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Monday, July 11, 2016

Young Living Essential Oil - Lemon

I have recently venture into YL Essential Oil.  I started around 2 weeks ago, and had got a few essential oil that I bought.

My top favourite now is the Lemon Essential Oil.

I diffuse Lemon EO on the first day when I got my diffuser and EO.  It's very refreshing when I use them during my juicing work.  It helps to clear up the atmosphere and also get rid of the bugs.

Then later, I read that lemon EO can also help to prevent oxidation of fruits.  I did a test with my lemon EO.  I added a drop of lemon EO into a bowl of water, and another one without EO.  When I put the apples into my dehydrator, I am happy to find that the apple with EO is still white and not brown due to oxidation.  Below the picture to show the results.

Each bottle of 15ml Lemon EO is RM63.30 at retail price.  For member, it will be cheaper of course. Each bottle can drop approximately 250 drops.  If I drop a drop in my water to keep the apple from oxidation, it only cost me RM0.25.

If you want more information on this product, you can either contact me or visit the YL official page for more information.  https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/lemon-essential-oil

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