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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bootstrap Rainmaker by Greenroom 136

I was lucky.. very lucky indeed..

On 5th September, I received a message on my FB that I just won the lucky draw on one of the contest, and with much anticipation, I received my 'gift' 12th September which also the Mooncake Festival.  Since I was busy with my cooking that night, I didn't really give a good look on the 'gift' and just took it out from the courier bag and then put it aside.

There was the long weekend after that for me to 'explore' my gift.. and I tell ya, it's really really good to have it over the long weekend.  I carried it to my grocery shopping, birthday party, and of course in and out of my house.  I put in all my stuff needed for shopping trips (as you know, I always have to bring Princess along), so a good bag for me to keep things is very very important!

Let me tell you what I got..

YES, I got this Bootstrap Rainmaker by Greenroom 136

So, what so special about this bag?  Coz I can 'customise' the bag all I want!!  It has a combination of 3 ways!!!

First, I can have it just the plain bag... Stuff everything inside and use it as normal...

Second, I can include a Book Pouch to put a book or my laptop...

Or Third, I can also have a RKK Combo to put in my wallet, and also other smaller items to avoid me searching for it!  Hey, you know how difficult to find things when they are just everywhere in the bag!!!

Of course, I love the Yellow Colour too!!!  It's so bright, and cheerful!!  Beside, it has other colours too!  *I don't mind a red one too*

Next very important information... This Bootstrap messenger bag is designed and hand made in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I really like it very much, and I will recommend to my dear friends who have kids that needed loads of stuff, i.e. dolls, stuff toys, books, pens, and so forth to consider this bag!

You need more information, do feel free to hop over to the links above or visit their Facebook page 

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