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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My month end agony... and this time it pushes to a higher level...

I was trying my very best, in every other 15 to 30 mins, calling the same number over and over again but it's always give me the answering of "the person you call, is not answering the call.  Please try again later!"

Fine... I still continue calling and building my patience.. At one point, I pray to HIM (GOD) to give me the wisdom to overcome this matter and spare me from the agony.  I couldn't understand further when HIM put me in my current situation, and HIM still continue to test me on it. 

The whole day GONE, and I still don't hear a single 'voice' from the person who owes me my money.  So, I called the father of this person... I told him I have been trying to locate his son, but fail.  The father told me that the son's phone is charging therefore maybe can't hear my call.  (oh, maybe I didn't tell him clear enough that I have been trying to call the WHOLE day)

This morning.. I try again.. calling and calling from both my mobile and home.. and again to no avail... So, I call the FATHER again... This time, I told him that his son owes me money, and I just need the son to at least answer or SMS me so I know his son is still alive and kicking.  I told the father, that if the son is unable to pay me, at least inform me, so I can built my case of loan defaulter.

The father told me that he actually 'sympathies' on my situation, but I told him very frankly that I don't need his sympathy.  All he can do is to contact the son on my behalf, and asked him to at least call or SMS me.  I am the one actually sympathies with the father, as I pity him for having such a son who created problems outside, and bring it home to trouble the rest.  I know I shouldn't be bothering this pity old man, BUT I HAVE NO CHOICE!!

See, it works that way... After an hour of so, I got a call... yeah yeah!! With lots of attempts to 'excuse' himself for not paying me.  Now, please count with me how many 'excuses' can be given... first, mobile phone was left in friend's car (this is don't know how many times he told me already.. so nothing 'fresh').. 2nd, account number is in the mobile phone, so no phone, no money... 3rd, company just pay him the salary...When I question that how come the father is able to contact him if he got no mobile... Ta Da! Oh, My dad call my house number... oh... then Can I ask for the number?  The answer?  GUESS... I will let you all know in the next post...

Ooppss.. he totally forgot to say 'SORRY' and don't even feel 'SORRY' for it!! The minute I answer my phone, the only question I asked is... WHEN CAN I HAVE MY MONEY... muhahaha.. Frankly speaking, I have no interest in what the delay, I just want to know WHEN! When he told me BY TODAY, I lagi pissed, I say.. NOPE, I want it by 12 PM!

Then, the next questions appear... 'wait, what did you write on the internet ah'?  I was like.. huh?  You a degree holder, but yet you are unable to READ?  Anyway, I don't write on the internet, I only write on BLOGS! muahahaa....

Are you bored reading till here?  I am bored writing it already... coz nothing seems new..

By 12PM, when I checked into my account... the money has appear!!  See see.. another 'jin kuat tao' story..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gotten Un-FRIEND!

Last Saturday I was out with bunch of friends that used to hang out together before the arrival of my Princess.  I always had a good time together with food, alcohol, laughter and of course some mahjong session too!

Since the arrival of Princess, it will be inconvenient to bring her ‘anywhere’ I wish, therefore some gatherings I was not there.  However, I will be there for most of the birthday celebration dinners / gathering.

Last Saturday, we had a gathering again… and this time, the first ‘topic’ of discussion is that some of our group of friends were ‘un-friended’ in FB by one of the member.  Some of them were very ‘disappointed’ with this move as despite the relationship is not that close any more, but they still consider ‘him’ as a friend. 

They came telling me this, and I checked with my FB, and glad to find that I am still a ‘friend’ of him.  I was ‘teased’ that I am the only ‘friend’ in the group, and they called ‘him’ *my friend*.. I was very confident that he will not ‘unfriend’ me as we have known each other longer than the rest!

To my ‘shock-a-li-sm’ I was unfriend-ed last night!! For what reason, frankly speaking I have no idea!  Even I know why the rest the members ‘distance’ themselves towards him, however it’s never be me!!! Furthermore, I also know his other half…

Aiyo… why la have to be like this?  So, next time if we go out with his other half, will he still join us? or what should I say to him when I see him again?

