will drive, flight or even hitch-hike (as though it's safe nowadays) just to arrive at my destination.

Since becoming a mum to my beloved Princess, traveling means tagging my baby along, and I have not been going anywhere beside some 'relative' visitation and around town. I am eagerly and anxiously waiting for my Princess to grow, and we can go holiday again... Princess, mummy promise you, once you can go on board and no hassle or fuss, I bring you to 1 international and 1 local tour each year (which inclusive of my mum too)!

Now, someone came asking me where would I want to spend the first holiday with Princess, and I would say 'anywhere' which meant to be a holiday. Thus far, I have check outs some nice destination and I think I will go for a local tour for a start.

But where would be my dream destination then?

I will say Mauritius!

I want to go Mauritius with Princess one day, when we both can still enjoy the sunny shine and blue water! We will want to explore the lonely planet, and have some good bonding!

I don't have to do Club Med (but of course if I can afford then will be BEST) but at least some time spend on that little place. We can sit by the beach, have sun bath, and so forth... by just looking at the photos courtesy by Google.. Anyone want to join me and baby?

Now.. All I can say is that I got to start save save save.. and hopefully MAS Traveller.com can bring us there.....

Meantime, let me share with you some Project Alpha featured bloggers go jalan-jalan and visiting in their episode 4.. Stay tune for more episodes which I will share with you!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Of Butter Cakes

Recently I am just so much into butter cakes, and even entered into a challenge from Learn2Bake fan page in Facebook.

I bake one cake for my mum on her birthday, and later some other time I bake more.. below are some butter cakes I made..

100_1814 DSCN6167 DSCN6153 100_1818 I am here to also share a simple butter cake recipe for all of you, if you want to try one of these day..The recipe was given by Learn2bake club (join us there if you want to learn more)

200gm Self-Raising Flour (for those of you who doesn't have SRF, you can use Plain flour. If you are using plain flour, the substitution will be 1 cup plain flour plus 1 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp salt, and 1/4 tsp baking soda)
120gm castor sugar
250 gm Butter (use good brand of butter such as Anchor, Golden Churn etc)
5 eggs (medium size that weigh about 55gm per egg with shell)

1)Pre-heat oven to 180~C (remember to always pre-heat your oven 15-20 before you bake)
2) Sift the flour.
3) Lightly beat the eggs in a seperate bowl.
4) Cream the butter and the sugar in a mixing bowl until light and fluffy. Slowly add in the egg, mix well after each addition.
5) Fold in the flour and mix well until all the flour are incorporated into the batter.
6) Line the bottom of a 7" round baking tin with parchment paper / greaseproof paper and lightly greased the sides of the tine with butter.
7) Bake the cake at 180~C for 40-45 minutes, or until the skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean.

(a) As every oven's temperature varies, kindly adjust the baking time.
(b) If your cake happens to need more than 40-45 minutes to bake, and the top of the cake is starting to get over-browned, lightly cover it with a piece of aluminium foil.

Let’s see what’s next month challenge, and shall do that again.. :D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My First…

First time reading My Very First Blog, and that was when I did a tag post that FoongPC had in there.  After doing it, I left a comment in Foong’s blog post and continue to just wait…

Since then, I have been following Foong’s blog, and also waiting for the ‘announcement’ to come.. and taa daa..

First time I won a blog contest! yeah! yeah!

First time I got lucky and got my name ‘picked’ from the pool of paper!! and you know la.. it’s in Foong’s blog lei (you know how heavy traffic is his blog)?!!

Today, I received this from Mr Postman…


Thanks Foong for his thoughtful gift!  :D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Of Roast Pork and Lemak Chili Padi

Mum came back from the market, and telling me that the market got no more roast pork as we need it for Ching Ming, and mum ask “you know how to make mou?” I was like.. stunned while still FB-ing, I said “wait, I think I got a blogger did that” (see, I unintentionally telling her the benefit of blog)

So, I hop over to Elaine’s and found this recipe. I remembered that she did a post like this, and I go straight to hers to look into the details.

Take mum to the market, she bought the pork belly, and brought back for marinating. Just follow what Elaine wrote, and voila, when the clock strike 12 (midnight) the pork belly turned Cinderella looks like this..

DSCN6280 DSCN6278 The next day, we took “Cinderella’ back to Seremban, and it gets many many compliments! “Clap clap for the first time’ So, I can be the fairy godmother lor..

