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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It's November!! and It's a celebration!!

October has been a very stressful month for me.. no matter how much I have worked, it's just so not enough.

November is finally here.. a month that I will always look forward each year.  A month of motivation, a month of cheerful celebration!

This year will mark my Big 4, and I want to put an end of what I am going through.. To celebrate with friends, and to invite you to also celebrate with your friends!

Since I started Cynful Pleasure Home Juicing 2 years ago, this is the first time I did such a big promo! 

We are offering a close to 40% discount on the 2nd set of juice fast package and to have everyone enjoy it at a more competitive pricing!

As I only juice to order.. each sets will not be compromise with the quality and freshness!

If you have friends planning for a juice fast, try US!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sweeping Cob Web and Introducing Cynful Pleasure Online Store

Hi Everyone..

I don't know if anyone still read blogs at this era, however this blog was started to put down all my journey.. It went on hiatus for a long while.. but now, a thought to clean up the cob web and started using it again..

I hope someone still reads my blog posts........

For a start, let's just sum up what has happened over so many years of hiatus..

1)  I went from employed to self employed since 2015
2)  I started Cynful Pleasure Juicing in 2015
3)  A failed business mission to China has got me into an unemployment and to self-employment
4)  I got an opportunity to join a friend in running a cafe few months ago, however it did not flourished as I wished and I'm back home bound again..
5)  I started building Cynful Pleasure Online Store and the purpose is to sell my own products and also having other sellers to tumpang the common place.  This to also help building each other businesses too.
6)  I had started to skip carb / sugar since May 2017 whenever possible, therefore I lost 15kg over the period till now..
7)  I was introduced to a lifestyle change called Keto, and make some research in that.  Currently have a few ready to eat meals specially for Keto Lifestyle
8)  I started #YoungLiving Essential Oil Journey, and marking it a year old few months back

I think most of the major 'happenings' were stated here.. HOWEVER, today, I need your much support... I share you my 'targets' in 2018 in tomorrow post..

Can you help me share out Cynful Pleasure Online Store please... I need some exposure on this store so it can grow further.. I will introduce you some of the vendors / sellers there in the coming posts..

Thank you!!

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