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Sunday, November 29, 2015


All things smell nice should uplift one's mood and experience. Kleenex which always surprises me with their products, has developed the First Ever Kleenex 3-ply Scented Facial Tissue!!

Jeng Jeng Jeng 

Kleenex® introduces a new way to enjoy its softness, infusing rose essential oil or cherry blossom fragrance into its first Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues for an absolutely delightful and uplifting user experience.

I did roughly remembered when I was in my younger days, we did used some facial tissue to make carnation flowers, and back those days, we using the ones with yellow and pink tissue combining to make the flowers, now that Kleenex got the scented ones, can you imagine if I have this bouquet of flowers to you? I'm sure you will be super happy!

Breanna sending her cheers with the scented facial tissue rose

It is not just I said that scent managed to uplift one's mood, Another expert and author, Jane C Anderson, also stresses on the importance of smell, as it is the most impact and lingering of all the senses. It is also known that floral scents in particular cultivate a happier, more optimistic outlook and this can have a positive effect on how people interact with others just imagine the impact a pack of Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues can have around the home and office, or carried around in a purse! 

“In spite of all the evidence, the power of scent is often overlooked. Through the new Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues, we offer Malaysians a new way to enjoy the experience,” said Mr Raman Tarun, Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark Malaysia. “By pairing the scents of rose and cherry blossom with the well-known softness of Kleenex® facial tissues, we have created a multisensorial partnership to bring a positive influence that can have an enriching impact on our everyday lives and relationships.” 

To introduce these exciting new variants, Malaysians are invited to join the “power of scent” movement and bring softness and scent into their lives and into those of their loved ones simply by requesting for a sample of the brand-new Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Tissues at http://powerofscent.kleenex.com.my and share uplifting messages on social media with the hashtag #KleenexPowerofScent. 

Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues comes in 
box packs (four packs of 74 sheets) - RM10.30
box packs (four packs of 114 sheets) - RM14.55
soft packs (four packs of 46 sheets) - RM5.35 

For more information on Kleenex®, log on to the Kleenex® Malaysia Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Kleenex.Malaysia) or call the Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line at 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free) on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

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