When we were back in Seremban, my aunt told me that she dreamt that my ‘dad’ visited her with some lemak chili padi ingredient, and think he wanted to eat that. Mind you, my dad already back to God for few years already. OK la, since she already open her mouth, I better make sure I do this.. or else, my dad will come look for me? *daddy, if you come, please give me 4D ah*

On Monday, I cooked the Ikan Tenggiri Lemak Chili Padi for my ‘dad’ as we decided to visit his grave. *according to the custom law, we have to pray all the elders before we can pray my dad* I served him the ‘dream’ food..

DSCN6282 DSCN6281I was talking to my cousin earlier on, that since our ancestors passed on for more than 20 years, do they really able to receive those ‘burned’ goods we gave but the food we served at least we can EAT!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Scary Dog

We have a dog at home which is a mixed breed, and this dog is super duper playful.  I am not a pet lover, and yet I have a dog at home.  This dog is a guarding dog at home, and it is taken care of by my brother.

These few days due to the thunder storm and heavy rain, this dog of mine is so so so afraid of it.  When the thunder strike, it will run in the house and hide under the table and refuse to get out! 

DSCN6149 DSCN6152 DSCN6151 DSCN6150 poor dog.. it is just so scare of the thunder!

No Strings Attached

I have someone come into my face asking me if I was earlier having a no strings attached relationship, and therefore after having Princess, I have to shoulder her all on my own! I was stunned when this question was posted.. Anyway, I answered this person, by giving her my blog address, and ask her to read the story on her own.. frankly speaking, I am no longer having the interest to story my story every time someone 'interest' in it. I AM BORED of telling this again and again and again... *I prefer to story more about my Princess than a donkey* Anyway, with or without string attached, I think someone will have to be responsible when one life is created... agree?

No la, I am not going to bored all of you again with my never ending story of a donkey and I hope from now on, my monthly payment is prompt, and the final post will be when I got all my money back.. correct?

Just that I just wondering, why is this person so confident that I am with a no string attached relationship, and therefore brave enough to shoulder the consequences. Do this person actually reads a lot of those 'relationship / friendship' column in the newspaper where it will have some personal advertisement looking for friendship with NO STRING ATTACHED. Maybe the thought of this come into her mind, and she may also think that I actually response to this kind of advertisement to find a partner.. muahaha... *kidding me.. sai em sai oh*

You see, this kind of advertisement not just on newspaper, but also online site where they will put up this kind of message. Someone who want to fool around actually telling you that he or she is, and should you jump into it, it's no longer the person's responsibility. So, if I am looking for a partner, I won't be thad stup to go into this right.. :p

Anyway, since the word no string attached can be meant by no responsibilities, how come my current telco contract, my internet connection contract, my employment contract, my other other numerous contracts don't have this words ah? "NO STRING ATTACHED".. how nice right? I can do whatever I want as long as I pay, and I don't have to 'complain and complain' each and every time these 'contracted' services failed me. Not happy with the service, I terminate it without any payment or charges.. nice?

Talking about that, I had once had a service terminated, and was being questioned on the 'reason' why I do that, and with all the 'explanation' and 'discussion' I was being offered a free service for a period of 3 months, but I rejected it.. why? and this puzzled the customer service agent that was servicing me... and I told her "do you understand what is service standard, as long as the service is that bad, giving me 3 months or 3 years of FOC make no difference coz I still have to suffer while using the service, then better CUT la" right?

So, what else do you think it will be good with NO STRING ATTACHED?

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Teluk Intan Accommodation

As we were back to Teluk Intan during the Ching Ming period, we will have to stay in a rented place as we do not have sufficient place to sleep with my aunts.

This year, we found a good place, as my eldest uncle’s family comprising a total number approx 20 people will be coming back, and we booked this semi-detached house for RM300 per day.

DSCN6197 The kitchen area

DSCN6194 DSCN6195 The bedrooms

DSCN6196 The hall

All the rooms comes with air-cond inclusive of the main living hall and kitchen.  On top of that, each room is provided with attached bathroom too!  We were also given bath towels in each room.  Water Heater is also being provided.

We didn’t stay in this house though, as my eldest uncle’s family is already big enough to occupy this house.  We had another place, with the same facilities, and each room only cost us RM50 per night.  The one I stayed even come with ASTRO!

Now, I am not here to promote this place, but a good news is, there is this type of accommodation offered in IPOH!!  As my family does often going Ipoh for a day or 2, this type of accommodation will be more ideal, as it allows the kids to run around comparing to a hotel.  On top, we are given better flexibility on the ‘check out’ time too!

