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Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post for 2012, and 179 posts in total

This marked my 179th post for year 2012, and I hope to do more in 2013!

I've been lacking in blogging in the mid of the year, as I don't have access so freely to the www world!  I was basically 'lock out' during office hour, and glad now that I can start doing it again in the new office.  I am thankful for the person who interviewed me, hired me, and given me this opportunity to work here.  I finally got a place where I want to be, and happy living with it now.

2012 has been an exciting year for me, and a few chapters happened:-

a)  I managed to collect the final 40th payment!!!
b)  I've also managed to get a new job in November!
c)  Princess had sleepover(s) and it's our FIRST time not being together
d)  I've got my car!
e)  I'm back baking!!
f)  I've done a few giveaways!! Finally in giving than receiving!
g)  I won little prizes along the year, especially towards the end!

For 2013, besides working to achieve better living standard, I hope to have a holiday or two with Princess ONLY!  I may want to take her on a flight in 2014!!  I don't usually make resolutions since I'm not good in keeping them.  I have some little 'target' to achieve, and I hope I can do that in 2013!

I hope I can get closer to GOD in 2013, and have more time communicating with HIM.  I'm also trying to visit church on Saturday evenings!  I've enrolled my dear Princess for ballet class on Sunday morning, therefore going to give church a miss and replace it on Saturday.

I wish to wish everyone here

Friday, December 28, 2012

Astro CGM Competition - I watched it Live!

Did you hear how excited I am?  I'm still feeling happy for my dear friend who won the Champion title last Sunday in Genting!!

I was seated right at the VIP seats, and with that, I was also 'featured' as spectators in the show!!  If you watched on Astro last Sunday, you might be able to catch a glimpse of both myself and Princess! LOL!

Yours Truly!  

I'm glad I took the drive for the FIRST time in my life to Genting with my car! It's a good experience actually.  Now that I've done it, I may do it more often bringing Princess for a 'short' escape as and when I can afford to!

My dear friend who successes the winning, was tearing away during the announcement, and as a friend, I know she was not acting to that!  She was really happy for herself!

Here some photos of the night..

This camera was moving up down front back to capture the best!!  

The final 8

My dear friend performing the winning song!

Silly me that I left my camera in the car, and it's too far for me to walk from Arena of Star to First World under the cold weather.. so, I just use my phone to capture some moments!  Plus my princess decided that it's too 'cozy' to sleep in the audience seats, and she fell asleep almost 3/4 of the show only managed to wake up to catch her 'auntie Nicole' final song!!

Did you watched the show?  If not, it's going to show again tomorrow at 1.30pm or you may visit HERE for recap of the show!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Giveaway Announcement!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Just a short note to announce my giveaway result!

Congrats to SP, and you have till Thursday, 28th December 2012 to revert to me your address, and I shall send the necessary to you.  Should I did not hear from you, a new winner will be selected again.



Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of World? You must be kidding...

How many of us have heard on the 'say' of world ending tomorrow?  I am one that I couldn't really be bothered about it.. For me, if it really does, then be it.. one day we just have to go (and we now have many friends go together).. but if it don't, it will just be another day that I've lived life fullest!

I've made plans beyond tomorrow... I got lunch date on Saturday (22nd), I got trip to Genting on 23rd and 24th, I've bought all the new stuff for Princess starting her new kindergarden in 2013!  I've even now brainwashing this girl of mine to get her all ready!

Not just that, I'm welcoming 2013, and hope next year, I get to enjoy a 'portion' of the Company bonus and salary review, so in 2014, I'll be able to bring my Princess on the PLANE!!! Yes, if my bonus is good next year, we will surely go beyond Cuti Cuti Malaysia... hehehe...

I've got orders come next year Chinese New Year, and even then, I still got 3 cakes to be deliver to my customers after tomorrow!  Well, if tomorrow come to end, then all the efforts will also come to an end.. if not, then, my day after the end of world, will be even BETTER!

So, you plan any stuff beyond tomorrow yet?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cynful Pleasure Signature Christmas Cookies

It was a 'sudden' order, since I am anticipated it to happen.  Each year, I will bake for this good friend of mine who will give my cookies for 'gift' and each year, I've got to do it for her.  It's always a blessing that I know someone love my cookies.

So, over the Sunday, I baked non-stop to have the cookies in ready to be delivered to Singapore tomorrow!    I've made loads and loads of different taste (almonds, walnuts and plain) and mixed them all in one.  I do some packaging too!  I will be baking more of this during the Chinese New Year, and will open to take orders!

I've done a few extra ones to be given to my princess childminders!

The All Time Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

The ribbon-ed containers
The pricing for the above is below:-
1)  RM45 for the big container which is about 500g
2)  RM25 for the small container which is about 250g

If you are interested to order any choc chip cookies for Chinese New Year, you may drop me an email or contact, and I will get back to you.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Received the Method Products

I joined Claire's blog giveaway recently, and been lucky to win some products for my home use.  I've just received the products yesterday afternoon, delivered to my office and I'm surprised to see all FULL SIZE products in the box!  I received the followings, and just to give you a preview of what I got, and what to expect in the next few days in my review.  I'm going to review the product ONE BY ONE! 

cleaning your bathroom probably isn’t at the top of your weekend-fun list. it’s certainly not on ours. so we developed a tub + tile cleaner that does the heavy-lifting for you. the plant-based formula with new powergreen™ technology dissolves soap scum + pesky stains, so you do less scrubbing. 
less scrubbing = more time for fun. now that’s the kind of math we can get behind.

