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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My first experience with FIR

FIR don't stand for the singer group from Taiwan, but FIR stands for Far-Infra-Red!  I've seem some written article about FIR since I joined one of this group in FB, and it's really bring out the curiosity out of me.  There is the one particular 'brand' that is giving out 1st trial costing only RM9.90, and they recently opened a branch in Damansara Perdana (DP).  If you already know what I'm talking, then YES, it's the My FIR Wellness!  

I booked my slot last Saturday, and I was actually quite excited about it.  Knowing that FIR has got good 'result' in better health, I am eager to try out.  This afternoon, after Princess classes (yes, read CLASSES), I drove to DP and arriving there half an hour later.  My FIR Wellness was just after the Jaya Grocer in DP, and you won't miss the big turning left into the shop lots.  Of course, not forgetting the 'best' landmark when you see the 7-E just next to it! It's ample parking, and no hassle in finding a good shaded place to park my car.  I just loved places like this which I don't have the hassle to look for parking!

I walked in and was welcomed by Mummy Julz (owner of My FIR Wellness)!  She is a friendly lady, and was explaining to me what the whole treatment about, and also what should I be expecting from it.  Also, she did not just 'praise' the treatment, but telling me there are people who find it unsuitable due to their medical condition and such.  So, at least, it's a truthful business person and not just any sales concern lady.  iLike!

MJ also reminded me that I must take in Calcium supplement before entering the FIR room, and she even prepared it for those who didn't had it.  Very kind of her for charging a fair charges RM4 for 2 tablets) for those who didn't had the supplement earlier.  MJ explained that besides the removal of toxic in our body during the FIR treatment, we will also lose out Calcium, Magnesium and some minerals too, therefore a supplement is required.  Also, she explained that Skin being the 'biggest' organ in toxic expelling organ, but one that uses the least in our body.  So, FIR is to also uses this big organ to help us detox by making us SWEAT!

Long story cut short, MJ did my body scan, which has my weight, body fat, water, and other important 'factors' noted before I was usher into the FIR room.  No sharing of the details, but in the end of the treatment, I lost something, and I gain something.. guess what? hahaha...

When in the FIR room, I was provided with alkaline water to keep myself hydrating, and also books to read.  They have speakers in the FIR room, and you may bring your own MP3 to put your own music.  NICE!  I enjoyed myself in the room, while Princess waiting outside for me to finish.  For me, it's never enough, but for Princess, she keep asking how long more for her to wait.. LOL!

My after treatment was good.. feeling lighter and fresh, and came home had early dinner before I head to bed.

On Sunday, I have no problem getting up for church (in mind) but my dear Princess decided that she want to skip that and will go only next week.. hmmm.. so, we thought OK, let's go next week and no more excuses!  I'm going to book my 2nd treatment, and will come back and blog more (with pictures this time)!

*no picture for this post was due to the excitement of getting to My FIR Wellness, and I left my camera at home!  

Pledge an Act of Softness and Show your Loved Ones How much you Care! Kleenex® brings you a whole new way to Share the Softness

This is my little precious girl, whom had grown up well.  A gem in my heart, and she will be always one that close to my heart!
The cheeky one, putting the Kleenex pillow on her hand (she says it’s like those Qing Princess putting their hand in the sleeve) 

 on her feet (coz she says it’s like being plastered).  OK, too much of the recent HK drama effect..

Being a mum, I tried my best to give her what I can afford, and what I think is best, always, materially or even emotionally.  I know I’ve always been ‘fast snap’ with her, therefore sometimes, when she gets into my nerve, a few sentences of unnecessary ‘lecturing’ cannot be avoided.  

Recently, there is a contest going on to ‘Pledge’ an act of softness and win great prizes by Kleenex.  The Kleenex® Share the Softness campaign will run from 20 November 2013 till 15 January 2014 and aims to achieve 5,000 pledges, upon which Kleenex® will spread the softness to the underprivileged children of the Fugee School with a cash donation of RM10,000. Through this campaign, Malaysians will be reminded to bring softness into each other’s lives, and also to the lives of needy children in the Fugee School, a non-profit charity organisation that provides basic education to refugee children from Somalia.

All I need to do is just simply log on using my Facebook account, and use the Kleenex MY Share the Softness on Facebook app.

 The Prizes

The contest is easy, I only need to do the registration once, and I may pledge as many soft acts I want.  I did one today, and I actually pledge something that I should be doing, but it’s really hard sometimes with the fast snap emotion of mine.

Also, if I will be able to fulfill this pledge, I can load up my photo and win the prizes!

