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Friday, September 19, 2014

New Business Venture

It's been a while I did not update on the personal matters of myself.  Things are getting on well but tough.  After a long thought, I decided to move out and stay on my own.  To start with this, it's already a difficult decision.  Financially and Emotionally I was not stable over that 2 months period.

I later decides that I should continue to bake and also pick up some business venture.  I went to into fruits selling now.  I set up a page for this purpose too.  Visit my FB page at Fresh Choice - Cynful Pleasure

I started this a week ago, so far so good.  Each week, fresh fruits will be delivered on Saturday, and I will post pictures of my 'stock'.  I got a Google Form set up and will take orders accordingly.

If you know anyone looking up for fruits weekly, do let them know that they can order from me which also at a cheaper rate, with door-step delivery!

Thank you!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


It was held last week in 1U, and an interactive workshop between mum and baby. The workshop titled, “Are you Caring for his Skin the Right Way?” featured two paediatricians, Dr Aileen Wee and Dr Yap Hsiao Ling, who gave moms a hands-on, interactive experience ranging from healthy skin development for babies to age-appropriate skincare before culminating in the highlight of the afternoon, a baby massage demonstration!

“Johnson’s® Baby understands and shares every mother’s passion and commitment towards giving her baby the best care. With over 100 years’ experience in baby skincare, it’s only right for us to share this knowledge with Malaysian mothers so that they can care for their baby’s skin with confidence and peace of mind,” said Ms Chen Pei Ming, Senior Professional Marketing & OTC Manager, Johnson & Johnson Malaysia.

“Many parents don’t realise just how delicate baby’s skin can be, so it’s important to be informed and to make informed choices for the sake of your baby’s skin health,” explained Dr Wee. “This includes using products that are specially formulated to care for the delicate needs of baby’s skin, especially during the first year of life, when his skin is still developing.”

Understanding and Caring for his Skin the Right Way:

1)  Baby skin is 30% thinner than adult skin, and loses water more quickly during the first 12 months of his life.

2)  The right baby-specific skincare is critical in the first months of a baby’s life because baby skin is more vulnerable to dryness, irritation and infection during this time. 

3)  While it’s important not to use harsh soaps as this can damage the skin barrier, water alone is not sufficient. Based on a Johnson’s® Baby research, babies cleansed with Johnson’s® Baby Top to Toe Wash showed no difference in several key indicators when compared to those who had been cleansed only with water. This indicates that Johnson’s® Baby Top to Toe Wash is as mild on skin as water.

4)  It’s important to wash your baby’s face, neck, hands, and bottom carefully every day.

5)  It’s more important to review the product from the perspective of mildness and safety as well as scientific evidence, rather than relying on a label that says ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. 

6)  Choosing the right cleanser for your baby, especially in the first few months after birth, can help prevent irreversible skin damage such as redness and itching, dryness, scaling and roughness, and tightness after washing.

7)  A good night’s rest makes a huge difference in baby’s disposition when he wakes! This is why the Johnson’s® Baby Bedtime range was created, with a unique formula to help relax babies, thereby encouraging them to have a good nights’ sleep. Its unique scent and gentle ingredients form the Natural CalmTM essence, which is found in the entire range comprising a bath, lotion, oil and powder. Most importantly, Johnson’s® Baby also has a clinically proven routine to help babies sleep more soundly, which we will be demonstrating in a short while!

Some Important Tips on Baby Skin Care:

A)  First of all, choose the right skincare that is specially formulated to be safe and gentle for babies. 

B)  Following bath-time, seal the moisture in baby’s skin with a lotion or massage oil. 

C)  It’s important at all times to be alert for any signs of skin irritation, especially at the folds of the skin such as the neck, inner part of the elbows and behind the knees where dirt, sweat or excessive moisture can become trapped. Any rash should be treated immediately, to prevent it from getting worse. 

