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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Change... again for better

My new logo which I just did some customisation from those free online logo provider.  I choose a sun rise, as I see myself rising from the 'sad' and soon, my 'moarning' period should end once the debt collection work completed.

I have change this to be my profile pic, so when I visit your blog and leave a comment, you will see this for definite.  I am making changes bit by bit, and looking for the financial freedome soon too!  I don't mind the work hard stuff, as long as I am able to generate my simple life smoothly.

I don't set high targets, but like to bring my mum and princess for at least jalan jalan cuti cuti Malaysia as often as I can when come long weekends, and at least a overseas trip once every 2 years?  This year, I am hoping to make an extra bucks through my blog, therefore more advertorial stuff is written.  However, I assure you that my opinions and reviews are all truth and not bias.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The New SnowWorld

If you are aware, I have planned for a short holiday in December in Genting this year just myself and Princess.  One reason of why I do that in December is that in some Europe and western countries, it's actually winter time there.  Since I can't bring Princess enjoying snow in those countries yet, why not have a preliminary exposure in Genting since Genting has a new attraction now!  It's the New Snow World!!

I visited the Genting Malaysia website recently, and know that they have this newly launch place costing as below:-

Ticket price is inclusive of jacket, boots, gloves and all sizes are subject to availability.
Normal (RM)
Genting Rewards Card (RM)
Child / Senior Citizen
*Rates are subject to change without prior notice

 Operation Hours

Malaysia School Holidays &
Public Holidays
Monday - Friday
10:30am - 10:30pm
09:30am - 11:30pm
Saturday / Eve of Public Holidays
09:30am - 11:30pm
09:30am - 12:30am
09:30am - 10:30pm
09:30am - 11:30pm
*Operation hours are subject to change without prior notice

Rules & Regulations
Please Do:-
·        Refer to the height requirements
v     min. height: 4 ft ; max. weight 65kg to board the Cresta Run
*There is no weight and height limit to enter the SnowWorld.
Just a little reminder :-
·        No Smoking
·        No Camera, Video Camera & Mobile Phone
·        No Food & Drinks
·        No Baby Stroller & Wheelchair
·        No Slippers or Heels
·        No Bermudas or Shorts

The following persons are NOT suitable in this attraction:-
·        Visitors with asthma
·        Pregnant women

What can I do there?

Play Slide + Cresta Run Slide
Ice Sculpture + Snowball Time
The Winter Downtown + World Heritage Concept
LED Light Animation Scheme
The Lookout Point
Warm House
Stroll down the streets of a snowy downtown and be amazed by the unique light scheme which will gradually transform SnowWorld from cheery daytime to magical nighttime.
The relief façade along the sideway of the snow chamber depicts the concept of a winter downtown experience. The stretch of streetscape along the slope creates a wonderful visually-stimulating experience and certain window bays have been reserved to serve as possible vendor stalls or resting bays.

Walk through the authentic streets as animated and rhythmic lights twinkle from the windows of the shops which houses an English Tea Shop, a French Bakery, an Italian Pizzeria as well as shops displaying Spanish red wine, Dutch clogs and Swiss chocolates to experience the culture and heritage of different countries.
  So, do you want to join me?  You can still book your room online with a cheaper rate.. :D

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holidays... holidays... here I plan...

Do you know after the Raya holiday, almost every 2 weeks we will get a long weekend?  Let me list down below what the holidays coming ya..

1)  Merdeka Day - Aug 31 (Fri, Sat & Sun)
2)  Malaysia Day - Sept 16 (Sat, Sun & Mon)
3)  Raya Haji - Oct 26 (Fri, Sat & Sun)
4)  Deepavali & Awal Muharam - 13th & 15th Nov (if you take 14th & 16th, you get 6 days)
5)  Christmas - 25 Dec 

And of course, all the above holiday will be school holidays too!  hippa hippa!!  You don't know what you want to do?  Then consider going to Genting!!  Let me bring you a virtual tour of what you can do there ya..

if you love mystery & surprises! That’s why you will extremely thrilled that 8 award-winning magicians from Superstars of Magic 2 are here to dazzle you with their spectacular acts! from 18 August to September to witness this amazing experience.  I blog on this too HERE!

MUST EAT Bubbles & Bites
They have a swanky new dining outlet! Come drop by, pop some bubbles and grab a bite! Bite in their Simply Fresh hamburger” with 200 gsm of fresh ground beef and wagyu lard on a soft burn.  I blog about this HERE!

Moon cake festival is a season of re-union with family & friends. Make sure you bring home some authentic moon cakes to share together with exchanging stories…I made my own Genting mooncake HERE!

MUST EXPERIENCE Genting Theme Park
There’s so much of excitement & fun at our Indoor & Outdoor Theme Park with loads of thrilling adventures for everyone.

After all the MUST stuff, you may opt the followings too!