Joining Kleenex® to spread acts of softness by making the very first pledges on the Kleenex® Wall of Softness are local celebrities – philanthropist and World Vision’s Child’s Rights advocate Deborah Henry and award-winning actress Sharifah Amani.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Join Kleenex®, Deborah Henry and Sharifah Amani to pledge an act of softness today on www.facebook.com/Kleenex.Malaysia – all you have to do is make your pledge, and first 100 daily pledgers will get a free Kleenex® soft pack! Next, share a photo of you fulfilling your pledges and stand a chance to win a holiday worth RM3,000 plus RM2,000 of spending money! 

Remember, Amongst the hustle and bustle of today’s busy society, we often tend to over commit ourselves by wanting to do just about everything and be everywhere at the same time, juggling between work, peers, family and “me” time. If we are often not making it to get-togethers, family outings, movie dates and the list goes on, then are we getting in to the habit of making empty promises a tad too often? Step up and turn things around today by making a pledge on the Kleenex® Wall of Softness – a bold new reminder that even small gestures mean a great deal to the people in your life. 

If you are too busy to go on Facebook, and don’t’ really have the ‘interest’ Kleenex can understand you well.  The Kleenex® Softness Store will be moving around Klang Valley to reach out to the public, advocating the importance of showing love and care with just a simple act of softness. To encourage the act of softness, the first 500 participants who visits the Kleenex® Softness Store will be able to walk away with Kleenex® tissues by just pledging their act of softness on-the-spot.  Check out the Kleenex Malaysia page event, and locate them!

Keep updated on the latest campaign details, as well as locations for the Kleenex® Wall of Softness and Kleenex® Softness Store, via Kleenex® Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Kleenex.Malaysia). Look us up or tag us via #kleenexsoftness in your instagram, facebook and twitter to be part of the Kleenex® Share the Softness movement today. 

So, don’t wait, Try pledging your softness; you never know you will win!  And if you have any other question on Kleenex®, please call the Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line at 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free) on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

About Kleenex®
Kleenex®, the world’s No.1 facial tissue offers superior softness that gently cleanses all skin types. Every sheet is made from 100% quality virgin fiber that leaves no residue behind to reduce skin irritation. This ensures not only clean skin, but gentle care and finest hygiene for you and your family. Kleenex® tissues, are available in both facial and bath tissues and in a variety of attractive and convenient packaging formats, distinctive for their ideal softness, strength and absorbency.

Kleenex® is a brand of Kimberly-Clark
Kimberly-Clark and its well-known global brands are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 175 countries. Every day, billions of people worldwide -- nearly a quarter of the world's population – choose Kimberly-Clark brands and the solutions they provide to enhance their health, hygiene and well-being. With brands such as Kleenex®, Scott®, Huggies®, Kotex® and Poise®, Kimberly-Clark is about “leading the world in essentials for a better life”. To keep up with the latest Kimberly-Clark news and to learn more about the company's 140-year history of innovation, visit http://www.Kimberly-Clark.com.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Finding a gift for Christmas? Try Furby Boom!

I was given this little pet during my birthday last month, and it's been with me for 1 month now.  This little thing is such a cutie, as it is like a real pet but it won't die (as long as the battery still working)!  How nice.. Of course, this little pet is now belongs to Princess instead, and she will be the one carrying it out, play, bath, and feed!  She even bid it goodnight before going to bed!

Meet my Furby Boom - Loo Doo!  Yes, it has a name!!  and once you set it, the Furby Boom will recognise and keep saying it's name!  

Having Loo Doo is easy for my Princess morning wake up call.. All I need to do is bring out Loo Duh from the sleeping place, and place it beside my Princess.  She will wake up and talk to Loo Doo before going to bath and again, she will bid it bye before heading out.

By simple instructions provided, we started our Furby Boom as easy as 123

1st step.. open the battery compartment.. using 4 AA batteries

I also downloaded the apps.. 

After downloading the game, you may put Furby Boom to choose it's name...

We were given a chart too as just using the apps, you may also 'hatch' eggs to get friends for your Furby Boom!
We have so far hatched around 5 eggs, and giving them different names.

The apps is also useful to do translate Furbish (the language the Furby Speaks)! and it's make lots fun with the app as it will tell you when the Furby need to be bath, feed, play, toilet break and so forth!  

