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Saturday, December 25, 2010

I got a dot com

First of all to start off, I wish to wish everyone Merry Christmas which will be gone in another 34 minutes.. muahhaa…

Have you got your Christmas Present from Santa?  Well, I did!  I got a fairy who gave me a dot com!  Now, I officially owned cynfulpleasure.com!

However, I don’t know what should I do with it… I am considering…

1)  use it to replace my current blog?  OR

2)  use it to be a platform for my baking business?

Well, most probably it will be no 2, but I don’t know how to start!! Me being so fresh and new to blogging but now owning a dot com!

Just wait for it.. I am sure this dot com will come alive before the NEW YEAR!!

3 Days Major Breakdown

My engine finally decides to ‘shut down’ and REST for 3 days!  Prior to the shutting down, I have been feeding myself loads of chocolates from the chocolates class, and there explain the initial ‘boost’ to it.  Later, I was running around under the rain in Kota Damansara with some of my schoolmates since it’s a school trip.  Upon returning home that particular evening, I know I am going to be GONE but never expect it that bad!

Yes, for me.. down for 3 days are bad bad bad… coz even I have some ‘cha teh’ aka seeking attention moment where I will have slight headache or body aching, I never fell sick.  All the ‘cha teh’ moments end with a pill or two of panadol and I am done! This time round, it lasted a whole 3 days, and it not just affect me, but my Princess too!

Since I have not wean Princess off, the moment I am back from school that very day, after my bath and so forth, I wanted a nap and Princess wanted her fix.  There we both lying down sleeping together and huff.. we both got a high temperature the moment I got up!

Friday.. have to take a day off as I am feeling unwell with fever not subside, and also sore throat.  Main reason was Princess still unwell too!  So, staying home to care for this demanding Princess, and in between, I still bake my cookies for sales.  I still accepting orders for Christmas, and I am also doing some plans for the coming Chinese New Year (money can really hard to earn nowadays).

All I can say is that lucky all this happen this week, and NOT LAST WEEK!!  If it happen last 2 week… I would have doomed myself not able to enjoy the wonderful stay in Marriot, Putrajaya with Hweili, Irene and Rachel and meeting the moo-mies!  While typing this post, I am still coughing away, but both of us got better…

Even this post was typed a week ago, but yet still didn’t find time to complete and post it!

Friday, December 3, 2010


I was putting in my FB recently that my Astro decoder decided to ‘died’ on me last week, and only till last Friday I managed to call the service centre to report the faulty machine.

The Customer Service (CS) advised me to turn off all the power, check the connecting wires but to no avail on the power supply.  Therefore, he proceed telling me that they will have to send a ‘technician’ for the repair.  Prior to any repair work to be carried out, I have to first pay the ‘technician’ RM50 as the service charge, and should the faulty cause by the decoder, ASTRO will then replace the necessary with no cost.  But, if it’s cause by any other beside the decoder, I have to bear the cost too.. other causes such as, power cable or the satelit cable faulty.

Anyway, I have also been nice to tell the CS.. Look, I don’t think I want to pay the RM50 by calling the technician, and I am thinking to terminate my account.  The CS took down all my ‘complain’ and told me that if I want to terminate my account with immediate effect (WIE), he will have to get the Management approval.  So, he told me he will put my request.

I stopped him immediately, and told him instead of just putting a ‘termination WIE’, tell him to file for a RM50 waiver.  Should the ‘Management’ not agree to my request, then they can proceed to terminate my account.  This CS told me he will revert to me in 48 hours time.

Come Saturday around 4++pm, I received a call from this CS, and he told me my ‘request’ of waiver was granted, and he will now proceed to lodge a report for me in order to get the technician to come to my house.  Furthermore, he will call me again to inform me of the report number.  So, I gladly put down my phone with a thanks.  Sunday, I again received a call from the CS, and he gave me the report number and told me that they will do the necessary arrangement in order to get my ‘service’ fix.  Guess what, on Monday.. the technician called, and came to my house around 7.30pm and viola, my ASTRO was again FIX! (this I call efficient)

BTW, the story don’t end there… when I sign the ‘worksheet’ I noticed the technician actually put my cost of repair is RM170!

Actually, the CS offered me to upgrade my current package to B’yond with additional RM20 per month, and with no further repair cost.  Apparently, B’yond will be a lifetime warranty and should anything happen, Astro will bear the cost of calling the technician… I told him, Let me consider…

What is the rationale of ASTRO charging the RM50 ah? and I doubted how many people will actually pay them willing to fix the Astro.. I can simply cancel the account, and re-apply again right.. why paying RM50? Don’t understand.. but heck, it’s not for me to understand, but more for me to get away with it..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A letter to Santa

I wrote to Santa a while ago, and wanted him to grant me a wish.. A wish that can help boost some of my cookies sales.. (this is my ONLY income source now since I have not been going to my part time accounts job).

So Santa actually reply me, and telling me that he will be going to Ipoh over the Christmas season, and he will help me do a FREE delivery for those who residing in Ipoh.  In fact, Santa asked me along, but I am still hesitating.  Of course, if I can go, it will be a bonus, but then again, I might have my Christmas orders here to handle too.  Santa is thoughtful, therefore…

For ALL Ipoh Orders on Christmas..


So, why wait?  Come place your orders and beside getting FOC delivery, you might get to see Santa!  I know he also bringing Santarina and Santa Junior along too!

All you need to do, is to place your order before 20th December 2010, and I will have to get all cookies ready to be collected by Santa on the eve!

Email  now to avoid disappointment not able to catch Santa!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Change of Title

This time round, it’s not the theme, but the big big title…

Let’s say bye bye to this


and put your hands together to welcome this…


The name of the title has change, so do the description of the blog.  Now, the title will gives me the motivation of realising my dream in the coming 2011, and the description is to show that I am now in a better place than before.

My frequent readers will know something missing in my blog, which is the ‘story’ behind me.. I have moved that to my other ranting blog (go search for the link if you want to read).  I am not going to do promotion on that blog here since I wanted to keep moving on.. but be warn that the ranting blog has really good rants going on.. :p

This blog will be updated for more happy happenings, my baking, and of course, I hope to earn some pennies from this blog too!  I hope to work on the ranking, and seeing the increasing number too!

Tell me what you think of the new change… oh ya.. thanks to STP for giving me the blog title too!

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