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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Day @ School

Do I sound like I am a young kid which got herself so excited when come to the first day at school?

Well, I am excited, and I am more excited to share with you what I am going through..Oh before that, let me tell you how I get to school (something that I have not done for 19 months)..

I woke up at 7am, sneak out of the house (coz I don’t want to wake Princess) and get to the train station at 7.30am.  Took the train to Masjid Jamek station, and walked towards the exchange line, to take the Kelana Jaya line.. I stopped at Taman Jaya (big mistake) and walked to Wisma Thrifty!  It’s another 15 minutes walk!!  I managed to reach the school by 9am after some ‘fast walking’ to catch up with the time.  Think if the next time I am taking train, I should stop at Asia Jaya instead of Taman Jaya…

For the first day, I skipped all the basic fundamentals of baking, and advance into doing sugarcraft!!  I tell you, it’s something that I had never done in my life of 33 years, and it’s not easy… The sugar has to be ‘mould’ when it’s hot, and half a day, I am already had blister on my thumb.  But I am happy that I am able to at least ‘construct’ a rose for my Princess..

Sugarcraft is something costing a lot of time, effort and money but the structure may only last 2 to 3 days due to our country’s humidity weather.  But it’s all worth it if you see your nice nice masterpiece being display especially for showcasing purposes.  I am showing you below some sugar crafting that were on display in my school.




First half of the class, we were actually taught on how to do a simple rose craft this..



We also did ribbon shaping on the 2nd half of the class, and everyone was just too ‘tired’ after some pulling exercise. 


In addition, we did some additional showcase flower too!


I cabut-ted from the class at 4pm, as I try to leave and try out the train.  Finally, I called my bro, and asked him to pick me at Bangsar station, which is another 5 stations away from Taman Jaya. 

By the time I reach home, I am all worn out but happy with the progress…


  1. This is real fun....got blister also worth it. hehe....

    All the best to our future baker...

  2. Way to go Cynthia. All the best ya! The rose must be something hard to do rite?

  3. wow..what a day! in a way it is good for u.. stay healthy for more baking.. we r right behind u..

  4. I always wanted to do this but no guts!!! Scared I waste all my hard-earned money wor! How is it? Share more! Is it worth it? Congrats and Im looking up at your for your courage!!

  5. It is fun...and still long way to learn,wish you all the best!!

  6. Just curious, the ribbon ..is it made of sugar too?? Keep it up!
    You will definitely succeed, all the best :)

  7. Its a good start. Keep it up!

    Hmmm how come go to KL then back up to PJ..i think u waste moretime.. if u take OKR, cut through old town pj..can reach PJ hilton there jor ma...no?

  8. dat day in Giza got cake contest... soooo cantik all the cakes there... one day you'll be there.. joining the contest :)

  9. I'm so envy, nevertheless you have made a great choice!^-^

  10. Wow!! This looks really challenging!


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