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Monday, May 31, 2010

My 1 day at the Traffic HQ

I was consider lucky, and the officer attended to my case is just nice.

What happen was that I received a letter informing that I am required to be present at the Traffic HQ for an accident reported, happen sometime in early March 2010. This accident report to me, is just plain LAME. What happen was that I was reversing my car, and someone (a man) who stayed a few house away from me enter from the main road. Being my house is the corner, and there is a slope, somehow the 'blind spots' are more than others. My car hit the side of his car while reversing, and he entering without noticing me!

After some 'exchange of words', *this man is in his top most anger* while me trying to tell him that this was a 2 persons mistake... me for not able to notice him entering, and himself too for not noticing me or make himself 'noticeable' by giving me a honk. He insisted that I should pay for his car damage (which is a dent just at the side) but I think we should bear each other cost (my car had some scratch too). He just refuse and making a big hu ha in front of my house.. and he told me, "in this case, I report police".. and I coolly told him to go ahead.

So, this explain why I got a letter from Traffic to attend to the case.. and while I was there, I noticed also my driving license 'expired'. *sei for lor* One wave not stop, another wave up...

The police officer is kind to issue me a 'warning' and tell me to renew the license first thing on Monday (which I have done this morning before entering office).. Then back to the 'Sargent' that handle my accident case.. and after some 'very cham' story telling, the Sargent also issue me a 'warning'..

I consider myself lucky in meeting 2 nice police officers at the place, and was not being 'bomb' with hefty fine.. and I bought along Princess (maybe that also give some '同情分'

I am glad that I am spare, but got to make sure that next time reversing my car in 'full care'...


  1. cynthia, i also kena before with my mum's neighbour.. i reversed, he also reversed..both banged..and he made me paid for it!! but i think my mistake la.. that time chinese new year eve some more.. sigh...por choy..

  2. seriously u r lucky. if the police officer is bad, you'll end up with a court case... seriously!

    but luckily luck is on ur side cynthia. and am glad everything's alrite now :D

  3. You must have done a lot of good things, therefore the blessing was there for you.

    Anway next time be careful ya especially on the "blind spots" ok sister?

  4. wow...license expired!! lucky the seargent are kind enough to issue you a warning.

  5. wa,be more careful lor next time,and check driving license before meeting a police anytime!hehe

  6. haihh... The moral of this story? Must check license every year. LOL...lucky tarak kena saman ...

  7. good to hear that you not being "bomb" with hefty fine.

    Yes, bring baby along will win some points as well and somemore you are woman - add one more point.

    next time, you must be more careful lo. okie.

  8. Twice in a day you met good police, did you go buy Magnum? LOL. I thought police always asking for kopi money to let you go.....

  9. little things people make a big deal of eh?

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca


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