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Monday, April 30, 2012

My Story was published

I have always wanted to bring the courage to tell me story besides my blog, and last week, I finally submitted a summary of what happen to The Star ParenThots.  You may read the article HERE.  Feel free to like the story, in the event that you happen to read it.

It was one story which I wanted to share with dear readers of The Star, and to also let those who left in a lurch situation by their irresponsible 'man' that one will be able to survive should one decide to no matter how difficult the situation is.  In addition, the family support is always the important point in situation like this.

Many says that I am lucky with the moral support from the family (less not count those that talk behind my back) which I totally agree.  Family support indeed very important be in Financially or Emotionally.  In the beginning of the time, it was really devastated, but soon, I am able to stand on my feet all thanks to the support from Family and Friends.

Some people asked, why is that you share your story?  Aren't you 'ashame' by what happened?  I am not here to share my story to seek any sympathy, or any kind of reward.  Indeed, I don't think I should be shame of the situation but more for the 'man' that been so irresponsible about it.  I am not shameless or being thick skin, but I find that if I am able to survive through those hard times, I am sure there will be people who wanted to be in this situation to know that.

In addition, I also want to let the family members of those people who is facing the same issue realise how important are they to the 'supporting mother' as even without any financial help, she may need emotional support at all times.  One can never know how tough that would be if one has never gone through the same situation.

I can truly understand how it feels, till now, caring for a child from birth.  That's make me appreciate my mum more as time goes by.  I am also finding ways to set up something where the Single Mothers can gather and seek support or share support where possible.  I am now research into this matter, and should anyone of you has any idea where should I start, please feel free to buzz me and let me know.

My target is to help those being impregnated by those irresponsibility 'man' and reduce the baby dumping too!  It's sad to read news about babies being dumped sometimes.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Surviving with the last few ringgit

It was hard this month for me, I had deposited part of the salary in the beginning of the month to my Fixed Deposit, and later, I got to know that I needed to pay extra RM700++ in order to get a car with a higher spec, and there goes all the budget and planning.

Now, I am sitting on the 27th, looking forward for the 2nd to come, as the initial FD will mature, together with my salary which will be credited.  Guess how much I left from now till then?  Of course, on the 30th of the month, I should be getting from 'someone' for what was owed to me, and that will relieve me a bit for the Public Holiday.  I am sure there will be some spending required to be done on days when we stayed home. I have known that my budget will run dry last week, and plans were all incorporated to ensure I make the last few ringgit last longer till pay day to ensure I don't uplift my savings pre-maturely. 

It's not easy to do this, but with some control and also some determination in principles, it help to make way for the unnecessary spending.  I was  initially budget more than the few ringgit left, but unforseen circumstances that my fridge was down, and I don't have place to put in any more stuff in the other fridge, therefore no buying of fresh food for the last 2 weeks which ended that I don't have any food to bring to work.  Haiz!

oh.. 1st May, please come faster, shall I live out this poverty period ASAP!  See, I have a reason to put my $$ in FD as if I don't it will be GONE for now due to my 'uncontrollable' circumstances that happen.  In addition, I have to cancel one cake order due to no fridge, and there I lost the income.. huhuhuhu.... 

Labour Day! make you way in FAST!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nuffnang Ad Codes

What is your motivation to blog?  Do you have a blog that generate you the income?  

For me, I blog with the initial thought of jotting down my story, as I got annoying from people asking me why this and why that.  Then later, through blogging, I got to know some great friends who introduced me on earning from blogs.  So, I was introduced to Nuffnang which is one reputable online advertising company in Malaysia. 

I received an update from Nuffnang, informing on the new Ad Code, and guess most people has received the notice too!  Have you update your Ad Code in exchange for the $$?  Well it is said that the old code can still be use, but NN will prefer us using the new code.  I have changed mine, and added additional space for the ad.. Have you?

