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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carrefour Egg Prices


I was shopping with my little Princess few nights back, and I wanted to buy some eggs. Upon arriving at the egg’s section, I just took a tray of Grade A egg. However, my little Princess refuse to go away from there. (Read HERE) Since I am free to browse around, I found something amiss….

Let the picture do the talking… and please advise me if this is the current practise in the market coz I seldom buy eggs in hypermarket…

c4 grade A c4 grade B

c4 grade C c4 grade D Can you tell me what’s wrong (or I should say I consider wrong)?






If none, then let me clarify my queries…

Grade A:- If 1 egg cost RM0.32, isn't 30 eggs should be RM9.60? (RM0.35 extra)

Grade B:- If 1 egg cost RM0.30, isn’t 30 eggs should be RM9.00? (RM0.65 extra) and 90 eggs should be RM27.00 (RM1.35 extra)?

Grade C:- If 1 egg cost RM0.31, isn’t 30 eggs should be RM9.30 (RM0.05 extra)? and 90 eggs @ RM0.29 is RM26.10 (RM1.35 extra)?

Grade D:- If 1 egg cost RM0.28, isn’t 30 eggs should be only RM8,40 (RM0.65 extra)?

So, I put back the tray of Grade A eggs, and leave that section..and frankly speaking, it took me not one glance, but a real close reading before I put the eggs back. I don’t think I be charged ‘extra’ from my usual ‘ah pek’ if I buy from him…

Please clarify for me… and how many of us actually walked away after taking a tray of 30 eggs without noticing the ‘extra’?

I have yet to check other hypermarkets on this pricing, and maybe if anyone of you bought any eggs recently want to share your price?

I BANCI liao... have you?

Last Saturday, in a bright daylight, under hot hot sun, 2 Indian ladies came knocking on my door.  With the dog barking hard, I peeped and I asked... The answer:  BANCI BANCI (A Survey practice to collect data from the every household)

Oh.. OK.. I went out to the car porch, and the lady asked me some questions pertaining to the BANCI  however I find it very difficult, as we have 4 people living in the house, and to go through one by one under such a hot sun, it's really not easy.  I took over the form, and asked her what should I fill, and proceed with all the necessary completion.

I remembered back those days (mine was like 20 years back), I experienced once of this also in my hometown, and those days, the officer was invited into the house, sitting on the little benches in the porch and doing that with all our leisure.  However, this time round I think being living in a city, we are more concern of security, therefore the whole 'interview' was done between a grill gate.

We were given a yellow card to place near our house number, as an indication that the BANCI officer came to the household and done their part.  The questions were basically from Name, DOB, Education Level, Employment Level, Electrical Item owned in the, number of cars owned, household income and so forth...

The form consist at least 10 pages, and if you have more than 4 person living in the household, you may have more to fill too..

So, have you got the BANCI officer in your house already?  Do corporate with them, as these inform may be helpful and useful.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meeting up my dearie schoolmates

When you come to a number of your age, do you have the tendency of remembering all your school days?  Well, I would say, with the current heat of Facebook, we managed to find some classmates, schoolmates from Primary to Secondary to High School..and others.

Last weekend, after 15 years of graduating from the Secondary School (for me it's 17 years coz I left earlier) we had a gathering again.. and the good thing was.. we managed to recall everyone after so many years of separation! Everyone is still in good terms!

It was really so much to talk, and so little time to spend.. we started meeting at approx 12 noon, and till 4pm we still around 'didn't want to leave'... the other good thing is that we gather at a friend's shop (which he open and close it for US) How nice to have such a friend..

One thing for sure, I gave everyone a 'surprise' even though from FB, not everyone noticed my 'status' and keep asking for my 'other half'... till the extend that I just blurred out to a friend that 'me still single la'.. and I see faces changed from 'hah'? to 'oh'? and to 'don't know what more to say'

One friend asked me, how come you looks like so 'contented and happy' still?  well, what should I say? I have cried sufficiently to get over things, and when I go on telling them how I have make changes from FT working to Stay at home and now working again.. they went "WOW"

After which, I told them not just FB, I even have 2 blogs on my hands which I maintain for updates and all... and it seems I have made an 'impact' on them... oh oh mine..We were happily chatting away, composing 'those days' and have lots of fun. 

I will blog about the place we gather in a separate post.. as the photos and stuff are at home, and I am updating in my office.. :D

Well again.. how nice to have such a working environment and freedom at work.. :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

While Sitting In Office

I noticed I have not been updating my blog for sometimes.. since the chiffon cake...gosh gosh.. bad bad me nowadays getting lazy busy..

Well, I just started my 'providing transportation services to the TWINS cousin' and have to get out of the house every morning by 7.15am.  And in order to ensure my little Princess got enough rest, we sleep at 9pm (the latest). 

Since today, my boss is not around, and I am staring blank on my PC.. I decided to do a new layout for my blog.. I have again change the 'dull' brown into something 'bright' and with lots of hearts.  I wanted to remind myself how much love have been showered upon me by all of you!

Do you like it?

I have nothing much to update, beside.. I want to say someone has got me into another Facebook game which contribute towards my interest.. at least I can dream of having my own bakery... YES, I am into Baking Life in Facebook.  How I wish, the reality of baking is so much easier, and generating so much of money.. muahhaa...

So, those of you who are into the game, and wanted me to add you or have a gift each day... come add me in Facebook!  Also, I am using this application to 'bake' on friends birthday! muahhaah...:D

Till then... let's me say Thank you to you who drop by... :D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lemon Honey Chiffon Cake

Lately.. I have fell in love to Chiffon..