powergreen™ technology is cutting-edge green chemistry that harnesses the strength of naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients to deliver a mighty cleaning punch. our bathroom cleaner is powered by a combination of plant-based surface modifiers that help prevent grimy build-up, while solvents derived from timber mill by-products dissolve soap scum.
tub + tile flushable wipes
ever feel like certain people using your toilet could use a little…coaching? practice? aim? set this hardworking package of our flushable wipes nearby, and you (or, ahem, he) can wipe and flush at any moment for an instant clean. great for clean-ups all over the bathroom — sinks, countertops, faucets and tile — and they’re always septic tank friendly.

it may be hard to believe, but this tiny bottle of ultra-concentrated laundry detergent can do big things. that’s because the plant-based formula with smartclean technology® seeks out dirt and stains in a revolutionary new way to deliver beautifully clean clothes with just 1/4th the dose of the leading brand. plus, its handy pump makes for easy, one-handed use. no mess. no waste. no aching biceps.
to learn more, go to www.methodlaundry.com
squirt + mop hard floor cleaner smells so good, you practically want to eat off the floor. we don’t recommend it. but it is good to know this no-wax formula is non-toxic and biodegradable. makes you want to throw out the timer on that whole 5-second rule. plus, the ergonomically designed shower-nozzle spray covers your floors in fewer sweeps and helps avoid puddling.

gel hand wash 

it’s 4pm. do you know where your hands have been? probably better just to wash them and not think about it. what you should think about is what you’re washing with. unless you’re already using our naturally derived, triclosan-free, heavenly scented hand wash. in which case, feel free to give the next person you encounter a high five. you’ve earned it.

A little about Method:  
Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, proud brainparents of method® and the very first people against dirty®. Despite founding one of the fastest-growing private companies in America, and single-handedly turning the consumer-packaged-goods industry on its head, these two former roommates are quick to tell you that they’re no heroes. And that’s true. They’re SUPER-heroes. And like every great superhero, they gained their powers after being exposed to toxic ingredients. Cleaning supplies, to be precise. But rather than turning them green or granting them the ability to talk to fish, Eric and Adam’s toxic exposure gave them something even better. An idea.

Eric knew people wanted cleaning products they didn’t have to hide under their sinks. And Adam knew how to make them without any dirty ingredients. Their powers combined, they set out to save the world and create an entire line of home care products that were more powerful than a bottle of sodium hypochlorite. Gentler than a thousand puppy licks. Able to detox tall homes in a single afternoon.

Other Products:-

fabric care - laundry detergent, softener
hand care
body care
botanical antibacterial cleaners
all-purpose cleaners
bathroom cleaners
specialty cleaners (stainless steel, granite, wood)
floor cleaners

The above are mainly extract from their website, you may refer to Method FB, or their website, and blog for further information.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Giveaway! - A Exclusive Starbucks 2013 Planner

Guess most people know I'm a Starbucks fan, and with the recent promotion of Starbucks, I have got 2 planners in hand which I am giving away 1 for the lucky winner!

I don't have the picture of the planners, but you may refer HERE on how the planner look like.  This time the giveaway is simple, All you need is just follow the steps below, and you may win yourself a planner before year end.

The planner comes in 2 colours, and by even telling me which colour you want, you get yourself 1 entry!  So, good luck and try your best!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Company Teambuilding - My version

Last week, there were a number of FIRST in my life as a mother.  

First 1st, I left my princess with my cousin and she was not with me for more than 24 hours.  My team building event was in Klana Resort, Seremban and I decided not to bring her along as I don't know how the situation be.  I kind of regret that I didn't bring her since I know she love swimming so much!  

Second 1st, the meeting with the rest of team from Singapore and Hong Kong and get to know who is who.

Third 1st, A company that has a great event!  and I'm in it!  It's been a long while that I didn't have a team building event.

Forth 1st, Doing the wall repelling and flying fox!


However, I freak out during the flying fox!! It took me a while to climb up the 'stairs' vertically to reach the station.  Upon there, I was told to rest before I 'fly' and I made a big mistake for looking down!!!  I was stuck!! It freak me out, and I can feel even my shoes were loosen!!  I had a very fast heartbeat that I was so worry that I may just faint half way flying.  And NO WAY I'm getting down beside doing the fly!!!  I was no where near heaven at that moment.

I was worried.. I suddenly thought of my girl.  I starting thinking on my KWSP, my insurance, and whatsoever.. will that all enough for my girl to survive!?  Will my girl be taken care of by my mum? my brother? or anyone else?  I cried not knowing the facts of all these!  I regretted doing that when up at the station.

I prayed.. I let GOD know I'm bad, but I hope HE did not decide to take me back to him at that moment.  And with my colleagues cheering there, asking me to just close my eyes and fly! I DID!! with a huge scream all the way!!!!!!

Now, if anyone were to pay me for doing that, I don't think SO!!!  I guess I no longer so 'courage and strong' to do those high risk activities! haiz... 

Nevertheless, I'm happy I'm there to know the team, the have some fun, but sad to leave my girl behind... 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Princess Blog Will be close for Registered Member ONLY

I've decided to close the blog of my Princess to registered member only as I now want to keep her privacy. Furthermore, some pictures I took involved her friends, which may like to keep low and not to be expose too much.

You may register to become the reader HERE and I shall then put your registered email address into the blog.  

Thank you!

One month!

