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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last day of October...Last day of Work too!

Today will mark my last day of work with the current company, and on Thursday I will be starting somewhere nearer and NEW challenge!  I settled all the handing over, and bid goodbye to some of my colleagues.

I spend a good 11 months in the Company, learning a few things, create some relationship (colleagues) and know some new people but guess it gone too stagnant for me to challenge myself here.  I have been actively looking up for jobs in near few months after realising some 'displeasure' cannot be overcome emotionally.  I better leave before making things worst.  Yes, indeed I lose out the coming 'bonus' if any when I decide to leave now.

When I first joined this company through a recommendation of a friend, and with this employment has given me the opportunity to get this better offer I have.  Also, with the payslip of the Company, I manage to buy my car and also get on a more comfortable life with less struggles.  At the very least, I can bring my Princess for weekend shoppings trip and buy little toys for her. I am really thankful on this matter.  

The new Company is quite promising, and even before my commencement of work, I was already been briefed of the Company future plan, and started to know some of the Company event calendar too!  I am happy with the new found opportunity, and most important it's near my house!!!!  

I wish my current company and colleagues their best in the future undertakings and May I have a fruitful change of my own undertakings too.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The HR Procedures..Exit Interview

Completed and Done!  I have officially given a copy of my resignation letter to the HR Department for the calculation of all my salary (since they need to pay me on my untaken leave) and all the claims this morning.  My resignation letter has been signed accepted by my boss, and a copy forwarded to HR too!

I have applied leave on 31st October 2012 (despite it's my last official last day) and went ahead to make appointments for my spa treatment before starting on my new challenge on 1st November 2012!  I remembered when my last resignation from my previous job, I too, took leave and went for a good body massage before embarking on the job!

I believe a good relaxation before a new challenge is important, and it's good to rejuvenate before that.  One should be well prepared mentally and emotionally calm in order to face the challenge.  I search around for some coupons, and finally found one that's near my house, and they accepted my appointment on the 31st!

In addition, I should go to do all my KWSP stuff, banks and all which requires me to be in KL, so I could stay away from KL for a while and enjoyed my days working neare to my staying place.. LOL!  I tell ya, I am looking forward of those 'can sleep extra minutes' days now.. Guess I can be out of the house later now! 

Anyway, I was given a form to complete just like an exit interview.  I always asked people around if they will put in their true opinion about the work when doing with exit interview, but for me, I wrote down the truth and nother but the truth!  I spoke to my boss about it, and now informed HR officially on this matter, but most I like is the question "what can we do to prevent you from leaving"?

Now, as all wage earners, what would you write for this question if you are doing an exit interview.  For my answer was just straight forward - Nothing can be done to prevent me from leaving as I got a better offer!

I like to know, from you my dear readers, will you tell the truth of what you feel when  you resign?  or will you just brush it off since you already leaving?

Frankly speaking, I have never felt so happy after tender a resignation ever since I started working!!  My previous jobs were all landed in tears when I tender but not this.. Nevertheless, I still work till the last day of my work I suppose to, and have listed all handing over matters so I will not be questioned again after I leave.  

Friday, October 26, 2012

The soft side won it!

People who know me well, knows that I have many 'unhappy' occasion with my work recently, and today, I fnailly take the courage to put in my resignation letter.  I initially was really hard hearted that I want to tender and GO on the same day, but the soft side got better of it, and I waited till 4pm only I walked into one of my superior's room to tell him that.  Even that, I told him I will speak to my boss directly to save him from any trouble.

See, the soft side got better this time, and with the initial plan to GO on the same day, I put it on Monday, then after speaking to him, I offered to only leave on 31st October 2012!  See la... I was initially very adament, and I know this will surely happen and I keep telling myself don't be soft hearted!  aiyo...

Anyway, after tendering my resignation today, I feel much lighter.  My plan to initially do it on the same day is I wanted to avoid the exit interview as I don't want to go meet with my HR Manager!!!  I wish I could just GO!  But nevertheless, the soft part won, and I just called my HR to inform her I am leaving!!  My HR Exec being a very nice lady, is asking me not to go.. but I can't as I got a better offer in hand.

So, instead of working till Monday, 29th October 2012, I will work for a few more days to end on 31 October 2012.  If I can handover all necessary by 30th October 2012, then I might take 31st off to run some errand.

