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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Client oh client

I am now working in an design firm, which deals with quite a number of MNCs… and today, I just did something which is out of my ‘norm’… I told the client that since we can’t agree on the price, we will not proceed handling her project.

I always believe, ‘if you pay peanuts, you get monkey doing the job’ and therefore, with additional work that is out of our scope, I will write in to the client and inform of the additional charges.

And of course, being the client, she not happy… and commenting that why are we charging on every single extra job that she asked us to add.. but this is what the Company policy says.. of course, we have exception if our designers can take it, but most of the time, we don’t compromise on this.

Anyway, back to this client.. she was first telling us what is the design concept, and showing us some ‘work’ that was previously done by us and wanted to re-use it again.  Ask for a discount when the quote was given.  OK, fine.. we compromise… and out of a sudden, the whole idea is scrap and we have to re-do the whole design with a different product! and of course we revert back to the initial before discount quote price… and she is NOT HAPPY! and she says it’s not her fault for briefing us ‘uncertainties’ in the beginning!

haha… this was the first time I handle a client, that tell me this… so, I told her that it’s her responsibility to ensure us that her direction is correct, before we further doubt her next time.  How to work with her when she suka suka say she is ‘uncertain’ and suka suka change her idea and product after we have done the initial concept design?  No way I am going to let the designers being deprive of their effort in bringing up the design and got dumped..

With all the support I got from my boss, and he being an understanding boss, he knows what we are going to expect further with this kind of client.  Sometimes, seriously.. when it come to client, I seldom say NO… I just have to put my feet firm on the ground to tell her this. 

OK.. rant complete.. :D


  1. Aiks...sound like same like as Sasha Just went to her blog. She also tengah geram pasal a client.

  2. Hi! I also just drop by from Sasha's blog. hahaha! Sabar!!

    Good luck with your new job.

  3. but..... customer always right bo hehehe

  4. Kucing... ya lor, don't think we are having the same customer... :p

    Rose.. thanks for dropping by... :D

    Voon.. in my dictionary, I never practice of have that phrase in there...

  5. good on you!!! set it right or they will get into all sort of nonsense!

  6. Hai....some people are so troublesome!

    Good that you have an understanding boss.

  7. Envy that you do have an understanding boss. That will make your job easier. Customer are sometimes very 'mar fan'. Just got to tolerate and the day will pass.

  8. Actually I m like her. and I wont blame her. Probably she is doing her job. But its her boss that makes it difficult. And designing work is very subjective. U design sth, person A likes it, person B dont. so how to get the right message? In order to deal such case, better go straight to the boss to ask for direction.

  9. Let's Go, yup have to do that nowadays...

    Ann.. yes, thanks that I have a good boss..

    mNhL... ya lor, customer sometimes go overboard

    LittleLamb.. well, I know design is kind of like subjective, but this client of mine acted like she is the 'boss', so have to listen to her right? then suddenly she wanted a change! she got to do her 'homework' before asking us to design, and if since she give us wrong instruction, we revise the price also fair ma... betul or not?

  10. =( Siggh... dun say designers la, Cyn... we freelance authors oso hate it when out work is being changed by the clients because they can't made up their mind with wud they want. Damn sien wan, and each time that happen, and we're not allowed to charge... we will feel very unmotivated for work. :(

    wah! your word verification... 'penings' LOL...


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