So, anyone wants to go Ipoh coming school holiday?  I might be going, so if you are interested, we can do ‘rombongan’ from KL to Ipoh to visit some friends there!! (*Ipoh friends, you know who are you, don’t ya)?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Marco’s Pizza, Kelana Jaya

After I got my first pay, I decided to buy my youngest brother dinner and Marco’s Pizza is something that he wanted to eat long ago.  He been there once, and had their Marco’s Pizza and fell in love with it immediately.

So, off we went last week to Marco’s Pizza located at Kelana Jaya.  Just the 2 of us, together with Princess, we can’t order much therefore we only had the followings:-

DSCN6243 DSCN6244 DSCN6251 The drinks:  Plain water and Oreo Milkshake

DSCN6256 Garlic Bread

DSCN6257 Marinara Seafood Spaghetti

DSCN6260 Marco’s Pizza

Overall, the food is good.  The spaghetti is nice, and the pizza, I find it very filing.  The special part of this pizza is that, it has egg omelette on top of the pizza!  It’s something that we don’t get to eat in any pizza shop.

The bill?  It was a bit to the expensive I would say, as the total bill come to RM70++ for all the above.  

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Favourite Sport

Sports, is commonly defined as an organized, competitive, and skilful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play in accordance to Wikipedia.com 

So, what’s your favourite sport?

For me, it’s nothing more than the soccer, followed by badminton and bowling.  The recent heat of Soccer due to FIFA World Cup 2010, I have been keeping a tab on the soccer news, and waiting patiently for June 2010 to arrive.  I always like to watch soccer, and in 2006, we had a great time spending with my friends.  We even have got a treat from a friend, as his favourite team won the game.

Maybe due to my family nature, that we have more masculine than feminine, I was exposed to more ‘masculine’ sports such as soccer, basketball, badminton and others than to rhythmic gymnastics, dancing and others more ‘female’ sports.

Have you all get yourself all up for the coming FIFA World Cup 2010? Prepared to stay up late to watch live? Got a new TV so that you can watch it clearer?  I all hope that Princess will give me some chance to watch my favourite teams in action, and I be all happy with it.

This year FIFA World Cup will be in Africa, and I heard that the venue is all spice up to welcome this event.  When will it be a day that Malaysia can kick ourselves into FIFA World Cup and host this game?  I am sure we Malaysians will go all ‘GA GA’ if this happen!

Do you know the name of the ball use in FIFA World Cup this year?  The ball is known as Adidas “Jabulani” which  means "celebrate" in Zulu

On top of all this, I think all the soccer players should be sponsored the following to let them refresh after each game.. muahaha..


Beside awaiting for this event to pull in, I shall have some pre-entertainment as the Project Alpha will be starting soon.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Teluk Intan ‘Liew Kee’ Chee Cheong Fun

Another attraction in Teluk Intan. 

This is a ‘must’ when we return to Teluk Intan every time, and we will not spare this shop when we are there.  There is a difference on the chee cheong fun in Teluk Intan comparing to those we ate in KL, as the chee cheong fun is served with dried prawns and turnips. 

Those in KL is served with yong tao fu and sauce, but in TI, we ate with green chillies.

Let me show you the shop…

DSC01092 The ‘blender’ that turn the rice into paste for the ccf

DSCN6204 DSCN6206 The queue in front of the shop on each festive season

DSC01089 DSC01090

The machine that cook the ccf.. DSC01091

  The numbers of pail soaking the rice for the ccf

And the end product?

DSCN6240 Cost RM3.20 per pack due to additional ‘liew’

I can eat a few pack of this in a day.. never get jelak of it!!  and we will packed at least 10 packs every time to bring back to KL.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ching Ming Dinner

Last weekend, we were back to Teluk Intan for the annual Ching Ming.  These were the ancestors from my mum’s side, and according to my mum, we have a few generations all buried on the same ground.

Each year, we have a huge crowd turn out on this day basically were my uncles & aunties, cousins and their partner, nieces and nephews.  We had to book a restaurant that is able to provide us a room for 3 tables!  Just the kids has occupy 1 table!

Let’s present the night dishes!

DSCN6217 Lemon Chicken

DSCN6209 Belacan ‘sweet potato leaves’

DSCN6210 Braised Pork Trotter

DSCN6211 Steam Fish

DSCN6213 Seaweed Fish Ball Soup

DSCN6214 Prawns

DSCN6215 Claypot Taufu

The food was served in big portions, and guess the price?



We had the same dishes for 2 tables and the children has a different 8 dishes and total bill come less than RM600!  Averagely a table of RM200 each!

See, this is another reason why I die die follow my mum back to Teluk Intan even I know this year I won’t be visiting my grandparents’ tomb.. muahaha..

Cynful Pleasure Bakery


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