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Friday, August 20, 2010

Online Purchase from MummyJays Fashionista

No time to go shopping? What we can do now is to do it online.  With the sprout of some ladies who initiated online shopping via FB and Blog Shop, I finally made my very first purchase of clothes coz I really don’t have the time to go out!

Kristie has been very thoughtful and she recommended 2 clothes from her online shop and keep that for me till the end of the month.  I am buying a few clothes these few months coz I have been ‘bomb’!  Congratulation to all my friends who tie their knots and now you know where I got all the baju when I attend your big day..



I bought these 2 tops from her, and had already wore it! Only now I got the time to jot down this.. isk isk isk..

I didn’t managed to capture any photos, but I can tell you those tops are really very comfy!

So, if you want to do some shopping, drop by her blog shop.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chopping off a DJ voice

What radio channel do you listen to? or you are just like my brother who will play his MP3 instead?

For me, I prefer the radio stations.  I used to tune into My FM however recently, I did a change and been listening to 988 instead.  The change was due to the DJs and it’s a very nice talk show.  They speak out the current affairs in the country, and it’s a good thing for me coz I seldom read the newspaper too!  And by just listening to this show, I at least got to know what is going on and what other aspect of life we are having. 

This morning… my journey from HG to USJ to Serdang to HG had a HUGE change!  A familiar voice from the radio went MISSING, and the only voice I could hear are the female DJ Moon and also another weekly guest but I could not find the voice of Jamal.  I was devastated.  How could it happen!! 

After some explanations, we understand that 988 has to chop Jamal coz he has been rumoured that his talk show cause  ‘disturbing the peacefulness among the races’ and it lead to instability of the country!!  You mean by just listening to one DJ it will have all the negative aspect?  You mean WE Malaysians mentality is so weak that we don’t process what we listen?  You mean Jamal can be so influential that he causes the above?  You mean Jamal is a waste sitting in the studio and not acting like a leader since he is so influential? 

This is MALAYSIA which has just ‘chopped’ my usual routine, but also let me had a boring journey.  The journey of sending the twins to school is already not easy, now I don’t even have the chance to participate and anticipate the voice of my favourite DJs!! 

ANGER! ANGER!! and it’s not FAIR!  We should have the freedom of speech, but how come with just a different aspect, ONE will be chopped?  Well I understand this is not the first time.. but when it affected me, I will want to make some noise!!

Shopping for Shoes

How many pairs of shoes you have?  and How often do you buy a pair of shoes? 

I love shoes.. and before the arrival of my little Princess, I shopped for shoes almost every month.  Why you may ask I need so many pair of shoes?  All because I worked in a Corporate, and the need of having few pairs of NICE shoes are very important.  I always tell my friends that I can’t wear ‘flat’ very well, but I can handle any heels up to even 3 inches.  Hey, I can owned up to 50 pairs of shoes over few years… and my mum always nag that if I am not going to wear those shoes anymore, I am supposed to ‘dispose’ it. 

Now, I don’t have the passion of buying shoes for myself anymore, but to my little Princess.. Since she started walking 2 months ago, I have got her 3 pair of shoes! and I will continue to buy her nice, pretty comfy girls’ shoes too!  Are you asking me if I go shopping with her and buy her shoes there and then?  Well not always… I have times where I am alone (after meeting client) and do some little shopping before I head back to office or better to say to ‘unwind’ during working hours or doing online purchase.

I also carry a feet measurement of my Princess in order to ensure the shoe size is just the correct ones.  The process of getting the right size is also in breeze, and I can always use the following method.

Isn’t this a breeze of measuring?

So, now I can always go buying shoes without the presence of Princess as it’s no longer a breeze to bring her shopping with me.  Her curiosity level is increasing on daily basis, and taking her to mall is a very good challenge for me.  Very soon, Princess will take over my shoe cabinet by displaying her shoes inside.  And now, whenever we go out, she will head to her shoes automatically!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am selling Mooncakes

It's the time of the season.

Last year, I made mooncake for sale for the first time, and I am glad that I got good response from my dear family and friends.  This year, I am doing it again and hopefully I could generate some extra savings and that will be kept for my dearest Princess 'education' fund coming next year. 

Learn from last year, this year I will be doing less variety and focus more and I have decided that pricing will remain the same as last year (I am trying to make less profit but more volume)!