Some other Furby Boom's features are:-

  1. Only Furby Boom can hatch Furblings in the new Furby Boom app. Hatch over 50 Furblings from eggs.
  2. Furby Boom says twice as much as last year’s Furby did – including secret phrases like howling on a full moon
  3. Furby Boom can learn the name you give it – and remembers the names of other Furby Booms
  4. Use the free Furby Boom app to care for your Furby Boom with a shower, a doctor’s office, a toilet and more!
  5. Only Furby Boom can play games with digital Furblings on the Furby Boom app
There will be 12 different colours for 2013. I think the colours are very festive feels.. Below are the 6 available colours now, as the other 6 will be launch later.
★ Pink & Black Straight Stripes
★ Blue Waves
★ Black & White Zigzag Stripes
★ Green Peacock
★ Pink Polka Dots
★ Black & Pink Triangles

I personally think that this is a good gift for little children, as they can take care and also play with it like a pet.
The Furby Boom is available at most major toy retail outlets nationwide and major departmental stores such as AEON, Isetan, Parkson, Robinson etc at RM269.90. All it needs is four (4) “AA” batteries which are not included. You can download the app via App Store or Google Play.
For more information of its all-new FURBY BOOM, please visit www.furby.com.  Not forgetting, if you are having one, call me... we can bring our kids and Furby Boom out to play one day!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hi-5 teams up with Dumex Mamil All ‘n One

15th November 2013 marked a very special day as on this day, I turned more than half the 30s! That day I had lots of activities line up, and one of that is attending the Hi-5 teams up with Dumex Mamil All 'n One event!

Hi-5, the award-winning Australian children’s musical group, consists of 5 dynamic performers namely Stevie Nicholson (aka “Stavros”), Lauren Brant (aka “Lolly”), Dayen Zheng, Ainsley Melham (aka “Ains”), and Mary Lascaris (aka “Mare-bear”). This energetic group presents the contemporary ‘pop’ style of music and a fun, colourful, exciting world of imagination that children 2-8 years are invited into wholeheartedly.

They star in a popular TV series, Hi-5, which is a vibrant mix of stories, investigation, imagination and adventure and encourages children to explore the world through movement, laughter and lots of catchy music. With Hi-5, learning is playful, fun and inclusive. Most importantly, Hi-5 seeks to support the young child’s growth in all areas – cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical – while encouraging children to develop their own potential.

The 5 dynamic performers of The Hi5 Group
This new educational campaign brings a new twist to educating young ones on the importance of the 5 major food groups – it is now fun and exciting to consume the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats and oils! In striving to make healthy eating engaging for children, the ‘Give Me 5’ campaign features a catchy song and dance, educational video, plus interactive digital apps showcasing Hi-5 to communicate positive messages on healthy eating.

Besides meeting the Hi5 group on that day, we also meet with the Marketing Manager of Danone Dumex Malaysia, Mr Christiaan Uittenbosch.

He has shared how important is children eating healthy consisting the 5 Food Groups! Besides, we also had a change to have Q&A session with the Hi5 performers! I did asked them if they will be coming up with more videos variety so our children can absorb the information well. So far, it worked for me as my girl been saying "mummy, must eat 5 food groups'!

Lauren even did a demo of 10 push ups, as she encourages children to have food from the 5 Food Groups!

Mummies and Daddies, listen here... The excitement has been growing since October, when young fans began gearing up for the Hi-5 concert, with the opportunity to win free tickets to the exclusive opening show of the ‘Hi-5 House Party’ concert brought by Mamil All ‘n One on Friday, December 27 at KLPAC! However, for those who have missed out on the contest earlier, there is still one more week left to the closing on November 24 - simply purchase any pack of Dumex Mamil All ‘n One 500g or 900g today and answer a simple question via SMS.  (trust me, it's a real simple question).  

Evidence of our appearance in the event..
We will be going for the Hi5 concert on the 27th December 2013, since princess won tickets during a dance performance!  *due to privacy of other children, I will not upload the video here*.  

Before signing off, my girl has been playing this on her Ipad almost every night when she got back from school!  She is very excited now because she won 4 tickets to the concert on that day!  I'm sure if you let your children listen to this, they will also love it because of the energy, vibrant colours and all!

To find out more about Dumex Mamil All ‘n One and Hi-5 activities, click on the ‘Give me 5’ app at the Dumex Mamil Facebook page [www.facebook.com/DumexMamil/GiveMe5] or call Danone Dumex Careline at 1800 38 1038.

About Danone Dumex

Danone Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“Danone Dumex”) is a specialist in child nutrition and markets a range of innovative science-based and proven child nutrition products. A winner of numerous awards including the 2008 Effie Award Malaysia for its ‘Ezy on Toddler’s Tummy’ Campaign and named the Best Brand - Growing Up Milk for two consecutive years at The BrandLaureate 2008/2009 and 2009/2010, Danone Dumex is part of DANONE, a Fortune 500 company and one of the most successful health food companies in the world.

