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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gathering with friends

Recently I've been meeting quite frequently with friends, which I would say it's a good and happy thing. My princess has not siblings, and she always play with herself only. Pretend play is always her favourite at home, and she make me pretend to be her customers and all sorts... Guess that's part of single child.

So, I make myself available, and have some plans to meet my friends whom also have children. We usually just meet at those indoor playground and we will have like 10 kids to play together. The elder ones will usually given some responsibilities to look after the younger ones in the playland and the mummies will just sit at the cafe and have a good chat over things.

We had one in August, then October and November! Just yesterday, I had another meet up with friends too! I tell ya, princess was super happy when she got a chance to play like this with friends.. she 'story' again and again while on our way back home in the car till I hear no sound.. only sound of snore! LOL! We are now planning for gatherings in December celebrating the festive seasons of Christmas!!

Now, in order to prepare for Christmas, there are lots more effort. I will need to do some shopping of gifts, and also some clothings and shoes. Seriously, I prefer to shop for Christmas than Chinese New Year! Working in a mall, gives me the priority to shop and 'exercise' during lunch time. I was thinking if I should just wear some heels with dresses or maybe blouses.

If I find walking in the mall getting bored, I will have some alternatives by shopping online such as Zalora Malaysia! Anyone watched their TV advertisement? Princess always request not to fast forward their advertisement since she finds it funny! But if I look at the closet, that's a dream for me to own it! LOL! I just browsed it a while ago, and there is a new featured brand called Ezra! Nice one...

Oh.. not forgetting my office also planning to have the year end staff gathering in December! But I'm contemplating if I should bring Princess along. We are going to Sunway Lagoon, but I think both of us may need new swimwear! Let me go think about it... if you see me blogging it, you will know Princess had a chance to play in Sunway!

Stay tune...

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  1. This is good exposure to princess, to mix with children of her own ages.

    Busy year end. How time flies.


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