Maybe I should ask.. “why did you un-friend me ah?”

I would say he might want to change his circle of friends gua… 

So, have you been ‘unfriend’ in FB?  *well.. it’s always me who will ‘unfriend’ people.. but being unfriend… THIS IS THE FIRST TIME!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A touch of Comfort with Kleenex Mom’s Day Out

I was invited last Wednesday, 11 May 2011 with Kleenex Mom’s Day Out at Villa Bayu, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.  I tell ya, it’s so much fun and informative as we are given good treats with food and also with a hand massage.  In addition, there was a parenting talks which featured Sheila Majid as a special guest speaker, together with Family Life Educator Charis Patrick and Educational and Clinical Psychologist Selina Ding. 

Remember I wrote about the Kleenex Tissue that I received earlier?  This round was organised in conjunction with the recent launch of a newly improved range of Kleenex Facial and Bath Tissues.

What we share that day was basically the word ‘COMFORT’!  This word is a very strong influence in both the physical and emotional of our children.  All the speakers touched on this topic and it’s really a very good experience for me.  From the parenting talk, I basically understand the reason of why Princess been ‘hogging’ me.. She is seeking COMFORT from both myself and my boobs!!  One of the speaker Selina Ding actually suggested that I ‘replaced’ the boobs time to play time in order to compensate and wean Princess off!

It’s great to see the topic linked to our daily ‘mandatory’ item, TISSUE!! how?  Kleenex tissues are hypoallergenic which make them suitable for even sensitive skin and made from top quality 100% pure virgin fibre for the extra comfort.  In addition, Kleenex now employs new technology to make it’s 2- and 3-ply tissues softer while maintaining its superior strength.  Available as facial and bath tissues, Kleenex tissues, in 2 and 3-ply options, inject an element of soothing comfort and ease into everyday activities, from removing make-up to cleaning a child’s smudged face without leaving residue or crumbling when wet.  In addition, its softer touch provides much needed relief to sensitive noses, tender from repeated wiping.

Now, let me share you some photos…p/s:  *don’t jealous*


A hand massage by Sunway Spa while waiting for the launch

breakfast treat

Our ‘breakfast’ treat…

the launch

launch 2

The launch…

guest seating

The Guests seating…

With the celebreties

You know who are them? hehehe…

carnation tissue

The whole area was decorated with these tissue flowers.. towards the end of the talks, we were given the demo on how to do these flowers with each of us having the kit!

lunch treat

We were also treated lunch at the Avanti!! after the talk

There was a lucky draw, but myself was not ‘lucky’ to be picked but it’s good enough for me to be in this ‘event’!!  I really enjoy myself!!

Of course, this was also a mini bloggers meeting, as we have only 5 bloggers whom were invited.  Out of the rest of 4, guess who I met? hop over to Merryn and Darren’s Mummy blog!

Again.. all thanks to


Friday, May 20, 2011

Are you good in dates?

I am definitely not... 

How many times that I have had misunderstandings with friends who 'expect' me to remember the dates of their important events, especially birthday but very unfortunate that I am not one of those that very good with dates.  I can even forget the dates of the recent event, what more to say future or past?  

Nowadays, since most of my friends are on Facebook, their birthdays will be published (if they choose to) and I will get notification when nearing the dates, which at least I get to go into action in preparing for any 'celebration' and stuff.

I am not trying to make an excuse for taking friendship for granted, but then again, friendship don't depends on 'celebration' aren't they?  For me myself, I make known to people who I intended to celebrate those 'events' with thick skin asking what are they doing for me on that day.. at least I let them know what I want!  I don't keep people guessing...

