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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cynful Pleasure @ Penang Hill

Over the long Malaysia Day holiday, I planned a trip up north to Penang with my mum and my girl.  It's not a good idea now that I learned for this since the week before we just landed South, and again taking long hours drive totally killed me when I am back from the trip.

It's a good trip minus the after effect, and I finally make a trip up the Penang Hill this round.  Every time we were in Penang, we hardly has chance to visit around the tourism places as we usually end up entertaining relatives.  But this time, since it's only ourselves, I decided it's should be a touring trip instead of for gathering.  

We went up the Penang Hill on the 16th, and the crowd was huge.  Parking was an issue that I litteraly round the parking area for more than 30 minuts in order to get a space.  Parking cost RM4 per entry.

After parking, you can walked to the ticketing counter through a pathway.

I have totally forgotten that it was Malaysia Day that day, and upon arriving at the ticketing couter (meeting my mum and the rest as I dropped them first to queue), guess who I saw?  I saw the CM of Penang smiling away.  

The queue to get the tickets were long, but service was good.  In just about 20 minutes queue, I managed to buy the tickets, and up we went to the platform, and only in mere 5 minutes, the train arrived.

The speed for the train is consider fast as it's moving upwards to the hill.  It makes 3 stops, and for those who like to hike up, may consider alight and hike up.

When we arrived at the hill top, a great scenery of Penang can be viewed!  It's amazing!!  It's cooling there too!  

While walking around observing the scenery and people, we then noticed that there was a celebration going on!  *no wonder CM was there*  

They have some dance presentation, songs and also some quiz session.  They also have a few counters entertaining the kids (sand art, face painting, hand painting) and Princess got a very nice hand painting which you can hop over to her blog to read.  I won a recycle bag and a toy tiger (forgot to snap pictures and now cannot find it) by answering what's the meaning of the white colour in Malaysia flag?  *I was 'forced' requested by Princess to go answer ANY ONE question coz she wants the bag!*

We did not stay till the end of the program, and the queue taking the train down hill was HUGE!!  I am glad that service was fast, and despite a long queue, we didn't need to wait too long!

I am happy I finally make a point to visit some places in Penang, and make a point to visit Penang Hill!!  Before we left, I saw people carrying sleeping bag and some food up, and I assume you can actually put up a night here if you want!  They also have a food court there, and pricing for the food is reasonable too!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Stiff Neck and Mid Autumn Festival!

It's a bad stiff neck that I am experiencing for the last 2 days due to improper sleep posture.  As blog earlier, I am taking care of 2 toddlers at the moment, and both girls sleep like snake where they both occupying my queen size bed leaving me a small area.  While trying to give as much comfort to the girls, I had a stiff neck now.  It's so bad that I could not turn my head to the right!!  Ouch!

In addition, I also did not have sufficient sleep that causing me yawning in the office this mornig.  Try to divert my attention to this blog post as I think I get more energy to keep on typing on my keyboard than reading. LOL!  

I am comtemplating if I should visit the doctor for the stiff neck remedy and medication since I have put on some oilment last neck but it's not feeling any better.  I might have another night to endure if my cousin did not pick up her daughter tonight.  Weekend is coming, and I want to bake and hopefully the pain will go away ASAP!

I also take this opportunity to wish all of you

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!! 


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Caring for twins- by chance

Last night, I by chance now baby sitting a toddler same age (by difference of 6 months) with my girl.  I call it twins since they are same age group.  I have always been caring for a girl, and now with the additional one, I experienced how mother of 2 will be.

My niece put up in my house last night, and will be staying with me till tomorrow / Saturday as my cousin is travelling.  My niece goes to the same childcare as my girl, therefore, my cuz asked if she can tumpang her daughter.  Well, of course I agreed to it since this cuz of mine has been helping me alot during the down time.

I picked both of them from the childcare last evening, and upon arriving at home, my mum need me to send her to her yoga class in Bangsar, and we made an impromptu trip to Bangsar Village.  Initial plan was to bring the girls for Sushi however the Sushi restaurant is no longer operating.  I then decided that we should go to a place where the girls can play while waiting, and end up at Marmalade.

