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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Should I or Should I not for 3 months

I have lots of thoughts for the last few weeks.  Keep thinking and thinking and thinking....

1)  Should I find a new place to live with Princess since the family members are growing in the house?

2)  I love bakings, but my current skill is not good enough, should I go take up a Full Time Baking Course?  But Financially (with the upfront big chuck of money) is my concern.  

3)  I can't do part time course as I don't have a helper at night to care for Princess.

4)  I can do my current job on Part Time basis with once a week reporting to work (of course with a lesser pay) but then again, my course is only 3 months, and after which I can go venture something else.

5)  With 3 months of my Part Time job, my income level will also drop drastically.  Think it can only be enough to cover my helper's salary and that's it.

6)  Think got to start working on weekends, and there I can have extra income during the 3 months period.  

Money, Money is the biggest concern, and besides the change of career path too!  Not forgetting, I will still have to 'send and pick' the twins cousin till the end of this year.

Ask if I can do all this NEXT YEAR?  by then, my fire already mellow, and the uumph will no longer that strong! and what main is, I want to start NEW next year!


Wedding Ring

Think most of you now know that over the last Hari Raya holiday, I have been pretty busy preparing for my beloved brother's wedding.  It came like lightning and in a month over, we are happy and done with it.  I always wanted to see how a couple's wedding ring be.. whether it's Green Diamonds or just colorless.  

During my SIL's employment with one of the famous jewelery shop in Mid Valley, I thought she would be able to get some discounts if she wanted to buy her rings.  I have been asking her to get some nice Yellow Canary Diamonds instead of those common ones, since she can actually have discounts and it's from my brother's pocket.

I remembered back those days, when I was tricked into believing I will be a 'bride' I always long to have a diamond rings.  I even go around everywhere to search for one that suit me the best.  Guess since I didn't manage to get one that I like, it also telling me that the 'truth' is behind it.  See, another thing about diamonds that I believe...

I wanted it so much for a diamond, and let's make this my target in time to come... 

I am sure with some changes to my current way of living, I will be able to see this DIAMOND on my finger instead of the picture! Another reason of why I prefer diamonds to gold?  Because diamond comes with a certificate and guarantee!! 

Wish me luck my dear friends... either I find this piece of diamond on my own, or I find one that can afford to buy one for me... and I think it's easier if I find it on my own...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Penang - 11th September 2010

We were all ready packed by 9am in the morning on the 11th September 2010, as we wanted to leave Penang ASAP before the traffic start to congest.  My mum went to Eaton Pastry House with my aunt that morning, and bought some 'ang ku' and wanted to pass some to my cousin too!  I made a call to my cousin, and he told me that everyone was at KOMTAR wanting to eat Cendol.  

After some discussion with my mum, decided to drive to KOMTAR and have cendol before we head home.  And I have 2 youngsters in my car 'sort of' complaining that every trip to Penang is just eat and sleep.. we never go anywhere to walk!  OK ok... so we stop at KOMTAR and let the youngsters do some walking while we wait for the cendol shop to open... (There is a branch now in KOMTAR for the famour Penang Rd Cendol).

Then, while eating and eating and eating.. we received a call from my aunt asking "are you all at the bridge"?  Oh well, the answer of course is NO, and she told us that Penang bridge had caught a fire and the traffic was at stalk!  Ask us not to go back after cendol but go back to her house.  You see, my cousin was delighted hearing this, as we can again make trips for makan makan and jalan jalan... 

We kaotim Cendol, then my mum and my aunt wanted to go to Chowrasta Market to buy some belacan, and also buying our favorite 'soya sauce'.  Oh ya, while we having our Cendol, I mentioned that we should go to Jalan 7 (Jit tiao lor) to eat the roast pork.  The roast pork will only be ready in the afternoon, therefore we go round and round jalan jalan for a while before head towards the 7 road market.

After the roast pork, and the 10 of us whack out 1KG of roast pork + char siew... and we went back to my cousin's hotel for a rest in Tanjung Bungah.  After some rest, the young ones headed out to the Toy Museum located at the front of Copthorne Orchid Hotel.  It's nice to visit this place coz it brought back lots of childhood memories.

We have been checking on the bridge traffic the whole day, and only about 7pm, we got the clearance that the bridge was CLEAR.. but being kiasu we went for dinner first at Macalister Road (near Sunway Hotel) and only headed out of Penang at 10pm
The journey from Penang back to KL took us 5 hours and safe and sound arriving at 3am!