I am officially joined the current company over a month, and how significant is the 'future' is yet to be seen, but work is getting busier day by day.  Before anything could start, after a month of working here, followings are what observed:-

1)  Petrol usage is 40% lesser than previous.  My benchmark of petrol is always on the weekend when I do my weekly full tank pump.  Previously, I have to at least pump 30 liters of petrol, but now, sometimes is less than 20 liters and it's sufficient to last till the next pump.  I always pump petrol over the weekend as I enjoyed 5% rebate.

2)  Both of us get extra 20 minutes of sleep!  We used to get up at 6.40am, and rush like mad to get out of the house by 7.30am! Now, we can sleep till 7am, and still have time to cut fruits and pack lunch boxes and leave the house at 8am!

3)  Less cranky princess!  Since she could sleep longer, she woke up happy and smiling and even willing to pack her own bag!  She will request for cut-out bread and other stuff to bring to school!

4)  Travel time.  I spend less on the road, and we got to spend more time for dinner now!  Since I don't need to travel with my mum, I picked Princess from childcare and we go dinner together, or we just go jalan-jalan.  We have more time together now comparing we used to rush home with my mum as she got her classes after work.

5)  I spend less on lunch!  I now do my own lunch boxes, as you can see.  That's coz I got ample time at home to prepare and get Princess to involve in the preparation.  She will help to do some work while I prepare those lunch boxes.

6)  We sleep earlier!  As we had earlier dinner, we now head to bed in less a full tummy therefore we snooze off easily!  

7)  We have less office politics, and if I got nothing much to do, all I need is just keep quiet doing my blog, my FB and even done a photobook!  see, nobody bothers what you do here as long as work done!  

Now, the bad part?  THE PARKING!!  Mid Valley has 500++ names waiting to be allocated with the seasons parking, and I got to pay cash EACH DAY just to park here!!!  So far, that's all I can say!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Putto Secret Foam Wash

I won a giveaways from imafulltimemummy, and was given the Putto Secret Foam Wash from Applecrumby & Fish.

While we were there to collect our prize, my little Princess has a chance to do her first photo shoot, and she was happily doing that.  When we brought back the prize, and my girl can't wait to 'test' it!  Before we go on test, let's photo what we got!

few samples


Product description:-
Putto Secret Foam Wash is an effective bubbly cleanser for babies and even for adults. It contains no preservatives and no colouring agents. Its ingredients (NHEB-05TM) promotes scar relief and provides high moisturising elements. Putto Secret Foam Wash foams up extremely well despite not using Sulphates in its ingredients, an ingredient which has been proven to be harmful to our well-being. Mothers love how it cleanses effectively without stripping away skin's natural oils. Suitable for skin types especially for dry and sensitive skin. Best of all, Putto Secret Foam Wash is free from Parabens, SLS, SLES and Mineral Oils!

Cocamidopropyl betaine, glechoma hederacea extract, houttuynia cordata extract, morus alba leaf extract, plantago asiatica extract, ulmus davidiana root extract, decyl glucoside, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, glycerin, 1,2-hexanediol, butylene glycol, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, beta-glucan, fragrance, sodium hyaluronate, steartrimonium chloride, citric acid, panthenol (vit B5), disodium EDTA

Direction of Use:-
Use directly onto baby's skin and massage in circular motions for best cleansing results. Rinse off with clean warm water. Alternatively, you can also opt to pump a desired amount into baby's bath water for that fun bubbly bath that chilldren love. Be sure to rinse off briefly at the end to wash off all foam from baby's skin before wiping baby down.

Now, enough said from what the brochure said... it's time for me to tell you the truth!

  • The smells GREAT!  Princess just love it! 
  • With just 1 pump, it's enough to cover the whole body of my Princess
  • It's soft and does not feel dry after use!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ipad Apps Review: Hansel & Gretel: Lost

I've been in touch with the owner of the blog, I'm a full time mummy and we recently got another chance to review a Ipad apps on Hansen & Gretel:  Lost.

* Title: Hansel and Gretel: Lost
* Price: $3.99
* Category: Books
* Released: Oct 05, 2012
* Version: 1.0
* Size: 241 MB
* Language: English
* Seller: PB&J Publishing
* Rated: 4+
* Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
**information above from I'm a full time mummy**

My girl enjoyed this apps very much, especially on the part with the interactive games.  If you remembered, this story is about Hansel & Gretel lost in the wood, and got into a candy house and a witch try to feed Hansel till fatter before eating him, and Gretel saved him by pushing the witch into the oven.  I use this story to tell Princess not to go anywhere without mummy, and she is to hold my hands all the time when we are out.

She likes to drop the candies from the candy house!  Frankly speaking, who don't like candy!!

Now, each night, Princess will be playing this story, before bedtime, and I can save up some energy, as this app will do the reading too!!  Here below are the characters!

The page is features with nice illustration and music! Best, is interactive and I love the most, Narration with text highlighting!

I did not received any monetary compensation for this review, the apps is provided to me for my review. This is solely my own opinions and should you consider buying this, please do further research. You may have a different views from me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Book Review: Not Just a Princess (A Mia Book)

I reviewed one book in the Mia Book series earlier, and got another one last night to read!  This time, the picture in front got my princess laughing as she thinks it's funny for a girl with the pirate 'costume'!  She remembered she had one too when we were at one Disney event months back.  

Last night, was reading to her again, and Mia caught her attention of having fun in the playground, and having her dreams so 'big'!  This book illustrated how a girl can dream on her dream, and not just wanting to be a princess.  She find it better thrilled to be something else and she tried her very best to achieve it!