I recently got someone 'angry' mode by not able to remember the 'dates' which to me is just a plain childish act.  I got loads of 'back stabbing' from this friend just because I forgot about the date, and it went on and on and on... I mean, if you meant to be a friend, and in the event I really forgot, can't you just buzz and tell me the date and ask me instead?  Why do you have to go talk bad behind my back (expecting it to come back to me)!? So stupid to act like this right?

Anyway, I always tell people that I am not good in my dates, and in the event if they wanted me to get them something, better tell me earlier and right to my face.. Don't go spreading how hurtful you are when I forgot, and I am sure these words will come back to me one day... very sianz to tackle this kind of friendship issues..

How about you?  Are you good with dates?  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What a 'day’! I nearly collapse like my cake!!

I had an order last week, and with all plan well ahead, I was all ready to ‘doll’ my cake with all the cream, ganache and also others necessary.

I came home right after my meeting with a client yesterday, and it was earlier compare to my other working day.  Get straight to work, I sliced the cake into 3 portions.  Happy to see the result of the cake all went well. 

Next, I put the cake aside, and start kneeding my dough for the buns.  I was really excited as this was the first time I do this bun. 

When the dough ready, I proceed to whip the milk chocolate Chantilly as I wanted to ‘dress’ the  cake.  I did the first layer, and layered the cake with the fruit, and later put up the 2nd layer of cake.  While I am ‘doll’ the 2nd layer, and now, you put your imagination together… the sound ‘PLooP’!  happen….

My heart sank the minute it happen… I was really sad, disappointed, angry, frust, and whatever feeling that you can think of when this happened.  I was really really really really X don’t know how many times sad sad sad…

But at that moment, I can’t cry, I can’t frust, I can’t throw tantrums, I can’t do a lot of stuff my head wanted to do.  I can only recollect my thoughts, go search the baking rack to see if I got sufficient ingredients to bake a new cake.  I also have to count the time I have to make a new cake, cool it at the rack, slice and put on the necessary deco.  Not forgetting I got to do the buns too!

I picked up Princess, drove out of the house,  go grab what I needed, and back home baking a brand new cake.  I sometimes very ‘salute’ myself for being so ‘cool’ on occasion like this.  Is this call practice make perfect?  After getting the news of being a ‘single mother’, I think nothing will be more ‘shocking’ any more in my life.. don’t ya agree?

Ok, back to my cakes and bun.. I finally able to make the cake this morning, and able to get my boss to give me a last minute approval for not going in office this morning.  I am very very grateful despite many many ‘shocking’ occasions, I still able to get some supports from good people that surround me.

I hope the cake this time turn out well… and if it does not, I better make sure I compensate my customer well to cover my flaws.  I never expect this ‘accident’ and I can tell ya, I was freaked out at the moment the cake drop.. same to my heart!!



*If you want to know what happen to the cake, hop over to my Cynful Pleasure Bakery Blog*

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Start to Bento and win a Giveaway from Bento Fun

With Cynful Pleasure opening it's door for orders, I am getting more and more busy.. I now tell people that I have 2 jobs.. one full time 'part time' job, and one 'part time' part time job.. how tedious that can be ah... Anyway, life will be getting more and more busy soon as my helper decided that she want to balik kampung after earning sufficiently in my household for more than a year, and that I predicted my life will be even more eventful.. Trust me, with no one at home willing to hold the broom and the mop, I can see the house turning into a after 'mess'..

Now, ask me what happen to my 2 jobs and my princess after the helper leave?  hahaha... jobs gonna continue.. Princess going to nursery.  I have been nursery hunting many many months ago, and I am going to put her into one of that which I think is good.  I understand the nursery do not prepare food for the children, therefore, I am going to start packing food for Princess too!! Can you now imagine my life?  does that sound busy enough?

That point aside, since I am going to start 'bento-ing' soon, I am following bento blogs too, and one no other than Bento Fun!! Each time I see how this wonderful mummy prepare her son's lunch, I salivating in envy.  I also want to start learning on this skill.  So, for a start, I am going to try my luck on the giveaway!  Bento Fun is giving away Critter Cutter from Lunch Punch!!

