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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Introducing My Very Own Cold Press Juice

To be honest, I made a bad decision to leave Malaysia 3 months ago, and now back with no job and to start all over again!  I'm determine that this time, to grow my own and not going back to the corporate world for the time being.

I will have a little project starting tomorrow, however to keep me going, I'm introducing to you my very own little venture of selling cold press juices.  What am I different from the rest?  I juice according to your preferred combination despite having some 'common' ones in my list.  Each bottles of juice range from RM8 to RM10 depends on the combination (but trust me, the juices are mostly RM8 ONLY)!

I started a page in FB, If you are there, may you please help me like my page?

I started off by having 6 colours of juices, which is Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple and White.  Each of these will have different combinations of the base and other ingredients.  If you are interested in the juices, feel free to contact me via FB or drop a comment below.

If you have like my FB Page, I will appreciate if you could also introduce it to your friends!

Thank you!

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