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Friday, August 23, 2013

Witness of a car break-in

Last night was the first time I experienced being a witness instead of a victim of crime.  The story goes...

I was about to leave MVC after work around 5.30pm, was driving out of the car park after paying, when I noticed a familiar car with a recognised plate.  I was upset when I saw the 'car door' was not close tightly, with the indication light on.  I tried calling my brother and was about to get mad at his carelessness.  Out of sudden, I saw a guy (young about the age of my brother, well dressed like usual college or university student, dark skin) and I thought he could be my brother's friend.  When I was about to leave it at it is, I saw the guy holding on to my brother's T&G card, and I sensed some wrongdoing there however still unable to confirm if the guy a friend or foe.

I kept ringing my brother, and asking him if his friend was collecting stuff from the car (the car alarm did not triggered, so my assumption of being a friend who had the key to the car) but I followed him from behind after he took a laptop from my brother's car bonnet.  This guy was acting just normal, not even any panic sign as if he was just collecting his own belongings.  He was walking just like normal, not even a faster step in the car park!

When I got the confirmation that they guy was not my brother's friend, I saw him went into the lift lobby and into the stairways.  I shouted for the security to 'kejar' and 'chase' but very unfortunate, the Nepal guard don't understand what I said.  I asked for the walkie talkie trying to alert security department of MVC, and he did not have one!!  So, I drove back to where my brother's car was parked, check the car again to see any damage while calling my brother to come to the scene fast!

I saw those parking routine checker in motorcycle, and I waved and told him what happened.  Only then, he alerted by pressing the emergency button at those 'pillar' and then I guess it alerted the security department, and the executives were all down in the basement asking what happened in 10 minutes (ok, I was kind of impressed with the speed how fast they make it)

We went checked the car again, took photos and I asked to view the CCTV but MVC need us to make a police report first before they release.  We already knew that we won't be able to catch the thief since he already went into the mall.  So, another round of hoo haa trying to explain what happened, and we ended up at the MVC police booth for our report.

While at there, there were other cases of theft reported too!  Police officers were quite helpful, however as we needed the see the Sargent (IO), we will have to wait for him to come back as he just got out to do another site visit to the earlier report.  

While waiting for the IO to come back from his earlier case, we hang around the police station, and of course, it's a busy place.. We saw at least 4 other cases reported there!  You do the maths yourself!  When the IO back to take our statement, our background was asked in detailed such as, name, IC, address, father's name and father's address, they request to briefly tell where you study, and so forth.  It's like a standard SOP script questionnaires where the IO need to fill in the details.

After all the statement recording, including my brother as victim and myself as witness, we went back to the car again, and this time IO need to take photos.  We did not managed to view the CCTV, as IO needed to rush for another case (break-in @ Taman Desa Condo)!  IO mentioned that he will view the CCTV tomorrow (as in today) and will keep us informed of the necessary.

The whole incident end me back home approx about 9pm!  My own thinking while all this happen...

1)  I'm very sure that the CCTV captured the thief's face clearly but I doubt that our police force will be able to catch him. 
2)  I guess we are really short of police manpower..  The IO was alone having at least 3 - 4 cases on that day.. how is one to cope when so many cases but no people to help out?
3)  There are still good police officers around...
4)  The police was asking if my brother confirmed that he locked the car, since we can't find any lock damage or finger print and alarm not triggered, but my dear brother can't recall.  I guess out of habit we are doing this, we can't remember.. 

We just got to make sure no valuable belongings in the car (this was because my brother's friend just got back from Singapore, and his luggage were all in the car's bonnet with the laptop) and check all the doors if it's lock, even with alarm to make sure no one able to just open the car door!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Oh Gosh.. if not that it's a celebration coming soon, I think my blog hiatus will be prolong with no updates.  Things are getting a bit busy at my end, but I shall catch up very soon..

I'm taking this opportunity to wish all my family & friends 

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Happy Holiday!  Drive safe whenever you go!!

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