By having some competitive peer pressure, both girls raced to almost anything including of meal time!  Voila that I don't even need to shout or scream asking them to finish their meal, as they did it due to the pressure that one will be faster than another.  The girls behaved well, even holding hands while walking in the ball.  For the first time, my girl ditched me to be with someone!

Our first challenge came when we tried taking the escalator downwards.  We have no problem going upwards, but not the other way.  Both girls kind of panic with it, but when doing it individually, they are alright.  I litterally got to ask one girl to wait and bring one down, went up the escalator again, and left the one down there.  God send a guarding angel, that a guy walked passed and he helped to 'guard' the unattended girl when I ran up and down the escalator!!  *malu*

Then, my niece gave me another challenge.  While I was ordering in Marmalade, she wanted to 'pee'!!  See, taking 2 girls along, means I have to take 2 girls to the toilet, and while trying to settle the 2 of them together, my niece peed a little on her panties and we all 3 ran to the toilet!

We came back, I sat down, and the girls have their fair share of fun playing at the play area before food served!  After the dinner, we were ready to go picked up my mum after her class and headed home.  While at home, they both played and glad they didn't fight over the gadget, i.e. my phone and my Ipad.  "phew:

When time to head to bed, no hassle too.. only drawback is that I got a stiff neck this morning guess lying on the wrong side of the bed when having 3 of us in the bed.  2 girls which actively 'claiming' my sleeping place cause me not having sufficient sleep.  

One more night tonight.... and here comes weekened!! 


Cynful Pleasure @ Johor Premium Outlets

I took a quick trip to JB on the 2nd weekend of September (8/9 & 9/9) braving an almost 5 hours drive down south with my mum and my girl.  This was the first time I drove to JB after moving back to KL from Singapore.  I am so used to drive down South those days but now, the almost 5 hours journey was a killer.

The main reason we were there was to celebrate and welcome the birth of my niece, and it's her full moon and my god sister invited us to be there for a family celebration.  We had a good time bonding together, and later the next day, I took the opportunity to drive and have a look at the Johor Premium Outlets since it's newly opened.

I am going to load the post with more pictures, for your eyes only...

It's more a different shopping experience comparing to shop in a complex.  Here, all individual shops have their own door and entrace, and it's in a open area.  When we were there, it's drizzling, therefore it's bit difficult to shop around.  Glad it stops after 5 minutes we arrived and started again 5 minutes before we left the place.  LOL!

Pricing for the products are a good bargain, where you get up to 70% discount sometimes.  My God-SIL bought a Salvotore Ferragamo dress with a good price.  Guess the dress was initially cost RM10K but it was a steal when she bought it.  You wanna make a guess of the price of the dress? LOL!

So, next time if you happen to be in JB, you may want to visit this place for a good bargain!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

weekend, weekend...where are you?

Aware:  This is a ranting post!!!!
Read at your own risk and don't get infested!!

This week, I am not in the mood to work as I am thinking of my lost of RM700++ (depending on the calculation which I have yet to see) due to a 3 days leave I took during the Hari Raya.  When I am so much in need of cash, I received the news that not just my work days pay is deducted, even my weekend precedent to my 3 days leave will be cut too!

Well, if you asked me why heart pain since I already know there will be a pay cut?  Coz in actual fact, I got annual leave to be utilise (not 3 but 5 bl*rdy days) but it is now can see cannot use situation!!  I cannot touch the leave as I am waiting for a BMW to appear!  What is BMW you ask?  it's the bl*rdy BLACK & WHITE la!  When I asked my boss, he told me I am COMFIRM and with many many attempts I asked him, he told VERBALLY I am COMFIRM but BMW will have to WAIT!! wait for what?  GOD knows...

I just don't feel good this week, and I am hoping to end this week ASAP!  I am very frustrated that even after talking to my boss, I still don't get the money 'saved' from deduction!  I am assured that the money already deducted, no need to wait till pay day, as I bumped into my HR yesterday and it's COMFIRM that it's deducted!  Just to see how much is the deduction!

