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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Johnson's Baby of the Year 2014

We were at 1U last weekend, and there is a event launch by Johnson!  Johnson's has been a brand that cast their name in almost all household that has children!  The fair also features their upcoming major event

Annual baby contest celebrates the joy of happy and healthy babies, the stars in every parent’s life

This year is the 22nd year of the above event, and it's a big thing among parents. Each year, many babies are contesting, and the prize for the winners are much to go for. Do you have any child below age of 3?

From May 1 – June 30, Johnson’s Baby invites parents (and their beloved little ‘stars’) to join one of Malaysia’s most highly anticipated baby contests. Find out more on www.facebook.com/ilovejohnsonsbaby.com.

This year, Johnson’s Baby teams up with a panel of paediatricians and neonatologist led by Dr Anna Padmavathy Soosai, and Johnson’s BOTY first-ever celebrity judge, Dynas Mokhtar, in support of discovering Malaysia’s all-round youngest stars!  The Johnson’s BOTY 2014 contest honours a more holistic approach to a child’s development, going beyond the physical attributes to involve the cognitive and social-emotional aspects of development as well.

In addition to offering new age-specific categories – 0-12 months, 13-24 months and 25-36 months, the Johnson’s BOTY 2014 contest is made bigger and better with new and exciting elements, including more prizes worth up to RM100,000 to be won. On top of that, all babies will be made a Johnson’s Baby star and given spotlight in the media.  There will be 3 winners this year!! 

Below is the entry form for this year contest.  There are lots of alternatives to join the contest, and purchase requirement is only at least RM15 worth of Johnson’s Baby products!!!  So, give your baby the chance to be a star from May 1 to June 30! *make sure you keep the receipt as proof of purchase*

Remember, babies must be aged from 0-36 months, and every participating baby will be featured in a magazine!

The 3 ways of submitting the completed the entry form and attach the photos together with the receipt are; 
1)  the entries can be submitted at participating outlets where free photography services are also provided; 
2)  by post to Johnson’s Baby of The Year 2014 Contest, PO Box 3186 Subang Jaya, Selangor; or
3)  online via Johnson’s Baby Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/ilovejohnsonsbaby.com.

Also, not forgetting that in 2014, the contest also brings in a community element through OrphanCARE Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps abandoned babies and orphans find loving homes – for every contest entry, RM1 will be donated towards OrphanCARE’s adoption programs.  I have once visited OrphanCARE and volunteered for them.  They are doing a good job ensuring baby-dumping is being minimise in our country.

Quoted Pn Rabitah Hani, Committee Member of OrphanCARE. “Every child needs a family and there are many couples looking for children to complete their lives, hence our mission is to reduce the number of children in orphanages by shortening the matching and adoption process. The support and awareness from being part of the Johnson’s BOTY contest will help us help more children.”

Both myself and princess did put up a wish on the star and hang it at the wishing tree!  I hope with better awareness, baby dumping will be lessen!  It's very sad to read about baby dumping news and I can feel for the mothers as not easy to be the ONLY  sole-care-taker for a baby and why they resort to dumping them.

There were some games that invited people on the floor to participate, and princess being too shy to step up on stage, miss the 1st one.. then we both missed the 2nd game.. and come to the 3rd game, it was for the daddy.  We head home with 2 nice photos taken at the booth which is priceless!!  *remind me to post the photos please*

My princess has been over the 'allowed' age to participate, but she is still one who like to take photos!  Any time if this vain pot had her nice dresses, photos are a must!  Below is some updates on her recent pictures!

Parents, don't wait further, visit www.facebook.com/ilovejohnsonsbaby.com for more information.  

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rio 2 in 3D

We were lucky to win 2 tickets from Nuffnang contest, and last Tuesday, we went for Rio 2 3D movie.  This is a continue episode from Rio, and it's all regarding the blue Macaws and their friends. There were some continue characters from the previous episode, plus additional characters to enhance the movie.

Blu & Jewel are both 'protected' animals and kind of living in the city.  They are much having a comfort of human kind as they were like pets to their owner Tulio & Linda.  Have you seen a bird that can make pancake?  In Rio 2, you will witness this yourself.  Blu & Jewel have also had 3 cutie with them which each one carries a different characters.  

They were all get excited when they heard the news reporting on the discovery of additional Blue Macaws in the Amazon!  

Blu is having the thought of 'accompany' Jewel to explore the Amazon however upon finding her family, Jewel decide to stay put as she found her family there in the Amazon!  It's a very touching reunion, and I just like Blu's "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" philosophy.

It's worth a trip to the cinema for this movie, especially for the colours and all the nice nice scenery!

My Favourite Character in the show!
Happy Family!
Have not watched this?  Maybe a good time spend with your family this weekend!  

Happy Easter!

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