For further information on Danone Dumex, visit www.dumex.com.my.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gathering with friends

Recently I've been meeting quite frequently with friends, which I would say it's a good and happy thing. My princess has not siblings, and she always play with herself only. Pretend play is always her favourite at home, and she make me pretend to be her customers and all sorts... Guess that's part of single child.

So, I make myself available, and have some plans to meet my friends whom also have children. We usually just meet at those indoor playground and we will have like 10 kids to play together. The elder ones will usually given some responsibilities to look after the younger ones in the playland and the mummies will just sit at the cafe and have a good chat over things.

We had one in August, then October and November! Just yesterday, I had another meet up with friends too! I tell ya, princess was super happy when she got a chance to play like this with friends.. she 'story' again and again while on our way back home in the car till I hear no sound.. only sound of snore! LOL! We are now planning for gatherings in December celebrating the festive seasons of Christmas!!

Now, in order to prepare for Christmas, there are lots more effort. I will need to do some shopping of gifts, and also some clothings and shoes. Seriously, I prefer to shop for Christmas than Chinese New Year! Working in a mall, gives me the priority to shop and 'exercise' during lunch time. I was thinking if I should just wear some heels with dresses or maybe blouses.

If I find walking in the mall getting bored, I will have some alternatives by shopping online such as Zalora Malaysia! Anyone watched their TV advertisement? Princess always request not to fast forward their advertisement since she finds it funny! But if I look at the closet, that's a dream for me to own it! LOL! I just browsed it a while ago, and there is a new featured brand called Ezra! Nice one...

Oh.. not forgetting my office also planning to have the year end staff gathering in December! But I'm contemplating if I should bring Princess along. We are going to Sunway Lagoon, but I think both of us may need new swimwear! Let me go think about it... if you see me blogging it, you will know Princess had a chance to play in Sunway!

Stay tune...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

She went to the Sunday School on her own!

I have to pen this, despite I've not been actively blogging over the last few months.  Inspiration and motivation to blog just not there!  Don't ask me why..

The story begins..

We have been missing church Sunday Service for many many months, as my little Princess don't seems to be interested, and also get very cranky when need to get up and attend her Sunday School.  She is not ready to be left in the school, while I attend the preaching.  She is also not very comfortable when we get back to our car with the scorching sun shining directly into the car after service @ 12pm.  So, we usually end up not very happy after church, and I decided that it's time to stop.  I don't think GOD will want to see both of us struggle, and I'm sure one day HE will make it happen for both of us happily attending church.  

Last Saturday, we had a dinner gathering at a friend's house together with some care cell members and the pastor.  After dinner, we were merely chatting, and Pastor asked me to be in church 'tomorrow'  and I feel 'horror'! LOL.  But PTL, Princess agreed, and she was excited to attend.  I told her if she decides to attend, I will not be with her 'upstairs' and I will leave her there with other kor kor & cheh cheh, and she AGREED!

I kept asking till hit bedtime, and she still saying she want to go!  The next day @ 6th October 2013, we woke up earlier than any usual Sunday preparing for church.  Princess was really good that she not just no fuss, and kept saying that she can 'handle' herself in the 'upstairs' church and allowed me to be in another hall.. Holy GOD, how happy I am on that moment!

We drove to church, parked under a nice shade since we are early, and I took Princess up to her Sunday School.  Teachers were so excited seeing her!  I just hang around until more people were there, and wave her goodbye.  SHE LET ME GO!  Oh my... GOD is doing his miracle work!  At 12pm, I picked her again from the class and she was so happy playing and telling me her 'story'!  I asked if she want to go again, and she says YES!

No matter if she say NO this week, I truly believes that GOD has made it happened if I let him take the lead.  I'm sure in a matter of time, Princess will surely enjoy and have her good time there.  I continue to pray for GOD intervention in my daily life, giving me good vibes, and showering HIS love to me!  

I feel the message that day, shared by the Senior Pastor about GOD's Love is just so true!

Praise The Lord!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Witness of a car break-in

Last night was the first time I experienced being a witness instead of a victim of crime.  The story goes...

I was about to leave MVC after work around 5.30pm, was driving out of the car park after paying, when I noticed a familiar car with a recognised plate.  I was upset when I saw the 'car door' was not close tightly, with the indication light on.  I tried calling my brother and was about to get mad at his carelessness.  Out of sudden, I saw a guy (young about the age of my brother, well dressed like usual college or university student, dark skin) and I thought he could be my brother's friend.  When I was about to leave it at it is, I saw the guy holding on to my brother's T&G card, and I sensed some wrongdoing there however still unable to confirm if the guy a friend or foe.