If you have not done so, you can refer to HERE.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Share and Care through Kleenex

When I was a child, and having 2 younger siblings in the family, created a very strong siblings rival especially with the first younger brother.  Since then, my parents have been emphasizing a lot on sharing and caring as a big sister.  I always find it annoying when my parents start to tell me 'must share share'.. you are the big cheh cheh!

Today, as a mother of a child, I tell the same thing to Princess even though she does not has a sibling.  Glad that we have a toddler at home and that has give princess the chance to show her care and share!  Besides practicing share and care at home, Princess got to also share and care in her childcare too!  I am also telling Princess to be soft, as she is a girl and got to be gentle too!

In addition to our daily life, as a blogger, I share my story and parenting experience through the blog!  I have also gain friendship throughout the blogging journey, of course beside words, we sometimes have meet up and we share goodies too!  As a friend, I share all my rant and happy moment in short with Facebook and Twitter so my family members and friends are able to catch up with the latest 'news'. 

Last night, we received a package from Kleenex and they are currently having the Kleenex "Share the Softness" Campaign!  I took part of the movement to share a gift of softness! (something that I have been telling Princess to do)  See, I do what I preach!  

There are several ways to share the Kleenex Softness with your Family, Friends and the less fortunate now, and you want to know how?

  1. Sharing through the Social Media - Start sending a Kleenex Share Tissue Pack at their facebook page or selected retail stores in Malaysia to your family and friends, and let them enjoy the top quality 100% pure virgin fiber using a novel technology to deliver the best in tissue softness and strength.  
  2. Sharing with the Less Fortunate - Beside myself doing what I preach, Kleenex is also doing their part.  Each entry in the Facebook Kleenex Moments contest, Kleenex will also donate a pack of tissue to a non-profit organization.  Can you imagine those less fortunate is able able to feel the softness of the tissue?
  3. Sharing On-Ground - Can you tell me how many pack of Kleenex tissue in a bag with the usual price?  It's normally 4, and now Kleenex to make sure that you share, they are giving a pack of 5 for the price of RM12.60!  You are to share the additional pack with your love ones, family and friends or someone who you think needed that most!
A pack of tissue which consist 5 packs instead of 4!  Additional is for you to SHARE!

See the top pack with a tag?  That's a message for you to put for your 'sharing' mate!
Now, don't you get excited about sharing and caring?  Let me share you more of what in the box from Kleenex!

2 boxes of Kleenex Tissue, and a candy bottle which says.."Share a candy with People you care about"

So, who did I share the candy with? who else none that HER!

Happily holding the bottle of candy!  Look at her messy hair!

And using the tissue!  I am just glad that there is no tissue bits sticking on her face!

Now, I can only suggest that you quickly log into the Facebook page, and do your part to share the best tissue with your love ones!  Anyone want me to send you one?

Not forgetting, Throughout the year, you are also eligible to take part in contests that will kick off with the Kleenex® Moments contest in May, with RM14,500 worth of cash prizes and Kleenex® products to be won.  Moreover, the fan page will be a source of information as its members will receive a series of parenting and family activity ideas and updates on a regular basis.

Everyone needs softness in their lives, whether it's a gentle word of encouragement or a token of affection from our loved ones.  The Share the Softness campaign is our way of encouraging Malaysians to show that they care, and we hope that it doesn't end with family and friends but also with neighbors, teachers and others in our community who make a difference in our lives"  says Mr Summet Parab, Marketing Manager of Kimberly-Clark Malaysia

Friday, April 20, 2012

Security Matters

Recently I have got banks calling to verify information as I am applying for my car loan earlier.  In addition, there will also be the credit card section called to verify as some loans come with the pre-approve credit card application.

Some banks called to get information exactly what is written in the form, and it make me wonder, if it's for a security reason, you have the bank to call and verify information, how 'secure' that the call is which we can't identify who the caller is?  Since the question is gonna be exactly the same as the form, isn't that not secure for us to expose the details?

I mean if you are calling from the bank and you have obtained the info from the form, when you called a person verifying information, isn't that should be reading out the same in order to be verified?  Believe this is a chicken and egg thing to discuss...

