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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 5, 6 & 7 - Still ongoing

I can't declare battle over yet.. over the weekend, we battle more since she practically have her access 24 hours!!  So, we not just have the whining session for night, but for her afternoon naps too!  aiyo... 

But glad to say, last night was a brisk... she finally get the idea of no 'nen nen', so no whining!  yay!!  But she couldn't fall asleep in her 'shut off' mode, and it make her very much cranky this morning.  Morning fix is still unavoidable!

I was on medical leave yesterday, and went to the doctor.  Doctor want to see if I am getting the sign of diabetic, as I told him my migraine is very bad.  So, the doctor 'poke' the finger tip to get blood for check, and I use this 'excuse' to tell Princess that doctor say cannot nen-nen.. hehehe.. think that's explain why she didn't whine last night.. hehehe.. 

Let's see how we survive for the 2nd week.. will update daily again.. 

I think I am one of the 'minority' that takes weeks to wean off... haiz...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weaning Day 4 - The battle continues..

This is a backdated post.. day 4 falls on 27 July 2012..

Last night was some whining happen, but Princess managed to sleep without a single latch on her 'fix' but the raba raba still going on... I refrained her from raba-ing inside, therefore the 'plead' of crying happened coz she wanted to 'feel' since cannot 'suck'.. *slap forehead*

It was a lot more of hugs and kisses, lots of song singing to make her fall asleep..

Morning was on 'fix' for few seconds... that could make her so happy!! aiyo, seeing this, I am CRUEL to not giving her... :p

Day 4, battle still continues... shall see how the weekend...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Better treatment for civil servants.. now.. coz they are the 'crucial'

PM declares half-month bonus for civil servants, pensioners get special payment - Nation | The Star Online

It's another 'good deed' by our lovely PM again for this coming festive season, and those civil servants who getting it, better 'treasure' it and guess what has make this 'good deed' appear so frequently these few months...

LOL!  Is he ready?  Are you ready to welcome 'the major' celebration also?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Singapore Vs Penang

On the street food.. who is better?

This was a topic of discussion recently when one report show that Singapore has better street food than Penang!!  Can you imagine the furious Penangites on this matter?  When  we have the Penang Cendol, Sister Char Koay Teow, all nice nice yummy ban chien kueh, nyonya kueh and etc.. and YET, we lost it to SING-A-PORE!

Now, having worked in Singapore for many many years back, I can understand why we lost... we lost it with the PERSONAL touch of the food.. We now hire those Burmese, Indons, Bangla and etc to do the preparing, cooking and serving!!  For goodness sake, if I ever walked into a stall that has those 'foreigners' serving the food, I don't order that especially in those food court!  I will surely walked to a local owner despite how much I love the food!

Before I go on, let me share the top 10 street food first..

Virtual Tourist’s top ten cities for street food and what to eat
1.Bangkok Thailand - Pad Thai, green curry, Green Papaya salad, mango sticky rice
2.Singapore’s hawkers centres - Hainanese Chicken Rice, spicy Peranakan (Chinese & Malaysian) noodle soup, satay skewers
3.Penang, Malaysia - Char koay teow (stir-fried rice noodles), assam laksa (hot and sour fish soup), roti (Indian-influenced flatbread)
4.Marrakech, Morocco - roasted lamb and couscous, sheep's testicle and escargots, ggplant, kebabs, and brochettes
5.Palermo, Sicily - arancini (stuffed fried rice balls) pizza, gelato, cannolis, spleen sandwiches
6.Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - pho (beef noodle soup) com tam (cooked broken rice) and spring rolls
7.Istanbul, Turkey - döner (lamb, chicken, or beef) balik ekmek (fish sandwiches), kebab
8.Mexico City, Mexico - tacos al pastor, made with pork and pineapple, roasted corn on the cob, churro (fried donought)
9.Brussels, Belgium - Belgian waffles, crepes, moules frites (mussels with fries) and caricolles (snails boiled in broth)
10.Ambergris Caye, Belize - Ceviche (raw fish marinated)

Let me tell you what I like in Singapore..

Ah Bo Ling glutinous rice ball with peanut soup!!  I can have 2 bowls of this desserts!!
 Mee Pok / Bak Chor Mee
Katong Laksa!!!

Penang food


Char Koay Teow
 Mee Yoke (Prawn Mee)

The next reason I can think of is the ingredient we use in Malaysia now.. with all the increase food cost, and cronies taking the 'profit', we end up having sub-standard ingredients in our food.    Try comparing the prawns in our CKT with those in Singapore, we are like using dried prawns la... 

