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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lifetime Movie - Return to Zero

What are you up to tonight at 8pm?  If you hasn't got a plan, let's gather in front of the TV watching this real story movie "Return to Zero" on Lifetime (Ch 709 on Astro).

Some Notes prior watching:-

Based on a true story, Return to Zero tells the story of a successful couple, Maggie (Minnie Driver)
and Aaron (Paul Adelstein), who are preparing for the arrival of their first child. Just weeks before
their due date they are devastated to discover that their baby son has died in the womb and will be

When director Sean Hanish (Director and Writer of Return to Zero) was asked what does “return to
zero” mean, he said: “It means returning to a place where you need to rediscover a new philosophy
for life. When you lose a child in this way, in a way you never thought possible because no one ever
talks about it, it makes you question your faith, how everything works. It takes you back to a zero
point, where you have to start over. [It means] building an entire new life philosophy from scratch.”
He and his wife lost their son Norbert in 2005, after 37 weeks… 

When asked about what he experienced, he said: “When it happened, I thought we were one in a million and that it happened to nobody else, that it was a freak of nature. It actually happens a lot more than you think. [But] when I looked to film, there was nothing out there. [Return to Zero] is a film we – my wife and I – made, not a film I made. I asked her permission – the whole experience caused so much pain and I didn’t want to drag her through it again [but] she had the courage to say go ahead and make the movie. She’s the strongest person I know.”

Some Personal Notes after I watched:-

Being a first time parent, I have all my high in meeting my girl during my 9 months pregnant.  The 'suffer' aside, the number of articles, the people I talked to, the references I made, I tell you... It's seriously one of the most during my whole 32 years of being an human.  It's getting so anxious, and can't wait for the moment to come.  I know some friends even throw Baby Shower Party in order to get ready to welcome a new member and experience the what not.

See, such a lovely couple, and they lost their first child at a mature pregnancy.  I can feel so much in my heart the pain that the couple went through braving themselves to accept this fact of life.  It's so much pain to take.  I think if now to play back, if anything would have happen to Breanna, being in the past or future, it's will be a real heart-wrenching.

Maggie and Aaron both shared their grieves losing this baby.  It's took them so much pain to pull through, and that even affect herself and her marriage.   It's really a lot to take to lost a child especially when you most expecting it.

This special scene brought me tears, Maggie waiting to be induce for a still-birth child.  It brought back the memory while I'm in labour and while one can be happy waiting, but this is so much more heavier for them.

Throughout the story, we can see the family getting close to share their experiences, and even Maggie's mum has her fair share of story to tell and console this couple.

This is Maggie & Aaron's family.. 

This story explains that no matter how bad the situation can be, if a person is able to overcome all obstacles, and live life to fullest, the happy ending will be there.

I am also glad that I have my family support during those down times, and glad that now things are more on track, and we are more closely knitted.  I sincerely want to thank my mum, and my brothers, together with my friends and other family members who have given so much support during those down period of mine.  Just like me... Maggie and Aaron will see light at the end of the tunnel!  Do you think Maggie and Aaron will be bless with their child again?  Go watch tonight..

If you have nothing much to do tonight, let's catch this show again.  Remember, Return to Zero, which will be premièring TONIGHT at 8pm only on Lifetime (Ch 709 on Astro).

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