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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The day has come.. and hope it last

Oh... this is such a pleasant morning!

My little Princess waived me goodbye, with flying kisses and also bye-bye when I leave the house this morning!  If you read my post about the 'drama' every morning I had since I started work 3 weeks ago, you know I am so helpless to make sure my neighbour need not go through the 'drama' together with me.

Lots of readers asked to just leave with a harder heart, and yes, I did!  But this morning...

I told her, come let's go pom pom, and mummy need to go to work.. as I changed, I told her, mummy go work work ah, you stay at home with kakak ok?  she went silence (normally she already started her drama)... Then later she say, baby buy 'klate'... ok, mummy buy chocolate... her reply?  baby buy... ok la, baby buy...

So, after changing, I went out and tell her again, ask kakak carry you ah, mummy go work work... Princess called for kakak, but not asking to be carry, but asked kakak to put my stuff in the car!! and she took the remote control to kakak.  She then go to kakak, and ask to press the button opening the auto gate!!! Oh, can you imagine how happy and sad I am?

Princess then waved bye bye and keep smiling when I reversed my car out of the house compound...

Wah, I am driving to work with the biggest smile ever.. and hoping that tomorrow will be the same.. muahahhaa..

Baby Car Seat

Car Seat in Malaysia has been very expensive I would say, and it's such a necessity in view of the danger we are exposing our child without strapping them to the car seat.  Before the delivery of Princess, I was searching online for low price and home delivery car seat to ensure I am well equipped.

After some search, and some discussion with friends, they finally 'presented' me 2 car seats instead of one!!! Happy happy!  For the infant and baby age, they presented me a portable car seat, where I can actually carry Princess wherever I want to go.

Then later, I got another car seat from my boss (yes, I have a loving and caring boss) and she presented me this

and yes, these 2 car seats are such treasure for me as I am always alone taking Princess out, and she spend most of her days sitting in these car seats.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Is that a prank call?

Since the incident of losing everything, I practically do not have cash in hand, and some of the money even stranded in the bank as I do not have a 'valid' identity to withdraw the amount.  I resorted that if I transfer those money stranded in my bank to another bank account, I will at least have some funds to use.  So, I log in to my RHB Bank portal, and wanted to transfer the money out to my MBB.  But to much disappointment, I am not allow to do so, as they do not have my handphone number to send the OTR code for me to proceed with the necessary.. Well, I remembered I did all this using the ATM machine when I first got my card, but it's too late to argue on this matter.

Well, the customer service officer who attended my call has been 'helpful' to assist me in updating my mobile number, and inform me that the OTR service will be available within the next 24 hours.  I happily put down the phone, counting the hours so that I can proceed with the funds transfer.

But on Friday afternoon, I received a call from a number 082276118 and I am very skeptical on this kind of number as it's either a local number or not even a Peninsula prefix.  When the person states that he was the representative from RHB Bank, and asking if I have apply for the OTR service, I answer YES.  Afterwhich, this person informed that he needs to 'verify' my information.

Since I am skeptical on the call, I actually asked the caller to identify the information they have in their hands, and I will tell them true of false.  (since it's verification, I am sure the caller has a set of information to be verified, right?)  But instead of telling me the information, this caller informed me that since it's 'inconvenient' for him to get my information, he can't proceed with the application, and I have to visit the branch.

This make me even more doubtful, and I insisted that he gave me my IC number as what he wanted but he quickly hang up my call.  I was like.. WTF?  

Anyway, till the moment I am typing this post, I am still unable to do any online transfer from my RHB bank... too bad... 

So, is this the normal procedure of banks calling to verify?  How the hell I know who am I speaking through the phone, and what if I 'leak' out my details thinking that it's true that the caller is from the bank?  Should I lodged a complain to the bank? 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It happen so fast, that I thought this 'id*ot" was reckless driving!!!

The story begins...

Once a morning @ 10.30am, I realised that the cake board for my order is too small to accommodate, and I went out and buy a cake box and board so that I can deliver the cake later in the evening.

So, I drove to the nearest bakery supply shop in my neighbourhood, and sine it's a early wet market, there was no parking available in front of the shop.  After turning 2 rounds, I finally found the parking space just at the road side near a coffeeshop.  Both me and Princess took a stroll to the shop, bought the item and we were all ready to get back.

While walking back towards the car, there was a van wanting to pass the narrow road, therefore, I told Princess to move inwards to the five foot way.  While turning in there, this 'monkey' came zoomed past me, and grab my stuff.  It swing out from my hand, and my stuff dropped a car length away.

I walked towards picking up my stuff, and realised that my money pouch was already GONE!!!  and by the time I looked up again, the 'monkey' already swing to the corner where my car was.. hopeless to give any chase already!

When all this happened, apparently no one noticed, and no one gave a damn of what had happened.  Anyway, I walked to the car, put Princess in, drove home with the 'fastest' speed I can, and call to cancel all my cards!!

