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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hana-Ichi Japanese Restaurant

Payroll came in.. and I got my monthly salary... Thinking to splurge a little to 'reward' myself and my brother (he has been helping me to 'pick' or 'send' Princess) we decided to try this new restaurant in Sri Petaling, namely Hana-Ichi Japanese Restaurant.  

Those who know me, will know I'm a fan of Japanese food especially raw!!!  So we went there for their sit down 'buffet' yesterday which was on promotion at about RM38++ (definitely less than RM40) however to my 'horror' surprise, Princess will need to pay for child fare (as she is now above 85cm)!!! aiya... 

Anyway, we did not regret for going there... the Sashimi was fresh, and melt in the mouth!!  I ordered a few round of that!! and best, the Sashimo was fried to perfect!!!!  OMG, just eating these 2 are enough to make me go again and again...

My brother being one of the opposite of me.. went for tempura, terayaki and tepanyaki!!!  Well, if one that he ordered twice, you know it just give good review as he is one 'picky' ones!!!!  We both ate till FULL!!  

Princess had a bowl of cha-soba, few spoon of the fragrant garlic rice and of course her favorite ebikko sushi!  Oh, she had a bowl of edamame too!  

I don't have any photo for this meal, as my camera now is on travel to India (mum is holding it) however I recommend you that this is one place if you decide to go for something Japanese.. 

The only thing that we do not like last night is the Sushi rice (too sour) to our taste and we feedback to the owner on that.  She mentioned that previously customers mentioned that the rice has no taste, therefore a change of the recipe!  But this time... for me.. it's just too much...

We will be heading there again tonight as I am meeting a friend.. and gonna try their bentos!!!!  Let you know if it's good ya... 


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Part 2 - Shopping! when financially concern...

Who don't like shopping?  However, shopping alone for baby essential and for the preggy mummy is somehow not as interesting than having a partner.  If you are financially concern, then the option you can have is to get hand me down.  I have people asking me if I mind hand me down, and of course I'm not!  I took in hand me down from pregnant clothing to baby clothes! hehehe..

Now for essential items that I went around shopping, were just the below:-

1)  A few those 'hole' t-shirts (2 - 3 pcs) and Jucso selling RM6.90 at that time
2)  Napkins (muslim cloth) - 1 dozen
3)  Napkin liners
4)  2 -3 pcs of long sleeve pajamas
5)  a pair of shoe (for pregnancy)
6)  2 towels
7)  bottle sanitizer - Avent (I bought it for RM350, and later sold it after not using)

As my intention was to breastfeed, I did not get any bottle initially, and later in order to store BM, I use milk bags instead.  I got 2 / 3 bottles hand-me-down too!

Also, don't need to buy disposable diapers as usually the hospital (private) will provide you and they will give you a few packs to bring home.  It's sufficient if you put it only at night as baby outgrown the NB size very fast.  

After the birth of the baby, I only started to shop for cloth diaper and I choose the cheapest I can get... It took me a while to search around the net to get the 'cheapest'.  I invested about 15 pcs of cloth diapers costing average of RM30 each.  This save me a lot as I use this even at night.  I don't need to use disposable at home (but of course it gets to the laundry work which with or without cloth diaper, you still need to do washing right...)

Next, toys!!  I don't buy toys during the initial stage.. but gradually started when she learns to appreciate what toys are!  I got a 'free' cot hanger (those with music) from my Gynae when I went for my check-up and that was used throughout the journey of growing up.   All in all.. don't over spend unnecessary, as the child may not understand what you doing for him / her at the initial stage..

Coming up... hospital bills and doctors... 

Facebook? I always choose what I want to see...

I guess in many situation, we are 'confined' to certain things, and we some how 'lost' control about it... But today, I want to share with you on what you can control over your Facebook!!  I've seen many people ranting on games requests (especially) and some notifications pop up here and there with the same news 'beautifying' the wall and so forth.. It kept me thinking... why on earth one make asked people to stop, when they can easily just turned off all this... no point harping on it if you think you get so annoyed with all that... what you can do:-

1)  block the game... once the game is block, no one sees you anywhere and you don't receive any thing on that again... especially now with the heat of 'crushing'.. 

2)  Hide the person.. if you find it annoying for someone sharing too many news or article, then hide that person from your wall.. or even best, delete the person from your friend's list...

3)  If you don't want people to know what you going on.. then you can either have that 'removed' or in the 'restricted' or 'acquaintance' list... these people may only see things you post on 'public' mode... 

4)  Choose what you want to see from that person... you can choose to only see a certain things like status updates, photos, likes and comments and even games... so, be wise... 

I don't mean to offend anyone, however I always believe one should get in charge of their own eyes, ears, mouth and brain... you see what you want to see... You hear what you want to hear.. and speak what you think it's right and you analyse what is right and wrong..

If you keep barking on others, it's make no difference when people say... 有小鸡不管,管老鹰。It will only make you more stress trying to control others... let us just do things that make us happy, and not overly bothered about that... 

If you think you can't take it further with your FB, then I think it's good to have the account terminated... 

