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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Calling Emergency 112

Reminder:  Calling emergency from your mobile is 112 and NOT 999 or 994..

Few months back, I saw a guy lying on the roadside when I traveled to work.  People are surrounding him, however there was no sign of any emergency rescue / ambulans / police.  Usually that road, we have those sneaky traffic polices who try to 'catch' those violating the emergency lane but that day no sign of them.  Traffic was bad due to those 'stop, look, go' people, and it slowed down the whole traffic pace.  When I approach the scene, then I saw this man lying there motionless.  I dialed 112 from my mobile just to make sure that someone has make a report on this, and rescue is on the way.

I find that our emergency team was quite responsive from that experience.  At least, the hospital called, the highway personnel returned call, and the Sarjan incharge also gave me a call to understand further.  I can't give much detail as I'm not the witness, however I'm glad I alerted the emergency team.

This morning, something more horrible that I saw.  This Malay lady in tudung lying on the emergency lane with blood covering her face.  YES, that's obvious even I did not stop my car to help.  Right after I passed the scene, I dialed 112 again.. I just want to know since the lady was bleeding, was help on his way.. and glad to hear from the hospital officer, that the ambulance already on their way.

It's so far a good experience calling the emergency, and I really hope that no one play prank on this number to avoid losing any life and disrupt the service.

May our emergency service continue to grow.

Friday, April 19, 2013

New Ride - The Waves

Besides going Genting to support the Youth last week, we were also introduced to the latest ride in Genting Outdoor Theme Park!  It looks fun, and exciting.. but yours truly chicken out during the ride!!  No no... Princess is not up to the height, so we gonna let it missed... hahaha...

When it first started, it was not as exciting as it looks, and everyone was like.. hah? this is the ride.. not until I took the video.... go enjoy and figure out how were the people riding in it feel... hahaha..

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Street Dance Performance by Elecoldxhot aka ECX & FIX

This is part of the YNot programme in Genting, and we had fun watching the dance performances.  It's really good!!!

We watched this performance for 3 times, and gladly it's all well and nice performed!!

I've got another 2 videos in my Ipad which I've not uploaded, and will do another post for that again.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Still in Genting - Food

We had the chance to feast while in Genting last week.  Here, I'm not posting any pictures of the photos as I guess you can view it from many bloggers' blog on what we had.  I'm going to give my humble opinions on each outlets that we have enjoyed eating that 2 days 1 night trip!

We had lunch at Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant ● Lobby Floor, Theme Park Hotel and was served up to 6 to 7 dishes with soup too!  We were late for lunch that day, but we still get to enjoy what was served in a very prompt service standards.  We were not held up for any 'request' by the us from the waiter / waitress.  This is the 3rd time me eating at Happy Valley, and so far it does not disappoint me.  Since we did not paid for the food, I won't know the price that day but so far from previous experiences, it's still reasonable given it's in Genting!

Then later that night, we were having some Thai Theme Buffet!  Oh goodness, we have the Thai papaya salad, Thai curry, Thai fried rice and Thai dessert!! On top of that, we still get to savor local Chinese, Japanese, Western, Western Asia, etc!!  Fresh cut salmons were served too!  We got to eat nice cakes and pastries, plus ice cream in a cold weather!!!  How does that sound?  Oh ya, we walked out of the restaurant with tummy full of food in Coffee Terrace ● Lobby Floor, Genting Grand

The next morning, since we all stayed in First World Hotel, it is obvious that we will eat there right.  Breakfast selection is good I would say, nothing to shout about but it's sufficient to make everyone a full tummy!  The varieties of breads, cereals, omelet, and local fried rice and CCF are served.  I am just tad disappointed for not having kaya with butter in the bread counter!!  hehehe... 

After all the first 3 feasting, it will bring us to our last lunch together in the trip.   This time round, my 'dream' was fulfilled, as I always wanted to eat here coz they serve buffet and also the 'kampung' style.  They have all the ulams lay out for my choice, and also having additional little of Western, Chinese!  I love the kampung style fried fish and fried chicken and not to be left out the nice aroma of TEH TARIK!!  This is a must when you feast here!!!  Here I meant,  Resort Cafe ● First Floor, Resort Hotel & Restoran Kampong ● First Floor, Resort Hotel

We left Genting with a full tummy and enjoyed another round of performance before we called it a day on the 2nd day.  

All thanks to Genting and Nuffnang!  

*I've just uploaded a few videos in YouTube and will be sharing it soon... stay tune... *

Monday, April 15, 2013

Genting Trip - 1st day 1st half

Courtesy from Nuffnang, I'm up to Genting over the weekend last week to spend some quality time with my girl, and to get more info so I can do blog post!!! OMG, I'm lacking up and must buckle up!  So, I'm going to split this trip into a few portion, as I don't know how to start!  We got so many events up there, and I really need to split them before it get overwhelmed here!

First, Let me share with you the programme, and the main reason I'm there.

This was the main reason, and if you remembered, I did blogged about it earlier and wanted your support for the youth.  I rather they do graffiti, and not vandalism!  Our program that for the 2 days were packed, and below was the schedule!