There explains what I done over the Hari Raya holiday, and been MIA for thad long..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Penang - 10th September 2010

My cousin has planned to be in Penang since his PIL are there, the rest of us were an impromptu event that we were in Penang.  It is always a breeze for me to be in Penang, need not worry on accommodation as my aunt and uncle stay in Penang (muahaha) and I am rest assured that I will have a place and someone to take care of me.. worse case, can I go to Penang bloggers? :p

We are so impromptu that I only have 1 piece of baju extra in my bag, however Princess had got extra.  The rest of us were all with only 1 extra clothing.  Since I am staying with my aunt, I 'pinjam' her T-shirt and I wore a jeans throughout my stay in Penang! Smarter me that I wore a Jeans instead of a skirt on my way to Beruas the first day.. muaahhaha..

We woke up early, and went to Sister's Chaw Keoy Teow @ Macalister Rd, then proceed to Ayer Itam for Kek Lok Si.  We being the lazy bum bum, decided to drive up and park @ the Kuan Yin Temple instead of walking and taking the cable car.  The parking is RM2 per entry :p

Nice place there where we have got lots of pictures taking scenery, and the environment is very peaceful too!  The parking attendant uncle also very nice that he will direct you to a designated parking once you enter.  The bad part was the traffic since it's a public holiday and the people going up the hill were more than usual.  It took us approximately 45 minutes to reach Kek Lok Si.

Upon our down hill journey, we wanted to stop for famous Ayer Itam Assam Laksa and we met with a huge rain and storm!  But being a food person, we willingly STORM through the storm and ordered the Laksa.  It's nice that the seller willing to deliver our laksa (together with some extra rain water) to the opposite food court instead of cramping into the small walking alley.

It's nice to travel with my eldest aunty as she is adventurous into 'makan' and willing to 'share' the food.  We got the chance to order more varieties and eat less.. muahaha.. after which we bit goodbye to my cousin (he need to go visit his ILs) and we were back to my aunt for a nap.

Woke up in the evening and as the usual routine, we headed to Tambun for seafood dinner with my uncles and aunties. For the first time in my life.. I had HORSESHOE CRAB! and had 2 different varieties of cooking.  Let me google the picture of the horseshoe crab and show you here...

The restaurant made both 'grilled' and 'mango salad aka kerabu' style for this, and it cost us RM10 per crab.  This 'crab' has no meat, and it's only the 'roe' that can be eaten.  Eating this, is like eating 'ebikko' but this taste tougher to chew.  We all prefer the 'kerabu'  style!  While we eating, my aunt keep recalling her childhood memory as my grandma used to cook this for my mum and her siblings when they were younger.  Now apparently it's not that easy to catch this crab anymore.

Eating in Tambun is not expansive either, we have 10 of us, and the total bill come up to around RM200++ only with about 10 dishes all together.  We returned to the island after dinner and rest for the day.

The next day... we supposed to leave Penang @10am but instead we left at 10pm... Guess why... Stay tune..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog Giveaway - Results

Aiyo.. I am suppose to get this done before the Mid-Autumn Festival.. However due to unforeseen circumstances, I have canceled ALL my mooncake orders, however a giveaway will still ON but instead of sending the winners mooncake, I will be sending them my home bake CAKE. 

Since it's not going to be mooncakes, and the prizes will be cakes, it will then be the followings:-

Most Lucky Reader - 8" Cake (Winner's choice of flavour)

5 lucky Readers - 20 Cupcakes each (Winner's choice of flavour)


Most Lucky Reader prize - MeRy

5 other Lucky winner Prizes:-

1)  Smallkucing
2)  Shenny's mommy
3)  kucing
4)  leMonadE
5)  Alice Phua

All the above winners were generated by Random.ORG

I have personally drop a mail to the winners, and look forward for the winners' reply!

Congrats and Thank you again for the participation! 

Happy Mid-Autumn to ALL OF YOU!  muakz...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9th September - Bride's side dinner

I am going to tell you day by day.. what happen.. and to justify how busy I am... muahaha... :p

P/S:  This is NOT even my own wedding... :p

On the 9th, we headed to Beruas (a little small town which located 'far' from every where).  Reason that is far coz it will take you an hour to GET OUT of the town to either Setiawan, Ipoh or Taiping! Far or not? We left KL at 7am, meeting my cousin, his wife and his parents @ Sg Buloh Jejantas (My Eldest Uncle (dad's eldest brother) was our VIP for this wedding, as he represent my dad).  2 cars departed and we arrived Beruas at 11.30am.  On the way, there was an accident involving an overturning lorry lying on the road and the jam started from Sungkai to Tapah!