I kept ringing my brother, and asking him if his friend was collecting stuff from the car (the car alarm did not triggered, so my assumption of being a friend who had the key to the car) but I followed him from behind after he took a laptop from my brother's car bonnet.  This guy was acting just normal, not even any panic sign as if he was just collecting his own belongings.  He was walking just like normal, not even a faster step in the car park!

When I got the confirmation that they guy was not my brother's friend, I saw him went into the lift lobby and into the stairways.  I shouted for the security to 'kejar' and 'chase' but very unfortunate, the Nepal guard don't understand what I said.  I asked for the walkie talkie trying to alert security department of MVC, and he did not have one!!  So, I drove back to where my brother's car was parked, check the car again to see any damage while calling my brother to come to the scene fast!

I saw those parking routine checker in motorcycle, and I waved and told him what happened.  Only then, he alerted by pressing the emergency button at those 'pillar' and then I guess it alerted the security department, and the executives were all down in the basement asking what happened in 10 minutes (ok, I was kind of impressed with the speed how fast they make it)

We went checked the car again, took photos and I asked to view the CCTV but MVC need us to make a police report first before they release.  We already knew that we won't be able to catch the thief since he already went into the mall.  So, another round of hoo haa trying to explain what happened, and we ended up at the MVC police booth for our report.

While at there, there were other cases of theft reported too!  Police officers were quite helpful, however as we needed the see the Sargent (IO), we will have to wait for him to come back as he just got out to do another site visit to the earlier report.  

While waiting for the IO to come back from his earlier case, we hang around the police station, and of course, it's a busy place.. We saw at least 4 other cases reported there!  You do the maths yourself!  When the IO back to take our statement, our background was asked in detailed such as, name, IC, address, father's name and father's address, they request to briefly tell where you study, and so forth.  It's like a standard SOP script questionnaires where the IO need to fill in the details.

After all the statement recording, including my brother as victim and myself as witness, we went back to the car again, and this time IO need to take photos.  We did not managed to view the CCTV, as IO needed to rush for another case (break-in @ Taman Desa Condo)!  IO mentioned that he will view the CCTV tomorrow (as in today) and will keep us informed of the necessary.

The whole incident end me back home approx about 9pm!  My own thinking while all this happen...

1)  I'm very sure that the CCTV captured the thief's face clearly but I doubt that our police force will be able to catch him. 
2)  I guess we are really short of police manpower..  The IO was alone having at least 3 - 4 cases on that day.. how is one to cope when so many cases but no people to help out?
3)  There are still good police officers around...
4)  The police was asking if my brother confirmed that he locked the car, since we can't find any lock damage or finger print and alarm not triggered, but my dear brother can't recall.  I guess out of habit we are doing this, we can't remember.. 

We just got to make sure no valuable belongings in the car (this was because my brother's friend just got back from Singapore, and his luggage were all in the car's bonnet with the laptop) and check all the doors if it's lock, even with alarm to make sure no one able to just open the car door!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Oh Gosh.. if not that it's a celebration coming soon, I think my blog hiatus will be prolong with no updates.  Things are getting a bit busy at my end, but I shall catch up very soon..

I'm taking this opportunity to wish all my family & friends 

Image Credit

Happy Holiday!  Drive safe whenever you go!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Coppelia - The Girl with Enamel Eyes

Do you love ballet?  Do you love those gracefully movement perform by the ballerinas?  If you do, I think you shouldn't miss this amazing performance, Coppelia, The Girl with Enamel Eyes by international performers from USA, Australia, Japan, Romania and even Malaysia!  Check out below the details, and I'm sure you will surely love this if you love Ballet!

Since Princess loves ballet / dance, I'm thinking to bring her for the show, and I'm sure she will love it to the max!  Catch us there, if you are going too...

For more information, you may visit the website HERE.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sick... but blessed...

Thanks everyone for the get well wishes, and yes, I'm finally better now, and at least I'm pretty sure this weekend, I won't have to stay at home!!! I thank GOD for bringing the rain, it now clearing the skies, and today, I finally see blue skies and white clouds!

Over the last 2 days, I've seen friends in my FB cheering for rain... and today, cheering for the blue sky!  hahaha.... for me, I also want to cheer bye to the itchy throat!  Please don't come back anytime soon, as I don't want to go on medical leave again... 