I decided to drive up, and we arrived at 9.30am while waiting for the rest that took the Official transport (BUS).  I had my cuppa of SB (which was no way near the one I used to have) and let Princess hang out a while before they arrived.

Once everyone gathered, we marched to the outdoor theme park for the followings:-

Saw these 2 DJ there.. they are there to do live broadcasting with Jin.. 
With Jin (Hitz.FM morning crew announcer)

Raincoat Fashion Show
Games with Hitz.FM crew
Live Broadcasting with Jin!
BMX performance

The morning crowd

I will be uploading some videos for the performances, once it's completed in Youtube.

I MUST say this!! I salute the 2 Emcee(s) that were there the whole of the 2 days!! they can keep going and going and going... and also PERFORM dances for us!!! They are...

Emcee Dennis Yin
Emcee Chriz Ooi

     Clap clap for both of them!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Before and After

I've change the comment section since now I started to move from Google Reader to NuffnangX as then I can make more communication with all of you.

I guess after finding a way to replace my Google Reader, I guess NuffnangX is the much easier one.. I must keep reminding myself to log in NN instead of Reader!  And I think due to the 'retirement' Google tab also remove the Reader from it so I won't be able to get to it that easy anymore.. Basically when I now change to the conversation format, I lost the 'view' of my previous comments, but they are all safely kept in emails and in the dashboard of my blogger.  Guess for once, we need to change to get better ya..

So, from now on, you see this box..

Please feel free to continue leaving your precious comments, and we shall have more of this conversation soon... 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cow's Milk Protein Allergy

I was at a health talk recently, and to be educated about Cow's Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) in our children.  Before I continue, I must say I'm strongly suggesting mummies to breastfeed your child, however under certain circumstances, perhaps if you are considering giving cow's milk, then be aware of these symptoms.  

A recent revision of allergy terms, endorsed by the World Allergy Organization, defines any adverse reactions to milk as milk hypersensitivity and it can be divided into CMPA and lactose intolerance.  These 2 conditions are different - LACTOSE intolerance is simply the inability to digest lactose caused by a deficiency in the enzyme lactase, whereas CMPA is defined as a hypersensitive allergic reaction towards cow's milk protein" explained Dr Amir Hamzah, President of MSAI.

Our host that night was Shazmin, and Dr Chai Pei Fan.  Here is the description of Dr Chai for reference.  In addition, we were given some info with regards to CMPA, and also tasted the different kind of formula that use to prevent and cure CMPA.

Here are the 3 types of formula provided for testing that day.  As I'm allergic to the 'colour' of MILK, therefore, I only had a small sip.  The taste of the milk are different, and tasted bitter.  Dr Chai explained that a newborn / babies will not be able to differentiate 'bitterness' and they will get used to the milk easily.  However, should a child only started the formula in later stage (that's if the baby is breastfeed during the early months), then they might not like it, therefore can substitute with Soy.

We were also briefed on managing CMPA, a guidelines in 2012 for our knowledge.  The most important factor in the management of CMPA is eliminating cow's milk protein from the child's diet.  A substitute formula may not be necessary for infants who are breastfed and children above the age of 2 years.  Instead continuation of breastfeeding with maternal elimination of cow's milk protein is recommended.

I posted a question to Dr Chai, and asked how do we know if a child is CMPA and not others, as the symptoms of CMPA is 'common' and the advise is that to bring the child to the specialist!!!  I guess it's not easy to identify if a child is CMPA by just a common look.  

Now if you asked what are the common symptoms of CMPA, i.e. Skin (dry skin, rash, skin itch, swelling of lips and eyes AND / OR Intestine (diarrhea, vomiting, colic, bloody stools).  

Now, some children with CMPA may also react to soy, goats or even sheep milk as we are talking about milk protein here.  In addition, as mentioned by Dr Chai, CMPA child will also not able to take food made from milk, i.e yogurt, cheese and etc.

We were treated to a buffet line of great food that night, and below, for my closing, I share with you the happy smile of the night while enjoying her food, and also how she was kept occupied!  We won a lucky draw, and she found the bubble wrap!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

2008 Vs 2013

I remembered in 2008 when the election, the multimedia news has just started to 'bloom' and I don't really see many of those 'political' news appear on my FB wall but THIS year is so different!!! From the minute our dearest PM tweet about his announcement to the moment of parliament dissolve to the moment with the wrong date.. blah blah.. all happened and reported so quickly via the internet.

This time, in 2013, I've seen many 'elders' (whom has missed their earlier voting right) voting for the FIRST time too!!  I get so many messages making sure that everyone vote! 

Also, this year has been so many anticipation, comparing to 2008 which only a parcel of people think they want to contribute.  I guess time has really change, and the exposure to the multimedia contributed towards this phenomena.

What I love to see it happen...

1)  A day off for the voter? hahaha..

2)  A peaceful voting day with good sunny weather (not too hot..pls)

3)  Don't make me walked and climbed too many stairs and waiting too long pls... 

4)  Result announcement on TIME!  I remembered in 2008, I stayed up till all results announced and that make me very very sleepy!  I always get the tabulation from the newspaper, and I will follow those little script below the show and write down all the results in the past few elections!!  

Now, I'm only waiting for the polling date, and I'll be happy heading towards the polling station! hahaha... 

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