I am not ranting that I don't have sufficient $$ to tie over the month, but guess it's not fair to me!!  I am already employed for more than 6 months, and I have not got the BMW yet!!  The future is so unclear, as I am not in the position to say anything if they decide to FIRE me just a day before the year end and burn my bonus (if any) for this year?  Without the BMW, I can get kick out of the office within ONE day!!

In addiiton, I was hoping that I can just use my salary to pay Princess kindergarden registration fees without touching any of my savings, guess now, I just have to go withdraw my own money!  Lost the interest, no choice since the priority is for Princess!!  

And keep those extra annual leaves that I can see but can't use for next year la! or may year end?  or maybe.... 

At times when I don't need the leave but money.... guess it's just plain unlucky!!  and next month, it's a 'kuk chong' month!!  haiz... WHY ME?  I am so happy last week that I finally close a chapter of my life story, and yet, this has to happen to me!!! haiz... 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Starting primary at 6 years old?!

I recently went to the 'potential' school of my girl again, just to make another round of visit and want to make sure my girl does loves it.  So, since last week, I was sick, and was given a day of medical leave, I utilised it to make this trip during school day, to see what happen on school days in the school.

Upon talking to the principal, she informed me that my girl's batch (born in 2009) MIGHT be the first batch of guinea to commence primary at the age of 6!!  My first concern that strike me are 2 factors. 


Guess now the schools are taking in at least 40 people in a class (referring to Chinese based) and with a double entry of school going kids, are we ready in 2 years time?  The principal did not give me any comfort answer but even rub it in to say they don't know what going on too.  

In addition, that year of graduates will have to be more competitive as there will be double batch of students entering uni when completion of the schools!  Are we having sufficient preparation for those 12 years to come?

Haiz.. how can our Education system changes without further planning?  In 2 years time, they want to roll in more students, but I don't see schools and teachers sprouting.  Already they are in the situation of insufficient teachers, and now to handle double batch at different age?

Guess, I got to quit to go into teaching.. maybe I should start now to see any Chinese Primary school want to take me in to teach, and then by my girl entering Primary, they have 1 more teacher.  Anyone want to join me?

I hope the recent announcement of the new Education blue print is already given best of thoughts and not acting just for the sake of staying in power!!  I am tired of being a guinea pig, since I am the last batch of UPSR (7As requirement) and PMR (First batch)!! and now, my girl's turn!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

It finally end the 40 months agony!! HURRAY!

If you first scroll to my blog, you see this Lilypie tracker at the top, and if you wondering what I am referring to, then you got to go read my story, but I am happy and glad that this afternoon @ 12.07pm, I received an SMS informing that money is IN, and I don't need to go chase around for the FINAL payment!!  It came 1 week 2 days earlier.... 

I am blessed.. in anyway.  I am down with bad flu for many days, but guess the consolation came to me for the compensation of being sick..  I thank GOD finally knock some sense into this fella, and I don't need to suffer any longer!

Since the debt collection duty is completed, guess the time to put the episode to end NOW!  No more harping on this story now on... HURRAY!!

I am happy, and I want to celebrate!!!  I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support throughout the 40 months of agony, especially to my family members who had standby me with this situation.  No one actually 'dump' me for what I have done, in fact giving me 101% support.  Times like this, support from family and friends means alot!

Have a nice and great weekend everyone!! 

*  I am going to change the tracker to COMPLETED!!*  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Charity for OrphanCARE

I have been volunteering in one charity organisation, namely OrphanCARE.  Reason I choose this is that they are one center that allows parents who do not want their child, be put in a hatch, and later will be adopted by others.  As a single mother myself, I understand the stress ongoing to care for a child single handedly, and after reading many many babies dump and died due to unwanted reason, I have very strong bond to the tagline of this organisation, i.e. Every child needs a family.