After our arrival in Beruas, the groom and bride were preparing for some prayers, and My SIL's family is smart that they do all the Chinese custom (tea ceremony) on the same day, and that avoid having the whole Beruas gang into KL on the actual wedding day.  We had lunch @ 2pm after their tea ceremony.  (Note:  The roast pig was super yummylicious... the chickens were all from my SIL's mum barn...)

We took a stroll into the Beruas town after lunch, and my brother shown us around the "street" and the little water fall available as the 'fun' time for the Beruas folks.   Thereafter, we bunked into my SIL's 'family room' (note:  they have BIG house and BIG room in the kampung, and the room can have 5 queen size tilam) and take a rest and also taking turns to bath (note again:  the water in the little kampung is so refreshing and cooling!).

As we were also informed that the initial house that my brother booked has got no 'bed' to sleep and therefore we will have to sleep in my SIL's uncle's house (without air cond).  But when my other cousin arrived, she 'sweettalk' my mum into going to Penang instead of staying over.  My mum's brother (YES, we have both the eldest brothers from my mum and dad attending the wedding dinner) says he will be leaving Beruas when the dinner finish. 

Oh YES, the dinner starts sharp at 6PM!!  Can you imagine having the hall full of people even at 5.30PM?  We were so 'city' people that we were jaw drop seeing all the people so puncture.  They were there waiting for us (bride & groom)!  and the dinner ends at 9.30pm!  In KL, 9.30pm, we might be only having the fish or chicken... muahaha... No wonder my uncle decided to cabut to KL after dinner since it's still early.

And WE?  Cabut to Penang arriving in Penang at 12.00am too! muahaha.. My auntie was already waiting for us, as we planned to go out cari makan (supper) when we arrived.  We went to Burma Road for the famour Prawn mee and returned to my aunt with a full tummy!

Stay tune for the next day of event... :D

Photos will be uploaded later, as it's all now with my brother's camera! :p

Monday, September 20, 2010

How long to prepare for wedding

My brother's wedding came in a sudden, and with about 6 weeks preparation.  So, the whole family trying to put much of our 'super' effort together and make it an event.  I should all thanks to my aunties, uncles, cousins who came to help us out.

For the initial 4 weeks, things were still not in 'rush' mode, and only the cards were ready however we also not distributed them immediately (except for a few) and only given the cards on the weekend before the wedding.. Geng mou?  When we first went around distributing the cards, my uncle 'hinted' why do we do the wedding in a rush as he took a year to prepare for his son's wedding.  Well, what can I say... this is call "emergency"!  Certain things cannot be plan, and some plans might not work if planed... agree?

Actually if you ask me, how long does a wedding prep requires? now I can tell you "1 MONTH' if you have load and loads of supportive friends and relatives! No doubt that we did not invites ALL friends and relatives, but we did have a good gathering on that night.  And my aunt was great... she says, like that short short time prepare lagi senang.. or else you need to countdown the time even worst... one month also wedding, one year also wedding ma.. muahaha

And now, did I explain why am I MIA for so long? muahhaa... :p

I am back.. in a piece..

OMG! Can you imagine I left this blog redundant for almost a month? I hope I still got my visitors coming after such a long long break.
I don't break for fun, I break coz I am preparing for my brother's wedding. I also wanted to try to be a SUPERWOMAN but failed badly. I wanted so much to do my mooncake this year, but fail again coz the dates were too near to each other. I have just cancel ALL my orders taken as I really don't have to time to do so.

2 weeks before my brother's wedding, we have been doing all the invitation, bookings and also visiting to the bride's. My brother's wedding officially end on the 17th of September 2010, which is the date of his ROM. Prior to this, we have the bride's side dinner on the 9th, then to Penang for 2 days, and the groom's side wedding dinner on the 15th. Can you see where I can squeeze time? NO NO!

So, this morning, I finally able to sit in my office desk, blogging away, as now I have a room to myself (oh ya, not forgetting my office also moved from the old premise to the new premise). All pack on the same dates and I practically only now able to enjoy some privacy time in office.

I have so much to blog, but too little time.. but stay tune, I will have a blog diarrhea...Besides, in my personal ranting blog, I will have lots to rant too!  Not just that I have ignore my blog, I have also ignore my Facebook!  I don't even have time to log in and write updates... also, I missed out some valuable friends' birtheday wishes too!

Again, I wish to thanks all my readers (YOU) to always comeby and give me the best support.

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