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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2nd week… all about choux pastry

This week was like an official start of my studies after a week of special sugar class.  We started off with something in my long wanted to bake list.. Choux Pastry.  Choux Pastry is the basic dough that we use do to cream puffs and in my heart, I was hoping to have something at least the same with the well known brand in the market now… you know, the one with beard and called papa?  My Chef told me that today’s recipe will be slightly different, and the pastry turned out has a layer of crunchy bite! 

Since the first batch of my classmates were taught on the choux pastry earlier, it’s only the 4 of us whom did this on the first day of the 2nd week.  We were more than happy to know that we could also bring back the food that we prepared each day.  Oh, another thing that we do with choux pastry will be Eclaires!  So, for a start, we did both eclaires and cream puffs..

combine 16

The above shows the texture of the choux pastry.. don’t it see some difference?

combine 17 This are the chocolate cream puffs…

After some basic learning on choux, we did some different ways of using the choux pastry on the 2nd day…We did Mousseline (another type of cream to use in filling the choux pastry), Chantilly Cream, Paris Brest, Nougotine, St Honore and a kind of wedding pastry in France by the name of Croquembouche.


combine 19


combine 20

combine 21

combine 22

combine 24

combine 25

And since we have some extra choux pastries, we did this…

combine 23

Anyone want to be a guinea pig for me?


  1. yum yum cream puff...habis liao...ada lagi ka?

  2. me also yummmmm... wei..u learn so much here!! can remember or not...

  3. Cyn: Everyday waiting for ur school day post! I wonder what will learn the next day!

  4. Sis, looks yummy yummy...
    can i be ur guinea pig...

  5. Paris Brest looks nice, I wanna be your guinea pig!


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