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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sick... but blessed...

Thanks everyone for the get well wishes, and yes, I'm finally better now, and at least I'm pretty sure this weekend, I won't have to stay at home!!! I thank GOD for bringing the rain, it now clearing the skies, and today, I finally see blue skies and white clouds!

Over the last 2 days, I've seen friends in my FB cheering for rain... and today, cheering for the blue sky!  hahaha.... for me, I also want to cheer bye to the itchy throat!  Please don't come back anytime soon, as I don't want to go on medical leave again... 

But during this period when I'm sick, I'm well 'taken care' by my princess age of 4++!  I tell ya, she is such a gem now... She is at the age, ask her to do anything with 'please', she will just do it for you... or if she is 'busy', all you need is just say.. "ok, nevermind, I do myself' and she will quickly put down the  stuff in her hand, and rush to help!

She reminded me on what the doctor says... Mummy, doctor say you must drink a lot of water, I go take your tumbler ah... you must drink half ok... 

She will come at night, mummy, you head still pain pain ah.. come I massage for you want or not.. and she will go 'dum dum dum' with her little fist on my forehead...

She will bring my med, open it for me, count the tablets, water and all... Mummy, eat medicine!

She goes to her kao fu asking for help to fill water, Ah Bu, can you help fill water please.. mummy sick and she sleeping.. *muahahaha.... *

She will 'freak' when she heard my bad cough... and go shaking her head in disbelief!

When I asked, can she give some 'good' kick when I feel my back pain, she will say.. you turn, I kick you... then ask.. mummy, no more pain already right... I got magic kick..

This time falling sick was bad, but the experience with my caring daughter is really good.  She is now grown to understand 'sick' 'pain' 'medication' and so forth... so she knows, sick = pain = eat medicine and she will make sure I do that!

Also, I thank my carecell members who has been praying for my good health too!  So, still not too bad for a small sick ya... people say.. 小病是福

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Haze... you nearly killed me!

I was badly hit this time round when the haze came for the annual visit.  It's been so many years that we suffered this annual visitor, but this year, just the beginning of all 'drama', I'm badly hit by it.  I had fever since Friday afternooon, and was bad till I don't even have any appetite to drink my favourite cup of coffee.  Then on Saturday, was shivering in cold and fever, and finally couldn't stand the torture, and went to the most expensive GP that I ever had in my life so far!  The GP that I usually go was closed!!

So, when I came home with the pack of medicine, it's now more than 3 days, and I still don't really see any improvement but it got even worse!  I drank lots and loads of water, and I think that took up the space in my stomach that I can go without food for whole day and not even feeling hungry!  Then when I wanted to eat, the food all tasted so bland, that I only take in an amount to fill the tummy!

Yesterday, school was close due to haze, and I can't get to work too due to the itchy throat and insufficient sleep!  This morning, when I happily drive to drop my girl at her school, and noticed it was closed!  All because I didn't check my FB updates that school still closed!  I'm lucky that I've got a cousin to turn to, and Princess happily went to my cousin's instead of me not able to get to work again.

At noon today, my throat was telling me that it's no good.. it started to itch, and also sending the pain signal too!  I quickly took 2 paracetamol, and hopefully it will remain pain free till I off work.  I seriously hate the itch feeling in my throat! and the difficulty to even swallow my own saliva!  

Haze Haze.. can you leave me alone for now? and instead of making India suffer from all the flood, let's bring some rain here to Malaysia!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sofia the First Once Upon A Princess

Sofia the First Once Upon A Princess, an animated television movie premièring a few Sundays ago on the 19th May 2013!  Guess what, my dear Princess wannabe sit through the show and watched patiently!  This movie was recorded in my Astro PVR too!  Now I think I will be watching this movie over and over again... but I'm glad that this will be a whole new 'princess' movie that belongs to Princess generation, rather than her watching those that I like.. 

Of course, to begin Sofia journey to be a royalty, she got tips from the common Princess, Cinderella.. From the movie, there will be some past characters appearing like Cinderella and the fairies that appeared in Sleeping Beauty.    Just like us, we need guidance from others too... 

Sofia will have to learn from scratch how to be a royalty, and also to mix around with them.  She will also has 2 step-siblings, Amber and James (oh, my girl say James is very 'handsome')! OMG... 

Sofia has 3 new animal friends in the movie, whom she can communicate with them!  These little creatures helped her understand that being a Princess is not that difficult anyway but displaying honesty, loyalty, courage, independence, compassion and grace is what makes one truly royal. She is such a gentle, which I don't mind letting Princess watched and follow.. :)

Sofia needs to learn how to adapt to her new environment, new friends, and even new way of life, however this will be good as a guidance for kids as they learned from it.  Sofia can be a good example on how to deal with it.  Sofia didn't get her 'princess' journey easily however she did not gave up as well.  She will always has her mum to fall back if she needs comfort too!

We are also viewing the special webpage set up for Sofia the First Once Upon A Princess, and you get to have all sorts of creative work that you can use if anyone feel like getting a feel of royalty.  Kids can get creative, creating and personalizing their own prince or princess avatars with the Royal Me game, dressing up Sofia’s room or just having fun with the many activity pages and videos available on the site.

If you once chanced upon this movie again, let your children watch it.. NICE... Last but not the least, let me update a photo of my Princess..with her Princess outfit!! LOL

Some other info on Sofia the First Once Upon A Princess:-

"Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess" stars the voices of Ariel Winter ("Modern Family") as Sofia; Sara Ramirez ("Grey's Anatomy") as Queen Miranda; Wayne Brady ("Let's Make A Deal") as Clover; Tim Gunn ("Project Runway") as Baileywick; Darcy Rose Byrnes ("Desperate Housewives") as Amber; Zach Callison ("Land of the Lost") as James; Travis Willingham ("Ultimate Spider-Man") as King Roland II; Jess Harnell ("Doc McStuffins") as Cedric; Ashley Eckstein ("Star Wars: The Clone Wars") as Mia the Bluebird and Meghan Strange ("Special Agent Oso") as Robin. Disney Legend Russi Taylor (Minnie Mouse), Barbara Dirickson and Tress MacNeille (Daisy Duck), bring Fauna, Flora and Merryweather, respectively, to life. Jennifer Hale provides the voice of Cinderella.

Craig Gerber ("Pixie Hollow Games") developed the movie and serves as co-executive producer and story editor. Jamie Mitchell ("Special Agent Oso") is executive producer and director. John Kavanaugh ("Winnie The Pooh: Springtime with Roo") serves as songwriter/music director and Kevin Kliesch ("Tangled Ever After") is the composer. "Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess" is a production of Disney Television Animation. 

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