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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Google Document

Recently, I have been exploring the availability of Google stuff... not just Google search, but also other FOC application which I can use while I am on the move.  You see, I am moving between my home PC, my brother's PC and also my office PC.  In such a circumstances, I find it hard if I would need to do my work on those Microsoft Words, Excel etc.  I finally found a new love..

I can now use Google Documents to do my stuff, and also sharing with my other friends who I need to let them review and comment.  I do not need to send emails of those documents and have everyone download into their respective folder, edit and re-email to me.  I can actually authorise them to change the necessary and I can view it at anywhere anytime.

I find that Google has been really kind of people who does not have the capacity to hold a networking to share documents, as this service is FREE!!  It's very useful if you have a team of members who wished to view the documents / presentation in different places.  All you need to do is to create a document under Google Document, and email the link of the documents to everyone.

I recently did a family gathering itinerary which I need my other family members to approve, therefore I tried using Google Document and Voila! it works perfectly.  Then I created an Excel sheets which will be able to let me enter my daily expenses for tracking, and Voila! again,  I can now use that to trace my daily expenses without spending additional dollar and cents in buying note books!

Now, should I start having one for my petrol mileage? :p

You can start trying.. and if you have any issue, you are always welcome to share with me.

Friday, November 25, 2011

She is understanding, that make me feel I am worse

I am saying this as this week was a hell worse with more crying, pleading, tug of war-ing, and all in the morning.  Since I change my schedule of work which requires me to get up as early as 6am, Princess follow through.  She will be very super duper cranky when on our way out of the house to her Childcare, and of course to my way of work.

This has cause us a huge huge lots of unhappiness in the morning, as she will get all the scolding and threatening which I have no choice but to do it in order to make her understand and keep quiet.  Each time when we arrived at her childcare, there sure be loads more of tug of war to go around before I can leave.  Princess cling on like a koala bear!!! and refuse to be carried by any of the childminders!!

After 4 days of suffering of her cry, she finally 'listen' and been a good girl since morning till we leave the house.  I even have time to cook my own lunch to work.  (Yea, I got to pack, or my 'increase' salary will all gone to eating lunch).  She did 'ngee ngee ngeh ngeh' a while, but constant reminding her that she is not suppose to make any cry make her stop.

While in the car, she kept all quiet, lying down on the front passenger seat, while holding on to my hand.  She did not say a word, but from her eyes, I know she is kind of sad and sleepy.  She was holding up her emotion so I could actually withdraw from giving her any lecture.

Upon reaching the childcare, she was all worked up again, but still without any cry.  She just wanted me to carry her into the compound.  Gave her a kiss, and there... SHE WAS WAVING AT ME CRYING!!!  Now, I felt like crying myself!!  Even while I was typing this at 11am, I am still unable to forgot the 'pity' look of her waving at me!!  I know she is a big girl that she doesn't want to upset me, but she herself was not happy!!  

Every night after work, I will bring Princess for a walk.. either eating out or just have a stroll in the nearby mall as her 'reward' for being good (even she cry) as I am trying to make up to her for making her going through the agony each morning.  It's a change not just for me, but for her too!  Can you imagine a toddler got up at 6.30am, bath and pack her own bags (she insisted) together with her mummy?  All this because her mummy decided to bring her to the world and suffer together?

It really make me wonder all time.. and I can only keep praying for a better outcome and better way just like before soon to come.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Starbucks Card

Remembered few years back when I was a great fan of Starbucks, I always wanted to make my life easier by having a Starbucks card like those in the US.  I find it very convenient that I don't have to keep carry cash around.  YES, I hate carry cash around.. in any circumstances that I can use my card, I will try using my card instead of cash.

In a recent announcement in Starbucks Malaysia, they finally make my dream come true!!  I can now carry a card with reloaded value to buy coffee if I need one.  Even I am not a huge fan now due to financial commitment, but I do need a cuppa treat once a while.  On Monday, I got myself a card since I am purchasing a few tumblers for a friend.

Besides the ease of convenience, I get to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Buy any 10 beverages of any size (EXCEPT any bottled beverages) and get 1 complimentary Grande size handcrafted beverage of choice. 
  • Purchase 1 tumbler of any size and receive 1 complimentary Grande size handcrafted beverage of choice.
  • Buy any 8 packets of whole bean coffee and get 1 complimentary packet of choice *also applicable for VIA® Ready Brew 12-Pack
  • Buy 1 whole cake and get 1 complimentary Grande size beverage of choice
What's more, upon registration of my card, not only will my balance be protected, I will also enjoy additional benefits of:
  • 1 complimentary Grande size handcrafted beverage of choice
  • 1 complimentary slice of cake with a purchase of any handcrafted beverage during your birthday month
I am now working in a Company which don't serve Nespresso anymore, therefore a Starbucks Card come handy for my lunch hour or early morning cuppa.  I will definitely need some boost later when I worked in the Company, I am sure!!  

So, have you got yours too?  If not, and you are a fan, do get one for your own convenient.

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