Sometimes, I find it 'mo liao' coz a bank staff called you according to the number provided in the application form, and should one wanted to cheat the necessary, isn't that the number will belongs to him / her?  So, is that a point to call a person which number was provided to get clarification?  Who would want to apply a loan on behalf of someone else?

Just yesterday when a bank staff called, I told her my concern, and she was laughing away.  I think she got it that she is doing something unnecessary, and this unnecessary job is giving her the salary she wanted.  I told her to let me know what is the information provided instead of me giving her the info since I don't know if she is really the bank staff.  Furthermore, the bank number is recorded as Private Number.  How many times have we heard of scam through phone?  I gonna be really careful.  I told the bank staff that she might be one that holding the application form, filing up the information I gave through the phone, and apply on behalf of me instead since I don't know how real she is.  Therefore, asking her to give me the information instead ensuring that's what I am filing up.  Don't it work that way?

How do you handle calls verifying your information on your application?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Smack Dab in the Middle of God's Love

It's been so long that I am hibernating on this book as I don't know how am I going to read it since I request this book via e-book version.  I will share how did I manage to read this book in a separate post. As I have some missing books from Booksneeze earlier, I decided to request the e-book version instead of the print version to avoid further inconveniences.  

Smack Dab in the Middle of God's Love by Brennan Manning and John Blase is a children book, which is meant for children age 4 and above.  The book writes about God's Love to every one, and Willie Juan and Ana whom do not have any children, but having the neighbors' children visiting them and laugh together with them.  Willie & Ana is also a loving couple where they stroll the market each day hand in hand.  Despite not having any children, they are able to communicate and well accepted in the neighboring children.  Willie named God as Abba, and he taught the visiting children God's Love is just endless. 

When Willie asked what is one thing that the children think Abba will ask when they in heaven, one child has a fear that GOD must be BIG since he has endless love for everyone.  Willie  take time to explain that there should be no fear on GOD.

I shall say that this is a simple and good book to illustrate God's Love, since the wordings are easily understand.  The book is also not too thick for a child to read. 

Below is the book description and also the book cover:-

Book Description

Willie Juan said, “Little friends, what is one thing you think Abba will ask you someday when you are in heaven?”

Willie Juan and Ana couldn’t have children of their own, but somehow, their home is always full of children and laughter and love. One day, when gathered together enjoying a beautiful evening and Ana’s most delicious sopapillas, Willie Juan asks this most curious question.

As the group discusses the question, all come to the wonderful realization that Abba loves each of us, and we are all smack-dab in the middle of His love.

“Abba loves you so much and wants you to enjoy his gifts every day. Gifts like Ana’s absolute best, most delicious sopapillas. And the hummingbirds and burros. And abuelas.”

The first of Manning’s children’s books, this tender message is right on brand for the popular speaker and author who has traveled the world sharing Abba’s incredible love for His children.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com <http://BookSneeze®.com> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_03/16cfr255_03.html> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Extreme Solution with no water

Now you know that my house has no water supply and NOPE, it's not cause by the unpaid bill but there seems to have water interruption!!!  My guess was correct that today marked the 5th day without water in my area!  I managed to spoke to my neighbor and they confirmed that water supply was disrupted and there was a water tanker came at 4pm when no one was at home!!  

I was furious, and called the hotline and was informed that they don't know how long more to get the issue solved as it seems the water in the dam is running low.  Again, wondering those raining days do help in our water supply.  Frankly speaking, even staying in Singapore (a country who buys water from Malaysia) I don't have to experience water supply disruption! 

I am thankful that I have friends that so much willing to lend a hand inviting me to take a shower or take drinking water from their place, but my very concern is not the night, but more for the day when I need to freshen up for work.  In addition, Princess childcare also facing the same issue, and the children were requested to take their shower before attending childcare yesterday.