But during this period when I'm sick, I'm well 'taken care' by my princess age of 4++!  I tell ya, she is such a gem now... She is at the age, ask her to do anything with 'please', she will just do it for you... or if she is 'busy', all you need is just say.. "ok, nevermind, I do myself' and she will quickly put down the  stuff in her hand, and rush to help!

She reminded me on what the doctor says... Mummy, doctor say you must drink a lot of water, I go take your tumbler ah... you must drink half ok... 

She will come at night, mummy, you head still pain pain ah.. come I massage for you want or not.. and she will go 'dum dum dum' with her little fist on my forehead...

She will bring my med, open it for me, count the tablets, water and all... Mummy, eat medicine!

She goes to her kao fu asking for help to fill water, Ah Bu, can you help fill water please.. mummy sick and she sleeping.. *muahahaha.... *

She will 'freak' when she heard my bad cough... and go shaking her head in disbelief!

When I asked, can she give some 'good' kick when I feel my back pain, she will say.. you turn, I kick you... then ask.. mummy, no more pain already right... I got magic kick..

This time falling sick was bad, but the experience with my caring daughter is really good.  She is now grown to understand 'sick' 'pain' 'medication' and so forth... so she knows, sick = pain = eat medicine and she will make sure I do that!

Also, I thank my carecell members who has been praying for my good health too!  So, still not too bad for a small sick ya... people say.. 小病是福

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Haze... you nearly killed me!

I was badly hit this time round when the haze came for the annual visit.  It's been so many years that we suffered this annual visitor, but this year, just the beginning of all 'drama', I'm badly hit by it.  I had fever since Friday afternooon, and was bad till I don't even have any appetite to drink my favourite cup of coffee.  Then on Saturday, was shivering in cold and fever, and finally couldn't stand the torture, and went to the most expensive GP that I ever had in my life so far!  The GP that I usually go was closed!!

So, when I came home with the pack of medicine, it's now more than 3 days, and I still don't really see any improvement but it got even worse!  I drank lots and loads of water, and I think that took up the space in my stomach that I can go without food for whole day and not even feeling hungry!  Then when I wanted to eat, the food all tasted so bland, that I only take in an amount to fill the tummy!

Yesterday, school was close due to haze, and I can't get to work too due to the itchy throat and insufficient sleep!  This morning, when I happily drive to drop my girl at her school, and noticed it was closed!  All because I didn't check my FB updates that school still closed!  I'm lucky that I've got a cousin to turn to, and Princess happily went to my cousin's instead of me not able to get to work again.

At noon today, my throat was telling me that it's no good.. it started to itch, and also sending the pain signal too!  I quickly took 2 paracetamol, and hopefully it will remain pain free till I off work.  I seriously hate the itch feeling in my throat! and the difficulty to even swallow my own saliva!  

Haze Haze.. can you leave me alone for now? and instead of making India suffer from all the flood, let's bring some rain here to Malaysia!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sofia the First Once Upon A Princess

Sofia the First Once Upon A Princess, an animated television movie premièring a few Sundays ago on the 19th May 2013!  Guess what, my dear Princess wannabe sit through the show and watched patiently!  This movie was recorded in my Astro PVR too!  Now I think I will be watching this movie over and over again... but I'm glad that this will be a whole new 'princess' movie that belongs to Princess generation, rather than her watching those that I like.. 

Of course, to begin Sofia journey to be a royalty, she got tips from the common Princess, Cinderella.. From the movie, there will be some past characters appearing like Cinderella and the fairies that appeared in Sleeping Beauty.    Just like us, we need guidance from others too... 

Sofia will have to learn from scratch how to be a royalty, and also to mix around with them.  She will also has 2 step-siblings, Amber and James (oh, my girl say James is very 'handsome')! OMG... 

Sofia has 3 new animal friends in the movie, whom she can communicate with them!  These little creatures helped her understand that being a Princess is not that difficult anyway but displaying honesty, loyalty, courage, independence, compassion and grace is what makes one truly royal. She is such a gentle, which I don't mind letting Princess watched and follow.. :)

Sofia needs to learn how to adapt to her new environment, new friends, and even new way of life, however this will be good as a guidance for kids as they learned from it.  Sofia can be a good example on how to deal with it.  Sofia didn't get her 'princess' journey easily however she did not gave up as well.  She will always has her mum to fall back if she needs comfort too!

We are also viewing the special webpage set up for Sofia the First Once Upon A Princess, and you get to have all sorts of creative work that you can use if anyone feel like getting a feel of royalty.  Kids can get creative, creating and personalizing their own prince or princess avatars with the Royal Me game, dressing up Sofia’s room or just having fun with the many activity pages and videos available on the site.

