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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

“Huggies Dry Pants: Change for Better Convenience” roadshow

Don't Move!! Lie Down Nicely!!! Wait!!! A while more!!!! Are all these screaming of 'stay still' familiar to you while trying to change your active toddler? Well, I don't know about you, but for someone like me who change for Princess with no additional help (someone to hold her down), I find this Huggies Dry Pants very very super useful during those period!!

Huggies Dry PantsHuggies Dry Pants is an easy-to-use option for active infants and toddlers – just try it and you’ll see how easy changing can be when all you need to do is just pull them up, tear and go! With its soft stretch sides to provide better comfort and help prevent red marks even when your baby is on the move and a quick lock system to help stop leaks, Huggies is Malaysia’s first brand of disposable diapers which is clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash!

If you are good diaper changer, then consider joining the contest 

Change your baby’s diapers in 30 seconds or less with Huggies Dry Pants and win attractive prizes while you’re at it! 

Below the details.

Where: Concourse, Mydin USJ

When: 25 February 2013 (Monday) until 3 March 2013 (Sunday)

Special Announcement: There will be sessions of the Huggies 30 Second Diaper Change Challenge and performances every day at 10.30am, 2.00pm and 8.00pm.

The grand finale will be happening on Sunday 3 March 2013 at 8.00pm – 9.00pm! Come join us!

With live performances, special promotions, giveaways, games, magic tricks and activities to keep you entertained, there’s something for everyone! Visit the booths for free samples of Huggies Dry Pants and lots of chances to win goodies! Just head on down to the concourse of Mydin USJ and see for yourself just how Huggies Dry Pants can make diapering easier and faster! Don’t miss out – join us for a fun-filled Huggies event and bring your families with you! 

About Huggies®
Huggies® is one of Malaysia’s leading baby & child care brands. It provides moms and babies with a complete range of disposable diaper and diaper pants to helps keep skin healthy and babies happy. For more information, visit www.huggies.com.my.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

First step... Get a right Gynae

As pregnancy is not a 'fun' journey if you didn't take it well. In any situations you are in, get a right gynae that is willing to LISTEN to you, and share your worries and understand your financial situation.  For me, I did mentioned to the doctor I'm not married, and may or may not end up be one.  Therefore, my gynae did sit down with him to analyse the costing to which I can afford.

Well, if you are financially tight, but still can't get the comfort of visiting a public hospital, he actually offered that I can do all my check ups in his clinic (coz he operates a AM & PM clinic) and later upon delivery, he will write a letter for my admission to the public hospital but I told him I'm still OK financially do deliver in a Private hospital.

Next, ensure that ONLY necessary tests are carried out and not being 'bomb' with many many scans and test.  Some tests are costly, therefore if not necessary, ask the doctor if you can skip it.  I think I only do the "down syndrome" and "sugar" test thus far during my preggy journey.

Be happy always.. if you have no one to talk to, then choose the doctor!  He or She is paid to LISTEN to you and you may share your worries with him/her.  Stay positive for the sake of your child.  No matter how sad you are or how frustrating you are, just keep yourself happy.. Indulge in things your like, and live life to the fullest.

Talk to the baby... let the baby know who you are, and feel the baby movement.  Each time when you visit the gynae, ask to scan the face / hands and try communicating with the little one.. when you are filled with the feeling that life is great, and wonderful.. you will not start to think too much of the 'man'!  Tell the baby that you will be there, even with no other one.. 

Stay with positive with caring friends!!  Family members are important, but heart to heart friends are same too!  With friends surrounding you and giving you the positive vibes and keeping you accompany, you are more or less no time to think about the 'bad' part.  I'm one lucky one that has got both family and friends to care for!!!  I seriously want to thank these bunch of great friends around me!!  I know some of you are reading... so a BIG Thank you again!!! 

For record...
My each visit to the gynae cost around RM60 to RM90.
I think I paid about RM300++ for the down syndrome test and another RM200++ for the sugar test.
I need to be on a sugar level 'observation' and I got the machine loaned from the hospital that I'm going to deliver.  FOC.  Only need to buy the consumables costing about RM50 if I am not wrong..Oh ya, I paid RM150 for deposit to loan the sugar test machine and got it back on the same day when I returned it.
Did a 3D scan and come with a CD costing around RM150..

I shall talked about the preparation in welcoming the baby next.... buying only essentials... 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Courtesy of Nuffnang, I went to watch the premier of the show.  I guess this kind of movie, I will normally not watched in the cinema as I have the impression that movie like this, enjoy at home is way much more comfy than going to the cinema.. Since it's tickets won at the NN contest, I 'date' my brother for this movie last night.

We were seated in the very front row, 2nd row from the front to be exact and movie starts at 9pm.  I enjoyed the movie very much since the beginning.  Even is a Stephen Chow's movie, I'm expecting some 'mo lei tou' joke but this time, he did not overdo it.  Of course, with the leng lui 'Shu Qi' as the main cast, it brings a lot of 'ummph' in the movie.  But the 'men' casts were not that fantastic... means no 'leng chai' in the show!!

The storyline did not sway too much from the origin, and I say the animation effects are great too!  I like it very much when the illustration of Buddha is mirrored in the mountains!!  The only thing I can say I dislike is the real 'pig' and 'king kong' which I got scared by it TWICE!!!  Sitting near to the screen, it usually makes my head spin however this time it did not.  I'm like watching a 3D effect movie as the animations were so real right in front of my eyes!

This can be one of the recommended movie for this Chinese New Year if you got no plans...

Thanks again NN!
General info / synopsis of the movie..

Release Date: 07 Feb 2013
Subtitle: -
Genre:Fantasy / Thriller
Running Time: 110 minutes
Director:Stephen Chow
Cast:Shu Qi, Bo Huang, Zhang Wen, Show Luo, Chrissie Chau
Based on one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature of the same name, Stephen Chow's "Journey To The West" is a contemporary remake of the misadventures of a Buddhist monk as he makes a pilgrimage from China to India. The monk travelled to the "Western Regions" during the Tang Dynasty, to obtain sacred texts (sūtras). The bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara (Guanyin), on instruction from the Buddha, gives this task to the monk and his three protectors in the form of disciples - namely Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing - together with a dragon prince who acts as Xuanzang's steed, a white horse. These four characters have agreed to help Xuanzang as atonement for their past sins.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pregnant without the man.. what to do... #1

It's very alarming when I've read so many 'ladies' being impregnated, and later the man decided He is not going to be responsible for the baby.  I've heard stories of abortion, and so forth happening... but guess, when one is not able to find support and help, abortion is one option which no one wish to take.. but no choice..  

Some people may say, why not give birth to it, but if you are a woman with not support emotionally and financially, carrying a baby for 9 months (or maybe sometimes 8 months) is not easy!  Saying it's always easier than anything.  I'm not in support of abortion, but I do respect people decision in that manner.  I did once told someone, in any situation if I'm not hit 30s, and I'm impregnated, I may consider that too.  You think it's very irresponsible for a mother to abort a child, but do you think 

Now, back to being a single mother, it's not an easy journey.  I've heard lots of 'gossip' behind my back, and of course there were a lot of considerations at that time.  I don't do thing impulsive, I always have plans ahead, and try to make things happen than waiting for it to happen, therefore the pregnancy came as a 'surprise' when I was just over 30!! Damn!

When I first got to know about the news, it was already in the gynae clinic as I was there for other test and NOT a pregnancy test!!!  I'm all alone, don't know how to react, just nodding my head and I can't recall a single word the doc told me on that day till now!  I came home holding my fear, tear and all sorts of mixed feeling... My concerns:-

1)  Is the man going to be responsible?
2)  How will my mum take it?
3)  My work?
4)  $$ enough mou?
5)  To stay back at home or move out?

and blah blah blah......

I'm going to write in 'slow' mode on dealing with this matters, and hope it can be a 'reference' for those who is in the situation... 

Stay tune...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Samsung’s ecobubble™

 *This is a sponsored post*

Have you heard a lot of ‘dong dong qiang’ nowadays?  Have you started to prepare for the most awaiting event of the year?  It’s Chinese New Year in another few more days, and I tell ya, the most I dislike about this ‘major’ celebration is the WASHING!!  You know how much we got to ‘stress’ my poor washer to do it’s job?  We have loads of clothes (all because we got ourselves dirty easily when cleaning) and the curtains, covers, bedsheets and blah blah blah…

My washer is very precious to me, I remembered once I blog about the loss of the washer due to some technical problem, and I have to send my loads to the laundry!   And at this kind of time, I will be doing lots and research of a new washer! Hehehe…

I chanced upon Samsung Eco Bubble while browsing for new ‘technology’ gadget, and also show Princess the following video too!  I like the video very much, and Princess giggle as when I show that to her.  She was asking why the bear turned from brown to WHITE!!! Hahaha… I so wanted to tell her, “neh like you, always dirty” so much wash ma… but I didn’t as I don’t want to make her feel bad… You watch this, and tell me isn’t that funny…. Hahaha.. 

Samsung Eco Bubble is a washer using cool water and washes as effectively as warm.  I guess in this, I don’t have a humid room since it does not release ‘hot’ air right? So you can save energy too!  It's gentle on your clothes and on the environment.  How nice… especially when the WORLD is screaming for HELP!!! Save ME!!

In addition, Samsung is giving a free 5-year parts and labour warranty on the new Samsung ecobubble™ washing machine (of course terms and conditions apply la..)  But then with this, it gives you peace of mind, as well as your laundry.

Apparently its great performance, guaranteed.

First, you might ask, what is ecobubble™?
Samsung’s ecobubble™ technology uses a bubble generator to dissolve detergent into the water and inject air, making a rich soapy foam cushion. This means detergent is better dissolved and penetrates clothes faster so cleaning needs less hot water. Super Eco Wash mode washes at just 15°C with great results, so you save energy.

I’m getting bit lazy to type, therefore a print screen of what the new Samsung ecobubble™ offering is at glance for you!!

I always find it amazing when one Company is out with more modern and good invention, and I’ll love to have my hand on this machine too!! 

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