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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kleenex Goodies

Last week, I am supposed to bring Princess for an outing.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the Kleenex Bloggers’ Gathering as I have a class going on.  The gathering was held in Kidzsport, IU.  Even I didn’t able to go, I read from other mummies that they had a great time there too!

Later, I received an SMS from the organiser asking for my address, as they wanted to deliver the goodies to me even I didn’t able to attend! How thoughtful if you know what I mean.  Last Friday, I saw a package lying on my table…

DSC01834 Priority Package… that contains

DSC01835 A packet of 3 boxes of Kleenex Facial Tissue

DSC01836 A bag, 2 travel packs facial tissue, CD and 2 packets of wet hand wipes

DSC01837And a card…

Well, I think we all know Kleenex but the recent product should be the Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes!  I opened a packet to try when I received it, and it smells good!!  Besides, it kills 99.9% germs Bacteria and flu viruses.  It is also alcohol free (which is very important to me coz Princess loves to play with wet wipes!!). 

I just adore the packaging too!  It uses Winnie the Pooh and friends!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Warning:  The below is an intimate product for ladies only.  Nevertheless, if you are my male reader, and don’t mind getting to know more, continue to scroll down or you may navigate away NOW..



I received an email earlier from Janet of IN.Deed Communications requesting for my details, and even with some hesitation, I gave her.  She informed me that she has some new products for my trial.  I am in the privilege of being the VIP to try it on. 

Last Tuesday (26 October 2010), I came home and saw this box on the table, and when I opened it, I feel I am so honoured.  See, it states… VIP Exclusive Preview…

What’s in the box?


 A product kit that contains a CD, leaflet, samples of sanitary pads


DSC01794 Notebook

Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design Pads (Promo Tin)_1

Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design Pads (Promo Tin)_2

2 boxes of the Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design pads

I have not try on the pads, but the first feel is very good.  I can see the nice designs available and it’s really thin!!  It comes in 2 sizes of 23cm & 32cm too!  The new Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design Pads come in 6 designs, from a sweet ‘girl-next-door’ feel to a somewhat ‘indie chic’ look.  It also come with unique reusable drawstring polybags that carry individual pouch wraps that match the design-theme of the pads!!

The new Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design Pads will retail from 1 November 2010 at all Guardian, Giant, Jusco, Tesco and Watson outlets at RM4.90 for a pack of six (3 designs) while the newly upgraded Kotex Luxe Fusion Day pads (23cm) and Kotex Luxe Fusion Night pads (32cm) will retail at RM15.90 for packs of 20 and 14 respectively.  You may know more by visiting the Kotex website.

Don’t you think the sanitary pad technology has just reached a ‘WOW'-ed?

*There is a break from the baking… so, come back again tomorrow ya..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

After choux, we did cookies

After 2 days of making the difference use of choux pastry, we did cookies instead on the 3rd day.  It’s nice to know the various cookies available, and the various cookies we can made from the same recipe.

On this day, in summary, we did Sablé Viennois (Vienna Cookies), Florentine, Diamond cookies and Linzer. 

Firstly, let me introduce you the Linzer, it’s a pastry that carry a tinge taste of cinnamon, and have a nice combination of it’s raspberry filling. 

combine 26 

Next, it’s the Vienna cookies, a buttery cookies that melt in the mouth!  It’s a very nice cookies since I don’t find it too sweet too!  In addition, we can also give the cookies a different varieties besides butter.  We added pistachio, almond, chocolate too! 

combine 27

Next, we continued doing the Florentine, a kind of cookies that has a layer of caramelise sugar with almond flakes, spread on top of thin layer of dough.  It’s give you a crunchy top, with some chewvy base. 

combine 28

combine 29

Last, before we clock out for class, we did this cookies by the name of Diamond Cookies.  I think this cookies got it’s name from the sugar coating.  After a good bake in the over, the cookies will come out like a diamond sparkling.  The texture of the cookies, is almost the same as the Dutch butter cookies that has the sugar on top if you can ever recall…

Now, this diamond cookies were not bake on the same day.. we only prepared the dough, as it needed some chilling before going into the hot oven.  Stay tune and come back again tomorrow to see what else I bake.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2nd week… all about choux pastry

This week was like an official start of my studies after a week of special sugar class.  We started off with something in my long wanted to bake list.. Choux Pastry.  Choux Pastry is the basic dough that we use do to cream puffs and in my heart, I was hoping to have something at least the same with the well known brand in the market now… you know, the one with beard and called papa?  My Chef told me that today’s recipe will be slightly different, and the pastry turned out has a layer of crunchy bite! 

