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Monday, October 31, 2011

11 more months...

Yesterday was the 32nd payment and it came automatically without any call from me.. I did not realise it was 30th yesterday.

This morning I check the bank account and it's already in.. how time flies that in another 11 more months I will off load the loan chasing activities and it will be all back on track... I can't wait for that day to come...

I am waiting for an important moment in my life while.typing this and I do hope I can get this confirm. Meanwhile no harm trying the apps I download to blog.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

I accepted Christ

I am making a www announcement!

Back a few months back, I was participating a lot of church activities, but I am still unable to call myself any closer to Christian.  Let me gives you some background of my 'religious' way..

I was brought up in a Toaism way.  My parents were all praying to Kuan Yin and Kuan Tai all these years.  Later, I had the opportunity to be with some Christian friends which I kind of enjoy the worship of Christ and the Teachings.

Then, while I was in Singapore, I was also exposed to the teaching of Buddhism via the Soka Gakai Singapore but still, I just can't bring myself to it.  Maybe the age wise was not ready too!

Make a long story short, I recently again given the opportunity to be close to Christ.  I attended carecell meeting each week, and also attending church recently.  I was not very acceptive in the beginning, all I wanted was to find a ground for my Princess to be 'expose' to social circle, and I choose the Church! 

I finally accepted the Lord in July 2011, and I recite my sinner prayer.  In addition, I am reading the bible more and understanding word of GOD in depth.  I listened to what GOD has to say to me.  I trust that he will put his ultimate care to me, and let me know I am not alone.

Of course, I have my fair share of prayer to be answered, and sometimes GOD send messages to me in really effective way.  YES, I have some answered prayers, and of course there are some 'outstanding' ones which I believe GOD has the time to 'grant' me yet.  

Now, Praise LORD for making me know him better.... and YES, I am with the HSG Church in Taman Yarl, and if anyone of you who like to join me in church, let me know...

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's GONE for good cause

I have been keeping some extra savings in my PayPal which earned from my online assignments and MyLot.  It's not a lot, but somehow I uses that to purchase mini stuff.  I left a very small amount in PayPal now, and knowing it will take ages for me to have the chance to cash out, I just left it there not doing anything.

My best buddy in London is doing a charity appeal, which she calls it Romania Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2011.  It's a charity do to collect basic essentials and pack in a shoe box and send to the Romanian Needy.  Well, I know not much I could help her doing all the packing, then I realised I can always send her a little token.  She has successfully collected donations of 50 shoe boxes (which is 10GBP per box) and target to have another 50 to go.

I know this buddy of mine too well, and I know her kind hearted heart has prompted her to do this.  It's the season of giving coming, therefore what's more can you do beside giving?  So, I told her I am going to 'empty' my PayPal for her, but don't expect a lot... I was hoping to even have enough 10GBP at least when I log in..

Yeah, I did... I have sufficiently 10GBP which equivalent to USD16.14 and left with USD0.03 now.. I am happy that I could chip in a little of my money to help those in need.  My buddy will collect all the donation, and later purchased all the goodies and put in a shoebox before sending it out.  She will have to get all this done by 25th October.

But beside that.. I would like to say... GOD has his eyes on me.. the minute I got my PayPal emptied, I received an SMS from a research company inviting me to do a survey which gave me RM100++!  See, GOD says it in his own way...

I am glad, and I know.. GOD is watching...

If you are also keen in doing some donation for my buddy's project, you may contact me for info and I shall provide you with it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's sad... Very Sad...

Did you managed to watch the clip on the little girl who was hit and run at 佛山 (Fut San)?  The girl is by the name of  悦悦 in the meaning of "pleased".  Guess the parents of this little girl has been very pleased with the Gift of God.
Everyone has stated that it's so cruel for 18 passers-by to leave the girl to suffer till the auntie who was there collecting 'junk' saved her, and called for her parents.  As a parent, when I see the reaction of the mother crying in pain, I can understand..

I can understand her pain of losing her daughter.. as the time of this blog post, LITTLE 悦悦 has left us to be the back with GOD.  She was certified brain dead yesterday when the 1st video being shared in all the FB pages.. 

I can understand how much blame the mother took in to let the girl wonder around the area without supervision...

I can understand how much pain the mother going through for not able to detect the daughter has wonder and being hit by the van for a long period (18 passer-by)

Frankly speaking, from here, I would say to all parents.. be careful and alert on whereabout of your child, no matter if in or outside our comfort zone!  There were lots of accidents happen at home too due to parents being overconfident that the child is doing all OK..

YES, in the first place, why was the girl being alone when the accident happen?  I am not rubbing salt, but this gave us a lots more of necessary lessons for not taking things for granted!!  We cried when we lose it, but why do we let the chance of the accident happen?  I am not a panaroid parents.. I let my child away from my 'laser' eyes not more than 2 minutes!  No, Princess is not allowed at all time to be ALONE!!!  NOT at home and NOT outside!!

I felt sorry for the parents for losing this precious girl, and I hope this send a strong message to all parents to care for their child!!  No one is responsible beside the PARENTS since we are the one who decide to bring the child to this world!
In another note, it shows how people can be ignorant in the surroundings!  18 people walked / drive / sped through this girl and YET NO ONE rescue her!! She was hit twice in the video actually!!!  Can someone driving a van feel that it might ran over a human?  Was the girl too petite to be noticed while on the road?  I don't know.. seriously.. I shiver while watching the video... I did not finished the video, as I don't have the courage to continue watching...

I feel for it.. I feel for the mother especially... and I can only pray to LORD will take care of LITTLE 悦悦 well in his side. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I came across this 'term' twice yesterday..

One was when I commented on a FB link about the girl who thrown her baby down from the Apartment after birth, and once again at night when I was having dinner with a church sister.

It came to me that we all judge.. is just that how much we judge and what we judge.  On the first occasion, I was judging... I was judging the act of the girl being insane for throwing her baby but I am not judging the girl's lifestyle or how she carry herself in usual days.. On the other hand, at dinner, I was judged!  I was judged as I was telling this sister of mine how I pull through my still single mother life.

I think we cannot eliminate judgemental, and that's is also the perception of one towards another.  If one does not carry any judgement to one, then how do this person have the 'feel' of it?  Be it the feeling is love, like, care anger, curse, and etc.. we still need to judge.  We judge every single day in our life.. we judge if we have done things right or wrong.  

Some conclusion I collected.. people may judge how they want, is the way one carry their life that matters.  One should be just be him / herself in order to ensure the 'correct' judgement is given.  One will have to be able to 'correct' any judgement that one thinks it's not fair to the truth.  

Just take myself as an example.. I don't really care if one going to spread any kind of rumours around about me, but just don't let me hear it from others.  If I do, I will surely go confrontation even I don't really like it.  From the judgement of my sister in christ, I know I have to make sure I tell her the true story of why I didn't want the man to walk into my life and rather stay what I am today.

Nevertheless, I will try to put 'positive' judgement more often than having negative ones... 

So, what do you judged?

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