Last weekend, I totally baked 3 Chiffon Cakes.. all the same flavour.. HONEY LEMON CHIFFON CAKES

Reason:  My brother likes it.. and the taste and texture is just so similar to those Japanese Cotton Cheesecake… (just without the cheese)

The Ingredients are as follows:-

115ml Water + Lemon Juice (I squeeze 1 lemon juice and top up with water till the required amount)

1 lemon rind

1 TBS Honey

5 egg yolks

85 ml corn oil / cooking oil

150g flour

100g sugar

1 tsp baking powder

Mix all the above in a bowl

5 egg whites

1/8 tsp cream of tartar

90g sugar

Whisk egg whites, cream of tartar till foamy, then add in sugar and whisk till stiff

Fold egg white into the egg yolk batter.. and pour into a 23cm chiffon mould

Bake at 170C for 30 to 35 minutes

Voila.. and I got the followings:-

100_2768 The side

100_2766 The top

lemon honey chiffonThe slice 

This weekend, should I try other cakes.. I still got the crumble cake which is suppose to try… ok this weekend maybe..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Awet in Chan Sow Lin

Oh gosh.. this is way backdated… and I just recalled that this happen on a ‘Father’s Day’

My cousin came visiting on the day, and after a day out shopping with her, she met with her friends and we went to this place in Chan Sow Lin for Thai food!  I tell ya, the journey into this place is very challenging, and I won’t go if I am the only one driving.. reason being, the path into the place is just next to the big ‘drain’ and along some jungle path..

Upon arrival, I got to know this restaurant was a branch for Awet in Cheras.  Despite the ‘difficult’ journey, the place is very nice.. it is built on some water pond!

thai restaurant The Address of all the branches

100_2584 Fresh Coconut

100_2585 Thai Style La La

100_2586 Otak-Otak (a very special way of serving)

100_2587 Tom Yam Soup

100_2588 Thai Style Pucuk Paku

100_2589 Deep Fried Squid

100_2590 Salted Grilled Fish (Very Nice)

If you see the number of dishes above, you must be guessing the number of people eating.. It’s ONLY 4 of us (excluding Princess) and the bill was less than 3 ‘green cows’ i.e. RM150.00! The drinks were around RM20 only I think (separately)

Now, any other ‘hantus’ or ‘human’ that want to join me the next round? 

Durian hurt me, but Princess heal me..

From my previous post, you already know how 'siao' I am with Durian... and last night, one dearie friend drop by my house just to deliver some fresh durians!

While opening it... I cut my palm.. it now leaves 3 lines at the palm area, and this post is not to hightlight my 'cut' palm... it's to highlight the very dearie moment of my little Princess...

When she first saw blood oozing out from my palm, she stop all her action... and stare at me for a while... then I told her "mummy cut hand, pain pain"... the unexpected happen to me was....

PRINCESS WALKED NEARER TO ME, PUT HER LITTLE PALM ON MY CHEEK, AND SMOOTH IT A FEW TIMES... that's a sign and gesture of her sayang mummy! muahaha...

I tell you, this little gesture of my little Princess is infinity times better than any doctor, pain killer or antiseptic! My heart melt into pieces, and on top of that, she pull a piece of tissue for me...

muahaha... sweet sweet... :D

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Durian oh Durian

You know how much my love and hate for durians?

Each season, my love for durians grows from the minute durians are available, and I hate it when it only good during their ‘season’. 

For the last 2 weeks, I have been trying very hard not to crave for it, but I failed badly.. each time I drive past a durian selling store, I am very tempted to stop and buy… but I didn’t as I don’t know how to BUY!  All these while, my durians were bought by either my dad or my bro (but now, but of them are not around)!!

Long story cut short.. the last final temptation came… I was in Genting, and while having lunch in Gohtong Jaya, I saw durians again… I didn’t buy coz I am not the one driving, and I know my boss is not a fansee of durian…

I waited till I got home… send the maid back.. and I went to this regular each time drove past durian seller near my house… stop my car, carry Princess down… and VOILA, I ask for the local durian kampung!

Oh ya, I only fansee of local durians, not much of those ‘branded’ ones coz I find those branded durians are too rich.. one or two pulps, you are done full… local durians?  I can have more ma…

Pricing?  RM6 per Kilo.. and for 5, I paid RM40!  Those branded ones are around RM8 to RM17 per KG.

durian 2 durian 1All 5 durians were GOOD! and we had it and keep some in the chillers… The next day, I had it again… It’s a ‘practise’ of me that I have the fresh ones on the first day, and 2nd round will be the chilled ones (those chilled ones will taste like ice creams)…

I will still be buying durians… soon again…

Friday, July 2, 2010

MBO Cinema – Desa Petaling

I brought Princess and my youngest brother to Toy Story 3 few days back, and we choose MBO Cinema since it’s near our house, and according to my brother, the cinema has minimal patrons (just in case Princess make noise, at least not so embarrassing ma).

When we were there to buy our tickets, the cinema only sold 4 tickets, and we bought 2.  This means, the whole cinema belongs to all 6 of us!  and my brother said.. see, I told you…

The sound system in the cinema of course can’t compete with GSC or TGV, however I got no complain about it.  Just that maybe due to the less of ‘human’ it comes too loud for Princess and I have to cover her ears whenever the ‘sound system’ come into action.

Overall, I am happy with the cinema, and don’t mind watching movie there… and let me tell you, the tickets on Wednesday is only RM5!!  So, next.. anyone want to join me for movie on Wednesday? come hands up… :D

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