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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


First day of Chinese New Year was always an routine.  

The family got up 7 early 8 early, had the flower bath to mark the significant day.  We are not allowed to wash our hair, therefore the hair washing was done the night before.  After change into our new clothes, we will meet each other in the family hall and had a bowl of sweet 'tang yuen' which my mum prepares.  Beside tang yuen, it will have dried longan, lotus seed and red dates.  

After distributing ang pows to the elders (mum) and the young ones, we will then leave the house for our annual trip to the temple where my grandparents 'sen chi pai' located.  We will be there every 1st day of Chinese New Year and meet the rest of the family members there for the vegetarian meal.  The vegan meal was provided FOC to all patrons to the temple on this day.

After eating, we will then proceed to the side to have some photo shoots and distribution of ang pows by the rest of the family members, and both myself and Princess will do our annual shooting here too!  Below is the annual photo of myself and Princess. 

After spending almost half a day in the temple, we proceed to my eldest uncle house for 'lunch'.. imagine we just taken a full vegan meal, and in my uncle's we gonna have the 'porky' meal.  My aunt prepared dishes for our tummy satisfaction.  LOL!  She knows us well that the vegan meal will not be sufficient to fill our hungry tummy!

After eating, we excused to get home individually for a rest.  Dinner will be at my youngest uncle house in Balakong.  This year was a great family gathering as everyone was smiling and laughing recollecting the beautiful memories of the good old days.

1st day of CNY also gave me some luck, as I won a little of RM5 playing cards with my cousins.  We left my uncle around 11pm heading home preparing for the next day.  

To be continue...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 - Water Dragon Year

It's the 8th day of Chinese New Year, and I have been back to work today.  Lots of people start work today, as it's conveniently we took off the week for the CNY celebration.  As of today, I just want to jot down the event of the week, and later make the one by one post.  My memory is failing me recently, therefore I better make sure I done some 'preliminary' recording before the details kick in.

Starting off with the eve of CNY, we are suppose to have 'lunch' but with all the delays, we ended started eating only around 5pm.  It was a super tiring day as both my mum and myself, busy burying ourselves in the kitchen preparing for the necessary. 

1st day - The usual routine to visit the temple in Seremban for offering prayers to our ancestors, and also having the usual vegetarian meal there.  This happened each year without fail.  After meal, we just hang around distributing ang pows and also photo shoot.  Evening, we spent it at my 4th uncle 'recollecting' old memories.

2nd day - Woke up and was expecting my mum's family, and getting ready to leave for Ipoh as planned.  Had lunch, and waited till 2pm, yet still don't see the shadow of anyone, so both myself and Princess departed KL for Ipoh.  Arriving Ipoh safe and sound and had dinner with a friend.

3rd day - Back from Ipoh by noon, and dinner at my aunt!  This year, I managed to 'fatt' some 'new year luck' in my aunt.

4th day - Gathering at my place with the clan members from Wong, Lai & Tan!  It's been a while since we gather at my place, and it's really nice having everyone.  Not forgetting the 'drama' that happen that night which make everyone tears and laugh at the same time.

5th day - Plans to visit the highest authority member of the family hierarchy, and my aunt from Penang arrived with my cousins.  We spent the day having dim sum breakie, and later dinner at home.

6th day - No plans for visiting, therefore spending the day at home and later went out to buy some stuff with mum.  Dinner with family near home.

7th day - Morning and Night were eating non stop.. had very heavy meals and later at night, preparing Princess to start her 'routine' of back to the childcare.

8th day - Started good, without Princess wailing, and smooth traffic to work...   now at 12.12pm, counting down to lunch hour, and just got a colleague asking where to eat!!  LOL!

Friday, January 20, 2012


I read The Star Online version each morning at work to keep up to the recent news, and what caught my attention were the 4 links below about FACEBOOK!

FB is not an alien to anyone anymore, as gradually, more and more people are connecting each other with it.  The Pros are that you get loads of attention in your daily life, and also able to connect with people who are living away from you whether is next door neighbor or faraway friends.

In all the 4 links, it basically spell out the cons of having FB, and people are getting distracted with the necessary 'human' connection instead.  I can say that is very true actually.  I saw couples communicating through FB by tagging their spouse, and letting the whole wide world reading it.. LOL!

What is your take in FB, and do you spend most of your 'communicating' time with human?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Are we sometimes confuse?

I don't know why, but recently I have been having conversation on 'hey, you are a XXX (religion), you celebrate CNY meh?' and mind you, this is not just apply to myself, but my other 'converts' too!  

I mean, when I first got into this kind of conversation, I find it very 'funny' as any Chinese in the whole wide world would celebrate Chinese New Year no matter what kind of religion they are in.. and Why is that so a question like this was asked? 

Another question is about the 'dong zhi' also.. I mean, people are getting confuse of what is the tradition, and what is the religious celebration.  It's very weird that people started to put in their religion and tradition mixing up.  It's getting confuse of what is to be celebrated, and what is not.  In addition, with the commercialisation of all these festive celebration, it's been more and more confusing.

I remembered those years, my parents don't celebrate Christmas, but we have all the praying session as and when the "GOD" so called birthday.  On top of that, we have to pray also on those 1st and 15th of lunar month.  But being someone who has accepted Christ, I don't do this anymore.

However, I will still pray using joss stick only to my ancestors as I think they won't understand if I stand in front of the alter, and start reading word of God from my bible, therefore, I still pray them to what they used to.  I think we got to 'practical' in some ways due to the crossing of believes.  In addition, is that we are expected to respect the death, not the the death respecting us right?  So, we should practice what the death used to practice right?  

As a Chinese, I emphasis on celebrating 3 major occasions:-

1)  Chinese New Year
2)  Ching Ming
3)  Dong Zhi

The rest of the celebration, I can make do without it actually... I am happy to gather and eat a good meal with my family members, but if circumstances don't allow, then the above 3 will be a MUST! 

What is your opinion?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Lunch Box #2

Yesterday, my whole office celebrating their happiness of getting their annual bonus.. but not ME!  I joined them not long ago, therefore it's 'usual' for me not getting any.. but I am hoping the best come next year.  While everyone was out having lunch, I had my own lunch box packed consist of:-

1)  Rice bought from Mamak Shop and half fried chicken which Princess did not finish
2)  2nd piece of salmon fish which I bought and use 1 piece for Lunch Box #1
3)  Some kai lan which I bought last week but unable to cook over the weekend

The result: