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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Proud Mummy this morning!

I must pen this down as a great milestones my girl achieve after attending school for 1 month!!!  At 31st January 2013, she finally walked into her school without me following her, and waving goodbye to me at the gate!!!

Last night, she has been saying she want to walk into the school on her own, and I just need to stop outside. This was a continue story of last Friday, when she went to school, and it's raining.  With no choice, I have to dropped her at the covered pathway, and asked her to walk into the school on her own.  Never did I expect that she 'offered' to do that again this morning!

So, I was 'brainwashing' her to be 'early' as then I could arrived at work early, and leave office early.  So, she has this 'mindset' that if she did not delay me, she will definitely see me in the evening to pick her (sometimes, I was stuck at work, not that I'm late to work... hehehe).  Guess she decided that letting her walked in the school, she will be more prepared to attend class, than waving bye bye to me in the classroom.

I 'double' confirm with her this morning, if she is OK to walk into the school on her own, and she nod!!  OK, let's see how she did it... She still need some help to carry her bag down 2 steps from the gate to the walkway, therefore I helped her there, and she just waved me bye-bye!!  She walked straight with no turning back and I left the school with a BIG SMILE!

Oh.. guess tonight will be her reward night again... but nevermind, as long as it works best for both of us!  We are no longer need to struggle to get to school / work!


It's a long weekend here in KL, as we are not working tomorrow and I will need to continue my baking...

The chocolate chip cookies are in production for sales.. and the love letters were gift for family and friends made by my mum and my aunt!  We both has different production center this weekend!

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do you know William?

I drafted a long post last week, but very unfortunate it did not get posted as I was having bad fever day.. and this morning, when I got back to work, the news that the boy was gone spread over the weekend!  How many of us are one guilty parents of leaving child / children in car?

I'm one that is guilty of leaving child in the car!  YES, I will leave Princess in the car if I'm just down to go for  some bank matters, or sometimes grabbing a quick ta pao.  This happen if I can have it to save the 'trouble' of bringing her in and out of the car however the car must be within my visualization area!

We do heard of children being suffocated while left in the car, but having the child 'opened' the car door and went missing was not a 'case'.  My girl has know how to open the car door now, and I guess it's no longer an option for me to do so, more with this incident.

It's sad to hear William is no longer with us, and may his soul Rest in Peace.  

I hope this incident do awake some parents who really take things for granted, and not leaving their child / children out of their sight.  Let Princess out of my sight for 2 sec, my heartbeat will surely STOP!  Just last Sunday, when Princess went running around the church compound while we were waiting for a talk to start, and even in a 'safe' compound, my heart will went thumping and I went searching for her.  I know she was in safe hands (as she followed my friend's maid to the ladies) but still..... I'm worry... 

My manager and I were discussing last week when we heard the fateful news, that if anything happened to our own child, I think we will follow their steps too!!!  I pray to GOD for his Mighty Power, that HE keep my girl, and all the children in the world Safe!!  Just let them live their life to fullest, and not being in bad situation like this.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The bait for NO CRY...

Yes, it's been a peaceful Monday & Tuesday because of the above... But not exactly the one... We went lunch with my uncle last weekend, and walked pass a 'stall' selling a 'toy' baby stroller (it meant for the toy doll not my princess) and my princess immediately jumped at it and wanted that!  Since it's a Sunday that we are out, I used that opportunity to tell her NO CRYING to school for 2 weeks, and she will get this as her reward and NO CRYING if she wants to play with it at home!! 

She requested the stroller, a baby (with pacifier) and a bottle too!  She is just so 'mummy' and I guess this is what you get when you got a daughter la.. and one who stick to you 24/7 and not seen a daddy at all!  She sometimes will just 'talk' like me, and I can hear words like.. 'be good girl ah', 'no crying', 'you want to go kai -kai' sort of words... 

If she can tahan till next weekend, this little stroller will be hers.. and to continue to 'tempt' and 'train' her, I will promise her the baby doll and the rest... Well, I guess this would be the better alternatives of keep telling her NO CRYING when she is not LISTENING right?  Everyone will need a little 'motivation' and 'reward' and guess this would be something I can use

Hopefully after she got used to the 'no cry' episodes, she will not revert to one...

Am I right as a mother doing that?  I don't know.. but at least, I've got 2 peaceful days... :p

Friday, January 18, 2013

Is it too long?

I picked up Princess yesterday evening and the daycare teacher asked if Princess sleep late at night.  I explained no as we usually head to the room by 9pm, and latest by 10pm, we doze off!  I asked why and it seems Princess got 'tired' and 'sleepy' after lunch, and during the 'enrichment' class!  

Can you guess my first reaction?  I was told they got a nap after 'school' how come now is 'enrichment' class?  Then I further asked on what time do they get to 'rest' after the class, and was told about 3pm++ and the teacher says by then Princess don't want to nap already and she will be wide awake!! I was like.. hmmm... so long 'study' time, can the child really absorb?  She told me they do some reading, and then will let her do some colouring, and when she does her colouring, she doze off on the table... oh ya, I can relate to that.. colouring is some how a boring things to do though... hehehe...

Anyway, it keep me thinking on this... Is it too long a time frame for a 4 years old to go on 'reading' from 8am to 3pm, with maybe an hour break in between for lunch?  Will it do any benefit for her to continue with it?  I don't have the intention to 'stress' my girl even if she will be going for a Mandarin medium school in Primary, but stress her now all the way there may have a 'backfire' effect!

I really like this school, as it's big with good compound and space.  Not under those air-conditioned area double storey house kind of place.  This school has been established for a long time, and with good word of mouth among the neighborhood... I don't want to pull Princess out from the school, however I don't want to stress her too much too.. 

I told the teacher that Princess is used to having a 11am++ / 12pm++ nap in her playschool previously, and therefore explained why she gets tired by the time it's after school.  I told the teacher that they have to give her time to get used to the timetable again.  Actually, she has not even get used to the teachers at the moment.  I'm feeling very guilty to put my girl through all this actually... I don't know why she cries every morning, I don't know how she fare in school, I don't know the rationale for the school to have her enrichment class while under the daycare.

I understand that the school will want to categorise the children in their reading ability, which I admit my girl don't really fare very well there.  She is one that learned by living, and for her to learn on books, I always find it difficult since young. So now, another challenge which I think I will only deal with it later.. not now!

headache.. headache.. headache....

I'm sorry for all the 'complains' but seriously, I'm somehow at the wits end to go through school life with my girl now.. haiz... 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cry.. Cry.. Cry...

OMG! It's been the 12th day of school, and the crying episode only stop for 1 day on 11th January (8th day)!!  I am getting very impatient with her whine and cry, on top of that it's getting from bad to worse!  I've tried all sorts of ways to coax her into the school.

I've got nice and soft with her, telling her to be good, and she will be rewarded with going out to eat and getting a toy less than RM10.

I've try ignoring her when picking her up from her school in the evening if she cry

I've try getting my brother to pick her instead of myself, just to let her know if she cry, she won't be rewarded to go out

I've gave her all sorts of new stuff to start her good...

But all to no result!!!  And worse, the cry and whine starts the moment she was on her uniform!!!!  She complained her uniform is tight (which is not true).  Well, I can say it's a bit not 'friendly' as it's like a pinafore over a white shirt, and for one who so vain, she finds it unacceptable when her white shirt is not 'straight'!!! and that, she could kick up a good 3 minute fuss over that!

I checked with the teachers, she will fuss and right after I leave the school, she will be all OK!  I'm very concern now with this scenario each morning in the house which is not creating any peace among us!  It make me stressed in the morning and even for that, I don't have any mood to actually prepare my lunch boxed each morning!

I don't know how long this episode will last, and I hope she don't do up a long winded TVB drama.  I've put myself in preparation, should this thing don't end by tomorrow (usually Friday she is alright), then I may have to go see the Principal and check out what can we do.  Do I change her class for her?

Now, back to the Kindergarden which I observed and can guess why it's a fuss... Being a Princess (who gets all the attention she want), my girl did not get that in the school.. In the morning when she entered her class, it's all quiet and no noise... No cheerful greetings and no welcoming sign (and that I can feel myself)!  Despite they have 4 teachers hanging around, no one actually noticed the children arrival, or even they do, they will just stand there and give a 'fake' smile... 

The children will just walk to their seat, sit down and look see look see.. like... hmmm... I don't know... I just  don't feel the atmosphere in the class!  I also know one of the teacher has no 'chemistry' with my girl, and that, it's getting it difficult...She is no observant on things getting on.. just a few days ago, I snapped as I was trying to coax Princess back to her classroom, and she 'offered' to walk my girl to the gate to send me off!!  Aiyo, didn't she actually hear me or she just think that it's good for the child to see the Parent leaving!

I don't know.. and I seriously bit lost.. I remembered that Princess was crying for 10 odd days too during the first time she went to her childcare earlier, but never in the position like this.. the 10 odd days she did that was only on the way, and not from the house!!!  It's not working, and I don't know what else should I do now... 

I'm lost..... 

I only pray that GOD give me the strength, the wisdom  and the patience to deal with this drama till the last episode.. GOD give me the voice and tell me what should I do to overcome this in peace.. I'm all stressed up now when I don't have a person to turn to and share out this except my blog..

How.. How.... 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A final photo with the trophy and the person

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!  It's all the CGM Competition earlier, and during Christmas, my dear friend brought the winning trophy and we could snap a photo with it!!! In our own private comfort place! hahaha...

Let me share you the photo we took that day

On top of that, I've been supporting my dear friend by purchasing the DVD that was released by ASTRO featuring all the 8 competitors, and I got a few of her SIGNED posters too!  Not just that, I spend another RM12++ to purchase a magazine which I don't think I will buy if not it was featuring my dear friend!  So, for the 5 pages of the interviews and write up, I bought 风采 first time in my life.. I usually only read this magazine when I'm in the hair saloon!!

I'm all happy for this friend of mine, and I hope her personal album will be out soon.  I don't think I'm interested in those 'repeated' famous songs, but more some songs that my friend can handle well!  Best, if ASTRO and Southern Records can 'produce' some nice songs for her to sing and included in the Album!!  I think those songs she sang in the competition were good to be recorded too!

I wish her all the best in her 'singing' journey!  So, anyone want a signed Album or posters?  LOL!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Efficient Maybank...

My house water service was disrupted as we kind of delayed the payment as I was kind of busy over the last few weeks, and SYABAS decided to get efficient, and came to my house leaving the red letter informing me of the 'disruption' service!!!

This morning, I went into my M2U, planning to make payment and get it clear so I can get my WATER as soon as possible.  I would rather have NO Power (Electricity) than NO WATER!! But another horror happened when I log on to my M2U, and happily thought I could solve this problem, I got this following message!!! and mind you, it was from 8.45am!

So, I posted on Maybank FB, and within a while, I got replied.. efficient I am thinking.. GOOD... and they told me the function is OK.... 

Then I tried again in the afternoon, and this time, I posted the message on Maybank FB wall..

So, I worked with Maybank through FB, and I message them the issue, and voila.. I managed to get it DONE!!  And I've just faxed the payment details to PUSPEL and hope they will return my WATER SOON!

Thanks to Maybank for solving this issue for me, or I am wondering when can I go pay the bill and get this done... Why la Syabas no direct payment geh? Or am I not informed of their service?  

Water, water... please come back soon... 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh Monday Blues.. on the 14th

This morning did not start off well... Besides Princess wailed a bucket, I'm also attacked by bad throat and nose getting very uncomfortable.  I got to be at work today, having the responsible to contact some people to confirm their meeting with our consultants.  I've been talking on the phone for quite a few days, and I hope the voice is not too bad for the other party.

I've been busy at work, so baking can only start during weekend, and only on SUNDAY!  I started baking yesterday, trying out a few batches of chocolate chip cookies, and I'm glad to say I can take orders now for the cookies, and since I'm now working in a complex where I have access to Pos Malaysia, outstation customers can also have it!!  

I hope to achieve 50 containers sales this year, and it will be a great help for all my readers to help me spread the words.  The price for the cookies is at RM25.00 and it weigh approx 300g.  For all outstation orders, I only charge RM10 for the postage.  Hopefully, this will have more people able to taste my cookies.

Can you help me spread the words please... 

Thank you!

Friday, January 11, 2013

11th day...

We have a few exchange of Whatapps with my carecell members last night since I missed the last gathering, and they were saying that they missed me.. LOL!  So, I told them to keep me in their prayer, pray that Princess will be able to listen and be good in the morning.  Pray that she is not throwing her tantrums when entering her class, and be willing to learn.  Pray that the teacher(s) are able to give her the chemistry to 'lead' her into the classroom.  And this morning, PTL! The 'miracle' just happened!  

We slept late last night, as Thursday is now a mission day.. I've got to go collect fruits which I bought in bulk with others and enjoying the great discount!! Just like last night, I bought kiwis (both green and yellow) for only RM4 and RM7 respectively!  Mind you, it's the Zepri brand too!!

On top of that, those mini oranges was only RM1.50 per packet, and it's really sweet!! This morning, despite we have late sleep (about 10.30pm) we still managed to pack fruits for work and school!! So, the day started just so right.  Then when we enter the school, Princess just walked and no fuss.. no shiver... when she enter her class, her teacher just hugged her, and she turned and waved bye bye, give me a hug, and a peck!  She even shakes my hand!!!!!Oh, I'm one happy mummy that walked out of the school smiling ear to ear!!

Hey, many people may not think it's great, but for me, I've learned to 'appreciate' small tiny things that happened!  Someone who once asked me how did I deal with my life after becoming a single mom, I told this person that I'm looking into smaller things nowadays.. all small positive vibes are GOOD!!!  See, even now at work, every meeting that I manage to secure is a happy news to me!!  

Oh, now.. I hope that since it's Friday (means it took me from Monday to Thursday), and the 'happy mode' of Princess will last from today onwards... Monday blues please don't go near her!

Wishing everyone...


Thursday, January 10, 2013

1st 10 days of 2013

My work has started piling as we have 3 programs running almost at the same time, and my job is to secure all interviews for the consultants to meet the people.  Not all are welcoming of course, and at different schedule, we also have tough time ahead.  I have a number of 'targets' to reach for these programs! 

