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Monday, June 30, 2014


I am not a very filial child.  YES, I admit!!  I cannot tolerate well with my parents, especially my mum.  Not that I don't love her, but seriously, it's getting all difficult to be in agreement with her 'some' times.

I don't really get sick while I was young, not even a fall or anything.  I don't have my parents caring for me on a sick bed.   I seldom see myself nursing 'sickness'.  Mostly, my relationship with my parents are more of 'material' sharing instead of 'feel'.  I can be 'manja' during sick, but not those serious ones.. just trying to pull through not needed to attend school.

BUT, on the day of the arrival of Breanna, I can totally feel my mum's love (but even so, we both are really too stubburn to admit).  I see my mum trying to fix up the mess for me, a mess which I will have to carry it through my life.  It was because of my mum, my aunt decided to come helping me out during my confinement, and my mum sorted out the food and some other stuffs too.  I figured out (just last week) that the way my mum shows her love to me is by nagging non stop and me being one rebellious one, will surely answer her! Strange but a real communication way with both of us.  Seriously, the following conversation happens, at the moment when I was wheeled out of the theatre after B's birth, and I saw my mum:-

Me:  Mum..
Mum:  Hm, how's are you?
Me:  Pain
Mum:  Ah.. pain right...

I was like, what kind of statement was she trying to tell me, I am in pain la.  At least say la you can understand and sayang me abit, ish ish.... BUT I know, she feel the pain I was going through... the pain of not just giving birth, but the pain that I am going through all this on my own.  She felt it.. really... That's why she was 'pretty' angry with me making such a big 'drama' in my life.  She can see my 'future' having the wrestle with the decision I made. She feel the pain for me.  When I am in the ward, she did present me with the 'confinement' need food such as red dates water, and also ginger wine chicken with rice la.. see see, that's what I mean with the relationship of myself and my mum.. we DO it out, but we don't SAY it... we will bring pain to each other by words, but by action, we showed the love affection of us.. weird isn't it?

I tell you, this ONCE in a lifetime drama is good enough for my mum to show her love, tolerance and care for me.  The Chinese saying goes, one time capital back!

My mum's age is also catching up while mine is growing.  One way of another to let her know that I can take care of myself now, and she should just slow down and make less worry and comment about me, aka less nagging.  I can see her fragile movement sometimes, and I am considering getting her the AIG Injury Guard.  At least, if there is any accidents, she has additional coverage.  Sometimes, elders her age, is not easy to get any more insurance coverage.  I referred to this brochure for the information.  Injury Guard can be purchased by phone or online with a debit or credit card (from as low as 93 sen a day!), without the need for long queues, tedious forms and medical check-ups, and is effective immediately upon purchase.

I can't promise my mum the sky and heaven, but all I can is to continue praying for her good health, and maybe guarding her from any form of physical injuries.  I will work towards whatever I can for her.  I know I am now can't meet any of this target.  Sad indeed but I know I can work it through.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Peppa Pig and NoQ Store

I am totally defeated by this pig now.  So helpless that my girl been sticking on the Ipad watching this over and over again.  Don't ask me how she was exposed to this, as for someone who can't read, spell and all, she found this herself!!  I am in a total fight with her since she glue herself there for a long time especially during this school holiday!  We even have to 'battle' going school tomorrow topic.. ish ish... bad pig at times!

Thank GOD I was referred to NoQ Store, which I decided to purchase some Peppa Pig books instead of letting my girl watch the show non stop over and over again.  I must now get her interest in reading, and hopefully by getting the Peppa books, she will read more and watch less!

My itchy hands went to click click some books, and ter-buy the followings.  






NoQStore it's an online bookstore and currently having some discounts.  I so love when I can shop at the comfort of my own home and not thinking that I need to lug all the books along and this will be delivered to my door steps.  Purchase only RM50 and above, books will be deliver for free!  How nice right?  Now I only need to sit back and relax with the delivery. 

On top of the this, I also got good 'lobang' aka 'kang tao' for all of you who read this.  If you are thinking to purchase some books from NoQStore too, you can apply a discount code CYNFUL upon checkout.  You will be entitle to an exclusive 15% discount on all purchases from NOW until 31st October 2014.  

Enjoy shopping!

Stay tune for my update on my books upon it's arrival.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Genting Trip - A Date with Peter Marvey Magician Without Limits

I was up in Genting over the weekend.  An overly packed weekend I would say (will blog about it next).  Let me blog on this amazing show that I watched up the hill FIRST!  We were there for Peter Marvey's Magician Without Limits.

I read up about Peter Marvey before heading up to the hill, and was looking forward for this.  This is the first time that B watching magic show, and for me, it's been ages.  I was getting excited about it, and I totally forgotten to bring B to theme park that night before the show until we walked passed the theme park on our way to the show!!!  Wasted a few hours in the room and she didn't even nap!

This is the floor plan of the seats, and we were at the VIP section.  Nice and clear view.

When the show first start, it has an introduction of Peter's previous performances, and we were immediately bring to an 'awww' with an illusion act like below:-

A few interactive activities with the audience, and B actually wanted to volunteer herself to be up on stage.  She felt it so amazing with Peter able to ride the monowheel after the body being 'split' into 2!! hahaha... But her hands were too short to be noticed.

In addition to those amazing acts, one most 'important' and awaiting acts will be the 'dream flying' act!!!  Wow, imagine B eyes when she saw someone actually flying?!!

Peter Marvey will be performing from 28th May 2014 until 18th November 2014, every night at 9pm in the Genting International Showroom (GISR).  If you finding one activity to do during weekend / school holiday, this is greatly recommended.  Ticket pricing can refer HERE.

Before I sign-off, here a video of one of the Magic Moment!

p/s:  The above pictures & videos are from Genting website, as we are not allowed to do any photo or video capturing during the show which I will say it's a big regret.

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