I have a long conversation with my boss that evening, and we talked about the situation in the office environment.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I fell in love with Google Chrome

Oh, I can't hide my happiness with Google nowadays!  as I find it very interesting with all the new apps and stuff available!

First, I decided to use my Google Drive, and it has give me a good 'sharing' platform with all my friends especially when we need to organise stuff!  I recently created an excel sheet online and share with my church members as we are organising a trip, and that will let all participants to log in and key in their own guest list, and we need not just appoint ONE person doing that!  How convenient right?

Then, I found out how the Chrome Store has so many apps that I can use.  I found some interesting games, and also loaded them into my Chrome main page for access.  Now, all I need is just a username and password to access all this everywhere I am!!

Remember my post on the Banana Boat Sun Protection Cream post?  At the end, you see the video of my Princess applying the cream.  It was taken with 3 different video, and I have been trying to edit these video but due to time constrain, and my 'going going to die on me' laptop, I did not manage to do it.  Then, I decided to search the chrome store for some apps that can at least help.. and I found WeVideo and installed it on my Chrome.  I am more than happy to found out that the apps works well with my Google Drive!! I can store all my edited video online, and also share on You Tube!!

With the collaboration of You Tube and Google, I also just need ONE sign in ID, and I am everywhere!!  How great again!! I can then use Blogger (another one using Google ID) and blog, and put the video in the post!!  Nice...

Beside video editing, I also found PicMonkey, which is a photo editing portal!  If you hop over to my Princess blog, you will see I change the header pic and it was done using the apps as I was too bored sitting at work.. :p

Now, if you have not try the Google 'magic', you may want to give a try and explore it your way.  

And, don't forget to join my GIVEAWAY for the Banana Boat Sun Protection Cream if you visit the post.

*This is solely my own opinion and has no any monetary benefit from Google*

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is your face sun-protected GIVEAWAY!

I was brought up in a 'beauty' line family way, as my aunt who is very much a good knowledge of skin care always teach me how to maintain a good skin. Of all the tips she given me, I always remember she keeps reminding me that I should apply sun protection cream on my skin, and not expose too much under the strong sun.

Each morning when I get out to work, I will surely apply a high SPF based sun protection cream, and again on my hands if I am going to walk out under the sun during my lunch hour. But I confess, I don't like the cream on my face, as I find it oily in one way or another. Even when I put on Princess, she just don't like it on her face as she thinks it's sticky!!! Each apply will end up in tissue paper within the next minute!

Each time I am at the beach, I will diligently apply coat and coat of sun protection cream to prevent become a roasted 'pig' (a good term to explain due to my size.. LOL)! On top of that, I hate the peeling that happen after each 'burned' session. 

Now, today, to be specifically this morning, I finally try out the new Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50. I first apply a small spot on my hand to try, just to make sure it absorbs well into my skin and does not leave any oily feeling. In addition, I also want to make sure it's makes my skin smooth too! 

I read that Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 is Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. In addition, I know that Banana Boat products are Sun-Tested, Sun-Proven® protection against the sun’s rays.

In addition, Banana Boat’s AvoTriplex® Technology combines: 

· Avobenzone, a powerful absorber of UVA rays which cause long-term skin damage. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin’s dermis and hypodermis layers to cause long-term harm to the skin. 

· UVB absorbers to protect against the burning effects of the sun. Without proper protection, UVB rays penetrate the skin’s epidermis layer, causing it to burn within minutes, depending on your skin type. 

· A photo-stabilizing agent to maintain longer-lasting sun protection without breaking down so easily

Oh now, the last 'benefits' has speak it loud for me to try!!  I can now take many many photos under the sun (mostly for my princess) after she apply the Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50!!  I hate those oily feeling photos!! and what more all the sweat dripping!! (you can clearly see the sweat as water and oil cannot ngam) :p

So guess my jumping cheers when I read the box says, Helps Prevent Premature Skin Damage, Hypoallergenic, Oil Free, Very Water Resistant.
Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 comes in 60ml units and is available at RM32.90 at all chain pharmacies, retail stores and hypermarkets.

I did a comparison of putting a drop of the cream on my hand, and you can see, with the cream on, my hand is much smoother and brighter compared to the one at the bottom.  

And if you want to know how to apply cream on your face, let me Princess show it to you..

I didn't manage to toggle the video from the online video editor, and hope you be able to view it.

Now, if you wanna try out this Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50, all you need to do is to put your comment below, and ONE lucky winner will be given a tube of it. This is open to all residents in Malaysia with a valid address.