I'm sure one on FB is to know what is going on with others, and one who share sure think they care to share... but if you choose otherwise, then take control of your own FB account... learn on what you can do with your privacy and account setting.. I'm sure you have lot more happiness than 'grumbling'...

Enjoy and have fun... Life is too short to get over petty stuff... 

*my 2 cents as I think I too need a place to rant*... and please respect my 'little' ranting space here ya... 

hugs to all... 

Cheer UP... Weekend is coming SOON..... 

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Babe turned 1 soon...

Last year around this time, I am searching for this babe and now, it turned 1 and her insurance, tax are all renewed and 'stick' on the windscreen this morning.

A year with this babe, I'm glad it has not given me much a headache and is actually quite well taken care off where I give it a better treatment than myself!! It went on 'facial' almost once every 2 to 3 months, and had a good 'spa' just a few months old then.

It cost me another bomb of course to get her 'available' to be use but it's all worth it anyway.  No choice since I got other alternatives at all at the moment!  I was at the 'owner' coz it's still on a Hire Purchase last 2 days to do all the renewal, and I've got the 'license' to continue using her for another year yesterday.

Service at the 'owner' was good, fast and effective I would say.  I'm glad GOD directed me to this 'owner' therefore I don't really have any hassle dealing with the renewal.  All insurance and tax were kao tim by them.  Now the hilarious part was, a summon which was at least 8 years ago (belongs to another car), appeared from no where and I nearly got 'stopped' from having the babe renewed.  Of course, with the technology, I quickly settle the summon and was glad given 50% off... *phew* 

Now that babe turned 1, I'm happy to have it with me.. with this, we have been travelling more often, more time spend together... and both myself and princess are grateful for this...  

We will take good care of this babe... :D

Till next year... babe.. please be good and don't burn another big hole in my pocket ya.. :p

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

aiyo.. no more reader...

Sad to see this every morning when I log on to Google Reader... I will not be able to 'glance' through all my 'favourite' blog post anymore come 1 July, 2013!!!  I may need to go into individual blogs (which then I got to book marked it) and well, it does create traffic to the blog, but sometimes you know.. not many that I enter to read...

Now that I read here, I know I can download all my subscriptions into a place, and later transfer it to somewhere else... but where?

So far, I only got 1 solution, which is NuffnangX which I should gradually move over too... So, if you one using reader to read your blog subscription, guess now you got to move over to something else before it went retirement...

sad.. sad..

Monday, March 18, 2013

YNOT Graffiti Competition AND RWGenting's installation of 8 Graffiti masterpieces

Are you a person that appreciate ART and especially Graffiti arts? Well, I admit that I'm one that enjoy looking but not one enjoy doing! I appreciates arts much and been hoping I can pick up this skill one day... ONE fine day... Well, it's never too late right..

Before I hop on the journey to art, I want to share with you 8 masterpieces which I can find them in our local BUS STOPS! Yes! bus-stops!

Alpha Jln Semantan

Aswara Jln Ampang

Alpha Lebuh Bandar Utama

Aswara Jln Pudu

Chekri Jln Raja Chulan

IACT Jln Barat 

IACT Jln University 

Nazmi Jln Sultan Ismail 

About YNOT

At YNOT, we are a strong believer that today's youth are capable of doing great things but society at present are still creating road blocks that hinder the progression of our young ones. Our next generation throughout the country are demanding for more, they want their own space and the opportunity to enjoy the freedom to explore, to voice out their thoughts, to express themselves without much restrictions.

To help develop our youths, we believe in asking the question, “Why not?" as the sky can be the limit for their untapped potentials. Which is why we at Resorts World Genting want to pave the way for these young individuals to nurture their creativity, bringing forth an inner resolution for them to engage in positive and productive activities. Here they can have the chance to explore their curiosities, sharpen and improve their skills and be acknowledged in their area of interest – be it in graffiti, fashion, music or culinary arts. We are here to help them express their feelings and guide them toward a better future.

That's not all, if you like any of the arts, you may also cast your vote to supports the youth who took time doing this. Visit the Facebook page, and go to the apps. You will be guided on how to cast your vote to show sign of support!!

I personally like the one in Jalan Sultan Ismail.. see if I got the time to go there for a photo later.. hhee...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sultan of Science... By Petrosains

Last 2 weekend, it was a memorable day for me..  That was the first time for me to enter Petrosains as a VISITOR!!! I only enter Petrosains as their volunteers those days and never as a Visitor before.  I was there to look up for their new exhibits, Sultans of Science (Islamic Science Rediscovered).  All I can say is that I got myself 'hooked' by all the new exhibits and also Petrosains in keeping their standards of service and display.  I let the photos do the talking instead of myself.

I brought along Princess, and despite she don't really understand the head to toes on what going on, I guess she did enjoy herself very much especially later part with the science shows and magic shows!

The entrance with all the 'Sultans'
The ever ready helpful facilitators / volunteers
Interactive touch screen giving you more info

Science Show... not just the facilitator but involved audience too!

Some displays which Princess enjoyed... 

Some topics covered in the exhibits

Basically, it's a travel back to those days, and discover how much great Islam brought their fair share in our current development!  It's a great time spend and a great weekend too!  Should you need more info, check out Petrosains - Sultans of Science

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