This book is great, simple to understand, and big pictures illustration!  It tells us that everyone can have their dream, and not stereotype to just one!  Mia did not want to be princess that morning, and she wanted to do something else!  Her mom is very encouraging telling her that she will still be her most love whatever she does!  

A book great to be read!

Mary has got this book dedicated to her Mia! How sweet... 

Thanks again to I'm a full time mummy

I did not received any monetary compensation for this review, a copy of the book is provided to me for my review. This is solely my own opinions and should you consider buying this, please do further research. You may have a different views from me.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My comfort food... and it's now Princess too!


I always love Ketchup, and from young as a kid, I eat Ketchup like no tomorrow!  I add it into anything I eat  and I specially love it with my Maggi instant noodles (those with chicken flavour)!!  I like the sourish taste, and just love how it enhance the taste of my food!

Last week, I was a little stress out due to work, and I was in need of some comfort!  So, I went and look into my freezer, took out a pack of sausage, fries and opened a can of luncheon meat!  I did all the frying using my air-fryer (and after seeing the oil at the pan, I felt less guilty), and I dipped into a thick ketchup layer!!!  I practically using the food to eat with Ketchup!!!  ok, now you can call me MAD!

Then, in the last 2 weeks, my girl sees something red, she would assume it's Ketchup, and she will want to dip her food into it too till I tell her sometimes it's chilly sauce and not ketchup!  We were both dipping into the ketchup so happily, that we also took a quarter of the ketchup!  OMG!!!  We both even create so much giggle while dipping and dipping.. it's like 1 dip for you, 1 dip for me!!  and we go hahahaha... laugh!

Oh, not just that! I even fried eggs to be eaten with ketchup!  So, since my love with Maggi Ketchup, I want to submit this entry for the Maggi contest!  Who knows I win some Ketchup for my own consumption! 

How about you? what's your comfort food??

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Book Review: Beautiful, Magical, Amazing BALLET (A Mia Book)

I was given a chance to review a children book yesterday by I'm a full time mummy, and she emailed the PDF version of the book to me.  Back home, I quickly opened the book and read to my little Princess.  For my girl who has not really into books, this is an introductory book to her.  I read it to her, and show her the pictures in the book (big and colourful)  and the sentences are just short and simple.  For my girl who is not a  book person, it's good so she don't get distracted much, and it took us about 10 minutes to finish 'reading' the book.

Mary Lee keep the book in very simple format, and illustrated a girl's dream of learning and becoming a ballerina, and that journey to be one is not smooth.  Of course it's good to tell children that falling is not a big hurdle for them to be successful.  If they continue trying, they will then be able to make their dream come true!

I like the descriptions use in the book too!  It involved ice-cream and even elephant!  This is a very interesting book, and it has a series to it!

The book summary from Amazon:-

Mia is a sweet little girl with a big imagination. Today is her first day of ballet class and she is very excited. This energetic story shows what it means to be part of a team and that some things can still be wonderful even when they are not yet perfected.

The Biography of the Author

I am a writer, illustrator, graphic designer and a mom. I've lived in various places across the country but currently my heart is in the Bay Area. I have two sweet children, two dogs and a mini-cactus named spike. In my free time (ha ha ha), I like to read books, jog slowly, cook badly and sleep rarely.

I did not received any monetary compensation for this review, a copy of the book is provided to me for my review. This is solely my own opinions and should you consider buying this, please do further research. You may have a different views from me.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My daily lunch

As I mentioned earlier, that I try to reduce my lunch intake and try not to touch dinner portion and just be the DBKL for my princess.  I'm doing this as my weight has not decrease but INCREASING!!!  So, I needed to at least maintain the current situation, of course BEST if I can reduce it la...

My electrical lunch box has been a good companion for my lunch hour nowadays, and while working in this new place, I get access to 'cheaper' raw food therefore much better lunch is prepared.  I avoided rice, therefore you see my lunch menu is no rice element.  All food below is steam ONLY!

Sawi with Cod Fish, and Scallop

Steam Cod with Scallop, Egg Tofu and mushroom

Steam chicken with ginger, broccoli and prawns

Kailan, mushroom and scallop

Brocolli, scallop, mushroom and steam egg
This is so for the last 2 weeks, and you noticed the dishes are repeating?  Coz when I buy 1 of those packet veg and whatever.. it will last me at least 2 to 3 days... so, that's explain I'm eating almost the same stuff each day.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Learn To Buy Auction Properties in Malaysia

It's no more a secret for everyone to know that I'm constantly on the search of a property to buy, preferable near my current house.  After searching high and low, guess the ones that I can really afford is to buy those 'bank lelong' which also known as Auction properties as pricing will be much lower than the market.

Guess the number I have called whenever I saw advertisement placing on those tree trunks, which caught my eyes so much but each time it will ended with much more disappointment and feeling far to even touch 1 reasonable property!!  I've talked to so many agents, and the procedure seems to be like a learning process for me in order to own a home.

I guess the property pricing near my house is shooting up due to all the convenient roads leading out the place, and with some 'toll free' access that we can around the neighborhood.  A new condo can easily cost me RM500K for a tiny ones!! Those older development at least going for RM300K!!  Not to mentioned the  landed properties!!!  I regretted so much now that I didn't make up my mind during my younger days to invest into property!

Despite working in a property development firm previously, those knowledge I gained is still very shallow to buy a property though the auction process!!  Guess it's way easier buying from the developer, and again, $$ is the factor!!  I am thinking that I should just put this in my wishlist and wait for Santa to drop me the $$ la... in order for me to own 1 decent property for both myself and princess!  I am so looking forward for the day we can have a place of our own!