Today, I received email from the administrative, that there is a musical tribute and details as follows:-

A musical Tribute to The Late Mr A. Thanigasalam


Puan Sri Elinah Ahmad (Piano)

Ms. Winnie Cheah (Violin)

Ms   Beatrice Cheah (Cello)

Dr Thevi Thanigasalam ( Piano)

Date: 20th October 2012 (Sat) @ 6pm

Venue:  International Youth Centre (IVC)
!, Jalan Yaacob Latiff,
Bandar Tun Razak
Ceras, Kuala Lumpur

Refreshments will be served at the end of the performance.

Invitations are by a minimum donation of RM50.00

All Proceeds will go to 

1. Orphancare (BabyHatch)  Tel: 03- 78761900

2. New Life Orphanage

On behalf of Orphancare, I sincerely hope that you are able to lend support to the charities mentioned via your attendance to this fine evening of classical music. 

Invitation is by a donation of RM 50.00 but we are happy to receive more.  

Should there be any queries, please call OrphanCARE 03-78761900.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Do you read your junk mail?

I seldom log into my other email address, which mainly use to cater for all those subsription services from those coupon sites, and in addition for the use to cater my previous emails.  This morning, my intention to log in to clean the mail box to ensure I didn't miss out any 'important' email and while browsing, I just opened my junk mail, and recived an email which I print screen for info.

While I read the mail, I laughed myself.  I imagine this 'person' must have been spamming quite a large number, as the information was not even close to accurate of me.  First thing that make it all wrong, that I am in the same gender as HER?  LOL!

Sometimes, for some laughing purposes, I will log in to my junk mail and read some 'interesting' ones.. like I am now won a billion or million, or I am one of the legal inheritance of some tychoon.. LOL!  Of course, all these for reading, and not to even trust and believe a single bit of it..

Do you read your junk mails too before deleting them?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Ipad followed me home..

on 10 September 2012 @ 10PM!  Yes, we went to shop for a New Ipad, at that late at night!  I am not someone that follow the technie trend, and I sometimes almost the last to get something technie.  The last time I got something SMART, will be my Garmin Asus A10 smart phone which already with me for more than 2 years!  

Seeing Princess growing, and with the need of the Ipad in my brother's studies, we both decided to get one and share the usage.  My brother will use to download his study notes, while myself will use that when I am out of the house, and on travel to pacify Princess during long hours journey.  In addiiton, with the increase of apps available for educational program, it's good to invest in one of this right.

After considering for a long long long period, we finally decided... and bought this with installment plans..

I hope this gadget will be benefit to the family educational growth, and not just for games.  

The 2 available Ipad colours..

We choose the Black one with 32GB
We did not purchase any further accessories, except for addition 12 months waranty period.

Now, anyone got any good Ipad apps that I will need to install which you recommend?  Please help this 'pak chi' here coz I don't seems to be able to see apps I want!  sei for mou?

I finally able to cross out another wish list item...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My First Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh Scented Experience

My dear readers, do me a favour please?  Can you walk into your bathroom and take a deep breath or sniff?  How many of you 'run' to the bath and get out ASAP once all your business done?  Did anyone of you even burn scented candles in the toilet?

I admit, I do... I sometimes can't stand the stale water smell, and of course, not to mentioned the 'after business' smell in the en-suite bath, I will either burn scented candles, or spray some scented spray to eliminate the spell.  I standby a bottle of room spray just next to the entrance of my bath!

Do you know that now, I don't have to do this anymore?  why?  I am now smelling my bath tissue!!  

Infused with a naturally fresh scent and embossed with subtle flower designs, Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh stays true to the promises of the Kleenex® brand, being ultra soft, strong and more absorbent. Its 3-ply formulation is strong even when wet, giving you and your family gentle yet effective care.   “Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh is the first and only scented bath tissue in the market, bringing you that special touch of softness and strength that only Kleenex® can offer. You have to try it to believe it!”

Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh is available at all hypermarkets in 10-roll and 20-roll packs, at a recommended retail price of RM17.95 and RM33.10 respectively.

I received a call that there will be a package from the advertising company, however no one answered the door in my house!  Glad that the despatch was kind, that he called, and asked if he can leave the package with my neighbour.  Kind neighbour helped me to collect the package, and later I apps my brother to collect it from her.  I am glad I don't have bad relationship with my neighbours.. 