Contest will end on 1st November 2012 at 12pm sharp, and a winner will be picked randomly and announce on 2nd November 2012.  So, put more comments in the box below, and you have a chance to win this!  May it be useful for you to attend the year end celebration soon to come!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I overslept this morning bacause of 天梯

天梯》(The Last Steep Ascent

I finally completed chasing after this love story drama last night until 1.30am!!!! and this morning, with no alarm ringing (it was off yesterday morning for some 'excuse') and to my horror I woke up at 7.25am this morning!!!  Rush like mad, but still able to arrive at work by 9am!

Anyway, back to the drama, it's a new TVB drama, and it's based on a true love story.  This time, TVB did a good job in this show, and I do hope they will win some award by year end when TVB had their annual award giving ceremony.

You can read on this drama from HERE and HERE.

If you are one that like love story, and also some fights over inheritance, you may consider watching this drama.  It's a very touching story with such strong family relationship, and also undying love from the man to the woman.  

I am also watching another TVB drama 雷霆掃毒》(Highs and Lowsand if I find it good with the ending, I will share again ya... Been on loads of drama this month, cause next month, I am going to be very busy again. 

I seriously need to put my energy in good use to earn some extra funds for my princess account, therefore will really need to plan to start baking cookies for the festive season (Christmas, Chinese New Year), and if you can help me promote a bit, that will be good... heheheh.... 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Baking weekend...

Last Saturday was kind of busy weekend actually.  If you read my earlier post, you know I have a few makan vouchers that was near expiry and last weekend was FINAL!  We went ahead with no reservation to the hotel's restaurant, and PTL that we managed to get in and still have our meal.  After which we head for some shoppings, and when I got home, suddenly the baking bugs bite me, and I decided to try finishing whatever ingredients I have in the kitchen (avoiding to get all the nagging).  I quickly do a calculation in my head, and think of using the rest of the evening to bake.

I have an order for 3 containers of chocolate chip cookies, and since I will be baking just over the weekend, I decided to continue the baking spree and wanted to bake another 6" OREO cheesecake (chilled) and also finish the sausages in the freezer and bake some sausage buns for Sunday School.  When I reached home, I quickly take out the apron, and put it on and started working!

See, sometimes it's good to do thing impromptu.. with such a last minute decision, and within 5 hours of hard labour alone (and some 'disturbance' help from Princess), I managed to whip up the 3 containers of cookies, about 15 large sausage buns, and 25 pieces of mini sausage buns, and the 6" chilled Oreo Cheesecake.. Let's share the victory..

Didn't manage to take photo of my chilled cheesecake as it was brought to work this morning to be share with my colleagues in order to celebrate a piece of good news that came in just the beginning of the week.  Shall share more of the good news later when I can.  Now, it's not a good time to 'leak' any news of it yet (just like those pregnant tales, you don't tell people you preggy till after the 1st trimester right).. LOL!

BTW, if you want to know the price of the cookies, it weigh about 250g, and price at RM25 per container.  I uses quality Australian butter, and converture chocolate chips.  It comes with either just plain chips, or you may add nuts of your choice.  Do let me know if you are interested, and a minimum order of 3 containers are required (except during festive season).

Friday, October 19, 2012

Free Vouchers..

Do you use it till the very last minute?

I have been told by my mum that she has 2 vouchers from Cititel for their buffet lunch / brunch, and was not informed of the expiry date.  Last night, my brother received a call from my aunt informing that the vouchers are going to expire on 21st October 2012!!!!!!  Can you imagine my horror?  

This morning, I called the hotel, and was informed that the hotel coffee house that is fully booked!! Being adament to go for the buffet, I asked if I could walked in tomorrow, and was advise to do so after 12.30pm to see luck if got any cancellation!  Now, pray hard someone did not turn up tomorrow for the brunch.. hehehe..

This is not the first time it happen.. everytime we have to rush like headless chicken if we do not monitor the expiry date of our vouchers.  Procasnating on any redemption till the very last minute and enjoyed the adrelinal gland rush for no reason.. isn't it fun?  

I usually try to redeem my voucher ASAP when I got it, and then trying very best not to get any vouchers that have months long of expiry date as I tend to forget about it till the very last minute.. so either I sometimes burned it, or I rush like orang gila!  