After searching and searching, I finally came across this webpage, which has so many options I can have, and even just viewing the first page, it's got me so addicted!

It's has 5593 condominiums for auction!!  It's not inclusive of others!!
Then when I first scroll.. I saw the property I wanted!

And it's at least 70K below market rate!!!

A step ahead, when I click more info..

I got all the info I wanted, and even the person to call!!

See, that's what I say it's meant for lazy people like me!! So much useful and less hassle!

If you want to find a property, do consider this website!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart School

I was invited by NN to attend this Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart School last Saturday, and I did since I needed to be in the office on that day for some air-cond work which target to end around 4pm.  I attended the 5pm, and got myself impressed, with the new technology!!

Now that I am not selling the phone to you, but telling you that this 1 phone has created some impact on my point of view of the new technologies in Samsung!  As a person who don't really good in updating myself with the latest, I am happy with my current smartphone but nevertheless, since it's an invitation to explore, I braved myself with Princess on that day.

First, the AIR-VIEW function is cool... I can preview the content of the folders, and need do go around flipping the phone!  This not just apply for photos, but to emails in the phones too!  It's like my PC previewing the messages so I know what that subject is referring to by not having the need to open each and every emails.

I like it the way when the 2 'technie' guys explained that the phone is now acting up as a tool which we likely do back those days.  The 'wait, let me get a pen and paper to copy the phone number' when we are on the phone.  The Note II is able to do that job well since it comes with a pen and a pop-up note as and when the pen is removed from the phone!  So, no need go search for pen and paper now...  or more similar way, we 'hold on' the conversation, so we can key in the phone number into our phones? :p

Of course, no technology will be in good use if one has not learn how to use them.  This phone come with a function for quick command, which will 'memorise' those common commands we use, and create a shortcut. However, you will need to remember what shortcuts have been created!!!  Once you get a hang of that, it really keeps a lot of less work on the phone!!

Now, the best features I find in the phone!  It's the 'best face' function where you can snap a few pictures with just a one click and you got a few pictures! and later, you can 'change' the faces using the best face function to make everyone looks good in the photo!!!  You see when we do those group photos, we have this problem of making sure no ones blink, no ones moves and so forth... and this function can eliminate the need to take many many photos!!!!!

Oh, not forgetting the old practice of us writing information at the back of some printed photos?  *raise hand for those who did this*  Now, the phone is able to have that function too!! You can 'flip' the photo and write at the back on the screen!! Guess when you print, it will be double sided for your photos!  Cool yeh?

I am not going to go on and on, but if you need to know more info, visit Samsung webpage, and guess you be able to see the phone features and read up!  

haiz.. only if $$ is not a problem, I surely bring this baby back home too...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Email Accounts

How many email accounts do you have?

Frankly speaking, I have quite a number of email accounts, it was all set up for different purposes, and I got one for those vouchers site!! I got 1 for the business of Cynful Pleasure.. and furthermore, got some which no longer in use too!

Now, the story goes..

I don't check those 'dormant' email account very frequent, maybe once a month or max twice since I know the purpose of setting up the account is purely for junk BUT I forgot my Facebook account was also using one of this dormant account!!!

It got me check one of my email this morning, since I have been actively participating in one contest, and after clearing the inbox, delete all the items, I went to the junk mail and check and guess my horror when one of the junk mail caught my attention by "You won the Giveaway - Putto Secret Foam Wash giveaway!‏" by I'm a full-time mummy

My Horror finding this important email went to JUNK!
The best part is, the email state that I am supposed to revert with the details, if not another winner will be chosen!!!  I was almost in the end of the 48 hours deadline given, and quickly email the blog owner for my details, both in my email and FB!!!  *fuh.. just niche of time* and so happy that she reply to say that I am still on time to claim my prize.

So now, I learned my lesson, I change the email in my FB to one email account that I frequent, and also to link up the rest of other accounts to ONE only account... hehehehe... 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting Busy.. and iLike..

One of the reason that I left my previous Company is that I am just too bored sitting on my work desk with very minimal workload.  Despite so much I wanna do for the office, but there seems to have people 'chor tao chor sai' and it's seriously hard to make things happen.

Since I joined my current workplace on 1st November, I had my fair share of getting bored sitting doing nothing and I got the ample time to do my personal stuff like blog and updating my photos.  Can you imagine I can also do half a photobook for Princess?  Yes, this was how much free time I have..

But today, finally... after 21 days, I got myself busy as the Company will be having the project starting soon, and one of my role is to help out the team!! hurray!  Yes, I might not have more personal time, but since I don't eat out, I can use my lunch hour (like now) to blog a few 'paragraph' and also visit other blogs too!  What's more, I can still log in to my FB and see updates of my dear friends.

I love my work here, so far no complain even I got some sitting down time, but at least I was 'warned' that I should enjoy my 'honeymoon' time here before the craze start! So, yes, finally.. it's starting...

How about you?  Do you laze around at work or do you enjoy those 'free' time?  or like me, got bored after too many of them?  Some friends called me 'jin kuat tao'... 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, and the winner(s) announcement!

It marked my 35th birthday on the 15th November 2012!  Officially I am mid-30s now!!  For over the last 35 years, I have managed to still stand strong on my own feet, and getting better off I would say.  I finally embrace the Lord and has been actively participating in Care Cell and so forth.  I hope my journey with GOD will be a fruitful ones.