When I am back from Singapore, I used to curse the living in here in KL, and I almost make an U-turn to return to Singapore for GOOD.   Pls don't ask me to go back SG now coz I CAN'T at the moment! :p

FYI, if I am eating in those 'neighborhood' food court those days, I can get a SGD2.50 chap fan with 3 dishes! If you can now find me a stall that gives you 3 dishes (1 meat / fish, taufu & vege) for that price, you better let me know!  not even with a conversion currency you get those in KL!!

You must be thinking I am damn pro-Singapore, but you are wrong coz I doubted the report since SINGAPORE HAS NO STREET FOOD! LOL!  

All they have are in those market food court (if you count that the market is by the street)!  LOL  

I am serious, if you put street food, Penang is better... but if you count the food overall, I will vote for Sing Jia Por!

Since it's going to be a weekend, I shall not bored you with my weaning post... 
OK.. PEACE!     Have a nice Weekend!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weaning.. Day 3

I hope I have not bored you all with this bored storyline, but I have to mark it, record it so I won't forget how many days we 'suffer' together to go through this.

We were getting better last night, with late night sleep after carecell meeting, Princess whining went shorter before she dozed off, and I made a mistake for waking in the middle of the night to charge my phone afraid that it will 'died' before the alarm! and there, Princess was 'raba raba' for her fix.  I tried to brush her off, but FAIL... aiyo...or she will have a sleep through night!  *slap myself*

In the morning, she will still need a 'boost' to her fix before heading out the house, but the boost is getting lesser too!  She will stop when I instructed her to.. from the initial count of 10, she is now getting only 8.. let's see if I can get to 5 tomorrow...

Day 3, a great improvement... hope I don't have to do this till next week... we shall see...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weaning - Day 2

Only able to have slight improvement.  Still whining if not given...

Hoping for a better Day 3 tonight.. I have been telling her that her 'nen nen' is pain, and hopefully she will be able to give in...

She is now wearing my T-shirt to bed... in substitutes...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weaning Day 1

Ok, finally picked the heart to wean Princess off her addiction with my bOObs!!!  We started off not very well, but at least I could make do with the middle of the night addiction that just brushed her back to her lala-land when she was tossing and turning.

Since last week, I am in the project of weaning by telling her that she is a big girl and can sleep on her own without me.  Then one night, I was out with friends to 'sit coconut' for my ex-boss's FIL funeral, came home having a sleeping child.. hooray!  She can actually sleep on her own without me at night.  Ok, she has done this for the afternoon session without me, but not the night.. remember, we both came in a package, so no matter where I go, she has to be 'tag' along.

I kept stopping her to suck for comfort, once I can feel the flow of milk is none, I just pull away and tell her 'no more sucking', and of course, the whining will also start la.. this went on for a week, and last night, after her 'addiction' suck, I just tell her to sleep, and gave her loads of hugs and kisses till she fell asleep.  

I am going to do this again tonight, and hopefully slowly I can wean off the 'exclusive' rights of Princess, and able to let her have more sleeps too!

Soon.. will end the 3 years ++ journey of having someone sharing my 'assets'

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lunch Box

With another colleague that join in the 'home cook' food, we have now 2 electrical lunch box in the office of us to prepare food.  It's great that both myself and my colleagues eating healthier and simpler food.  We both save quite a fair bit too!

Some pictures below show the food we had for this week:-

Steam fish with wolf-berries and mushroom

steam fish, kailan with mushroom and overnight KFC

baby carrot, and yong tau foo soup

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wishing all Selamat Berpuasa!

Photo Credit
I am taking this time to wish everyone a Happy Ramadhan month, and all smooth preparation for the arrival of Syawal!

I personally like the Ramadhan month, not because of the array of food available but also you see our fellow Muslim friends holding on their limit to achieve something that they believe religiously.  Guess this month, there will be alot of tolerance between our fellow Malaysians in order to respect each other.  We shall all play our part as human to give and take each time.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The reception days were ended...

officially on 20th July 2012.  The day marked my 2 months relief of the front line, and back to my back support function in the office.  For these 2 months, it's been kind of an enjoyable 'position' which I don't have to be seen most of the time by the boss, and I am don't have to mingle too much with the team too! hehehe... 

Despite that I have to take care of 2 workstation, one belongs to the receptionist, and one for myself, these days were gone, and I no longer needed to jaga pintu.  Since the day I sit in front, I have put my foot to instruct the contractor to fix my glass door as earlier it was not able to 'close' properly and I do not want to expose my personal assets with no proper surveillance.   I got it fixed, and people who visited my office now will not have 'free' access as they like.