If you once chanced upon this movie again, let your children watch it.. NICE... Last but not the least, let me update a photo of my Princess..with her Princess outfit!! LOL

Some other info on Sofia the First Once Upon A Princess:-

"Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess" stars the voices of Ariel Winter ("Modern Family") as Sofia; Sara Ramirez ("Grey's Anatomy") as Queen Miranda; Wayne Brady ("Let's Make A Deal") as Clover; Tim Gunn ("Project Runway") as Baileywick; Darcy Rose Byrnes ("Desperate Housewives") as Amber; Zach Callison ("Land of the Lost") as James; Travis Willingham ("Ultimate Spider-Man") as King Roland II; Jess Harnell ("Doc McStuffins") as Cedric; Ashley Eckstein ("Star Wars: The Clone Wars") as Mia the Bluebird and Meghan Strange ("Special Agent Oso") as Robin. Disney Legend Russi Taylor (Minnie Mouse), Barbara Dirickson and Tress MacNeille (Daisy Duck), bring Fauna, Flora and Merryweather, respectively, to life. Jennifer Hale provides the voice of Cinderella.

Craig Gerber ("Pixie Hollow Games") developed the movie and serves as co-executive producer and story editor. Jamie Mitchell ("Special Agent Oso") is executive producer and director. John Kavanaugh ("Winnie The Pooh: Springtime with Roo") serves as songwriter/music director and Kevin Kliesch ("Tangled Ever After") is the composer. "Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess" is a production of Disney Television Animation. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

GE 13 - Finally over

I stayed up till around 1am last night to watch the results of our General Election 13.  This was not the first year I did so, since I've always keeping an eye of the result with my late dad when he was around.  This year, it's just get more exciting! LOL!

Yesterday, together with my brothers, we went casting our votes as early as 9am, and we queued for almost 2 hours due to the un-organised arrangement.  There were no signs of where the 15 salurans were, and we were not told which queue led to which saluran.  We were all playing 'guessing' and 'asking' game to find the right queue.  I almost end up queuing wrongly!!  *horror, as my little princess was left 'outside' the school with my uncle as he was not voting, and I asked him to help babysit princess*  Imagine I was at the wrong queue and the whole process may take up more than 2 hours!  Comparing to last election in 2008, I only need 20 minutes to complete the process.

A good thing was I met a few of my classmates, and we were all not first time voters!  We were all commenting of the turnout, and was so encouraged by it since now more Malaysians know their responsibilities and right!  

After voting, we just went for a quick lunch, and back home to rest and catch some sleep before the event of the night.  I was so tired now, as I did not have a good sleep on Saturday night, as I was out in the final ceramah in my area, and last night was another late night.  *yawn*

Then with the selective announcement, I kept myself awake to watch the live announcement, until the result of 112 was achieved, and I off the TV and head to bed!  That was already about 1am!  I salute those who stayed up witnessing the denial of 2/3 majority of the current administrator.

I'm tired... and was hoping an announcement for a holiday this morning but to no avail.  Good thing was the traffic was good, and I guess it's another 5 years of wait before the next one... 

See ya again GE!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Calling Emergency 112

Reminder:  Calling emergency from your mobile is 112 and NOT 999 or 994..

Few months back, I saw a guy lying on the roadside when I traveled to work.  People are surrounding him, however there was no sign of any emergency rescue / ambulans / police.  Usually that road, we have those sneaky traffic polices who try to 'catch' those violating the emergency lane but that day no sign of them.  Traffic was bad due to those 'stop, look, go' people, and it slowed down the whole traffic pace.  When I approach the scene, then I saw this man lying there motionless.  I dialed 112 from my mobile just to make sure that someone has make a report on this, and rescue is on the way.

I find that our emergency team was quite responsive from that experience.  At least, the hospital called, the highway personnel returned call, and the Sarjan incharge also gave me a call to understand further.  I can't give much detail as I'm not the witness, however I'm glad I alerted the emergency team.

This morning, something more horrible that I saw.  This Malay lady in tudung lying on the emergency lane with blood covering her face.  YES, that's obvious even I did not stop my car to help.  Right after I passed the scene, I dialed 112 again.. I just want to know since the lady was bleeding, was help on his way.. and glad to hear from the hospital officer, that the ambulance already on their way.

It's so far a good experience calling the emergency, and I really hope that no one play prank on this number to avoid losing any life and disrupt the service.

May our emergency service continue to grow.