Must learn lessons not to do that anymore... 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ah Huat White Coffee

Guess many people has been familiar with the tv advertisement with Ah Niu as the cast.  Last weekend, I was shopping at Aeon Mid Valley doing my weekly groceries, and chance upon the coffee tasting of the above brand.  When I drank it, it's NICE, not too sweet, and kao enough for me.  

I bought a pack back home to try, since it's on a promotional price.  I like it very much comparing to other brands available in the market, and have since drinking this.  I don't usually do lots of 3in1 coffee coz I find it too sweet to my liking, but Ah Huat Kao White Coffee is just GOOD... I can save up the energy making my own coffee in the office since I don't really have much mood working here now.

My like
Product Label for Extra Rich
Story of Ah Huat... 
Despite I prefer to always make my own coffee, but recently didn't really have the mood, I resorted to this for the time being.  Let's see after finishing the 15 sachets, I can feel better at work, and cut down some anxiety too.

I am waiting for a good news to arrive, and have been praying for it to come ASAP.  I spoken to the respectives person(s) and just got to sit back, relax and wait.  I hate waiting!! but no choice, time control is not at my side.

Now, let me go make my cup of Ah Huat, and hopefully I am like Ah Huat say, "Huat ah!  Sum Siong Si Seng"

and wishing everyone the same too!

*This is solely my own opinion and has no any monetary benefit from Ah Huat* 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cotton On Wagon.. I jump on it too!

after seeing so many bloggers jumping on the Cotton On Wagon, I did the same too!  I browse the website for many many days, before clicking on 'checkout'!  I only browse stuffs that are not more than RM20, and since it's on free shipping, I enjoyed my shopping without the need of spending addition petrol, parking and etc.

All above the loots from the 1st purchase, and today, I place my 2nd purchase..


Looking forward to receive the loot in 2 days time... YES, that's how fast it can reach me.. hehhee

Monday, October 15, 2012

Organ Donation

Are you pantang about this?  Do you believe in maintaining the whole body when depart from the human world?  Actually I don't.  I believe in maintaining life, I believe in giving chance, therefore, I pledge to donate my organ today, 15th October 2012 ONLINE!

Yes, now it's that easy to do a pledge.  I hope my family members will take my pledge, and let the medical person do their best in using all 'good' organs they required when I depart.  Some people may think it's too early to say, but you never know when GOD will take us back to his side to care.  I remembered years back, I tried to search for organ pledge campaign but very unfortunate, it's not that common here and recently my church did organise a blood donation and organ domation campaign, but then I was occupied with my girl, therefore did not stay on for the necessary. 

This morning, while I was reading the online news portal, I came across this online pledge website, and immediately, I took the 5 minutes to register, and VOILA, I am done!! I received email that they will be sending my pledge card to me in 7 working days, but even I didn't I know I have done my part, and now is just to inform my family members so they don't burn or buried my organs away later.

I am urging you to also do your part, and give this campaign and good thought.  Thanks.

For more information, visit A Gift Of Life

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A gift from far..

I got this precious gift few days back, but didn't have time to do any photoshoot and editing, therefore only blog about it now.

Guess you know this famous blogger who went on a holiday spree recently, and when she was away, she did a giveaway contest, and I am one of the lucky winner!!!  Thanks Claire for the gift all the way from SF!!

So happy receiving this, and I keeping this for future use.. SOON... and that's another benefit of blogging!! YEAH!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Buying from Lazada

I recently bought a new toy, after reading one of the blog post by one blogger.  Guess what I bought?

I should say my experience with this online purchase was pleasant, infact, I classified it as efficient!  It took only 2 days for them to process the order and goods delivered to my doorstep.  What even better is the product was wrapped in bubblewrap, and with a box and foam!

Do you know what is this?

It comes in 2 compartments

Yes, it's a garlic slicer!!

I love to have fried shallots for my food, but being paranoid about those ready made selling outside, since I heard so much 'horrible' story that they put in plastic in the frying process and blah blah blah... So, I decided to avoid my teary eyes slicing shallots for frying, I bought this toy!

Now I can have nice, fragrant shallots and oil for my cooking! and I bought it from Lazada with a discount and free delivery!

*This is solely my own opinion and has no any monetary benefit from Lazada* 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

甲洞 (Kepong Gangster) Movie

I don't know if you are aware, there is a promotion on Golden Screen Cinema where Buy 1 get 1 Free when you purchase with Visa Debit or Credit card.  You can refer the promo HERE.  Below is the promo screen captured.