Since the first batch of my classmates were taught on the choux pastry earlier, it’s only the 4 of us whom did this on the first day of the 2nd week.  We were more than happy to know that we could also bring back the food that we prepared each day.  Oh, another thing that we do with choux pastry will be Eclaires!  So, for a start, we did both eclaires and cream puffs..

combine 16

The above shows the texture of the choux pastry.. don’t it see some difference?

combine 17 This are the chocolate cream puffs…

After some basic learning on choux, we did some different ways of using the choux pastry on the 2nd day…We did Mousseline (another type of cream to use in filling the choux pastry), Chantilly Cream, Paris Brest, Nougotine, St Honore and a kind of wedding pastry in France by the name of Croquembouche.


combine 19


combine 20

combine 21

combine 22

combine 24

combine 25

And since we have some extra choux pastries, we did this…

combine 23

Anyone want to be a guinea pig for me?

Monday, October 25, 2010

TM Point Taman Desa

I went to TM Point this morning @ 10am, and waited for almost 2 hours before I am able to get my turn! I was there to do a termination of line for the Company since we no longer using that number.

If you ask why am I being so furious? It's not coz of the waiting time, it's the inconsistency of the procedures!  You see, I have been dealing enough with all these so call 'corporates' to understand that each time they will give you some kind of S*it, so in order to avoid me going 2 or 3 rounds to get things done, I called up 100 to enquire about the necessary documentation and was informed that ONLY Authorisation letter, with both the Director's and my IC will do! 

I have even asked further on the Company chop and also other documentation, and again I am assured with NO NEED!

While I was queue-ing to get a number, the front desk checked the Company account number, and informed me that the account is not valid.  Furthermore, the name appear on the bill and the letterhead differ (but this was due to change of Company name)!! After some explanation that the company stated in the bill is no longer exist due to change name, she gave me a number (NOTE:  The number serving is 2017, and mine was 2010)!!

And YES, for 3 customers, TM took 2 hours to serve!!!!!!  I was like, better make sure they don't give me crap or else I am sure going to 'blast'!  and true enough, the lady who served me whom wearing a badge "I'm a trainee, please be patient while being serve" asked me if I got the Company chop with me coz she need to complete some forms!! I was like... huh?  I told her NO, I didn't coz I have called 100, and they say  NO NEED!!

She then was trying to tell me.. "no chop, then we cannot proceed"... and I told her directly that 'look, I am here to do a TERMINATION, and if you not going to proceed, then I will just leave the phone line idle since no one is in that premise!  She then only 'take her own sweet time' to check with her officer, and allow me to go ahead with the necessary..

Next, come the question... Do you have your Form 13 with you?  I was again.... taking a pen and circle the Company letter showing the Company Name with a bracket says "formerly known as XXX Sdn Bhd" and with a not very happy face, she walked in to the office again to ask for 'go ahead'!

Finally, she came out and told me, OK... done, we will do the necessary.  And mind you, she didn't even give me any acknowledgment about the termination process.  I have to tell her again, please chop and sign the company letter and return to me just in case you didn't proceed as state (which this is the very common case in TM)!

And guess what, all this done in less than 15 minutes!!!  Isn't some 'blasting' do works sometimes?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 2 with World Champion

Day 1 was great, and Day 2 was ‘greater’!  Beside having further enhancement skill on air brush, we were guided on sugar craft too!  Chef brought in lots and lots of stencils, moulds and even those that he uses for his competition!  I let the pictures do the talking, as I think I have write too much!  I just can’t wait to share more of what I have learned over the last 1 week!

combine 6

combine 7

combine 8

combine 9

combine 10 

combine 11

combine 12

combine 14

combine 15

combine 13 

The class was for 4 days, unfortunately I can’t attend those on weekend since no one taking care of Princess, but I sure know that there will be lots more of stuff to catch up with my fellow classmate when I am back in school tomorrow!  See if there be any more showpieces available for me to shoot some photos and share with you!

Next week, class will back to basic and shall keep you updated further!

The journey continues with the World Champion (Day 1)

We had finally come to the day the World Champion, Chef Stephane Treand in the house to further enhance our class.  This class cost RM2,000 for those who wanted to join us, and since we are the students of the school, we get to learn it along with our usual class.   It’s so amazing for someone to come in, and it’s really an eye opener for me.  The way Chef go along with his crafting is really excellent. 

It’s nice that he also shared the sugar arts techniques of sugar boiling, casting pulling Pastillage design and air brush techniques.  We also got a chance to practise hands on with him guiding us along the line.  I will slowly give you an idea of what the above techniques are about in the upcoming few post.  Besides, there were also Executive Pastry Chef from well known hotels attended the class, and we all got the chance to share different ideas too!

For a start, he shared with us another recipe to make pastillage, by using different ingredients and also different texture.  In addition, he taught us how to do cut out the pastillage.  To show you a few cut outs that he done, and mind you, these all done using “FREE HAND”!  For us, even with a ‘stencil’ we can’t even cut out the right way we wanted it to be.

combine 1

combine 2

Cut out by Chef Treand

combine 3  The Chef in action!