Later, went to the police station make a report, and then to the bank!  Best of all, I drove to the police station with no IC and driving license + NOT A SINGLE CENTS!! I later came home, dig into my 'bad' habit of leaving some change in my handbag, and found RM2 (just nice to pay parking), and went to JPN Endah Parade reporting the lost of my MyKad!  While typing this, I then realised Princess MyKid also in the pouch but I did not report the lost of the card in my police report.. can I go back and change the report ah?

After getting the 'temporary' IC, I went to one of my bank hoping to have an ATM card change, and also withdraw some $$.  The bank officer told me that I can't as that was not my home branch where my previous ATM was issued! But I have another account in that bank which was open in that branch!  After some shouting negotiation, they finally issued me a ATM under the account I owe in that branch!

The best of all, I just withdrawn RM500 as a friend was asking if I can pay for his car loan (he has earlier transfer the amt to me), and due to the continuous rain yesterday, I didn't go to the bank, and the money now went to that 'monkey'!!! 

Now, my hand is still painful due to the impact of the snatch, but count it on blessing in disguise that both Princess and myself were not hurt!  I only need to go through the agony of all the reporting and traveling to get all my new cards and stuff!

This happened so fast, that even Princess had a shock when she saw the barang barang all on the floor!

Oh.. what an experience and hope this is the first and last~

And anyone interested to have a look at the cake?

Monday, March 21, 2011

How do you get out of the house without notice

Since I started working 2 weeks ago, I have been having this issue..

My neighbours will know the time I am out of my house, basically because I have a screaming toddler which will start her 'plead' the time I tell her... "mummy go work work"... how ah?

This Princess of mine is always 'leeching' to me for every moment I am at home, but she is all OK if I am not around.. don't even need her 'pacifier'.  So, each morning when I am going out to work, she will start screaming with very very 'chai leong' (pitiful) plead... and with all her drama acting of tears and mucus.

Well, of course I will always delay till the very last minute before I 'yan sum' hard heartedly 'dump' her at home with her plead.. and when I am home, the helper will say...'dah, 5 minute sudah berhenti' (done, 5 minute she has stopped)..

But I am not in the preference of this '5 minute' drama each morning.  I felt bad each day I leave her at home (see, I even opt not to work 5 days but only 4) to compensate her my guilt!!! I don't know how long this drama will continue and it will be a deaftening way of hearing her plead..

come next month, the helper might be handilng a baby and Princess all her own, and this will not be a favourable situation, if my Princess 'plead' wakes the baby!!

how how how?  how long does your child take to 'understand' you going to work, and not gai gai!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A long break... and started working

I am blogging from my office desk now... (doomed if read by my boss.. hahaha)

I am trying to take a 5 minutes fast typing, and break the long break that I had for the blog.. I got so much to blog, but so less time doing it.  Since the end of CNY, I have been busy with Princess.. now with me having a job in hand, and also started taking more orders for cakes and buns, time are really getting very limited.

My little Princess also demanding full loads of attention when I am home, and each time I go near the PC, she will come saying 'bus' as she also wanted her share of youtube 'the wheel on the bus' video clip *sei for mou*

So, that more or less explain why the MIA happens...

Some ask where am I working now?  I am back with my migration consultation work, and working from Monday to Thursday only.. as Friday is reserve for my weekend baking projects.. I am glad that so far I have friends who are supportive in putting their trust on the cakes I made... hehheheh...

Now, 2 things extra you need and you can look for me..

1)  you want to get out of Malaysia or have another 'option' when things don't get better
2)  you want a cake, bread, or anything that can be bake

I am posting my website soon... real soon I mean...stay tune and ya... I got one post specially made for the 'donkey' of my life coming up soon too!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Into the 2 years of motherhood

OMG, I drafted this post for more than 2 weeks, and it is still not being posted.. this is how busy I am lately.. haiz…

On the 17th of February 2011, it marked a 2 years of my single motherhood.  Over the last 2 years, things have not be any easier.  It’s a great struggle in life and it’s still going on.  Over the last 2 years, major changes to me happened:-

1)  I became stay at home most of the time as to be able to take care of this little Princess of mine

2)  I enrolled in a baking course to enhance my baking skills, and currently trying to earn a living with it

3)  I am getting temperamental and emotional sensitive.  With some slight ‘bad’ stuff thrown at me, I will feel depressed and in doubt.  But this feeling did not last for long (maybe due to my ‘shout’ in my FB page)

4)  I strived so that we could have more independence and also trying to set up my own bakery too!

5)  I get lesser sleep but I don’t mind

6)  The moment I see Princess smiling at me.. my heart melt and I am no longer angry with her

7)  I treasure my mum more

8)  I am into ‘child’ topic more often than anything whenever I meet up with people!!

9)  I spend less on my own

10)  I am all time worrying for things….

Very fast, my Princess will turn 3 years old in another 11 months to come, and by then, it will be more challenging.  For now, I am thinking to have a better start of our life, and she can lead a better life in time to come.  We both have been ‘hibernating’ at home over the last 2 years, and I really wish that we could get out more to explore!

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