Also, I have seen many 'character' with visitors to the office.  Some just not keen in waiting, some will sigh while they were here, some don't follow the time schedule and so on.. nevertheless, it's interesting to observe human kind.

I have also asked all the team members to use their access card, since the door is fixed as I do not fancy opening doors to them each time they go in and out of the office, hehehe if they has to hate me for this, let it be.. hahaha... I am not prepared to be the 'jaga' for the 'door' even I am sitting in front.  Think I am here to welcome guess visitors and not to keep an eye of those who has the access freely but decided not to use it for their own convenient.

I received phone calls who they themselves who they are looking for, and simply whack a name to try their luck.  Tough that they got me as I always make sure I pass the calls to the right person. 

Again, I have visitors come to our office without prior appointment.  Some were thick skin that they will just sit at the reception area even you tell them that the person that they wanted to see was in the meeting.  I find some of these sales person really a pain when they are just sitting at the reception area and rudely observe the office.

I am also in charge of the usage of our meeting room, however at most of the times, my team members don't cross check schedules, and they will end up with no rooms for their meeting.  I don't understand how come it's so difficult to just inform the front desk what meeting are they having, and who are we suppose to expect.

All good to end now, that I am back to my own workstation, clean up the necessary works that left behind, and I am glad I survived the 2 months period..


Happy Weekend! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I rather be a robot

I would rather be a robot!!  I am serious, for those who had this function in the comment part of your blog, it's not inviting anymore as it's getting from bad to worse.  I sincerely urged that you remove this function, so we could be more happily commenting.  The above at least is still readable, as I got some which I need to refresh a few times before even can read it! 

Each time when I visit a blog, I have always wanted to comment, but each time when this thing pop up, it's really sianz as I am in a hurry and I can wasted a few minutes just waiting to get the 'easy' to read code.  

I am sorry if I offended anyone who thinks that this function may keep the 'robot' away, but instead of keeping the robot away, you are asking a human to go away.  I understand the intention of having this, to ensure that the spam and information security is carried out, but aren't this a bit too much? 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brave (2012 film)

Picture Source
I got 2 free tickets during the Maybank Treatsfair recently, and on we went for our movie outing after redeeming the ticket few days earlier.  We got up early, hit Mid Valley for the show which start at 11.30am, had our McD breakfast (this also FOC as I redeemed my McD Sausage McMuffin coupon from the church) and slowly walked to the cinema for the show.

Since the show has not been taken down yet, I will suggest parents to take their child to this movie.  Despite that it did not has a very huge 'advertising' effort, but this is a good movie for all CHILDREN no matter at what age.  

The movie reflected clearly how every CHILD trying to go against not just customs, traditions but also words from the mother.  It has a good moral values to be told, and it make it so easy to understand.  It also shows how a mother be (even when she is under the spell) to protect her own flesh and blood.  

Go parents, weekend bring your child there.. you will have a different way of parenting (maybe) after this movie.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

HSG Parent's Day Celebration

The church has a parents' day celebration last Sunday, and besides the guest speaker, Mr Gerald Bradley, we were also entertained by Mr "Elvis" HT Long.  It was a very meaningful event that day, as we were given a topic on how GOD is in place on our Parenting journey.  It was stressed so much on LOVE spell T.I.M.E which so often that we have been rushing to reach the top of the 'financial' world, we have neglected our lovely child / children at home that they too, needed us.

Pastor Cheah also put a good words that we can't earn the most money available in the world, and we should just do what we can to achieve including spending T.I.M.E with our children, and not forgetting our folks too!  A quote appeared that day was... As we grow older, and get ourselves busier, we forgot that our folks are growing old too!  

And just when Pastor Cheah speaking his words into my heart, on some words that were not spoken to our old folk, I realized how much I have done for them.  It's is an awakening message from the GOD last Sunday, that I should start looking for the solutions and time to spend.

The day ended not very good, as both myself and Princess had a 'fight' and didn't I just came home from church to deal with children and how to walk with GOD as a parent?  I just failed badly on this day.  I continue to pray to my Father Lord, that HE guides me with the utmost patience and love to deal with this journey.  I have no regret of taking this road on my own, with no other assistance along the way, but I do pray that besides not having a 'man' of life, I want GOD to guide me through and let minimise all the 'commotion' both myself and princess had.

I pray that Father Lord will give me what he thinks the best, and I shall take all his givings and blessing.  I shall not question should there be any hiccups as I think that's the test he would like to put me through in order to grow stronger.  Father, I only pray that you give me the comfort level of my financial, as I am not aiming to reach the gold mountain but we shall not suffer from financial stress. 