Ok.. she didn't set a difficult rules and regulations in winning.. all count by some work and luck.. Go try your luck if you have time.  I am sure you gonna love the cutters in making your food for yourself or your children loves fabulous.

*Warning:  Please get a bib ready if you going to read Bento Fun's blog!! You will sure be salivating with all her lovely work!*

Friday, May 13, 2011

Nuffnang Grapevine

I was supposed to write about the Kleenex Mom’s Day Out which I attended on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 however I while I was reading all my other blog posts using Reader, I came across this new announcement from the Nuffnang blog, which titled

Earn from your blog AND reward your readers with the Nuffnang Grapevine!

Immediately I clicked into the link, and read more about what is this.. see, when come to the words like earn, blog and rewards, we jump ships and want to know more.. right?

So far, I have not seen my blog having this kind of advertisement, and seriously, I am looking forward for it to appear!! 

It works like Churp Churp actually, and with the power of facebook and twitter recently, it’s quite a good way to earn a few cents with all these clicks here and there.. All we need to do is ‘rajin’ enough to share out the information and hopefully people is eager to know more about it!

You can visit the Grapevine link on Churp Churp for further information!

Remember.. this is also available for non-bloggers too!  So, if you are reading my blog on the silent basis, why not earn a few cents while reading it…

We always say.. sikit sikit jadi jugak si bukit!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh Finally...

I finally opened my 'birthday' gift... yeah yeah....

I got this gift last year, however after some ding dong and my fickle minded on where to host the blog, how to do up the blog and etc, I finally revert to blogger... make a huge turn and still think that blogger is the easiest to handle for me now... 

So, my dear friends... I have got my home bakery blog shop up for your visit... Visit www.cynfulpleasure.com and let me know what you think.. I am doing this from scratch, and with a very minimum creativity, I am struggling with all the necessary.. but I am sure it will be improvise...

thanks again for all the support and making me moving towards materialising my dream...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

I know this weekend is Mother's Day, but seriously I don't know what to get for my mum and myself.. So, recently while I am Churp Churp-ing, I saw the social sharing for THIS!!

RM68 instead of RM1080 for Full Body Lightening + Jacuzzi + Herbal Ball Back & Neck Massage for TWO PEOPLE and RM300 Service or Product Voucher at Beauty Face, Wisma UOA II [94% OFF]

So, I bought a voucher, and I am planning to bring my mum for this relax moment... 

What about you?  What are you getting for your mum?

Info of this promo?  Click on to Milkadeal...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Soft Side…

I am not trying to show the soft side of me here.. I have to always be strong in order to be able to stand on my both feet.
Recently, I received a parcel from Kleenex® and it contained a box of vintage design tissue and a pillow.  I always been wanting to put a pillow in my car for Princess, and this just served it purpose.. but before I put in the car, I put it in my room, and guess what when I asked Princess how should I use the pillow.. She show me this..
She must have known that mummy always be on the PC while she sleep at night… 

Back to the box of tissue… it meant to be try out as Kleenex® recently reveals a brand new option for consumers looking for the best in strength, softness and comfort for their family developed from top quality 100% pure virgin fibre, using an innovative new technology. Its newest offering, in 2 and 3-ply options, is softer while still maintaining the strength and comfort that Malaysians have come to expect.  And backed by popular demand, the specially designed Vintage-themed Kleenex® facial tissues now return in box packs too!
And of course, my Princess happily enjoying the softness of the the tissue, and even demonstrates to me how she loves the feeling of the tissue… She demonstrated how she do ‘facial’ with the tissue…
combine 1
And when I praise her.. she gave me this to sign she is ‘shy’..
Since Kleenex® tissues are hypoallergenic, which make them suitable for even sensitive skin and made from top quality 100% pure virgin fibre for the extra softness that’s provides much-needed relief to sensitive noses, tender from repeated wiping, I allows Princess to have a ‘play’ with it.

