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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kleenex Goodies

Last week, I am supposed to bring Princess for an outing.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the Kleenex Bloggers’ Gathering as I have a class going on.  The gathering was held in Kidzsport, IU.  Even I didn’t able to go, I read from other mummies that they had a great time there too!

Later, I received an SMS from the organiser asking for my address, as they wanted to deliver the goodies to me even I didn’t able to attend! How thoughtful if you know what I mean.  Last Friday, I saw a package lying on my table…

DSC01834 Priority Package… that contains

DSC01835 A packet of 3 boxes of Kleenex Facial Tissue

DSC01836 A bag, 2 travel packs facial tissue, CD and 2 packets of wet hand wipes

DSC01837And a card…

Well, I think we all know Kleenex but the recent product should be the Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes!  I opened a packet to try when I received it, and it smells good!!  Besides, it kills 99.9% germs Bacteria and flu viruses.  It is also alcohol free (which is very important to me coz Princess loves to play with wet wipes!!). 

I just adore the packaging too!  It uses Winnie the Pooh and friends!!


  1. i didnt go also and have received some of the goodies. Thanks to Ling :D

  2. Kleenex is very generous company. i hope i will not miss next time.

  3. Hi, I wasn't invited to the Kleenex party but was there, hubs asked them why I was not invited, haha... so thick skin.. and then the next few days I got sms for my add, and got the same pack of goodies as you, with the card too! so nice of them!


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