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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Enrolling into Kindergarden

My Princess will be turning 4 next year, and I am already in the search of her kindie.  The reason for this search is that the current childcare that Princess is in, did not offer any educational program like a kindergarden, therefore explained the search on.

Initially, both my cousin sister (since her daugther is now in the same childcare with Princess) agreed to enrol her into the infamous Kuen Cheng Kindergarden (the same with mummy too) but from the information we gathered, the kindergarden is already full with registration on their FIRST DAY!  In this case, we will have to  continue our search, and my cousin sister will search for one that near her place, and myself in where near my neighbourhood.

  • Kindergarden must be near to my house - so, I can have someone to pick her in case I am late.
  • Mandarin Education Preparation - I have plan to enrol Princess into Chinese medium for her Primary, therefore the preparation will be essential as Princess is on English background now.
  • Swimming Pool - Something to attract Princess since she loves to swim.
  • Big Playground - A place for Princess to sweat out and burn her energy.
  • After School Childcare - A MUST especially on school holiday.
With all this in mind, I have went on a few kindies, and finally make decision on one.  One that my youngest brother went to, since the kindies was founded in accordance to the one that we initially wanted to go.  Princess has went to the school to look see look see, but guess we need more encouragement to change her mindset.  I can see that I will have to tolerate some cries and wail beginning of next year.

Oh, now enrollment to Kindies are not cheap!  I got the following fees to pay:-

School fees - They collect both Jan and Dec fees - RM540.00 (per month RM270.00)

The following fees for half yearly:-
Sundry - RM200 
Books & Etc - RM180 
Computer - RM60 
Music - RM100 

One time payment:-
Class Photo - RM30
Registration - RM50
Uniform - RM60 (2 sets)
Sports Attire - RM30
Tea Set - RM20
Insurance - RM20

Total:  RM1,290.00

The above fees excluded the childcare fees of RM400 per month!  and a need to collect a month fees with a month deposit! On top of that, I may be slap ask to pay additional registration fees and etc (yet to confirm).  

Wah.. there goes some of my savings... :p

That's not end yet, if I want to enrol Princess into a Chinese Medium Primary School, I will have to start to get her registration done early even I have 3 choices of Chinese Primary School near my place.. it's like HOT cakes snatching up fast!

I never thought of children education can be stressful for MUMMY!  not the child yet!


  1. Wow...I never thought that enrollment into kindies could be that expensive or is this KL price? Let me ask around at Ipoh. I have to allocate some saving for this very soon.

  2. Yes, I agreed with you. I think pre-school fees are more expensive compared to primary school. A lot of misc fees :(

  3. Huh? So fast collect class photo fee edy...

    Elise also going to kiddie next yr.

  4. hope you make the best choice for your princess...

  5. U mention to KC that u r alumni lor...

    Last time, my parents had to tipu address just to get in to KC.

    1. LittleLamb.. I did but still no space available.. nvm la, this one nearer to my hse so ok la.. hope can get into KC2 when Primary la..


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