Monday, July 16, 2012

I bought the Philips Air-Fryer!!!

I finally crossed out one item in my wish list, i.e. the Philips Air-Fryer which I am thinking for quite sometimes.  As my mum moved the wet kitchen to the back, and I am just too lazy to go and do any cooking.  Months ago, I got a chance to take some food that done by the Air-Fryer, and I immediately fell in love with it.  Imagine cooking with no OIL, and no MESS! 

When I first seen this machine, it was used to cook luncheon meat! and NICE is the only word I can find to describe the outcome.. then, we tried using it to do Roast Pork, and it turned out GOOD too!  So, I was aiming for this thing since then...

It was in white lavender colour in their first release, but having not a very 'clean' area, I waited for the black to 'appear' in our local market.  Last week, was the Maybank Treatsfair 2012, and with some points armed in hand, I went and look around for any good deals.  Mind you, I have been seeing deals of this kind of air-fryer at those coupon site too!  There, guess how long have I been wanting this baby..

I went to the fair, and this 'baby' was just right in the front to welcome me with a big RM250 discount from the original price!  Furthermore, it was under the 'installment plan' which upon signing up, I get additional 5 times points!!  Then since I did the purchase with my card, I got to enjoy a further 5% discount of cash back due to weekend shopping!!

Wait.. the fun don't end there.. I was given RM50 voucher (5 X RM10 vouchers) of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (how I wished it was Starbucks), and a Philips lunch box bag too!  It was an insulated bag with 2 clip and locked lunch box.. good? Then as a MBB cardholder whom purchase above RM500, I am entitled to claim for 2 DOME coffee voucher, and also another 2 BRAVE movie tickets by GSC!  Interesting?

The fun ends that I can even enter the premier lounge and got myself another Starbucks voucher for free, and a slice of pizza on the house!  On top of that, they served Nestle ready dispenser coffee / tea in the lounge..  I spend almost 8 hours shopping there, with some eye-opening of new products introduced.  

Did I just sounded like a cheapo?  hehehe.. don't care la, as long as I am able to max the benefits I can have..

Friday, July 13, 2012

A week gone.. just like that...

This week past pretty fast... From Monday to Friday, I seems to be very 'engage' that I did not have the time to really do up a blog post.  Must write down what I did, so I could actually recall where all my time went to...

Monday - something exciting came up, and the whole day passed without much activity but come day end, I had a bad backache and throat infection.

Tuesday - taken medical leave to see doctor, and was told that my mucus was running back to my throat, therefore created the irritation and after had some antibiotic throughout the last 2 days, I started coughing..

Wednesday - Another exciting day... I am praying for some 'miracle' to happen, and I hope it will... Will continue to pray... In addition, work at office was getting busier due to meeting and meeting, and I ended the day with a good massage by my helper's friend...

Thursday - It started BAD as I got someone hijacked my time slot for meetings, and it caused a lot of back to back meetings in the 2nd half of the day.  I was pissed off by the person who screwed up the schedule, as I was just talking to him about the meeting the day BEFORE!!  Anyway, both myself and Princess was at Mid Valley, and we will be going for FREE movie this Saturday.  I have claimed the free vouchers from Maybank.

Today - It seems better, I met with my cousin SIL and we have a good chat over lunch hour, and later kao tim all my banking matters that I need to do.  Happy to have a good end (hope I don't jinx it) and look forward for tomorrow.

Plan for tomorrow will that we will go watch BRAVE in the morning in Mid Valley, and dinner at night in Sg Buloh. 

Sunday, I will be in church as usual, but I hope I can bake some buns for the kids after movie tomorrow and before heading out for dinner.. let's see how things go...

Till then,


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cynful Pleasure @ Doc McStuffins (Preview)

We were here last week, on the 29th, June 2012... back dated, and currently doing the photos... will upload soon the details..


Friday, July 6, 2012

Cynful Pleasure @ Colgate SlimSoft

If you have read Princess blog, you sure know she got a good time during this event which held in Bangsar Village, Bistro 42 on last Saturday, 30 June 2012.  I was given an invitation from Nuffnang, after leaving my 'Dracula' comment at Kimberlycun's blog. hahaha.. she might just too scare and gave my name to Nuffnang. :p

Anyway, this is a new product launch by Colgate, which they have now come up with not 0.03, 0.02 but 0.01 soft bristle called Colgate SlimSoft.  Just in time for my next toothbrush change (it is advisable to change your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months) therefore I am all delighted to try this new product.  I used to have the 0.02 ones.. This one seems to be fine with me, and I can feel it pricked through my teeth each brush..