When I received a package containing the Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh, I got Princess to sniff as told.. I am not kidding..

Then, we officially opened the box:- 

My princess happily claimed ownership of the items:-
Bathroom Tissue Holder
A green container that has another roll of bathroom tissue
Now, are you game for a contest?  You can be in the running to win Grand Prizes worth more than RM40,000 in total, consisting of a professional bathroom makeover worth RM10,000, a full year’s supply of the brand new scented Kleenex® Ultra Soft Fresh bath tissues and a spread in Parenthood magazine!

All you have to do is to tell us why you need a “bathroom refresh” by Kleenex®! More details can be found on the Kleenex Malaysia Facebook page during the month of September. So hurry, send in your most creative answers and stand a chance to get your bathroom refreshed in more ways than one!

Join the Kleenex® Refresh Your Bathroom” Contest on the Kleenex Malaysia Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Kleenex.Malaysia

For more information, please call the Kimberly-Clark Consumer Careline at 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free) on weekdays from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

About Kleenex®
Kleenex® is the world’s best-selling brand of facial and bath tissues.  Kleenex® tissues are made from 100% virgin pulp, which make them suitable for even the most sensitive skin.  Kleenex® tissues, available in a variety of attractive and convenient packaging formats, are distinctive for their ideal softness, strength and absorbency.
For more information, visit www.kleenex.com.my

About Kimberly-Clark
Consumers around the world trust and rely on Kimberly-Clark brands like Kleenex®, Scott®, Huggies® and Kotex® to enhance their health, hygiene and well-being. These trusted household names are the result of 140 years of quality and innovation. We are committed to quality products which enhance the lives of people while preserving the planet’s resources, thus helping to create a better future for all via Sustainability 2015, a holistic framework to weave sustainable business practices into everything we do. For more information, visit www.kimberly-clark.com

The Big Bad Wolf is COMING!!

Each year, I saved up my income tax 'rebate' for books & magazine for this annual event.  It's been the 3rd year this year, and I have been waiting patiently for the announcement.  It was earlier announced that the Wolf is not coming, and it was really disappointed but later, it's CONFIRMED now!!  

This year, the book sale is at MIECC and I will go on the 1st day if I did not win any preview passess!  Best, if anyone of you won a pass, and needed a friend in troll, do let me know too!!

My brother was involved in the sales for the last 2 years, but this year he won't be working there as he has upcoming trips.  :(  So, I am sure I need to go there myself, bring back all the books I want!!  I am so gonna enjoy this sales in year end!  I am sorry that LHDN will not be able to tax me on this rebate (as I plan to spend it)! LOL!

Anyone going?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Enrolling into Kindergarden

My Princess will be turning 4 next year, and I am already in the search of her kindie.  The reason for this search is that the current childcare that Princess is in, did not offer any educational program like a kindergarden, therefore explained the search on.

Initially, both my cousin sister (since her daugther is now in the same childcare with Princess) agreed to enrol her into the infamous Kuen Cheng Kindergarden (the same with mummy too) but from the information we gathered, the kindergarden is already full with registration on their FIRST DAY!  In this case, we will have to  continue our search, and my cousin sister will search for one that near her place, and myself in where near my neighbourhood.

  • Kindergarden must be near to my house - so, I can have someone to pick her in case I am late.
  • Mandarin Education Preparation - I have plan to enrol Princess into Chinese medium for her Primary, therefore the preparation will be essential as Princess is on English background now.
  • Swimming Pool - Something to attract Princess since she loves to swim.
  • Big Playground - A place for Princess to sweat out and burn her energy.
  • After School Childcare - A MUST especially on school holiday.
With all this in mind, I have went on a few kindies, and finally make decision on one.  One that my youngest brother went to, since the kindies was founded in accordance to the one that we initially wanted to go.  Princess has went to the school to look see look see, but guess we need more encouragement to change her mindset.  I can see that I will have to tolerate some cries and wail beginning of next year.

