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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

She went to the Sunday School on her own!

I have to pen this, despite I've not been actively blogging over the last few months.  Inspiration and motivation to blog just not there!  Don't ask me why..

The story begins..

We have been missing church Sunday Service for many many months, as my little Princess don't seems to be interested, and also get very cranky when need to get up and attend her Sunday School.  She is not ready to be left in the school, while I attend the preaching.  She is also not very comfortable when we get back to our car with the scorching sun shining directly into the car after service @ 12pm.  So, we usually end up not very happy after church, and I decided that it's time to stop.  I don't think GOD will want to see both of us struggle, and I'm sure one day HE will make it happen for both of us happily attending church.  

Last Saturday, we had a dinner gathering at a friend's house together with some care cell members and the pastor.  After dinner, we were merely chatting, and Pastor asked me to be in church 'tomorrow'  and I feel 'horror'! LOL.  But PTL, Princess agreed, and she was excited to attend.  I told her if she decides to attend, I will not be with her 'upstairs' and I will leave her there with other kor kor & cheh cheh, and she AGREED!

I kept asking till hit bedtime, and she still saying she want to go!  The next day @ 6th October 2013, we woke up earlier than any usual Sunday preparing for church.  Princess was really good that she not just no fuss, and kept saying that she can 'handle' herself in the 'upstairs' church and allowed me to be in another hall.. Holy GOD, how happy I am on that moment!

We drove to church, parked under a nice shade since we are early, and I took Princess up to her Sunday School.  Teachers were so excited seeing her!  I just hang around until more people were there, and wave her goodbye.  SHE LET ME GO!  Oh my... GOD is doing his miracle work!  At 12pm, I picked her again from the class and she was so happy playing and telling me her 'story'!  I asked if she want to go again, and she says YES!

No matter if she say NO this week, I truly believes that GOD has made it happened if I let him take the lead.  I'm sure in a matter of time, Princess will surely enjoy and have her good time there.  I continue to pray for GOD intervention in my daily life, giving me good vibes, and showering HIS love to me!  

I feel the message that day, shared by the Senior Pastor about GOD's Love is just so true!

Praise The Lord!

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