Now, I shall announced the winner(s) now, however the prizes will have to wait till I got it from the sponsor, i.e. Kleenex Malaysia before I start to send them out!  Below the video I got Princess to draw out the 5 winners!  We have a total 7 submissions as follows:-

1)  Kylie
2)  Wenn
5)  Wendy Pua
6)  Eriol Loh
7)  MeRy

We are overly busy last week, therefore only able to do the announcement this morning at my work desk.  Folding up the names of the participants, and quick pick 5 of you below!

I have 7 participants, and picked 5 of them, and the winners are:-

Wendy, Mery, Andrew, Eriol & Claire!

Congrats to all of you, and kindly PM me your address, as then once I received the gift from Kleenex, I will post it out to you!

Thank again everyone for your participation, as we will then make 7 make-a-wish charity too!

P/s:  For the winners, you have 5 days to contact me with your details, or I will give your winnings to the next lucky person.  Thank you!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The McD Freebies today!

Guess you heard of the Free Egg McMuffin this morning giving out at McD all outlets?  It's stated that they will be giving out 1000 Egg McMuffin with NO Purchase required!  

I usually pump petrol on a weekend, cause I want to enjoy additional 5% cashback if I pump in weekends, but last week, it totally slipped my mind and I only realised I didn't get out of the house yesterday to do that. So, with no choice since petrol left 1 bar, I got to do it than risking having insufficient petrol to work.

I thought it was cute last night when I was on the FB, this picture pop up in my news feed..

But this morning, when I am in the petrol station (which also has a McD), it was madness!  Cars were just simply cincai park, and blocking the entrances, the queue for the drive thru counter was equally bad.  And you have drivers who seems to rush to don't know where blocking each and everyone's way!  

After I finish pumping my petrol, I took a photo of the queue!  And it took me 3 shots to finish photo the queing line..

Did you queue this morning too?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bring Some Holiday Cheer Into Your Home With Kleenex® Share The Softness Festive Packs!

THIS IS A STICKY POST!  Please scroll down for newer posts as I want to leave this till 15th November!  Thank you!

It's time for the year end celebration again!!!  These final 2 months of 2012 are always fill with many many celebrations, and most importantly, yours truly Birthday will fall under the November month.  I have got one giveaway last month,  and this month another one in conjunction with my big Day!!  This day will marked the mid of my 30s... (oops, did I just leaked out how old am I)?

How to join Cynful Pleasure Giveaway?

1)  Create a heartwarming entry sharing a special moment with your love ones.  You may even do a wordless post with just photos with your love ones.  If you do not have a blog, you may leave comment in Cynful Pleasure FB page, or the comment below too!
2)  Link my giveaway URL in  your blog post
3)  Copy and paste your URL of your entry at the comment space below
4)  Follow Cynful Pleasure blog, and Like Cynful Pleasure FB Page

Since this will be one giveaway in conjunction with my big day, you need to send in your entry by 15th November 2012 GMT 00:00.  I will pick the random winner on my birthday morning after eating my red egg and mee suah soup!

That's not all, as this Giveaway is fully sponsored by Kleenex, each entry you enter here, Kleenex is also proud to pledge RM10 for Make a Wish Malaysia, an NGO who grants wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions to inspire hope, strength & joy.

I am going to pick 5 lucky winners and will be given the followings:-

Shopping vouchers
Kleenex Festive Box Packs
Kleenex Hand & Face Moist Wipes
Kleenex Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes
Kleenex 3-ply UltraSoft Pocket Packs
Kleenex Vintage SoftPacks
Kllenex Vintage Pocket Packs
Kleenex Vintage Value Packs

Below are the pictures of the prizes above.  Prizes will consist a mix of individual packs which I will decide what to send to the winners later.

Good Luck to all of you!! and I hope to get more entries so those young children will have more funds! and fun!!  Isn't that good to not just have chance to win some prizes, but also to help others?

So the summary goes... (contributing this heartwarming story to Kleenex Contest)

Guess everyone knows I finally close the 'bad' chapter of my life, and trying to put new happy ones in replacement. I got a friend who told me that I should at least put up a summary of what happen, minus the name and so forth, and to at least let people chanced upon the story (just like any others) and try to 'wake' them up when they think of baby dumping and so forth.

So, guess I just obliged and share the previous story that won one of the prize in the previous contest.

The story goes....

It was a double blow when I was left alone in the hospital by the “ex” on the day my child was born. I went through labour, and after birth pains, my ex decided to drop the bomb that he would never be able to give me the “dream” family as promised since the beginning of my pregnancy.

The only thing that hit my mind at that moment was how was I going to care for the newborn. Being single, not married, and having a child is one situation that is hard to explain to others. How was I even going to explain it to my child in the future?

I had no time to deal with the pain, both physically and emotionally. I thought of the first thing I could do to save on monthly expenditure. I made a swift decision to ensure that I breastfed my child exclusively in order to ensure that I saved on having to buy formula milk. 

I was blessed with love showered by my family members and friends. Luckily, my aunt decided to help me during my confinement, which again, helped me to save some money. My mum and aunts helped with the preparations for my child's full moon party and packages. Friends and family gave big ang pows (gifts of money) to help me with my finances.

After the confinement month, I decided to inform my boss that I wanted to quit, and again, with the blessings from God, I had good fortune. My boss accepted my resignation and only deducted my earlier commission as compensation to the company. 

The decision to quit was for me to recuperate from the pain and also to spend more time caring for the baby. I picked up some freelance job opportunities which let me spend my time at home while earning a little to spend on the necessities.

In order to overcome the financial issues, I took hand-me-downs from relatives and friends; I invested in cloth diapering in order to save on the cost of buying disposable diapers, which would have been too costly in the long run. 