In addition, Princess is not going well in school.  Each morning she will start her 'whining' process as and when we arrived in school!  We have all talks and brainwashing session prior to that, but each day in the morning, she just can't conquer her fear to enter class.  The assistant teacher has commented that she very 'deh pau' or manja, as she will walk all the way to class but suddenly when I was about to leave, she will cling like a koala bear to me! 

I know she will be all ok when I stepped out of the school, but it is not very healthy for her to 'cry' like this in the morning right?  Why can't she just enter school as happy as like she was attending her playschool previously?  She has her 'bad' day in her playschool, but I don't see the 'shiver' feeling in her as what she display now.  I really hope that this is a phase, and should it never end by next week, think I really got to look into this!

I've schedule and booked a trip to Cameron Highland on 28th January 2013, and this will be our first jalan-jalan trip for 2013.  I hope I can bring Princess to more local trips this year, and she will have more exposure.  

I'm planning to start taking orders for the chocolate chip cookies, but yet to really get all full swing looking that the situation that I need to get to bed by 9pm as I want to make sure Princess got 'ALL' her required time to sleep so less cranky morning.  I hope I can really make some this year!  

That's for all in the first 10 days.. hopefully the rest of 355 days this year will be GOOD... or at least 'SMOOTH'... 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Method laundry detergent

If you have remember, I've won a giveaway by Claire, and I've received the range of products in my house.  I've first opened the laundry detergent, since I need to wash my clothes, and according to the instruction with 4 pumps on heavy load, I did what it said..

When the load of clothes finished (btw, I purposely put in WHITE clothing) I smelled a nice aroma of the detergent, and my clothes smell good too!  But I'm not convinced of using this product further yet... coz the end result has yet to be seen...

I usually hang my clothing at night at the yard, only have wind to blow them dry.  With the recent weather of rain, some of my clothes may smell 'awful' after the 'drying' process BUT not this batch of clothing!!  I like it when it still smell great, and not wrinkle too much too!

I've started using this bottle each time I washed my clothing, and the rest of the family still trying to finish up the existing brand before we consider a switch.

This bottle of amazing product cost RM28 for 25 loads, which work out to be RM1++ for each wash.  Well, of course, if I'm going to switch I will just use the refill pack.. LOL!  In addition, now that the Malaysia company has got a online purchase website that I don't have to go carry those heavy stuff all the time.. another + point!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 3 - Still crying... and came home with a 'gift' last night..

Guess if by next Monday, Princess still refuse to enter her classroom, I may have to request for a change.  This morning, she just walked pass her assistant teacher without even having a 'thought' to enter the classroom!  She just walked straight to the daycare centre!

Anyway, that's aside, I'm glad she is still keen to go to school just not into the class!!  That's still can be settle in due course.  I'll get panic if she does not want to enter school in one day!  Hope that day won't come!

On the bright side, my princess brought back a 'gift' for me last night.  We were arranging the school bag, taking out the dirty uniform for washing, and she 'took' her container that has her snacks for me.  She told me that 'Mummy, I keep this for you to eat, tomorrow you bring to work, OK?

Please guess what she got me...hahaha...this morning, I pack this in a plastic bag, and brought to work for breakkie... :p

Some chocolate pops!!!

For myself, I've been getting busier at work, with a program started to run full force.  It's now more to talk on the phone!  And surprisingly, that I didn't even realized that I did not log in to my gmail yesterday at work!!

Well, I still got some spare time to update the blog, but then again, a short one like this will only appear... no long long post till the program ended.. hehehe...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013!

First day of 2013 came and went off.. in my family, we always have the tradition to celebrate the eve in my aunt's as the first 2 days of the new year we have 2 person in the family that hatched!  

This year with no exception, we just celebrated like usual, had dinner with family members, and then later we adjourned to my aunt for cake blowing and drinking session!  

Today, we marked another milestones as mum and daughter!  My princess finally going to her Kindergarden,  and as expected, she cried a bucket!  She wanted me to stay with her this morning, and when we arrived at the Kindergarden at 8am, I left only at 9.15am!!!  I was there standing seeing and listening to her plea for me to stay!

And you imagine, of all the people there, my princess wanted only the 'kakak' who is there to take care of the Day Care Centre!!  Guess she got so comfortable having 'kakak(s)' all the time, she prefer a kakak than the teacher.

For the school, I have all the praise for it but only 1 thing!  The teacher(s) are not connecting with the child!  I was there for more than 20 minutes before the teacher in charge got time to walk to Princess and to pass her some kind of stickers to warm her up!  By then, Princess was all nervous and bored!

I hope tomorrow it will be better for both of us, as I need to rush to Putrajaya for some visa work to be done.  Tonight but continue to psycho Princess to be good in 'school' again!  

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