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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sungkai Day Trip - The Tour

Over the last long weekend, i.e. 55th Merdeka day, my church carecell members together with another carecell organised a day trip to Ipoh - Sungkai.  The trip cost us RM120, all inclusive except personal shopping.  I brought Princess and my mum, together with my mum's friend for the trip.

We first gather at the church (having a church with ample parking space save us the trouble of finding a gathering space) and departed from His Sanctuary of Glory at 7am++ to Sungai Buloh for breakfast.  Why Sungai Buloh you may ask?  We were brought to Oasis Nutraceuticals Sdn Bhd for some health talk, and we got FOC breakfast here.  They served us coffee, cakes and fried meehoon.  Of course, nothing really free in this world, we will just have to listen to their introduction of health products, and should anyone interested, transactions can be done during the breakfast time.  LOL!  We were even given samples of their health supplements too! 

Next, will be the journey to the pomelo-land.  We head up north before coming back to Sungkai as we save the best for last.  We were brought to Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang and princess has so much fun there that she keep saying she wants to go 'feed fish' and sit boat.  OMG, you should see how big the 'tong sat' and carp fish there... it's really HUGE!!  Beautiful scenery of Gunung Lang.. 

Then after some photo shooting and feeding the fishes, we proceed to the local products shop to "shop"!  Here, I bought a curry chicken bread (which I don't think I buy again), ordered salted chicken and smoke duck and some biscuits.  See the photo below, my girl requested for a packet of seaweed!
Next makan stop, was to go join the fun of queue to buy 'pao'!  It was introduced by the tour guide that this is one famous pao but after having taste it, I only like the char siew pao and maybe will get it when I am in a bad crave of it.  
We had lunch at Kok Thai Restaurant, and I will do another posts on the food stuff we had.. it's really amazing with the amount of tour fare we pay, we were on a feast of good and yummy food!

After lunch, we proceed to the Felda Residence where the hot spring located.  The Felda Residence is in Sungkai area.  We were supposed to visit another cave if Ipoh however due to time constrain we gave that a miss, and looked forward for the hot spring instead.  We managed to arrive at the hot spring by 4.30pm.

Our tour guide was there to boil 90 eggs for all 45 of us in the bus, and everyone had 2 eggs to savour.  You know it's a huge price to eat hot spring egg in Japan and now we pay only a minimal to enjoy this!  In addition, a friend even brought a long special soya sauce with lemon oil for the additional ummph!

We concluded the tour with another yummy feast at Ijok for the in-famous beggar chicken!  and guess we were all so full, I can even pack the balance of the food back to make 'choy kiok'!  LOL!


  1. nice outing..
    I like the yee hup heung peah also..
    but after a while the biscuit tend to not so crispy..
    but you could heat it us using microwave/oven and it taste good..

  2. fuiyoh boiled egg with soya sauce and lemon oil! shiok giler!

  3. nice outing..I always bypassed the place last time but I never bothered to visit it.

  4. RM120 is really cheap for the amount of food and activities that you have for the whole day. You are right about the pao, nothing much special about it. The yee hup biscuits is a must buy. My colleagues are pestering me to buy for them every month. haha.The Felda residence have cold as well, did you bring your princess over to play with the cold water? They have water slides for small children there.

  5. Oh yea...i heard about this place can rebus telur.heheheheh

    Not bad for the price you are paying for a trip

  6. Nice outing!I've heard a lot about the beggar chicken but never get a chance to try it...must go there one day!

  7. Looks like a really fun trip and eye opener for your girl. And very cheap too at only RM120.

  8. The trip was really enjoyable.. it was not so much about the places or the food but was the time we spend together that made the journey memorable..

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