We have a great time there, with Princess not fussing at all, and she seems to enjoy the event very much.  When come to the trivia question time, I am the first to answer a question, and won ourselves exclusive gifts from Colgate.

Our Pretty Emcee of the day
The nice deco
The food.. YUMMY! 

The fact cards on the table for our reading and later the trivia questions were based on this

The Goodies.. that's a year of supply of toothbrush!

We also got 3 photo shots FOC from the event.  They have this photo wall with props for us to take photos, and print on the spot for us.

The first photo was both myself and Princess, 2nd, Princess on her own, and 3rd was with the Manager from Colgate upon getting our prize..

Thursday, July 5, 2012

POISE - Final Part

I actually captured an video showing the 'live' absorption test during the event, and here sharing the video for your reference.

I hope this will gives my dear reader a better picture of how POISE could help in LUL!

Again, don't keep it to yourself.. POISE, it happen to ME!

All other links to the related post is here

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I won the Kleenex "Share the Softness' Contest!

I blogged on the Kleenex "Share the Softness" here, and last week, I received an email from my lovely event company that I WON!!  Below is the prize in hamper.  I received an hamper of 10 boxes of Kleenex tissue, a few packs of traveling packs, the sanitizing wet wipes and etc... HURRAY!  Princess was so happy that she keep asking who gave that to us!

Two sides view of the hampers

In addition, I also won myself this (Image credit)...

It's good since we shop alot in Jusco, and that's basically covers my 1 week grocery shopping cost.. hehehe..

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Samsung S6500

I got the phone for a week now, and I am loving it actually.  I understand that the phone does not really cost a bomb, and can get the basic smartphone function!  My princess has been enjoying the phone, and of course, not just that the phone is small and easier to handle for her, she is also attracted to the 'yellow' colour of the phone.. she has asked me to ditch my current 'black' phone!!

We first try out the camera, and it was good.. we were bored waiting for the buy 1 free 1 promo earlier, and I snapped a few photo using the phone, and below are some of it..

We were queue-ing for the promo... put both the sisters in the trolley..

Princess having her own 'sandwich'.. 

Besides, it has mostly the same smartphone function overall comparing to other phones, and of course being a Samsung brand phone, the phone come with Samsung apps!!  I got to explore most of the apps FREE comparing to other phones.. yeah yeah...

I have no technical expert, therefore unable to tell you the most technical details of the phone, however I would suggest should one is looking for a 'smartphone' and wanting something 'sufficient', it's a good phone to consider.

One features that my princess love is the sound recording apps (I know we have it in most phone) however in my 'black' phone, I can't use the recorded sound to be 'alarm' tone!  First day when princess got the phone to 'play' she recorded an alarm tone, and it goes.. "Breanna wake up, Breanna wake up" and guess that's make her get off the bed at 6.30am easier..hehe..She has since tried many many different tones of alarm, and change each night before going to bed! *faint*

Next, due to the size of the phone, she is able to handle it better, and she has been going around the house asking everyone to 'post' for her.  As she only needed to tap on the screen when she needed to capture 'photo' she enjoyed it very much than my 'black' phone..

She is asking for 'her' phone nowadays!!! She told me that I can bring the 'black' phone to work, and the 'yellow' phone is hers!  Now when I need to return the phone to Nuffnang, I will have to 'explain' to her where is the 'yellow' phone... *hopefully Samsung thinks this is a piece of good review, and I can keep the phone* :p

I browse for the price of the phone actually, and it cost around RM599 (recommended selling price) and sometimes the price is lower too!  For a phone costing around RM600, you get the use of smartphone, it's actually worth it for a not so 'compact' user. 

The battery life was good too!  We had the phone charged, and it lasted for about 5 days (again, for not an avid phone user).

Sunday, July 1, 2012

POISE® Launches ‘IT HAPPENS TO ME’ Educational Campaign - Part 2

By now, you know that POISE is a product for LUL.  Below, is the captions from the event and it's a photo loaded post.  

The interior set-up of the event

My ever supportive event manager
The 3 main speakers for the night

Some screen shots of the educational videos
Pic with the 2 beauty POISE ambassadors
banners everywhere at the event hall

This lady was introducing and explaining the product with demonstration
Demonstration of absorbance test

The product range

We did Pilates for kegal exercise
cupcake compliment from POISE
Brought back the balloons for Princess.. she was amazed that the balloons are stuck at the ceiling!

Cynful Pleasure Bakery


I review for BookSneeze®