We were then given our time to try out the different cut out on our own, before proceeding to lunch.  We were served Macaroons and Mini Croissant by the school too!  I tell you, the Macaroons were so nice (note: A must to get it right from the Chef).  It’s just so melt in my mouth immediately when I put it in!  I show you the photos here…



After lunch, we were guided on the air-brush technique by the Chef!  Did you spot the fish at the top?  Now, let’s see what happen to the fish..

combine 4

combine 5See the first picture? it’s a print out that Chef use as an ‘example’ to show us the air brush techniques..

For the 2 last pictures, keep that in your mind, I have something more to show you in coming up post!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 2 @ School – crafting continues with Pastillage

Pastillage, now pronounce it as “PAHS-tee-AHJ“ and it’s mainly a sugar dough that we use for decorative purposes.  We were taught how to make our own sugar paste, and also being introduced those out of shelves product too!  See, this is another good point of classes, as you have better understanding of the difference without the need of going through much hassle.  Now, I can know what kind of sugar paste will suits what kind of deco that I plan to do.

Let me show you some photos during the class, however none of the below was my work, as I am practising something else on the other side of the room..


What am I practising?  Of course it’s the sugar craft again… and my target?

100_3129 I WANT TO CRAFT A SWAN!!! See see, my ‘si fu’ doing one…

I think this school is really good in the sense that we all have a chance to HANDS ON 90% of the time in class!!  hurray!!  Meanwhile, the chef is always there for us to ask him tonnes and tonnes of questions! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Day @ School

Do I sound like I am a young kid which got herself so excited when come to the first day at school?

Well, I am excited, and I am more excited to share with you what I am going through..Oh before that, let me tell you how I get to school (something that I have not done for 19 months)..

I woke up at 7am, sneak out of the house (coz I don’t want to wake Princess) and get to the train station at 7.30am.  Took the train to Masjid Jamek station, and walked towards the exchange line, to take the Kelana Jaya line.. I stopped at Taman Jaya (big mistake) and walked to Wisma Thrifty!  It’s another 15 minutes walk!!  I managed to reach the school by 9am after some ‘fast walking’ to catch up with the time.  Think if the next time I am taking train, I should stop at Asia Jaya instead of Taman Jaya…

For the first day, I skipped all the basic fundamentals of baking, and advance into doing sugarcraft!!  I tell you, it’s something that I had never done in my life of 33 years, and it’s not easy… The sugar has to be ‘mould’ when it’s hot, and half a day, I am already had blister on my thumb.  But I am happy that I am able to at least ‘construct’ a rose for my Princess..

Sugarcraft is something costing a lot of time, effort and money but the structure may only last 2 to 3 days due to our country’s humidity weather.  But it’s all worth it if you see your nice nice masterpiece being display especially for showcasing purposes.  I am showing you below some sugar crafting that were on display in my school.




First half of the class, we were actually taught on how to do a simple rose craft this..



We also did ribbon shaping on the 2nd half of the class, and everyone was just too ‘tired’ after some pulling exercise. 


In addition, we did some additional showcase flower too!


I cabut-ted from the class at 4pm, as I try to leave and try out the train.  Finally, I called my bro, and asked him to pick me at Bangsar station, which is another 5 stations away from Taman Jaya. 

By the time I reach home, I am all worn out but happy with the progress…

Friday, October 8, 2010

I am getting nervous... coz it's getting to start soon

YES, you heard me right.. I am going to start school all over again for 3 months and I am getting nervous.

From all the angels, I think I shouldn't give this a miss, since it's such a good offer and it could bring me more knowledge. Well, despite all the supports from friends, I do faced a very huge 'cold water bucket' being thrown to my face from someone dear to me, but hack, I am going ahead!

My only concern I have is my little Princess, and hope she will be able to tolerate for these 3 months, and we will have more bonding time in future. With the start of my class, I will be out from the house from at least 8am to 6pm and she will surely miss her mummy during this timing. I kept telling myself, it's just a 3 months thing, and I should see the future in us coming.

Now, soon... this will be also my baking blogs, which I will post my daily products for your review and tell me what do you think of it ya... CHEERS!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Step

I went to the bakery school again, and spoke to the boss.  Initially I wanted to offer him my blog space as then I will blog about my daily school activities, and see if there is any opportunity for me to have a lower fees. This school is relatively new in the market, and because of that, they offer lots of different recipes comparing to those already substantial in market. 

Now back to my visit and discussion with the boss, they are willing to give me some discount and I  can pay with installments, but with the condition that I start it on the 11th of October 2010!  For the first 5 days of the class, it will be exciting coz they have got a  International known chef coming to do some sugar crafting, and I get to do it hands ON!  

And since it's NEW, I got all personal teaching (coz the class is small) from the French Chef, and I got to access the 'library of recipe' all I can!!  

If you now ask me if I am going for it, I am again in consideration coz and again, $$ is my concern.  Nevertheless, I think I am 80% there, and I will do all my best in order to make this happen!  I am very very very very very very much interested in this, and my dream of having my own bakery / cafe will have to 'materialize' one day!

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