Friday, April 19, 2013

New Ride - The Waves

Besides going Genting to support the Youth last week, we were also introduced to the latest ride in Genting Outdoor Theme Park!  It looks fun, and exciting.. but yours truly chicken out during the ride!!  No no... Princess is not up to the height, so we gonna let it missed... hahaha...

When it first started, it was not as exciting as it looks, and everyone was like.. hah? this is the ride.. not until I took the video.... go enjoy and figure out how were the people riding in it feel... hahaha..

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Street Dance Performance by Elecoldxhot aka ECX & FIX

This is part of the YNot programme in Genting, and we had fun watching the dance performances.  It's really good!!!

We watched this performance for 3 times, and gladly it's all well and nice performed!!

I've got another 2 videos in my Ipad which I've not uploaded, and will do another post for that again.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Still in Genting - Food

We had the chance to feast while in Genting last week.  Here, I'm not posting any pictures of the photos as I guess you can view it from many bloggers' blog on what we had.  I'm going to give my humble opinions on each outlets that we have enjoyed eating that 2 days 1 night trip!

We had lunch at Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant ● Lobby Floor, Theme Park Hotel and was served up to 6 to 7 dishes with soup too!  We were late for lunch that day, but we still get to enjoy what was served in a very prompt service standards.  We were not held up for any 'request' by the us from the waiter / waitress.  This is the 3rd time me eating at Happy Valley, and so far it does not disappoint me.  Since we did not paid for the food, I won't know the price that day but so far from previous experiences, it's still reasonable given it's in Genting!

Then later that night, we were having some Thai Theme Buffet!  Oh goodness, we have the Thai papaya salad, Thai curry, Thai fried rice and Thai dessert!! On top of that, we still get to savor local Chinese, Japanese, Western, Western Asia, etc!!  Fresh cut salmons were served too!  We got to eat nice cakes and pastries, plus ice cream in a cold weather!!!  How does that sound?  Oh ya, we walked out of the restaurant with tummy full of food in Coffee Terrace ● Lobby Floor, Genting Grand

The next morning, since we all stayed in First World Hotel, it is obvious that we will eat there right.  Breakfast selection is good I would say, nothing to shout about but it's sufficient to make everyone a full tummy!  The varieties of breads, cereals, omelet, and local fried rice and CCF are served.  I am just tad disappointed for not having kaya with butter in the bread counter!!  hehehe... 

After all the first 3 feasting, it will bring us to our last lunch together in the trip.   This time round, my 'dream' was fulfilled, as I always wanted to eat here coz they serve buffet and also the 'kampung' style.  They have all the ulams lay out for my choice, and also having additional little of Western, Chinese!  I love the kampung style fried fish and fried chicken and not to be left out the nice aroma of TEH TARIK!!  This is a must when you feast here!!!  Here I meant,  Resort Cafe ● First Floor, Resort Hotel & Restoran Kampong ● First Floor, Resort Hotel

We left Genting with a full tummy and enjoyed another round of performance before we called it a day on the 2nd day.  

All thanks to Genting and Nuffnang!  

*I've just uploaded a few videos in YouTube and will be sharing it soon... stay tune... *

Monday, April 15, 2013

Genting Trip - 1st day 1st half

Courtesy from Nuffnang, I'm up to Genting over the weekend last week to spend some quality time with my girl, and to get more info so I can do blog post!!! OMG, I'm lacking up and must buckle up!  So, I'm going to split this trip into a few portion, as I don't know how to start!  We got so many events up there, and I really need to split them before it get overwhelmed here!

First, Let me share with you the programme, and the main reason I'm there.

This was the main reason, and if you remembered, I did blogged about it earlier and wanted your support for the youth.  I rather they do graffiti, and not vandalism!  Our program that for the 2 days were packed, and below was the schedule!

I decided to drive up, and we arrived at 9.30am while waiting for the rest that took the Official transport (BUS).  I had my cuppa of SB (which was no way near the one I used to have) and let Princess hang out a while before they arrived.

Once everyone gathered, we marched to the outdoor theme park for the followings:-

Saw these 2 DJ there.. they are there to do live broadcasting with Jin.. 
With Jin (Hitz.FM morning crew announcer)

Raincoat Fashion Show
Games with Hitz.FM crew
Live Broadcasting with Jin!
BMX performance

The morning crowd

I will be uploading some videos for the performances, once it's completed in Youtube.

I MUST say this!! I salute the 2 Emcee(s) that were there the whole of the 2 days!! they can keep going and going and going... and also PERFORM dances for us!!! They are...

Emcee Dennis Yin
Emcee Chriz Ooi

     Clap clap for both of them!!!

Cynful Pleasure Bakery


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