Bake Mooncakes (Single Egg Yolk Lotus Paste, Pure Lotus, Red Bean and Five Nuts) 
1)  Single Variety Mooncakes in a box – RM40.00 for 4
2)  Mixture of any 4 Mooncakes in a box - RM45.00
3)  Mini Mooncakes (Mung Beans) - RM8.00 per box of 4
4)  Mini Mooncakes (Lotus Paste) - RM10.00 per box of 4
5  Mini Mooncakes (Red Beans) - RM8.00 per box of 4

Ping Pei
1)  Mini Dragon Fruit Ping Pei Mooncakes (Mung Beans) – RM6.00 per box of 4
2)  Mini Dragon Fruit Ping Pei Mooncakes (Lotus Paste) – RM8.00 per box of 4

I prefer you to self collect your orders in my house, as last year I spend way too much time  to deliver the orders.  However, should you are unable to come to my house,  the delivery charges will be as below and only applicable to Bake Mooncakes:-
RM15 (first box)
RM8 (2nd box and above)
Delivery can be done within Malaysia and Singapore!!

*  Purchase above RM120.00 (Free Delivery)

For orders, you may either contact me via Facebook or email me your order. 


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Privatisation of blog and a blog giveaway

After a few people giving me really good advice, it seems that I should not 'close' this blog since it has been generating traffic but instead, use the other one for myself.  I can always move those post that I don't want to show to the other blog, and now I am taking those advise and this blog will be OPEN for public.

Now coming back to the blog giveaway, and to celebrate the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, I will be giving away the following prizes:-

1)  A box of mooncake (home made by MYSELF) which contain 4 different flavours of Single Egg Yolk Lotus Paste, Pure Lotus, Red Bean and Five Nuts

2)  5 boxes of mini mooncakes consist 4 mini mooncake (either ping pei or bake)

All prizes will be delivered to you before Mid Autumn Festival, i.e. 22 September 2010 no matter where are you in Malaysia or Singapore.  For those who were residing other than these 2 places, you are always welcome to 'nominate' one of your family member for the prize should you win.

How to enter? *I hear people asking*  Do either 1 of the following or BOTH!

1)  You got to be my follower by clicking the follow button on the right (1 entry)


2)  If you are free, and don't mind giving me a hand in doing some promotions, I always welcome... :D  All you need is do a blog post, and link it to my blog!  Write whatever you want and hopefully it's good la!  AND  Leave the permalink of the your blog post at my comment box! (2 entry)

How do I pick the winner?

I will be either using random.org to pick the winner or I let my Princess to do the 'honour'

This contest will be closed on 31 August 2010!  So, be fast ya... :D

Thank you!

Having Pages in my blog

I just found another new feature (or maybe I am slow to see that happen), and want to share with you in here.

You see the few tabs on top of the line?  I browse and found that feature too!
It’s under the posting tab.. and you see the pages tab too!

When you click on the Edit Pages, you will be able to see the pages and after which appear in your blog!
Go try now la… :D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Privatise Blog

This Blog will soon to be close for public. Come first September 2010, I will be using another blog, which I could use that for open public and maybe earn a few cents.  

I have started another blog, and it was born on the 13 August 2010. Feel free to visit me HERE too!

This blog will be close and it will solely served for my personal use only.  I have loads of stuff that I need to voice out, however not to be seen to public.  I will be moving some of my blog post to the new blog too, as then should you want to do any reference, you are always feel free to do so.  No worry

I would like to invite you to hop over to my wordpress blog and give me some ideas of how to improve the blog too.  Beside, stay tune there, before the official closure of this blog, and I will be doing a GIVEAWAY!

Adios.. and please drop by often ya!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I didn't know that... but now I am IMPRESS!

Reason being, Blogger has come out with the Stats tab which gives us the statistic of my blog!  Are you aware of that too?

Well, I really thank those of you who had referred my blog, and make this blog a success.  And I duly appreciate all this from you.

Have you check your stat?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Old School Gathering – The Place

I Blog about my secondary school gathering recently, and found some photos I took which were not published due to my ‘malas-ness’.  All of us are really grateful and thankful to this friend of ours, who offered his restaurant to us for gathering, and even prepared all food and drinks for us.  This shop is not open on SUNDAY but due to the Gathering, he called upon his staffs, cook and clean for us.

Presenting you the name of the shop

100_2817Restoran Pan Heong

100_2815 100_2816  The FOOD! and of course we have also free flow of drinks!

100_2818 Last but not least, a photo for the album!  This is only part of the ‘gang’ that turned out on the day, as some left before the photoshooot!

From that day onwards, we have other friends who asked ‘when is the next gathering’ and think we can now start to do more planning..

Some of our schoolmates are still Single and Available… and we were told to ‘get ready’… muahaha.. :D

Cynful Pleasure Bakery


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