So, I bought 2 tickets for 甲洞 (Kepong Gangster) Movie last Saturday at Tropicanan City Mall, and off we went to watch.  I have no regret going for this show, as it's a good show!!!  I have never expected Malaysian production to be that GOOD!!

As said by the title, this is a gangster theme movie, similar to the HK "Young and Dangerous" where 5 students who were bullied at school, joined a secret society to seek protection, and later involved in the gangsterism activities such as bookie, drug pusher and loan collectors.

It provided a good educational point for the young ones, that being in this 'journey' is not a good example.

I would suggest that the young teenages, especially those in the rebellious stage, should watch this show!  Parents, bring along your children if you going.

Only one thing that I tolerated was the 'Cantonese' that spoken typically Malaysian style. LOL!  the 'lui' thing is damn hillarious!! LOL!

Now, since it's on promotion, why not support the local production right...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yes or Ya?

How do you normally you these 2 words?  

I hate the word 'ya' and I dislike people answering me 'ya'!  I find it rude that way... what ya ya ya... use YES!

This is my plain opinion which I find people saying 'ya' is very annoying.  I also have the perception of using ya means you are not very firm and confident.  I usually will tell people "YES" in any questions ask.  I find the English language currently in Malaysia has been so mixed up, that people started to using the ya ya word every time they try to say YES.

This does not spare my girl, who is only 3 years old.  I told her straight that if she doesn't answer me with proper YES and NO, I don't entertain her request.  Not even nodding her head or shake her head.  Now, does I sound like a military trained person? 

Well, I don't know, but I really don't enjoy being answer with YA especially during FORMAL conversation. *period*

Friday, October 5, 2012

Genting Booking for CGM Astro!

I recently booked a night stay in Genting in year end, as I am going to support a friend who has won one of the Astro CGM series, and now the finalist who will compete with the other 7 contestant to be the 'champion'!  I wish her best of luck, and to show the support, I planned a trip to Genting on the 23rd for a night.

My beautiful friend who recent won one of the CGM segment.
Anyway, back to my story of Genting booking.  I am a Genting card member, which entitle me to book a room in Genting with promotion rate online.  So, I proceed to book a room in First World for myself (cheaper and nearer to theme park), and a room for my friend in Theme Park (which nearer to the Arena) who will be bring her family along to support this friend too!  After booking for 2 rooms, my friend called to inform that she wished to bring her aunts there too to support the show!  I happily log in to my account to book another room, and to my horror I was told I utilised my quota!  ah?  What quota?

So, I call and speak to the customer service, and was told that I am entitle to book 5 rooms in First World and 2 rooms in Theme Park but after long winded explanation, they can't satisfied me with their explanation, which I only has booked 1 room each in both the hotel!! So, never give up people said... I try putting my comments in Genting FB (the power of FB), with many many exchange of comments, finally someone called me and I again, explained my intention.

There is a reason for Genting to put quota, as they found people misuse their system to book at lower rate and re-sale the room!  However, I remembered when I check in last time, I have to be there in person to check in, or the Front Desk will not release a room.  You mean people so free, book a room, sell for higher price, drive up all the way to Genting, check in then let others stay in the room? and next day come back to do the check out?  *I don't understand the logic*

Anyway, I tried long winded explanation, and wishing Genting understand my situation, coz I wanted to go Genting earlier, and then I can check in all the rooms first before my friend arrival, then I just go jalan jalan on my own.  When they arrive, I just pass them the keys to their room.. blah blah blah...

Cut long story short, I am glad that Genting has such understanding personel that they granted my booking (with promotional price) and all settle within that week.  I now just have to look forward to year end, and also prepare my girl for the trip.  I plan to drive up, which will be my first time, and shall pray that the journey is smooth and safe.

In addition, I hope you will also support my friend in the final by voting for her (if any).

Thank you in advance, and 


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ish.. Ish.. Ish....

Incident dated 3 Oct 2012

This morning I called to the "H" bank informing them that one of my credit card did not appear in the post, and it's the 3rd time I called since I was informed about the postal a month ago.  Each time I called, they suggest me to keep waiting as it may afraid that it's on its way to my office.  *I use office address to receive the card, as I think my house may be empty most of the time*.