So last night, I decided to call my cousin who runs a hotel in Petaling Street, asking if I can booked her room for 1 night in order to be able to 'solve' the water issue.  Sometimes, GOD has made pre-arrangement as my cousin's daughter attend the same childcare as Princess therefore I have less worry to rush from Petaling Street back to Taman Desa just to send Princess.  My cousin's worker will do that for me, and Princess has a 'friend' to go to childcare together.  At almost 10pm, I packed and drove to Petaling Street (didn't want to go early coz of the crowd along the street).

This morning, with all freshen up, I went to work and thanks again to my cousin that she refused to take my money for the stay.  She even invited me again should the water supply is not back tonight which I seriously hope that it won't happen.  

Now I wonder how long more Syabas is going to take to settle this issue.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Water vs Electricity

If you know me in my FB, you know that my house has no water supply for the last 3 days, and I kept wondering what happen as this was the first time after so many years.. the worst water disruption in my area was during the 1997 Commonwealth game which all of us practically running for water!!  I tried contacting Syabas however there was no reply and for 3 solid days, I have been opening the tap to see if water flows.. and to my horror, it didn't!

I was trying to conserve as much water as I can and all the days, we all eat out instead and to minimize further usage of water, we ate using paper plates too!  So, this morning, my horror came when I realized that there was no more flowing from the 'storage' anymore!!! and I left with that 2 pails of water for a quick bath!

So for 3 days, I suffered keep blaming Syabas for their incompetency and only realized what a bummer that the water disruption was not cause by Syabas but my $$!!  Apparently it seems that my water bill was not paid over the last few months, and to my surprise as I always thought the bill was paid automatically by auto-debit?  NO!!

If you have asked me, I would rather no power supply than no water!!  if there is no power, I can easily just go out of the house, and hang around somewhere that provide power but not for WATER!!  It's all have to depend on bottled water over the last few days, and also to make sure that the water is conserve to wash all the pee and poos to eliminates the smells.. YUCKS!

Hopefully tonight will have water at home, or I will have no choice but to move to somewhere for the solutions!  

A Simple Life - The movie

I watched this movie at the very very last week of it's showing fearing that I missed the boat.  I took Princess to Mid Valley on the day of king installation, but unfortunately the queue for tickets were long and later I decided that I should just booked online to eliminate all the hassle especially when I have a kid tagging along.

On that day itself, we had a lunch date with a bunch of good friends in Bangsar South.  After lunch, Princess and myself, just proceed with movie rushing like a headless chicken as we have spent too much time chatting away! hehhee... Good that I printed the ticket and we can just proceed to the counter by missing the first 10 minutes of the show.

Back to the movie, A Simple Life, which won a few International Movie Award starring 2 of my favorite artists, i.e. Andy Lau and Dinnie Yip!!  I love this pair of 'mother and son' alike artist and I normally don't missed any of their shows.  Furthermore, this movie is a true story featuring the relationship between Roger Lee and his family helper.  It's even a must watch movie for me.

Despite that this movie doesn't have lots of graphic but the story is one that is reflecting the real life.  It's worth the ticket price, and guess if time permits, I will go again.. 

After the movie, last night was the 31st Hong Kong Film Award, and I watched the whole live telecast from the beginning to the end!! It took a good 3 hours sitting in front of the TV and I am glad that no one came snatching my TV!  :D

I felt all emotional when both my favorite artists were presented with best actor and best actress, and of course the Best File and Best Director too!!  If you haven't watch this, you should make a trip to the cinema as I find this is a good show for myself.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Nestle Incredible Story

I submitted a story to Nestle and wanted very much to contribute towards their 100 anniversaries.  I think everyone of us has a story behind since Nestle is always in our life each day.  From young, we had their various food introduced into our menu, and until today, I am one that still using the products!  I can also remember the 'nest' that rest in my home for my tummy comfort!

Now, I only wish I could win a prize and that would be PERFECT with NESTLE! Did you noticed the Reward became the Rewqrd?  It's a sign of EXCITEMENT creation!! 