Oh, now enrollment to Kindies are not cheap!  I got the following fees to pay:-

School fees - They collect both Jan and Dec fees - RM540.00 (per month RM270.00)

The following fees for half yearly:-
Sundry - RM200 
Books & Etc - RM180 
Computer - RM60 
Music - RM100 

One time payment:-
Class Photo - RM30
Registration - RM50
Uniform - RM60 (2 sets)
Sports Attire - RM30
Tea Set - RM20
Insurance - RM20

Total:  RM1,290.00

The above fees excluded the childcare fees of RM400 per month!  and a need to collect a month fees with a month deposit! On top of that, I may be slap ask to pay additional registration fees and etc (yet to confirm).  

Wah.. there goes some of my savings... :p

That's not end yet, if I want to enrol Princess into a Chinese Medium Primary School, I will have to start to get her registration done early even I have 3 choices of Chinese Primary School near my place.. it's like HOT cakes snatching up fast!

I never thought of children education can be stressful for MUMMY!  not the child yet!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cynful Pleasure Logo

Remember I created a logo earlier and posted about it?  Wenn was asking where did I got that done, and here a post for her.

I seach online for free logo creation software, and stumble upon this website that provide the free logo design  in easy 1,2 3 steps.  People like me will love it coz I don't have a single 'creative' bugs in myself!  and I always wonder why I ended in a design firm.. LOL!

The front page where you can use to enter the design template 
Design Template where you can choose the logo, add in text, font, colour and etc
After completed with the design, you may get the logo email to you.  So, for those who wanted a logo, here you may find what you need.. but not the 'complicated' type ya.. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Why Breastfeed? Coz I am selfish!

Someone recently asked me why I first decide to breast feed, and I told her cause I am a selfish mom.  She went on saying why I say so, and I told her bout the selfish story, and we laugh over it  :D  My Breastfeeding journey which is still ongoing after 3 1/2 years and I can say the only thing to  mothers out there that want to breastfeed, is that you got to be a selfish mother, which will love yourself more than anything.  

I first think and look at the $$ sign all the time.  YES,  I count every single cents during the first 2 years of my child birth.  Being one that having to stay at home with no financial support and working on a part time basis, I can only think of ways to save $$ and to ensure my baby is fed well.  I need every single cents to 'survive' or both of us may just tumble down.  So, being a 'selfish' mother, I of course need to ensure my necessities are taken care of, before I can even take care of the child, I went ahead to breastfeed without any thought but MONEY!  Each time my child feed, I tell myself I saved another few bucks by not feeding my baby formula milk.

Then, I was so tired and sleepy while caring for the child myself, I needed my much beauty sleep.  I resort to breastfeeding so I can feed and sleep at the same time!  I can just tuck the 'milk' into my baby's mouth, and need not think of her getting 'chock' or anything.  I can then just lie down and let her finish her feed.  I don't need to get up middle of the night for feeding!  and best, I don't have to do all the sterilisation, bottle washing and bla bla blah... fuh, so much easier.. See, again, myself come first..

I can't be staying at home all the time, I need to go out every now and then but I don't enjoy having to take many many things and a big bag.  I don't think I can handle the 'load' since I am always alone going out, and having to take a big bag which have bottles, milk powder, water and blah blah blah is a big NO NO!  So, I opt to carry only a nursing cover, and I feed by child as and when she needed it!  Jaga sendiri dulu!

Now, I did not persistently wean off my girl was coz she makes a huge fuss each time, and ended we both stressed up like people staying in Tanjung Rambutan!  So, I decided that I will slowly 'poison' her mind, but still let her have her 'fix' each time she asked for it.  I am sure for one day, she will get bored of asking, and decide to wave bye bye on her own.  See again, I need to make myself sane, and not being drive insane by my girl whine and cry!  I breasfeed..

I didn't think that how good it can be the breastmilk to my child, but later, my paed told me that I can skip a few optional 'vaccinations' since I am breastfeeding, this means I also save some $$ la.. ok, happy with it.. I continue... Then slowly realised that my child has not been really sick over the last 3 years, and the paed is always happy to see her for those 'minor' sickness.  She has been praising her for the good health!  *ok, hope I don't jinx it*

Again, this 'selfish' mother feel happy la.. who will not when you get all the praises right?  So, continue to feed... With all the above 'excuses' I have for MYSELF, my breastfeed journey is a success I would say, and now it's just time to end it all well.. 

