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Friday, March 30, 2012

Monthly Expenses

I am taking this chance to blog the after getting back to work expenses like an 18 years old as all the earlier savings are basically gone for good while staying at home earning a part time income to care for Princess.  So, when I first started work full time again, I have made plans to go back to my savings again.  I first started to make sure I keep my money in a place which is non-reachable for a period, aka Fixed Deposit, and I know it's a good way to control my spending.  Just like this month, I spent RM400 on some Company products, and pending the claims to be issued, I am down with a mere RM30 to last for the month.  If my earlier money was not placed in FD, I am very sure by now, it's already gone parted with it to some things.  Therefore, I 'forced' myself to accommodate with the RM30, plans to make sure it work till the next salary came in on Monday, 2nd April, 2012!  Sound pathetic right?  but that's the way I should be discipline to save for my future, isn't that?

Then, came this month, finally I received a call from a friend who has been nice to 'pinjam' his car to me as my traveling mode that he needed it back.  It knock me that I really needed to have my own car in a way.  I have been considering a 2nd hand or brand new, a local made or imported, even local made, a proton or perodua.  Finally, after so much of research and look / ask around, decided to just stick to my initial plan of getting the Proton Saga FLX.  I finally got the loan approved and currently pending for the release of the car from the dealer.  Praying hard that I could have the car by next Friday.

Lets' start my calculation:-

1)  Fixed Expenses:-

     i)  Car Loan Repayment - RM500.00
    ii)  Princess Childcare Fees - RM450.00
   iii)  Princess Insurance - RM350.00 + RM150.00
   iv)  Maid - RM450.00
   v)   Petrol -  at least RM200.00
   vi)  Parking - RM160.00
  vii)  Transportation & Princess Dinner - RM200.00
         Total:  RM2,460.00

My plans on my savings will be having to put at least RM1,000.00 into the FD every month, which will be lock for 2 months, and each alternate month, I will then combine the FD together to multiply.  

With all the above, I am basically down with not much for my daily expenses, therefore my target is to spend only RM100 per week inclusive of my weekend shopping.  With this 'budget' in mind, I have to ensure that I motivate myself to prepare my lunch each night (anything la.. as long as got food) coz the food cost here is really high.  I wanted to invest into a portable electrical lunch box (still tempting) as I don't want to keep eating microwave food also.. how how? I save on my daily food bill, and I can take Princess out jalan jalan ma.. 

I still have a few target stuff that I want to buy actually, the list has got a Samsung MV800 camera and a Philips Airfryer.  Think till these 2 things in hand, I think I am settle for this year buy list. Anyone got any contact where I can get cheaper pricing for these items?   

Before I can load up this post to the blog, I received a call from my ever supportive customer ordering a cake and some breads from me for her office party!  That, I don't have to be that 'dry' over the weekend right... hehehe... Beside a big thank you for her support, I also Thank GOD for listening and showering me HIS blessing!  Thank you ALL who came and ever supportive of my life journey!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Working Overtime

Today finally marked the first day that I clock in extra hours in my office..  I was anticipating this to happen, therefore way in February 2012, I have got myself the backup plan having someone in the evening in the house to care for Princess while I am still at work.. I never anticipated that it will happen the very first day when the helper come!!

Is not that I have not worked extra hours, but this time, the feeling is way much different from what I used to do.  While working, it's still OK, but when I got to the car driving home, I was hoping that either the car or myself grew additional pair of wings!!! or suddenly, I can just accelerate and whooooooooofffffffff I am HOME!!!  I can't wait to see Princess at home and I was kind of worry of her with the helper!

True enough when I got home, it's only Princess and the helper, the rest of the family members are no where to be seen, which usually at least ONE will be at home!!  I suddenly feel sad, that my Princess left alone with the helper!!!  I mean I won't know what the helper tells me is right that Princess has eaten or bath?  Aiyo, so many things to worry about..Furthermore, when I got home, the helper and Princess both watching TV3!!

I am hoping that this phase pass soon, as I can tell that I am going to have more 'extra hours' soon.. and I really like this kind of feeling.. I hope Princess can understand the needs of myself working late, and to compensate her, I let her watched her You Tube on TV!!! and I am here to pen down my guilty feeling...

Local grads not up to mark

Local grads not up to mark

Did you read this up in the news this morning? While I was browsing the online news report, I kind of agree to this. From my experience of working as a office manager way back in my previous office, interviews after interviews, I can't seems to find the suitable candidates, and most of the time, it's just settling for the need of having one to fill the position due to 'emergencies'. Most of the time, the candidates will not work up to the standards / marks, with a very simple thing that they are just all lack of communication.

Not just the young, even now in my office, the communication pathway always a shut down among the colleagues and it's getting way too bad. I have one fella chasing another fella who has left office after work, with no 'message' on what's going on, the chasing fella is jumping high and low as he / she couldn't get things done...

I think this issue is 'common' among the Asian community, when they are just so afraid to say up, owned up, and voice up!!! I have people who sneak in and out of office to avoid the 'work' but they never realised that they cannot runaway like a runaway bride!! It's your job, and no one will take it up if not you!! When one fella sneak back, the other fella is trying his / her very best to harass the sneaky fella phone!! Not just call, it goes SMS as well...

How is your communication level in your office?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Placed my first FD

I have never never placed an FD savings.. all my savings are usually in my regular savings account as I find it very convenient to do transactions especially during those 'dry' months!  

However, in order to ensure I am determine to save for the better future, I started to place my very first FD today when I got my first full month pay!!  Yes, after working 3 months, I only managed to get my first FULL pay due to all the holidays when I start work.  With the determination, I quickly, without thinking any further and with the convenience of the online banking facilities, I placed my first very RM1,000 FD with Maybank for 2 months.  I know the interest earn is 'peanut' but this is to ensure that I refrain myself from withdrawing the $$ when I needed it!!

I am hoping that every month from now on, with the income that I am earning, I am able to continue to save RM1,000 per month in the FD, which will slowly make up a bigger amount.  I want to make sure my girl will have a good and stable future when she starts her Primary education.

I have plans for my girl in 4 years down the road.. I wished by then, I saved enough to let her have a place of our own, and also able to bring her for a overseas tour (not Singapore but further) during her school holidays.. Yes, I have no plans for her during these 4 years, and may only do some local places.  I don't think Princess will enjoy her overseas holiday so decided to do 'over the sea' instead for the moment.

Wish me luck my dear friends... I hope I can continue to be determine, and save much more in future.  Every month, I am only 'rich' for 5 minutes when the salary came in, and after all the payments to all, I end up eating my savings instead.. so, I better save fast, and not letting my savings eating up in no time.  I shall share further in my post on how from a rich beginning month, and I end up poor in 5 minutes... 

Stay tune..

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