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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ah Huat White Coffee

Guess many people has been familiar with the tv advertisement with Ah Niu as the cast.  Last weekend, I was shopping at Aeon Mid Valley doing my weekly groceries, and chance upon the coffee tasting of the above brand.  When I drank it, it's NICE, not too sweet, and kao enough for me.  

I bought a pack back home to try, since it's on a promotional price.  I like it very much comparing to other brands available in the market, and have since drinking this.  I don't usually do lots of 3in1 coffee coz I find it too sweet to my liking, but Ah Huat Kao White Coffee is just GOOD... I can save up the energy making my own coffee in the office since I don't really have much mood working here now.

My like
Product Label for Extra Rich
Story of Ah Huat... 
Despite I prefer to always make my own coffee, but recently didn't really have the mood, I resorted to this for the time being.  Let's see after finishing the 15 sachets, I can feel better at work, and cut down some anxiety too.

I am waiting for a good news to arrive, and have been praying for it to come ASAP.  I spoken to the respectives person(s) and just got to sit back, relax and wait.  I hate waiting!! but no choice, time control is not at my side.

Now, let me go make my cup of Ah Huat, and hopefully I am like Ah Huat say, "Huat ah!  Sum Siong Si Seng"

and wishing everyone the same too!

*This is solely my own opinion and has no any monetary benefit from Ah Huat* 


  1. I tried it and it is good..
    It is manufacture by Power Root.. I think they make a good decision for coming out a chinese name..
    I got few packets and I bought for my friend in China .. and they love it..

  2. I tried it at Aeon too......very nice and smooth. But I did not buy coz I still have 2 packets (diff brands) of 3 in 1 not yet finished.

    I like the jingles. Ah Niu sang very good.

  3. Interesting. I must buy this coffee one day and try it myself. I am also a coffee lover.

  4. I got so irritated with the song what's not when my girls sang this song when they saw this coffee displays at supermarket.

  5. ah niu's voice is playing in my mind when i read about ah huat == the advertisement appears too many times everyday!

    Latest: CAUTION: It's Flaming!

  6. Will look out for this brand when I go shopping. I love coffee.

  7. First time I see this brand of coffee. I am a coffee lover too..have not seen it in the hypermarket here yet. If i see I sure buy to have a taste of it..

  8. I always hear its advertisement from the radio. Really good? I only drink old town...gonna try this up and see.

  9. ya, i saw the advertisment as well. I was laughing non stop the first time i saw it. it's too funny ler...but i havent try it thou...

    Sam yuk yuk now, wanna go buy one packet from gaint already. hehe

  10. Gonna see if I can get this in JB when I go there this Friday! Huat ah! I take 3 in 1 coffee too.


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