LOADS of Exciting Itinerary!!
Snow World (Coming Up)
Outdoor Theme Park
Indoor Theme Park
Water Park
Sky Venture
Flying Coaster
To have bowling game
Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
To have my favourite movie
Fun time at video game park
Q-Center (Snooker & Pool)

A fresh air trip in the cable car
Just want a relax stay in Genting
Have a nice brew coffee
Enjoy the fresh air & the cool weather
A Good Friend Gathering
Relaxation SPA
Visitor Gallaria

To watch international show
To watch concert

Visit Strawberry Farm
Visit Orchid Farm
Visit Mushroom Farm

Enjoy varieties of foods
Dine at the new opening outlet “Bubble & Bites” – Contemporary western dining delight
Enjoy International Buffet
Chill out at Entertainment outlets with varieties of International Beers & Drinks

Visit Chin Swee Cave Temple
Enjoy the jungle tracking at Awana Genting
Eco Sport at Awana Genting

Exciting enough?  You can now start to plan your holidays.. and for myself, I am spending Christmas in Genting!!

I took Princess to Genting when she was about 1 1/2 yrs old, and now at 3++ she enjoy more rides, and able to enjoy the weather.  I have booked myself to First World Hotel..Since the holidays are around, you might also consider spending your holiday in Genting?  

Or you want to join me there?  We can count down there... hehehe..

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bubbles & Bites

After the mooncake workshop, we were treated to a good meal of course.  We were led to Bubbles & BitesThe Resort’s latest F&B addition, opened on 4th July 2012.  If you asked me about the food that day, the only word is YUMMY!  It's a very enjoying meal that day, despite I am under the weather.  

3 main points of the restaurant:-

casual continental cottage cuisine in a relaxing and rustic ambiance.

The outlet is committed to serving fresh food, specializing in pizzas and pastas.

Serve miniature bottles of sparkling wines, alcoholic sodas, juices, soft drinks, beers and wines from all around the world.

Menu Please

Signature Dishes

Pizza Carnivore 
Pizza Carbonara
Home-style Macaroni & Cheese
Al Dente Spaghetti
Our ‘Simply Fresh’ Burger
Parmigiano Burger
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Fish and Chips
Braised Lamb Shank
Whole Roasted Kampung Chicken
Traditional Tiramisu
Trio of International Dough Fritters 
Signature Hot Chocolate

If you think that's all we have that day, then you might not be right, after such nice lunch, we proceed to the upper level of the cafe and had 2 bottle of sparkling champagne!  Let's share the environment..

The comparison of the upper level and the dining level... isn't that cool?


Friday, August 17, 2012

Genting’s International Magic Festival 2012!

Fan of Magic Please read here!!  read for the additional information about the exciting event!!  

For I am a fan of Magic.  I am excited to see how people can just do things in a flip of the eye and I like to see how that done..  I remembered glued in front of TV whenever there was show of the famous magician!  But lately, with some shows 'breaking' the code, I prefer to watch it live instead of from the TV.

So, my wish is coming true soon... The Genting International Magic Festival is ON!!  Why so great about this festival?  Read this.. 

-          Showcase International Renowned Magicians, Magical Buskers & Magical Exhibits, all under 1 roof - Malaysia.
-          Produced & Directed by an Independent Malaysian.
-          Covers 3 Unique Events within the period of 40 days
1.       International Magical Buskers
2.       International Magic Factory
3.       Superstars Of Magic 2, 2012

Have the above make you all excited?  Now, let me introduce you the 8 magicians?

Have you WOW yet?  NO?  Then you just got to read the 4 highlights here under!

MAIN HIGHLIGHTS: Superstars Of Magic 2
Date      : 18/08 – 09/09/2012
             : 25/08/2012 (Extra Matinee Show @ 4.00pm)
Time      : 9.00pm
Venue  : Genting International Showroom

The magic is back at Genting with Superstars of Magic 2 as 8 new magicians are set to dazzle you with their spectacular acts. Prepare to be amazed once again as they perform their grand illusions so fast, your mind will tell you they’re real. Don’t miss these renowned award-winning magicians as they set out to amaze you with their stunning and extravagant performance once again at Resorts World Genting.

Presenting the grand illusionists that will astonish you: “The World’s Greatest Escape Artist” – Dean Gunnarson, “The Great Illusionists” – JC Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, the “World’s Best Variety Act” – Charlie Frye & Co., “Europe’s Best Pickpocket Artist” - Christian Lindemann, “Stage Comedy Magician of the Year” – Chipper Lowell, “France’s Card Manipulation Champion” – Nestor Hato, the “World’s Best Quick Change Act” – Sos and Victoria Petrosyan, and “The World’s Youngest Manipulation Artists” – Sos and Tigran Junior.

Don’t miss out on this chance to witness in person an amazing magical experience. Grab your show tickets now and see if you can tell how they did it.