Feeding with posts

I have to jot this down as I truly appreciate the advices given to me on feeding my posts.  Can you imagine the anxiety of not having any feed for the last 2 months until I have to post help into my Princess blog?  It's really really depressing... 

I was even more delighted when a friend sent me an email in my FB telling me to check out the Feedburner site and actually when I did, I still have error message which both myself and my friend didn't manage to figure out.  After scrolling around the WWW, I found something too that I needed to do..i.e the setting in my blog!!  

It said to check the setting of the feed URL, so when I log in to the settings, I did saw some link there and I decided to remove whatever is there and just shut down my PC and went to sleep.  The next day, I have successfully feeding the post like some diarrhea happened in my blog.  See the Post Feed Redirect URL thing there?  I emptied that..

If you asked me what have I done, I can't tell which steps were taken to have the feed back, but you may try the 2 steps and see if you got the feeding.  

Hope this help..

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My first car

I claimed this is my first car as it's the first car under my name.. YES, all my previous cars were bought under a different name due to loan matters and despite I paid for it, I still don't owned it as MY Car!  It's not a pleasant experience when the beginning of the deal, but later, it became all wells end wells as I still managed to get the car on the date I wanted it badly..

As usual, salesman over promised me with the status of the car, and trying to cornered me into believing that it's just not their fault for unable to keep to their words.  Despite that I gave them numerous times to tell the truth, they had make themselves a fool for trying to hide it instead.  So, the whole episode went all the way to the manager.  How the story start?

I was browsing for cars, and I saw the advertisement saying 'ready stock' and I contacted the salesperson for details.  He was very enthusiastic in the first place, and even after I told him I will only make my payment in April, he was willing to give me a discount in order for me to take my sales in end March.  Further he came all the way to my office to collect my documents for loan processing and so forth without me needed much say.  *I was like.. wah, this time I met the correct person la*

I kept asking and mentioning that I prefer to have my car 1st week of April, as I will be leaving to Teluk Intan for the Qing Ming prayer, and he was very accommodating in the date.  We submitted the loan application on Friday (right after he collected the document) and I have received a few calls from the banks seeking clarifications and so forth.  *It's really prove I got the right person, isn't it?*

So, I let the matter rest over the weekend, and on Tuesday morning, I received a call from the bank that my loan was approved.  I then called the salesperson again, while I was trying to give him the good news, he told me that my loan with another bank was not approved.  I was like, huh?  I am calling you to tell you that my loan has approved and you tell me it's not?  I can understand as we are speaking of 2 different banks..so blah blah blah... I reinforced again that looking at the timeline, I should be able to get the car by weekend isn't it?  My horror starts here!!

I was told 'oh, you take loan from this bank ah, they slow in release payment, so we cannot promise to deliver wor'.. I was like hah?  different banks different timeline?  I was not informed!!!  *horror*.. nevermind, I continue to probe further to how can I have my car on the date I am aiming.. I asked again.. how long do you need to get the car register once bank release payment?  The reply?  3 days only.. 

So, ok la.. I informed my office that I will be reporting in late, and went to the bank on Thursday signing the official documents and so forth.  I was contemplating if I should change the salesperson knowing now that I got no issue with loans.  I went around checking with other people if stocks were available, and some told me NO STOCK actually... Oh, that's the reason of all the excuses now.  I continue to deal with this salesperson, even involving his supervisor to negotiate on the timeline.  I spoke to the bank in releasing the payment ASAP in order to shut the mouth of the salesperson and his supervisor.  Another weekend gone, and again, the matter was let to rest over the weekend.

Come again Tuesday, the salesperson called to inform bank has called them to collect payment, and with the earlier 3 days timeline, I should be able to get the car by Friday, 6th April isn't it?  This time, the truth finally came out from the mouth after waiting for so long and they must be expecting me to swallow it!  No and hell no, I am not!  I told the supervisor that I wanted to speak to the MANAGER myself since he was no where able to help, and asked for the number.