You can also look out for a fresh new look featuring a more vibrant rose-inspired packaging in all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies nationwide. Kleenex® 2 and 3-ply Facial Tissues are available in boxes and pocket packs, while Kleenex® 2 and 3-ply Bath Tissues are available in Jumbo and Mega pack formats.
Kleenex Bath Tissues
Kleenex Facial Tissues
Kleenex Vintage Box Packs
A little note on Kleenex®
Kleenex® is the world’s best-selling brand of facial and bath tissues. Kleenex® tissues are made from 100% virgin pulp, which make them suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Kleenex® tissues, available in a variety of attractive and convenient packaging formats, are distinctive for their ideal softness, strength and absorbency.

If you need further information, don’t call me… but please call Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line at 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free) on weekdays from 9am to 5pm

Debt Collector’s Job… not easy la…

My total salute to the 'debt collector' who uses the 'soft' method..

For the last 2 days, I am being one of those.. and seriously, I really don't know how long more I can tahan this kind of nonsense from this 'person' (should I still consider him a human)?

Remember I posted on 'keeping my finger cross' and I wonder if my monthly payment will be on time this month? For the record.. it came in about 9pm and I only managed to get RM400 instead of RM500 as agreed! Reason / EXCUSE: The machine rejected the RM100 notes!!! (maybe it's a fake money gua)

So, my reply is to have the balance by 10am the next day (1st May.. labour day pun kena keja ah) but very very unfortunately that even with numerous calls, *please give me an alternative name to 'address'* didn't answer my call, and I only managed to get the balance late at night! For what I am pissed? Coz this man (if you can still call him one) SMS me on the 30th April 2011 saying that he will bank in the balance 'tomorrow morning' but yet, I got the $$ late at night.. *is he on Europe time zone ah?*

I called the house and spoke to the 'whoever' at home.. and was informed that he is in KL.. so, definitely not enjoying family day in Melaka la.. so, where on earth my $$?

Later, while I am driving, I still calling… I call coz I know if he doesn't answer, I don't have to pay for the call charges, but if I SMS, then for sure I kana charge 15 cents! So, why spend on this kind of wastage.. at least I call, and he don't answer, people will get suspicious.. right? I call till even my Princess knows how to call, eventhough she doesn't know whom I am calling.. but in the end, she help me with the calling.. and each time the call tone goes off.. Princess goes.. "O oh"… and she will start touching the screen again…

Aiyo, this month payment also delay… next month how? Continue chasing like that.. I don't think I can survive till the tenure of the payment end lor…

Monday, May 2, 2011

First time using Words…

This is the first time I blog using Microsoft Word..

I used to blog using the Windows writer, however recently I formatted the Lappy and am not in the mood to reinstall the programs again, therefore I am trying to blog using Words instead. If this goes well, then it will be blogger from Words from now on.. Can I know how many of you do that?

I have a reason for blogging not directly from the blogger platform as I want to make sure I have a 'spare' copy when I need them in future. I know I can always backup my blog, but the blog will not come in the format that I can widely use it, therefore, I prefer to blog somewhere, and later transfer it to blogger.

Last night, it marked a good day for me, as when I logging in to my email account, I received an email stating that I have won a 'lucky draw' from a bento expert.. wow, guess luck is on my side for these few weeks ya.. :D

Again, yesterday I was invited to this blogger mummy's son first birthday.. and she is also having a giveaway in her blog! If you happen to hop to her blog, please take a look at her craft! I mean, for someone who has zero creativity, I envy how good is her with her craft works!! I really seriously like all her art craft. And for Beii, Happy Birthday to Jasper!

Later, I also went to my uncle's new organic shop opening, and upon all the jalan-jalan, both myself and Princess is already out and we therefore took a nap with the rain… and that's the result I am blogging now at 2.17am!

I will do a separate posts for the events above, now.. just trying to see what happen to this blog post publish using Words…

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