When finally I called today, telling them to cancel the card, and get the replacement to the branch near my office, the card appear in front of my desk AFTER LUNCH hour!!! For goodness sake, THERE it came after a month of waiting!!! *anger boiling*

Now, I got to walk to the bank in another 5 to 7 days (the working ones somemore) to collect my card since I requested it to be delivered there!!! Ish!

I tell you ah, this bank hire the most effective call centre, because each time you call, they speak to you in their damn best manner, but they got the wrong way to reach their customer!  I am serious!  Their customer service call centre is that efficient that they call you almost immediately to ask you if you need extra cash but not sending a mere credit card!

I am sorry H bank, I think you don't get me as a long loyal customer should you continue to give me problem like this!!  I am sure gonna say bye bye to you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Teacher Vs Parents

Every morning while driving to work, I tuned to 988  and they always have interesting talking topic whcih involve our daily life.  This morning, something interesting is up for 'debate' on teacher and parents relationship.

As a 'old' student, guess my relationship with the teachers was good then.  I have got many attention shined on me due to my laziness, and also some 'extra' helpfulness.  Teachers love to complain to my parents on my laziness (coz I really hate homework) but on the other hand, I was also participating in many activities therefore, teachers will try to make it back to my parents so they will not be SO ANGRY about the complain(s).

Well, now as a parent myself, I can say I am in good relationship with my girls' 'teachers'!  At least I am able to get feedback about how my girl is doingwith little effort.  Teachers know if parents are concern or not, so they will feed you with information you need to know ASAP!  When some callers called in this morning mentioning their own relationship with teachers, as there was report on teacher 'caning and beating' students, guess most parents are still the good ones around.

I remembered I had a teacher who cast 'fear' to everyone of us, and the only thing she has been holding is the cane and whoever 'smell' her coming, will start to shake in 'fear'.  I hope in future, my girl does not meet with teacher like this but not those 'don't care don't bother' type also la.  

Then it was the blame of parents to teachers for not able to teach their children properly, and teachers crying foul that the responsibilities should be shared among parents.  Actually sometimes, a student will listen to the teacher more than the parents, don't you agree?  Sometimes children tend to be more 'daring' when come to parents, but not with teachers.

There are so many parents-teachers stories available if we read the newspaper each day, however I do hope the relationship can be mend and be better in future.

So, hows your relationship with teachers?

Monday, October 1, 2012

What?! It's October already?

Today marked the first day of the last quarter of 2012, and it's always in the 'festive' mood from now on.  We have so many holidays coming up, and mood at work is also 'live up' looking forward for the celebrations!  

What do you have plan for the last quarter?  Have you able to tick off 3 quarter of your 2012 resolutions?  For me, I simply don't plan, and don't put reso.  I just live with it at times come.  For the last 3 quarters, I have managed to close the BIG chapter of my life, which I am very happy about it.

Now, entering the last quarter, and with the recent announcement of the 2013 budget when touched on the topic of BONUS, who most of us will be looking forward too! LOL!  I hope not just the public sector has the 1 month bonus, the private sector will be able to announce better ones too!  If not, how are we going to pay the public servant bonus wor.. :p

This quarter will be busy preparing my girl's education programme.  We will be going to make the payment to register her for her school, and also prepare her mentally and emotionally for that.  She will be bidding her friends farewell (guess no one from her current childcare will attend the same kindergarden) and hopefully she is able to cope.

We have planned for the year end (Christmas week) and heading up to Genting to support a friend on her final competition in ASTRO.  We will also be taking the week off since the centre will close and the week will be use to prepare for any last minutes stuff before the school starts.

I will need to do proper planning if I want to gain some income doing Christmas baking (nothing but my always favourite chocolate chip cookies)!  The mooncake sales did not materialise as I don't think I got sufficient energy to bake!  Even till today, I am still baking and baking and baking... :p

So, that's for the final quarter, and welcome 2013 with a BANG soon!!

How about you?

My first experience...


Age has been catching up, and with the recent incident of stiff neck, I finally resorted to use Salonpas to relieve the pain.  I bought a pack of 10 patches, and uses 3 right after lunch.  It has a heat feeling, however not many people could stand the medicated smell though.

It helps a little to make me feel soothing, however it has not relieve any pain yet.  I hope that this pack will make me better, and I don't need to visit the doctor to get any more musle reliever or etc.

I have something exciting coming up on Wednesday, so I hope I can get this over by then... 

Cynful Pleasure Bakery


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