I called the manager, and was informed that YES, since few weeks ago, it's already got no stock in hand, and wonder why the 'ma chai' all promised that they will be able to get.  This manager is SMART, he told me that now the main focus is to solve the matter, since I needed the car urgently.  He is willing to give me discounts and with some top up, I can opt to have a higher spec car instead of the one I am ordering.  I asked him how much more that I needed to top up, and after the calculation, I only needed to top up another RM700++, so I decided to go ahead.  I got a discount of RM2,000 of the price difference, therefore it's to my own good.

In conclusion, I booked for a Saga Standard 1.3 FLX, and I got a Saga Executive 1.3 FLX instead, not bad either... I opted for white colour since that's the colour available, and no further waiting game to play.  With immediate confirmation, I got the car registered, and able to be picked up at the showroom by Thursday night!  

On Thursday night, I was driving my snow baby back home from Sunway Mentari with a smile on the face.  After all the hassle, the main objective of having the car is met, and I am happy with it.  I did not regret with the changes, as it's really a good deal after all.  Princess was as excited as mummy and now everywhere we go, she will say, sit in the new car la... hehehe... 

I am proud that after so many years of 'restarting' my life, I am able to make this happen again.. and of course, I want to thank the person who got me into this job of mine *you know who you are*!!  Thank you babe.. you never be forgotten!  

Of course, not forgetting GOD answering my 'frantic' prayers each time after I know there will be a delay.  I prayed that GOD will grant me the wish of driving this new car back visiting my grandparents grave, and it's granted!  HE indeed does listen to me!  *Amen*

P/s:  My advise to car dealers / salesperson?  Be truthful to your customers... No point getting the sales, and end up having a unhappy deal...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally... it feed....

I posted in my Princess blog asking for help and advise as this blog of mine seems to be 'empty' with no feeding even with the updates I done.  That's definitely not driving any traffic to my blog from some of my silent readers as many are like myself, reading from the Google Reader and depending on it to update the blog lists.

So, I posted this print screen shot in my princess blog asking for help... and of course, I got some kind souls outside that give me good tips..

This morning, when I opened my reader, I saw this!!!  11 posts feeds into the Google Reader, and now I hope it stays the same.. at least with some traffic, I am more motivated to blog right? heheh..

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Find Audi Cars

As someone living in KL,  a CAR is like a mandatory item for one to own it.  If you are one that follows the current trending of car dealers' tactic, you realize that banks are giving loans to graduate with just the employment offer letter as it's so inconvenient to travel and move around in KL without a CAR!  I was one lucky ones that I don't have to worry on this matter as I always have blessing to travel with a car over the last few years, but since starting work, I realized it's really very 'urgent' for me to have ONE!

I have never know finding a 'dream car' can be that difficult!  Seriously from the beginning till now the awaiting time to get my car, I am always uptight with the arrangement.  Mind you, this is not the FIRST time I had this kind of situation!  It's very sad that our Malaysian's car dealers are always sweet talking you into doing business with them, and when all dollar and cents settle, they will come up with all kinds of grandmother stories in order to delay and crush your dream of driving the car in pieces.

From all my experiences, I find that having a trustworthy dealer is so much important to ensure that they don't twist the story around and try to corner you in every way.  While I was browsing for the 'trusted' dealer, I came across this website that provides me the options on various cars available.

As I am trying to find Audi for sale that able to give me the best value, I was trying to browse for some good deals.  When I chanced upon this website, I was totally impressed by this picture below:-

The webpage is named carsifu.com.  Isn't that good to be able to find a sifu online?  The more I browse through the webpage, the more excited I am with the deals available.  I am so much relieved that I will soon own a car that I have been dreaming.  The website is very user friendly as they categorize into respective car brands! Furthermore, it give me the number of cars available too!  How nice right?  All I have to do is just register online (FOC) and start doing all the necessary I need!

Stay tune for my posting of my car ya... *keeping finger cross that it come true right in front of my eyes on Friday*

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