I only bought essential items for the baby and of course I prepared all meals at home. We often stayed home and only went shopping when required.

It has been a tough journey but I have enjoyed every moment spent with my child, seeing her grow into a healthy baby. I have no regrets each time someone asks me about it. It pains me each time I read reports on baby dumping as I can really understand the anxiety of the mother at that very moment. It takes a lot of courage to face the situation at that very moment.

While staying home, I started writing two blogs to journal my parenting journey, as well as my child’s developments to ensure that it remained recorded. By starting a blog, I also started earning from it. Little by little, it helped when money was needed. The blogs also served to help me work through any negative thoughts and feelings that I had along the way. Now, each time someone asks me about my journey, I direct them to the blogs. Isn’t that easier?

I have led my child to spiritual teachings and we both pray each night to seek God's protection and for a better future. My child and I have a very good relationship and we both spend time together when we can.

Now, my child is full-time in a childcare centre while I am back at work. The two years staying at home while earning from part-time work has eaten up all my savings and now I just have to get my feet on the ground and start all over again. Since I started working full-time, we have sometimes enjoyed some luxuries.

I hope that all mothers who think of dumping their baby will consider looking at the bright side and let the child live for his or her life under their mother’s care. God has a plan for everyone, and if he put you into that situation, I am sure he has a plan in mind to take care of you and your child.

Again, I want to say a big THANK YOU to my FAMILY!

Now that you read this, don't you think you just want to grab the softest Kleenex tissue, wipe your tears away... 

I am submitting this story for the Kleenex contest organised by Mummy Ling

Kleenex Share the Softness Contest Giveaway - By Mummy Moon

Mummy Moon has the same contest this month, and since it's for the charity, I am going to post another story of mine!  

When my child was born, beside it was a disaster to me emotionally and physically, I was lost!  I agreed that nothing can be worked out if not for my family and relatives support!  In addition to it, my ex-boss (who now my friend and care-cell member) has given a great help too!  Way before the birth of my girl, she has taken great care of me during that period.  I cried so much thinking of me being so helpless, but she one God Send angel has given me lots of great motivation.

Not just emotionally, financially she has also given much support.  From my maternity dresses / clothing (yes, all hand me down from her), to boiling me bird nest soup and other nutritious soups for my consumption.  At one point, she even asked me to take leave and asked another colleague to accompany me to Melaka to 'ask' what that man want to do!  

She is like a big sister to us in the office.  Beside being personal, she is also given much guidance in settling all the 'trouble' and 'mistakes' we received in work.  She will let us have the free hand to do things, and approach her when we are at the dead end or junction.  She always gives us the best advise on things we need to be sorted out.

She allows me to take 2 years off my work!! Can you tell me where on earth a boss allow a staff to go on NPL for 2 years?  and she was concerned on how of myself progressing.  She offered me to return to work on Part time basis and even introduced me to Princess current childcare centre so that I am able to work.  My work hours were also adjusted to suit my need to care for Princess!

Later, when I decided to resign and move on with a better offer, she was willing to negotiate but knowing the situation well, I turned the offer down but she was still as accepting as it is and respecting my decision to leave for good!  She will call me if she is cooking nice nice food for lunch, and I can pop in for that!  Even after departing from the office, we keep in touch and in good relationship!

In addition, she is 'in love' with Princess!!  She really adores her to the max that most of Princess pretty clothing are from her.  Whenever she travels, she remembered my girl well, that she will buy gifts for her!  My Princess has a Bear-like bag which caught most people attention when she took it out for her jalan-jalan and that all the way from Australia brought by her!

When she recently bring Chris into my life, she also gave me a 'pink' pocket bible (which now being kept in the car for easy access)!  She is so thoughtful that even today, the carecell is organizing a gathering trip, and she has been contributing so much of her time and money too!!   Where on earth you can find this kind angel!?

She is such a giver, and may she be bless with many many positive returns, and also bless her with healthy body!

I am submitting this tribute of acknowledgement to Mummy Moon's contest which you can find HERE!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kongsi kasih sayang bersama Kleenex dengan Sumijelly.com

Ni, I nak buat entry dalam Bahasa pulak ya.  Pasal nak bagi charity tuk Make-A-Wish, rajin I share cerita2 I ni.

Pada masa ketika dahulu, Cynthia kena tukar sekolah.  Dari sebuah sekolah kebangsaan selama ni semua budak Cina, Cynthia tukar ke sebuah sekolah yang ramai kawan kawan Melayu!  Canggih tau!  Dah la nak mula suaikan diri, lagi nak cermerlangkan 'keputusan' pasal makcik Cynthia dalam 1 sekolah!!  Kalau tak belajar sungguh-sungguh, mesti kena 'complain' nanti. *stress-la 1 perkataan *

Nak cerita masa duduk dalam asrama la ni.  Banyak cerita-cerita lucu, sentuhan hati dalam berapa bulan Cynthia duduk dalam asrama tau.  Kakak-kakak semua jaga Cynthia (pasal Cynthia anak buah seorang cikgu dalam sekola) LOL!  Lebih-lebih masa makan, mesti Cynthia dapat dijaga.  Kalau makanan sedap-sedap, dapatla Cynthia makan dengan jari!  Tapi, masalahnya timbul... lepas makan ngan jari, kenala basuh kan?  Tapi lepas basuh, basah kuyukla pasal lupa nak bawak tissue keluar masa pergi kantin.