International Buskers
Date      : 01 – 15/08/2012
Time      : 12.00noon onwards
Venue  : Resort wide

Be mesmerized with our international magic buskers as they make their rounds at our resort in line with our magic theme this season. They are no ordinary buskers but are among the best in their field, all brought together from all over the world to one place with only one purpose – to entertain your family, your friends and yourself.

Be sure to keep an eye out for them when you are here at the resort. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

International Magic Factory
Date      : 15/08 – 02/09/2012
Time      : 10.00am onwards
Venue  : Universal Walk, First World Plaza
Here’s your chance to dazzle your family and friends with your very own unique magic performance. With the help of these international magic products, they will think that you have a special uncanny ability to perform a unique magic act that is otherwise not seen locally. A total of 8 international vendors will be here to present their magic wares at First World Plaza, offering you a wide and unique selection that will enhance a very basic magic act into something that looks complicated. No magic skills and experience are required as these products are easy to use. But you will need to find your beautiful assistant on your own.

Magic Workshop 
Date      :   24 - 25/08, 31/08 - 02/09 & 07 - 09/09/2012
Time      :   2.00pm 
Venue  :  Genting International Convention Center, Meeting 7 & 8

It is not every day that one is given the chance to learn from the best, but we are offering you an opportunity not-to-be-missed. Emulate the professionals by attending their workshops and see how they did their tricks. It is one thing to see the secrets on TV, but the chance be taught by one of these professionals in person is a worthwhile experience.

Workshop Sessions
24 August 2012
: Charlie Frye
25 August 2012
: Chipper Lowell
26 August 2012
: Christian Lindemann
31 August 2012
: JC Sum
1 September 2012
: 'Magic Babe' Ning
2 September 2012
: Christian Lindemann
7 September 2012
: Charlie Frye
8 September 2012
: JC Sum
9 September 2012
: 'Magic Babe' Ning

·        For further information, please visit website at Resort World Genting or contact hotline: 03-27181118.
·        Genting International Magic Festival URL Link: Home Page


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cynful Pleasure @ Mooncake workshop

Besides having a chance to taste the varieties of mooncakes available, I was given the opportunity to lay my hands on making mooncakes too using the Genting Recipe!!  
The recipe for the skin as below, and all you need to do is mix the ingredient together and make a dough.  Let the dough rest for at least 3 hours before wrapping with your filing of choice.  Resting the dough is to ensure that it's not stick and easier to handle when wrapping.  Do remember to have extra dusting flour for your table and hands..

Ingredients for the skin:
750 gram flour
600 gram golden syrup
150 gram oil
15 alkaline water

Weigh the dough about 30g, and the filing about 135g (without egg yolk, reduce if got yolk)
Of course, not forgetting the mold that you will press in the wrapped dough and filing! 

Let me show you 2 videos on how to do that.. the sifu showing the skills..

Yours truly with my mooncake
The mess we created...
More people hands on.. and more taking photos..
The individual mooncakes
The Group Photo!! and SIFU!
We get to take home each of our 'creation' at the end of the tour, and due to my 'sickness' I did not taste it, but was commented nice by my family members...


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Resort World Genting Mooncake

Before I begin, let's imagine...

Kiwi + Lotus Paste?
Ginseng + Lotus Paste?
Black Sesame?

Don't it sound exciting to have many flavor to spoil your taste bud?  As a consumer, it's always happy to see different exposure and experiment of different flavor, do you?

Now, let's begin with something 'lighter'..

Snow Skin with Kiwi Fruit Paste & Snow Skin Mango Paste
White butter skin with pandan corn paste & Healthy white lotus paste
with spirulina skin
Sweet Corn Paste with Chestnut
White Lotus Paste with Ginseng & Red Dates
The cut-opened mooncakes varieties
The design...

The promotions..
The price list
My personal verdict of the mooncakes?  Basically it's MOONCAKES! and of course it's sweet!!  BUT, very fortunate that according to the Mooncake Sifu from Genting, all ingredient use in Genting Mooncake are cooked by Genting staffs, therefore not those store bought or factory made filing and SUGAR is REDUCED for GOOD...

I like the butter skin ones, and the one with Black Sesame.. each bit is so full of fragrant of sesame, and didn't you know that black sesame is good for hair?  It's amazing that the Butter Skin Pandan with Corn, the corn taste did not overwhelmed the Pandan flavor, and how amaze that with the 'yolk' that made of CORN!!  Healthy and less guilty on cholestrol..

Snow Skin Mango!!  Oh gosh, I can even see the nibs of mango in the mooncake and it's really fragrant with mango flavors!  I may buy a box for my home consumption on this... 

Not forgetting... DURIAN too!!! 

Hop over to HERE for info, and I am sure you feel amazing just like me..

Cynful Pleasure Bakery


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