D)  Moms can also help to reduce baby’s exposure to irritants by washing new clothes and bedding before use, using repellents and mosquito screens to prevent insect bites, and keeping them out of the sun whenever possible.

The workshop came to a close with the baby massage demonstration led by Dr Yap, who explained, “The sense of touch is essential for human beings, and massage has long been known to have positive benefits. Among babies, research indicates that massage can help reduce colic, encourage better growth and improve sleep.”

Find out more about the Johnson’s® Baby commitment to safe, mild and effective skincare at www.johnsonsbaby.com or stay up-to-date via www.facebook.com/iLoveJohnsonsbaby.com, where you can also post questions to be answered by the Doktorbudak panel!

About Johnson’s® Baby
For over 100 years, Johnson’s® Baby has dedicated itself to understanding babies and the special nurturing their eyes, skin, and hair require. Johnson’s® Baby uses that knowledge to provide mothers with safe, clinically proven mild and gentle products. Its range of products engages the senses and when used with baby’s routines can help evoke positive emotions and ultimately enhance the loving bond between a mother and her baby. Trusted by moms and healthcare professionals around the world, Johnson’s® Baby continues to apply knowledge and research to bring consumers safe, innovative products that live up to their pure, mild and gentle promise.

About DoktorBudak
DoktorBudak is an online platform available to all parents seeking free non-emergency advice on child health topics. It is created and managed by a volunteer panel of medical experts comprising a group of paediatricians, paediatric dentist, paediatric surgeon, paediatric dermatologist, child psychiatrist, speech therapist, pharmacist and a nutritionist. Currently, there are 25 dedicated medical experts on board and the number is expected to grow. For more information, kindly visit www.doktorbudak.com.my.

After long trust using Johnson's product, I can say I seldom use others.  Johnson has given me good confidence. #JBstoriesinabottle

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

THE 7D”: Brand New Disney Channel Original Animation Series (ASTRO CHANNEL 615)

Just have a look at the logo, what can you think of?

What does 7D means to you?

Jeng jeng jeng...

The truth is that it's Disney's The 7D, a contemporary, comedic take on the world of the Seven Dwarfs with characters redesigned by Noah Z. Jones (“Fish Hooks”), will premiere on Sunday, September 7 at 11am on Disney Channel (Astro Channel 615). The stellar voice cast includes Kelly Osbourne as the bumbling novice witch Hildy Gloom, and Jay Leno and Whoopi Goldberg in the recurring roles of Crystal Ball and Magic Mirror, respectively.

This brand new series takes place in the whimsical world of Jollywood, where Queen Delightful relies on The 7D – Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy and Doc – to keep the kingdom in order. Standing in their way are two laughably evil villains, Grim and Hildy Gloom, who plot to take over the kingdom by stealing the magical jewels in the 7D's mine.

Here is the trailer of the show..

Isn't these cute?

In the premiere episode, “The Littlest Giants/Gnome Alone”, it’s up to the 7D to save the kingdom from a giant who is terrorizing Jollywood and Sleepy goes solo to stop the Glooms from stealing the Royal Ruby when the 7D go on vacation...without him.

In addition to Osbourne, The 7D stars the voices of Emmy-nominated Jess Harnell (Disney Junior's "Sofia the First" and "Doc McStuffins") as Grim Gloom, Leigh-Allyn Baker (Disney Channel's "Good Luck Charlie") as Queen Delightful, Disney legend Bill Farmer (the voice of Goofy) as Doc, Emmy winner Maurice LaMarche ("Pinky and the Brain") as Grumpy, Emmy nominee Kevin Michael Richardson (Disney XD's "Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja") as Happy, Dee Bradley Baker ("Phineas and Ferb") as Dopey, Scott Menville ("Teen Titans") as Sneezy, Stephen Stanton (Disney Junior's "Doc McStuffins") as Sleepy, Billy West ("Ren & Stimpy") as Bashful and Paul Rugg ("Animaniacs") as Lord Starchbottom.