Now, for my dear friends who reading this, you know now that why I can breastfeed for so long la... coz I LOVE MYSELF ma... and yes, I am a selfish single mum.. LOL!  I don't pressure myself to give the best to my child, but give the best to myself, so in return my child is getting the best too!  Please don't go stress over the breastfeed matter, and it will come as natural as it can be.

I told my friend, if all cows can feed (did you hear a calf feeding on any other milk?), every mother should be able to.  Just don't stress up and that will make YOUR body upset and ON STRIKE to provide milk to your child.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2nd baby send to Shine Shine

As I am working in a shopping mall, and nowadays, shopping malls are equip with varieties of services.  My 2nd baby, which will act as my pair of legs to and from to work, is required to be taken care of in good manners.  I have to make sure this baby is always in good condition, in order not to upset any of my schedules.  

Since working in the mall, I think it would be easier for the baby to have it's weekly bath and monthly spa (even myself don't have spa) near to my place.  And while I am working, the baby is taken care of.  My car is now under the care of Shine Shine Club, and so far I have been happy with their service.  The price for the wash was also resonable, and mind you I pay the same amount for the baby to take the bath with those roadside car wash, but with Shine Shine, my baby is under a covered roof, no rush since they have ample time to do the job, and I can always send it back again if I am not happy with the bath.

Sometimes, if no rain, baby will get it's bath once every 2 to 3 weeks, but if on a rainy season, I can't bear to see the dirt on the baby especially if I find 'dropping'!!  Furthermore, I can bring the 'cousins' to the place too if they need a bath and price is the same.  So now, not just baby no2 is under the care, I plan to bring cousins along too.

I hope the baby and cousins enjoyed the water play, and be good always... 

P/s:  My 2nd baby is my new car.. and the cousins will be my mum's car lor...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Have you tell Subway?

What did you have for lunch today?  I wrote about my lunch yesterday, and today, I went shopping around the mall, and missed the 'lunch' hour.  So, anything fast and fury will be a good help!

I head to Subway for their Cool Friday..which is the chicken slice sandwich.  What I like of Subway, I got to choose what I want to put in the sandwich, and I can avoid the onions and unwanted stuff.  I can bite each bite of the sandwich without picking up the unwanted..

Then I saw something on my receipt... "Complete a survey at www.tellsubway.my and get a free cookie" followed by "T&C Apply".. LOL!  So, since I am already back at my desk, enjoying each bite of the sandwich, I log in and do the 'survey'.  

Oh, the response was fast.. the moment I complete the survey, my email shown this picture!!  I can now claim my cookies when my next visit!  and YES, guess that will be soon coz I want to do another shopping soon...

So, next time if you happen to go Subway, don't forget to enter the survey and you will get a cookie for the next visit!

My simple lunch today

If you have noticed I am a big fan of broccoli, and yesterday, I brought a bunch broccoli of it together with some Japanese  mushroom to work, and having that idea to have simple lunch.

All I did was just put some oyster sauce, soya sauce and pepper and use my electric steamer to steam the 2 item together.. and voila, I get yummy lunch.  I am glad I did have this idea this yesterday morning, as I had a very late lunch due to a meeting yesterday.  If not, I will have to walk to the mall and grab whatever left from the lunch hour.  This basically more simpler and healthier..

Here, my simple lunch...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cynful Pleasure @ Fashion Avenue Grand Opening

Fashion Avenue
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur had it's new precinct by the name of Fashion Avenue grand opened on September 3rd, and yours truly were there to witness the event.

The new entrance from Jalan Raja Chulan
The re-design facade
The stage
The host.  Credit
The carpet
The significant symbol of Pavilion - 3 bowls
models getting ready for the show
Crabtree & Evelyn kiosk

The fashion shows representing each new brands in the precinct

Event Decoration
The new tenants
If you happen to pop by this new precinct, careful not to burn a hole in your pocket ya.. :D

Cynful Pleasure Bakery


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