Nasib baikla, seorang kawan yang baik hati, bagi tissue-nya tuk Cynthia.  Pusing-pusing nampak satu logo yang sungguh lembut aka Tissue Kleenex!  Bayangkan rasa saya yang terharu!!  Kawan saya bagusnya, boleh lagi kongsi tissue yang lembut tu.  Buatla hati saya pun lembut sekali.

Dari hari tu, kita jadi kawan yang lagi rapat, dan masing masing kongsi tissue kadang-kala.  Kita dah membesar sekarang, masing-masing pun berkeluarga, tapi adala pula nak jumpa dan share cerita 'tissue' kita.  Buat malu je masa tu dalam keadaan basah kuyuk!  

Ni nak jugak submit untuk Sumijelly punya peraduan kat blognya SINI.

** OMG, it's so difficult to type and write in BM now!! must go polish my vocab again!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another chapter should close NOW

This chapter of mine, which created a huge difference with my point of view, lifestyle, behavior and so forth will need to come to an end.  I actually officially closed it on 1st November 2012 but only now got the time to pen it down.

If you look at my blog pages, you see a tab on My Story.  This tab was open with link to my other Rant & Secret blog, which reader has a chance to read my 'wonderful' journey and explained why am I a single mother.  I have now privatize this blog and will only those with permission is allow to access and read the blog posts there.

I find that it's time to put a stop on this topic, and since the job of collecting all my money has been completed, guess closing all the access will be nice and fair to the other party too.  I was trying to make 1st November 2012 a brand new start, with a brand new job and a closure of this past history. 

I did not regret moving on this path, which now my life is more fruitful and something to make me move on, and glad it's coming to an official end!

Now that the Rant & Secret blog will be my place to vent all my anger, disappointment and so forth... which like recently I did for my previous work experience.. heheh... 

Thank you JobStreet

I just tick on the unsubscribe updates of available vacancies from JobStreet this morning.  Over the last 6 months since I decided it's time to make a move from my previous Company, I have applied many many positions, mainly (most) in Mid Valley region.

My wish is to settle around this area therefore I will spend less time in traffic, and with all the apply and send buttons clicked, and PTL for his agreement on this, I finally now got into the dream place, and waiting to make it a dream job!

I don't think I need JobStreet at the moment, therefore no point mess up my mailbox and give way for others.  I am glad that JobStreet, giving such a good access to jobseekers! and employers too!  Have you not got your dream job, or dream location, maybe start using this since they will update you with daily job vacancies available, and you can then do it at your own reading.

Now that the chapter of work is closed, I am going to closed another chapter of my life tomorrow.

All the best job seekers!! and again, Thank you JobStreet!  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My 1st Day at Work

1st November 2012 marked the first day I worked in the new office, and also the first day I worked outside the Golden Triangle after spending so much of my working life there.  In a total of approximately 12 years out of my 18 years of working, it's all spend in the Golden Triangle!!

All overall, I am very happy with the working environment and with the new manager.  My immediate manager is a very organize person, which make work in the environment very neat and clear.  I was given all necessary employment issues explanations, and was briefed with all the IT stuff in the morning.

Of course, the setbacks are minor ones such as there is insufficient parking space here, therefore I won't be able to get a monthly seasons, and will have to in waiting list.  I will have to folk out daily parking fees to pay.  Yesterday was RM9.00 which will still be cheaper comparing to Golden Triangle.

I got to work from the mall to the office block, which good since I always lack of exercise but not good if I am walking with heels!  So, I decided to bring a pair of sandals in the office for the use of all the walking needs.  Will just leave my pair of heels at work, or carrying it to and fro to the car each day.

I hope I can be able to survive long in the Company, and able to venture higher in the team.  So far, I am enjoying it and guess next week will be busy once I start to take in more responsibilities.

Is your face sun-protected GIVEAWAY! - Winner Announcement

If you posted your comments in my earlier post, you have stand a chance to win the Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50. 

And now the announcement of the winner!!!

 It's the comment No 4 which will be Wenn of Wenn Experiences!! Congrats to Wenn, and I hope after you try this Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 and you will not feel oily on your face!

Her winning comments is
I am very lazy to put sun block on my face as it tends to get oily. But I have to do it as I'm always on the run outside.

Congrats to Wenn!! Kindly email me your address at tan.aust at gmail dot com

To those who has not win this, don't give up, as I got another GIVEAWAY for you HERE! Come and participate!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last day of October...Last day of Work too!

Today will mark my last day of work with the current company, and on Thursday I will be starting somewhere nearer and NEW challenge!  I settled all the handing over, and bid goodbye to some of my colleagues.

I spend a good 11 months in the Company, learning a few things, create some relationship (colleagues) and know some new people but guess it gone too stagnant for me to challenge myself here.  I have been actively looking up for jobs in near few months after realising some 'displeasure' cannot be overcome emotionally.  I better leave before making things worst.  Yes, indeed I lose out the coming 'bonus' if any when I decide to leave now.

When I first joined this company through a recommendation of a friend, and with this employment has given me the opportunity to get this better offer I have.  Also, with the payslip of the Company, I manage to buy my car and also get on a more comfortable life with less struggles.  At the very least, I can bring my Princess for weekend shoppings trip and buy little toys for her. I am really thankful on this matter.  

The new Company is quite promising, and even before my commencement of work, I was already been briefed of the Company future plan, and started to know some of the Company event calendar too!  I am happy with the new found opportunity, and most important it's near my house!!!!  

I wish my current company and colleagues their best in the future undertakings and May I have a fruitful change of my own undertakings too.

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