The series is executive produced by Emmy Award-winning Tom Ruegger ("Animaniacs"). Tom Warburton ("Codename: Kids Next Door") serves as co-executive producer. The series is a production of Disney Television Animation. 

About Disney Channel: 
Disney Channel is a 24-hour kid-driven, family inclusive television network that taps into the world of kids and families through original series and movies. Currently available to millions of viewers around the world, Disney Channel is part of the Disney/ABC Television Group. In Malaysia, Disney Channel is on Astro Channel 615. 

For more information, log on to www.disneychannel-asia.com.

Stay Tune on the 7th September.. and hopefully this show can keep your kids occupy and enjoy themselves!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dugro Gives Malaysian Children The Chance To Shine Through The Nationwide Dugrostar Campaign

Every child is a Child is a STAR! Dugro has recently roll out a campaign which celebrate a child’s star quality with Dugrostar™, an exciting performing arts platform organized by Dugro®, a growing up formula brand, to inspire children to discover their fullest potential and showcase their talents to the whole country!

If your child is within 3 to 6, and 6+ to 10, let's take this opportunity to showcase your child's talent. This campaign is open to everyone with no proof of purchase requirement!!! Your child can enter into these segments, singing, dancing, playing an instrument or a combination of these talents, and perform individually or in a group of up to six children.

From 22 August to 12 October, join proud parents across Malaysia to rejoice in the special talent of their child by participating in this unique opportunity. Parents can register their child in three ways – by uploading a video of their child’s performance at www.dugro.com.my; by visiting select nationwide roadshows where live recordings can be made at the Dugrostar™ Recording Booth; or by submitting the completed registration form with a recording of their child’s performance and mailing it to the address found on the registration form.

A total of two hundred and eighty (280) young finalists will be shortlisted for the next phase, involving live performances at seven malls across Malaysia held from 24 October to 16 November. At each location, First, Second and Third Prize winners for each age category will win great rewards, while all finalists will receive attractive prizes as a token of appreciation for their hard work!

I was at the launch of the programme last week, and have 5 minutes with some Dugrostar experts below getting to know the importance of acknowledging the child's talent, and to prepare them for the better future.

1) Ms Elaine Yong, Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Sunway University

2) Ms Ruth Liew, Director of Malaysian Child Resource Institute and Child Developmentalist

3) Mr Zaid Mohamad, Bestselling Author, Columnist, Certificed Parental Coach and CEO of Smartparents.com.my

4) Mr Az'farr Baginda, Principal of Blubricks and Judge for Dugrostar

The Story Behind Dugrostar™

“We know that every child is gifted in their own way, and they each have the potential to be a star. What’s more, developmental experts around the world believe that nurturing children from their early years is essential. For example, Facts for Life, a publication by UNICEF in collaboration with other global organizations, states that children learn more quickly during their early years than at other time in life. This is why we believe that it’s essential to cultivate their talents and creativity from a young age, when they are most eager to absorb new ideas and experiences,” said Ms Monique Suryokusumo, Marketing Director, Danone Dumex Malaysia.

“Out of the many talents, we’ve chosen to focus on performing arts because it is an important avenue for children to express themselves creatively. In addition, research has shown that the performing arts can offer children many benefits, from developing confidence, discipline and motivation to improved language, memorisation and problem-solving abilities. In this way, we hope to inspire young children to dream big and show us just what they’re capable of, and we invite all parents to give their child the star treatment they deserve, by taking this opportunity to celebrate their child’s talents and sharing it with the world!”

B was given a chance to have a make up session, also to perform on stage that night.  This was her practise on that night!

For more information on Dugro® and Dugrostar™, log on to www.dugro.com.my or call the Dumex CareLine at 1-800-38-1038.

Wait no longer... take a video of your child performing, and upload to win!!

For Dugrostar, visit http://www.dugro.com.my/dugrostar

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